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AI: Summary © The importance of praying in difficult circumstances is discussed, including the return of the bus and the upcoming return of the bus. The speakers emphasize the need to pray in a non-intentionally-precious way and avoid causing discomfort or anxiety. The importance of praying at the right time and praying with a certain amount of time is emphasized, as it is time for everyone to pray. The speakers also emphasize the importance of praying outside of emergency exits and not using emergency exits.
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So when it comes to the issue of the salam, as I said before, every journey, every plane, every class that you're in, has to be treated differently. Whether you're an economy class, whether you're in business class first class restrictions, whether you're at the window seat, whether you're in the aisle seat, in this particular plane, it's a Dreamliner, one of the newer planes, it is entirely possible to pray standing up in your seat at this moment,

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this is a plane, Serbia airlines, which are very flexible when it comes to the brand. Normally, they even have a prayer section where you can go, they take out some of the middle section of the seats, and allow you to pray. Currently, right now, they're not allowing anybody to pray on it, they've closed it at this moment in time. That's not just because the COVID, although in this particular case, it is sometimes I've been on a flight in which they don't have it open, it hasn't been cleaned or whatever. Now I, again want to emphasize the way to pray in the most difficult circumstances, because if you're able to bring in difficult circumstances, then you'll always you'll always have no

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problem praying and easy ones. So before I go and speak about the prayer, I want you to have a look at the sun. Alright, because there's a great shot of the horizon and the sun, and how we're in the last throes of SWOT analysis. So I want you to have a look,

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you look at the sun right there. Now, you can see the horizon, obviously, again, it's where the sun where the sky meets the, the via the wire is not the ground here. But as far as I can go, that line that divides the sky, or this or that, or the blueness, with what's underneath. And that sun, as you can see is about five or 10 minutes away from touching that horizon. And that disk will then go now as you know, obviously, that is not really the sun, which is disappearing underneath the horizon, everything's in a state of motion. It's a combination of planet Earth is a combination of the Sun is a combination of them rotating, it's a combination of everything moving, but I'm just speaking in a

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very simple kind of children kind of child's terms, that the sun will feel like it's actually descended below the horizon, when it touches that horizon when the disc starts to that is the Haram time to pray. That is the impermissible time to break. That is the end of slides and answer. And it's not the beginning of Margaret. Margaret was when that disk has disappeared. So at this point, now, again, I want you to look, look how yellow and orange The sky is, this is not mcrypt started yet, we're still 20 minutes off, Margaret, actually, probably the time. That's another very important thing, if we were on planet, if we were on the ground and not moving, this would be 20

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minutes. But now we have to adjust our time because we are speeding hundreds of miles an hour towards the east, which basically means that we are going to accelerate this whole process, we're going to accelerate the study the setting of the sun, the disk going down, because we're moving towards the timezone of the East quicker and quicker and quicker. That's very important. Not so much here. I mean, if you hadn't prayed, I said, it'd be very important because you have means you have to browse it immediately. Right now the awesome prayer is valid. But I want you to be reminded of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in which he gets a headless lamp, compared the prayer

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of the one who prays at this time. So that's an answer as the prayer of the Mona Lisa, as the hypocrite, but who is that person, not the person who prays at this time, but a person who is available and able to pray to a certain asset in his right time.

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When it starts, but doesn't and he's lazy, and just hanging around and waiting, knowing that Oh, no, I still got time. I've still got time, your prayer is still valid until the sunset.

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That attitude is the problem. It is not the attitude of the believer. That's why the prophets Allah is said and said, he can select one one alpha, that is the prayer of the hypocrite. It doesn't mean that the one who prays it that time is about ethics. But it's these are the characteristics. This is the kind of things that whenever you do so we shouldn't be praying at this time with we have the option. Now other people might be at work in a lecture in an operation, they have no choice as soon as they come out. They look up at the sun is that this moment now if you're obviously many people don't bother looking at the sun anymore. That's the reason why I want to really show you so much and

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educate you on this matter. People are looking at their watches, or looking at their prayer timetables. And that's a real problem because when you look at your prayer timetable or your prayer app, it will show you what time it starts and it will show you what time McRib starts. It will not show you if you don't know the 10 minutes before black ribbon which is haram for you to pray, haram for you to pray, which is going to I'm going to show you when it kicks in right now. That

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1520 minutes before Maghrib, which is when the sun is still above the horizon, and the disk hasn't disappeared. This is a halaal time to pray. But it is a very disliked time to pray, especially without reason. But if you have a reason you were it was necessary you are working on whatever the reason is. And then this is the only time that you got that this is the time you should pray the prayer. There's no doubt about it. A question might be asked, What if that sun is actually going down? What if the disk has disappears disappearing? Is the Haram time? Should we not pray answer if we haven't prayed answer? No, we should

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change the angle as this as the plane is slightly adjusting. We are actually ironically, or was not ironic. But most of the flights obviously in this direction are going east. But this one is going slightly southeast towards Saudi Arabia. This is so the direct flight. So you can always have the luxury of praying in the direction of the sea. That's good. We've slightly adjusted and now you'd have to see the sun is now being left behind us. So if you look at the angle, you can see the sun. And you can see how close is getting, you got to make an allowance for the clouds is not when the sun goes through the clouds. It's when the sun goes through the solid line that you can see as being

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the farthest point where the sun and the sky are meeting. So what you're looking at right now as it gets left behind is we're very, very close. This is the last possible moments of slaughter NASA, right? Where maybe maybe 234 minutes. Now if you're on the ground, this is happening a lot slower, of course, but because of this is happening in the air. And worse, we're flying so fast. And we're going east, that this is all being accelerated as we're speaking you're watching this. As you can hear my voice This is not being accelerated in terms of time. This is actual footage in real time. This is how quick it happens. As I said, when you're going towards the east, and this happens, the

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only time that's the problem is you haven't been out. So if you pray to your sibling, it's just beautiful to watch and observe the time that is a real problem is when you're flying the other direction westwards when you're flying westwards, when you're going back towards the UK, or Europe, or Canada, or the US, the problem that you've got, if you're flying in at nighttime is that Fajr can suddenly creep up on you, bam, Fajr is gone. What do I mean by that, you will see in the other direction, now not this direction. But the other direction, obviously, in the east, that there's this, this guy starts to light up. So you know that the budget has started. But then suddenly, the

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sun will rise all of a sudden, why? Because you're speeding so fast in the other direction. So what would normally be when you would normally have an hour and a half off budget. That's what you normally get. When the sun break of dawn occurs, budget occurs, that break of light occurs on the horizon. The sun is way, way below the horizon. But it's close enough to create a break of light. That's Fajr sodic, your true dawn. If you're in the ground, it takes an hour and a half. Now for the sun to rise, you're on a plane, depending upon where and what time and how fast you're going. In 10 minutes, the whole show could be over, well, 1520 minutes, the whole show could be over. Which means

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as soon as you see the light, you need to prefetch it immediately. Because 1015 minutes later, suddenly the disk will appear and sunrises upon you. And now it's another haram time for you to break.

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We've left the sun behind, we're going to try and get another shot of the sun from the back side now. So then you get an idea of how close it is to the horizon. And when the Haram time starts.

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Okay, so central multiverse kicked in the sun has kicked down, you can see now have a look at the color that you expect. Now this is this is now what happens when the sun is now below the horizon. That's the color now Mercury was kicked in. Vice versa, if you saw the same effect in the morning time, you know that is very, very close before the sun rises, if it was the other way around, and you'd hurry up and pray Fajr quickly before the sunrise.

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Now, backups kicked in. And I just want to indicate a couple of points to you. If I was now restricted in a seat and I had nobody sitting here, I had no option. I wasn't able to have a discussion with some people and ask them to help me out. Can I swap seats or whatever, and I had to stay here, then it is permissible for me to pray the entire prayer sitting down. And I would literally be in this position. And my prayer would have a standing which is in this position. And then our core which is in this position. And then my search there which is in a position lower, each time getting lower and lower and lower. That's the basic principle that you use when you are praying

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and restricted circumstances whether you're praying sitting down or whether you're lying down, whether you're in a hospital bed each. If you're if you're in a hospital bed like this, your recall would be like this. You're

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such there'll be like this, you're just moving as much, a bit more bit extra to indicate the extra position to indicate that the further movement across

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further movement in line. That's the basic principle when it comes to praying. Another important one before I indicate everything is that there are some Hadith around the issue of the bringing up as was practiced by some people in the province of lies

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prohibited that some scholars consider to be macro others Yeah, and impermissible, which is to bring the ground to you, what that means is that they would use a surface like this,

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and, and prostrate on it. So they would say, right, I'm creating my own ground. And this was done at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by some of the companions, where they would put a pillow on where they're sitting and prostrate on the pillow. And the prophesy said LEM, got rid of the pillow once when that happens. Meaning that we don't need to pretend that this is a floor, you don't need the floors there, you're not able to prostrate, there's no space. So you don't need to create an artificial one or a fake one, you will pray in the air, a sudo, such as sudo. Before, although in Roku, you have the ability, obviously to lean on your knees. So you will do that. So that's the ID,

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the basic principle. So for example, if you are now in the salon, it would start off with if you could not stand up, if you didn't have any ability to move, you don't have the front and the back of the plane available for you to stand, then you will pray as per normal in the direction of duct tape law, this plane is going that direction perfect use of were absolutely fine. However, all the planes going east is good enough, you do not need to move on. Um, so I want to say even when you are on the way back, going the opposite direction, it is permissible for you, because of the need, if you are unable to move from your seat to praying the direction of the plane going the wrong direction.

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However, as I will show later, if you can turn around in your seat upgrade, then that's better. But you might not have the space to do that. If you don't, then, as we know, in the principle, the worship, it always folds is removed, or is excused due to lack of ability to perform it. So we are in the right direction. We can't move so we're going to pray sitting down facing tabla as per normal, Allahu Akbar. And then the prayer will start as per normal panic Allah will be having the old will admonition find it and just be like man, the Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. If it's allowed prayer, you pray a slightly louder, you can pray it as long as short as you wish, you've got

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plenty of time. Now when it comes for the record, you will raise your hands as per normal because there's no restriction and raising of the hands. And then you will put your hands on your, your Now where does it go? Should it go on your knees or should it go on your thighs, it should go in there in between periods in between part here, he doesn't need to go there because that's what you're going to reserve for the childhood because we're creating differences in the movements. So we will put our hands there. And then we will say subhanallah of your name Subhanallah of your names and 100 we allowed him looking straight down to where we will be theoretically making such the semi Allah

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holy man Hamidah robbing our callaham and you put your hands to the side. And then Allahu Akbar, my head is now lower. My hands are straight. Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allahu Akbar. Now when I come back to sit in a seated position, what you would normally be doing between the two sexes, I now lean back to create a more seated position and my hands go, where are my knees to indicate the shepherd position? So now I'm like Allaha club crop. Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully. Then I go lower. Allahu Akbar. Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Hola. Hello everyone. Now I move off the back of upright a bit, bit

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leaned over head down. And I will now focus with my hands like this.

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And I will carry on now praying the next at aka. Smooth Arcana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. So, now when I do my second aka Allahu Akbar, Spanner Obeah. Team, yes, three times and you're alone even Have you ever been our Ken Ham has to decide. Allahu Akbar. Now I go in for such the lowest possible like this. Spanner Bella Allah. Allahu Akbar, hands on the knees and backup straight. Allahu Allahu Allah subhana Ravera founder of data as part of the Allah, Allah Akbar.

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And now I'm in my T shirt, and flat, I'm straight, my knees, my hands are over my knees. My back is up like this to indicate a more seated position as if I was sitting on the floor, lift up my finger as per normal. And then I definitely had to learn he was solid right to appoint you back all the way until a shadow Allah Allah Allah wa shadow and Mohammed and Abu the Hora solo. I'm praying Slattery, Margaret Bagration.

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always three whether traveling or not traveling. So hola hola como Smilla Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Rahmatullah Raheem finished the Allahu Akbar, Spanner, bn are the inspira buildings founder of Allah Subhan. Allah will even Hamidah along with Ivan our Callaghan have the cathedral for even more can we add to the pray with extra ADKAR or take them away? As you've been learning up to you, then Allahu Akbar, lower downs, and Ravi, Allah Allah, as per normal, Allahu Akbar, and then a beautiful up here for the Allahu Akbar, like this. And then Allah Wa Rahmatullah my final position of seating, three racks, done now, agreed everything said, I'm on a conference

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call, blah,

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blah, done. So to mcrypt done, the thing that I want to emphasize is that you would not bring this table down, and in the search the pod, so if I'm here, Allahu Akbar. And now do you recall Spanner ability, somewhere lower limit Hamilton up, I don't want to tell him, Allah. This is what people do. They lean on the table, sometimes they put a pillow there, or they put a number of pillows so they can make such that on it. I wish I was that flexible, but they want to go down and lean on something. That's something which is against the sunnah to privatize and actually didn't want this done. And so therefore, we should avoid that. And now because we are combining because I don't want

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to now risk even though in principle, it's allowed to now wait another half an hour or 20 minutes before it's become a Showtime. How will I know when it's extra time we'll have a look out the window

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you can see the darkness. This is the now the issue of Twilight. This is the shuffle collage mob, the red Twilight. Now one who sees when you're on the ground and you're looking at the horizon. And looking in the sky, you see a redness, this redness will disappear, and then there'll be followed by a whiteness in the sky that's gonna sharpen up your the white Twilight, the Salah, whether it starts at the exiting of the the red Twilight, and the white or the white Twilight is the matter of difference between the scholars and the Hanafi. School. They want the white Twilight to disappear. And that's why their press theoretically is a longer one. Before Asha starts. I say theoretically,

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because within the school, there's differences and so on. Whereas the majority are upon the opinion that is when the red Twilight disappears. And when the red twine disappears, that means that there's no redness left in the sky, there might be a still a bit of a glow from the Twilight. But it doesn't need to be complete pitch pitch black. Obviously, we know it's as soon as you as you started in the prior times, to pray to Isha prayer as late as possible. So the darker is the better. The darker is the better. Now as I said, normally, that will take one and a half to two hours if you're on the ground in a normal time. Obviously, in the summertime, we know especially if you live in northern

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northern latitudes, it never becomes dark completely for the whole summer. That's it. We'll cover that in the photo section about Brian during the summertime in northern latitude countries leave that for now. But it normally within one and a half to two hours, it becomes pitch black, but on a plane flying east. That's going to happen within half an hour 40 minutes. So very soon you'll be issued time anyway. So it's up to you whether you want to wait it said no of course the pre each time, each prayer and it's right time. There's not sitting there per se to always combine you should only combine when there's a need. Is there a need now yeah, I'm really tired. I don't want to make

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although later on, I don't want to hold it. I want to get some sleep I'm tired. So I'm gonna pray my issue with my marketing. So I'm going to pray a Chanel and I'm going to knock out and go to sleep. This is a legitimate reason. I'm not going to print my water. I'm going to be in the airport and I'm there for four hours. I'm going to wait although I'm going to be on the ground I'm going to pray with it nice and relaxed enjoy it might even throw a few cheeky 200 And then if I go to sleep up to 100 If I don't go to sleep you'll just be rambling. Why not? In software, you don't pray the regular Sunnah prayers, but you are allowed to pray extra prayers. You are allowed to pray nothing prayers.

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There's something which is allowed. All right. Now then we pray the Isha combined. I would make the comment again. Allahu Akbar Allah shadowline enlarge I don't know Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah Slayer Bella comedies local departments la lucha por la Villa de la. And then I would start a lot when I'm ready to rock out of Asia prep. Now I'm going to show you what would happen if I was sitting in that seat.

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I want to show you this variation here because this is a Dreamliner and it's shaped very differently and it's trying to encourage airy spaces and so on. And I've been on enough pains to let you know that it is this is not the norm but in this seat you can actually stand up now because you can stand up if you are able to pray standing you must pray standing. It is obligatory to brace standing. Don't really come to me with the arm too worried or scared? If you are and you're having a heart attack palpitations because just you know you're sitting next to non Muslims. I mean, it's nice and easy. Bring on us out

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The airflow everyone's Muslim or most people are. So I agree with you, we shouldn't take the example of this flight, let's imagine that is full of non Muslims and you're really a shy person, and you're really worried I get in, okay, you should still have their confidence. But after I explained to them that you're about to pray to pray, as I said to you before, this is the help of Allah subhanaw taala. And who are they? And who are you, we're all servants of Allah subhanaw taala the differences that you recognize, and that's all they don't. So it's not about anything other than you doing what you need to do. So you explain to them and then you stand and pray. I just want to say right here

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now, if you want, absolutely terrifying, where it is, this is happening after some kind of Islamophobic incident or a terror attack, and this situation is on, you know, on Paris on top. And you really can't concentrate while you're standing and praying. And you're so terrified that it's allowed for you to pray sitting down because extreme extreme, and then they're called states of fear, or depression during the prayer, it's not something that you're obligated to go through, especially if it is removed if you sit down so we need to be aware of that. Okay, so now we're here I can so I can't still make her go up properly. And I can't make sense of the property but at least

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I can stand so where I'm standing when I can stand I will stand and then in the other parts I will do as much a little color as possible. And then for the search, I will sit down and do the pseudo one so this is what I would do Isha if I'm praying that my Asha because I just did my McRib obviously I haven't prayed a proper bucket about can't be praying. I'm speaking to you at same time. I will now show you how I would pray Aisha in this seat.

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I would stand. This is my area I would use my calves against the seat to support me. And I would be going after giving their karma in the right direction. Allahu Akbar. And I'm now praying absolutely normal. I will be leveraged rajim Bismillah Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Rouhani Rahim all the way until Allahu Akbar, I raised my hand Allah Akbar and I will not vote for a bow. If there was a person here. There is no person here at the moment. Their head would block me doing that. And so I can now sit back here and go Allahu Akbar.

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Like this one Erbil are the names of Halabja are the intrapreneurial team. I've now done my my report. Now I stand back up again. Sunday along with a man Hamidah robbing our local hub. That's very important I stand back up again the reason I stepped back up again is because I'm able to stand back up

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I don't carry on there I'm able to stand so I sit there Sunday alone even Hamidah has to be done. If you're in a normal circumstance standing and then go back into SR has to come back down from standing so I stand back up. But up on our local ham handed computer on volume I want to configure a four o'clock and now I do my my sister Spanner DNS round robin DNS round robin rd. Sorry, I beg your pardon. I now come from my side and I sat down to my sister, Allahu Akbar. Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, I'm in my seated position, my hands go back into my knees, like I said before sitting back like this, probably a fairly fairly ALLAH

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SubhanA Rabina Spanner of Vienna and as founder of Vienna Allah

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and now to my second NACA, Allahu Akbar.

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And then it is like this Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. And then I'll have the level Alameen do the Fatiha do your surah and now again, this is not the preferred one because you're in another person's space and it's not even you know it's much of a muchness, so Allah Akbar, I will sit back down again and I will go now Subhana Allah BL or the Inspiron wrapped around him spandrel below him for being in rowboat. And then Samia Allah holy man Hamidah

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Hello I'm Robin I want to can hand

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and then I will sit back down again and go into search them

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from search the

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search there again

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up from search the nice and back

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to here to dilla finish the Breton's long cinematic well what happens if

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these two variations were of one person who can't move at all from their place which will happen a lot of the time and that's okay and then the second variation was someone who could do quite a bit was able to stand and okay might not stand perfectly leaning a bit but that's okay. That's okay. I was able to bring the majority of it the purpose of life and limb told us to do whatever you can do as much as you can do the prophets of Allah contact us as an important factor Paula have a stopwatch ferula as much as you possibly can. And so you do as much as you can in that scenario, not situation which is what I did. So I hope that that made sense. The third scenario, which we can demonstrate in

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this particular plane, is to be praying fully. Record sujood everything and you are today

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In one of the other areas of the plane, normally at the front, at the moment, they are not an island. But that's something that you can do quite easily. In normal times, if you are allowed, you can have a discussion and they might allow you whether you pray directly on the floor or put something down, all of that is completely fine. One thing you got to make sure, though, is that you shouldn't do it outside of emergency exit. This is enough reason for me to allow you to pray sitting down, because you shouldn't be putting other people at danger. And that is even if the other people are not using it. That's the whole point. Emergency exit is meant to be clear, I'm not being used.

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So what are you doing then? So I don't like that. I also don't like the idea of praying in the walkways, because you're putting people in inconvenience, so you shouldn't do that. So if there is no other choice, but to pray outside emergency exit for the pathways, then you should pray sitting in the chat, or avoid it in tiny, and plan your trip so that you end up praying not on a plane hardly ever. But when you're when you get to your destination, or combining before you get on the plane in the first place. So I hope this has covered all of the theory on all the issues. And then obviously, if you have individual questions about specific scenarios, because there was so many

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things that we can't cover in this, but can in the q&a sessions, such as what happens if you're you're crossing a time zone in which you've actually lost a day, especially if you're going to a West Pacific kind of angle, and so on kind of creepy situations. I hope that is clear at all levels.

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Just want you guys to have a look, I just started the show and you see the light, you see the redness still there and then a whiteness is above it, that redness will disappear soon, that will be the official start of Asia according to the majority, but according to the Hanafi is or the Hanafi school official. Or rather, I should say Abu Hanifa himself, because the Hanafi school itself has differences as well. But the content, Abu Hanifa, the whiteness needs to disappear as well. According to the vast majority, that's going to be way way too late post lateral Asia to be a minimum start time, it's going to be sufficient for the redness to disappear. And then we're in. But

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you can see that another 10 minutes, 15 minutes, it will actually be Asia, which is crazy, because normally that will take an hour and a half. If you're on the ground, you'll see in the next shot, you'll see even less light available and even more closer to issuing the next shot.

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So although you're seeing this in, obviously, immediately after the previous clips spent about five minutes, that's how much light has gone. Now, obviously, you got to understand that we're adjusting what's known as the ISO and all the rest of it all that technical stuff on a camera to give you like

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the best representation, but you got to know that every time that you see the sky in a camera, it's you're seeing something far, far brighter than what it actually is. So it's actually very unrealistic, I'm looking out the window right now is really dark. Okay, but you're looking out on the camera is making the white part look quite kind of light. But to the naked eye is actually very diffused. The red is also looking very bright in your screen as well, especially if you're on a 4k or something crazy. And this is obviously a high quality recording class. So you're going to probably see something which is not like what I'm looking at, because I'm looking at that, that

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color. And it's really, really dark. So that's something to be aware of as well.

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If this was on the view on the ground, I would say that in about 15 minutes, you would be into Asia being on this plane, because we're moving so fast towards east, and we're getting so far away from actual, you know,

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the normal the normal time, then I can tell you that in about font five, maybe eight, maybe 10 minutes, you'd be proper proper read Twilight gone. In fact, maybe we'll come back and show you another version of that if we can, the pain is adjusting itself left and right. And so

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it might be difficult to show. But soon, the redness will have disappeared. And I want to show you what it looks like.

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All right, I have a look at this guy's right, this is a lot more like what I'm seeing right now, we are able to increase the ISO of this camera and make it look like what is not like. Right.

00:29:00--> 00:29:39

So if if we was to have a look at this, now we're going to increase and we can make it look earlier than what it actually is. Look at that. Can you see that? We can do that keep going keep going as an example to show. Yeah, that is entirely what we're not seeing. completely unacceptable. You see that? But this is what it really is like now go I'll show you now. If we keep going I'll tell you what we're seeing. But less than that that is what we're seeing right now. That's what we are seeing right now. We are on the cusp of Asia as I said before this would normally take another 20 minutes 25 minutes if we were on the ground. This happened within five minutes or about three minutes

00:29:39--> 00:29:53

actually. So now Isha is virtually kicked in with my Isha is kicked in. Absolutely. And within about five or 10 minutes even the white Twila will have completely disappeared. And then that will be even Isha. According to all Imams and scholars.