The Lost Books that Resurfaced After Centuries – Uncovering Hidden Literary Treasures

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In total, four famous books that were written, we don't know what those four books are lost. We don't know where they are. Now we go look for that book. We don't know where that book is, is gone. Give you the example of the, you know, the the Mazuma. The poetry that we started on Sunday mornings write, that book was lost. Every child in the past had memorized that poetry. But for the last 300 years, it was lost. We didn't know where it went until one.

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Emanuel Garcia researcher found it in a romaine somewhere and digged it up from a library and then he printed the whole the one of his heartily LBD and in 1965, we got that book back.

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But for almost 300 years, we didn't have access to that book. We had memory all the Mahadeva all the Moroccan scholars would talk about it. I've always happily it'll be the one on Zoom, but it has happened it'll be the best macro narrative when we do not know where it is. It was last until 1960s