The Flip Side of Riya (Showing Off)

Yasir Qadhi


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burqa tiny, tiny but can tiny on them be women, according to me be the opposite of React is also a problem. And it would not be fair to talk about RIA showing off without talking about the flip side opposite and that is to avoid doing the good deed out of a fear of showing off. So you're at a fundraiser and you want to give $1,000 Then you remember my talk of today? And you say no, no, no. Let me close this, the checkbook and put my pen back. And then all of the Ekena guys are going to come to me as they share. What did you do you ruined all fundraiser. They didn't want to give anything. So I have to put this disclaimer on as well. And that is

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if you were to want to write a check, you want it to write that donation. You want it to give do something good. And then you realize, oh my god, I might be showing off. And then you close the checkbook or you sit down and don't pray or you don't build the Masjid. You know what, in the end shaitan has won, because you didn't do the good deed. And that's the goal of shaytaan that you don't do the good deed. And the opposite of RIA is its own type of failure. We don't call it rehab but it is a failure. shaytaan wins in the end of the day because you didn't do the good deed.

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The believer does not shy away from this battle against shaitan. The believer is always going to be battling shaytaan so when you feel a little bit of showing off coming in, realize you're not alone. I feel that you feel it. Everybody feels it all the time. It's human nature to feel it. It is as inconspicuous as an ant crawling on a stone as the process of them said what is the solution? Get rid of it, cleanse it. Don't sit down and say Oh, I can't do anything I'm scared of showing off. Don't continue on allow that evil to persist in your heart No. Be a believer stand up and face shape on face to face. Take your sword of Tawheed out take your sword of la ilaha illallah out and you

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kill with it any shake any paganism, any idolatry and get rid of any insincerity by turning to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala also says that it is good that deeds are given in public and it is good that deeds are given in private both are good in terms of those Sadako the funny Mahi want to fool her it is also good that if you give charity in public it is good and if you hide it it is also good both have their positives and negatives and they believe or has a healthy share of both

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