How to Talk to Non Practicing Parents

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The importance of practicing Islam and the role of parents in the creation of children is emphasized. The success of Islam in attracting young people to their religion is also highlighted. The importance of social skills and shaping one's appearance is emphasized, along with the need for smile and pleasantries in public, and giving power to others. The segment ends with a mention of a woman who wants to cook in Shall I Go learn from somewhere else.

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Question What is the best way to talk to our parents marriage Islamic there are Muslims but not practicing.

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My brothers and sisters, Allah has created

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different people for different roles.

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And it is very important to remember the role.

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When you are doing Tao, especially with regard to parents and so on.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala created the parents for the tarbiyah of the children.

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Allah did not create children for the therapy of the parents.

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Allah created the parents will therby of the children. Allah created children to serve the parents, Allah did not create parents to serve the children. Today, we live in an upside down world.

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We live in an upside down world we have parents who are afraid of their children,

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and who spend their whole life serving their children.

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And we feel we have we have children who feel that they don't have to do anything to the parents.

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So we have the parents is not your job or your career is a parent's job.

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Allah subhanaw taala created the wife to obey her husband.

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He did not create the husband or the wife.

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But you know, and I know

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and I know and I know and I know what actually happens

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hamdulillah This does not mean that the husband has to be disobedient or somehow you know always in a perpetual state of rebellion against the woman know. If you have a good wife who is among the Alia of Allah, then this is a huge blessing for you. And if you tell you something good hamdulillah listen to that because this is comes to our heart from Allah subhanho wa Taala she's a good woman she is pious is she worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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energy tells you something good by all means listen to her but it's an issue. If it comes push comes to shove and an order is given.

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Then the wife cannot order the husband to do something where the husband can order.

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Alicia Machado carbonara gel.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said the male

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the men have been given

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authority over the women not otherwise. Now we live in an upside down world so that now what do you do therefore if parents are not practicing Islam and you want to advise them number one, don't advise them.

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What you do otherwise, you pray and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to turn their hearts

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because the hearts of people are in the control of Allah subhanho wa jal So number one, number one, number two,

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you practice Islam completely and fully.

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And you do it in the best and most pleasant manner possible. You know, one of the problems with young people who suddenly discover that there are Muslims I mean hamdullah This is a good thing. We have one again Christian we also have BORN AGAIN Muslims so suddenly discovered that now I'm a Muslim I should I should practice Islam. You know in almost invariably The first thing that happens the smile goes from the face.

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If you become religious then smiling is haram. As soon as Allison says biting and Sakaba don't worry about that. No problem no smiling haram you cannot buy luxuries but you have to look holy and religious and you know powerful so the first thing that goes on the religious Muslim smile is God does this why it doesn't laugh. And he walks as if he is, you know, some the head of

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of the London Abdullah of Saudi Arabia or something, he will walk up when he turns he will turn his whole body like this. You know, he will not turn his head.

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become religious.

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Caesar Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala had to send down the Koran to the Sahaba to say leave my Navy alone. He has a private life. If he invites you home for dinner, go eat the dinner and leave. Don't sit there and talk. He invited me for dinner don't go at the time of breakfast and then wait till the dinnertime know

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all the is from Soraka Isabella tell us why because they love them so much. They wanted to be with me 24 hours

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today with

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most of us who have become religious, the moment is sealed away.

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In our in my country they say allow me a key policy This is the police of Allah subhanaw taala

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so maintain your social skills, laugh and smile and be pleasant and be good and you let them love you.

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And you will find inshallah I have seen case after case after case where one single

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young persons

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son or daughter

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Alhamdulillah Allah opened their hearts to Islam. And over a period of time they change their entire family not only parents, parents, Uncles aunts, I have known families who were so much in shear you won't believe their families used to go make such down the cover and make top of the cover in Indonesia.

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And those same families today Alhamdulillah or

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the result of one person one young person in their house. But how did that happen? Number one, it takes time so don't expect some instant coffee kind of results you know, moment I gave him you know, it takes time. number one number two

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social skills very important smile and be nice and be pleasant. and serve them

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the mother says the father says you know shave your beard.

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Don't say this is haram This is karma to cover organizations. The Vietnamese Allah Allah had a beer you know you're making the same nothing.

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Saying that they cannot tell you they cannot tie your hands and then shave your beard. No, so don't worry about it. No problem.

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Say nothing.

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Then what do you say to your mom you say you tell her mom you know what you want to go shopping anytime you want to go to the mall I come with you. I'll take

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you want to spend the whole day in the mall. I will be with you. My mother will say what happened to this guy now you know?

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Every time I want to go to the mall, he's thrown away now he wants to take me to the mall. Yeah, I'll take most please. I'll take a shot.

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It was a fight you know your dad you know what your car you want your car to be washed once in a week. No I watch it every day I watch it five times a day. I make I wash your car that I make Udo for Sarah.

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The father lying down you go you know press his legs in the eye okay hamdulillah whoa straight new shoe when it comes on put a shoe there.

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In a mother in the kitchen or no kitchen I will cook in Shall I go learn from somewhere else don't go and you know ruin the food but at the same time with market market market Mahima at first they will say is gone crazy. Whatever no problem but that craziness is nice and if I can relax because things are being taken care of no problem.

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Don't tell her mother the mall. That is why to shaitan You know what? No. That is your opportunity to serve your mother you opportunity to make liquor your opportunity to cry tears in the night.

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You know what brings tears in the eyes in the night is when you do all this work in the day. And then you stand before Allah subhanaw taala and you say Allah I'm helpless.

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I'm helpless. What can I do?

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Allah turn their hearts.

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What did Allah subhanaw taala say to me, Salah Salem, what is the methodology of Tao that Allah subhanho wa Taala taught his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, Muzammil. pomi la la la kalila. Nice. Who in postman Luca de la OZ de la la la la hora de Rue de la in

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La kokkola.

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In Seattle, la linea. Sharp,

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er Chicago, LA County.

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get up and stand in the night.

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Stand the whole night except for a little bit more than half the night or a little more, a little less, but stand in the night and do what? Till 430 Let us listen to the lesson. What have you learned? repeat your lesson before us.

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Why? Because you have to do a very big job. We are about to send you something which is very heavy.

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And then what does Allah say? In a nutshell here shoved.

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It's not easy.

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To get up in the night is not easy to stand in the night is not easy. We know this. It is very tough, very difficult. But it is the best thing to bring about discipline in your life. And it is the best thing to understand the caliber of

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the methodology of how do you give them a design without us that the problem with a lot of us is we don't understand it. So we think leaving our means to go and

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announce a fatwa and walk away. No, that's not our Tao is number one to practice Islam ourselves. Number two, to do that in such a beautiful manner that people are attracted to you. Number three is to stand in the night and cry before Allah subhanho wa Taala for the height of the people who you want to give power to.

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And then stand back and watch the fun. See how people change.

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See how people change

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beautiful question anything else