Abdul Nasir Jangda – Paths to Peace #23

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the characteristics of Islam's people, including their humorous and negative speech and the importance of preserving and respecting relationships with important individuals. The video of Allah's Yelapa on the spot has impacted people, including Omar Lacan's "monster" and the "monster" of Saudi Arabia. The importance of peace and civilized conduct is emphasized, and a program on Saturday is invitation to join.
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asked by ignorant people, when they are confronted by the ignorance of belligerence. They respond by saying salam, so they don't engage with that kind of ignorance. And that's how they are able to protect their own peace and tranquility. And we talked about that previously. However, Allah subhanaw taala continues on in the passage by detailing further characteristics of these devout people, these devout servants of God. And at the end, Allah talks about the reward that they are granted, which is exactly what we are going to be focusing on today. Allah further says about them when Lilina up tune in, it'll become such an unlikely Yama that they spend their nights dedicated to

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their Lord, in sujood, in frustration with their face on the ground before Allah left the Yemen and standing in prayer before Allah. And this is talking about the idea that everyone at some point or another, maybe on the weekend, maybe during the vacation whenever it is, different people at different levels sometimes indulge in things a little bit later into the evening later into the night. And they have certain activities that they do at that time, that provide them a sense of, you know, relaxation or comfort. And Allah is saying that these are people who understand that the ultimate peace and tranquility is found in connecting to Allah subhanaw taala. So they devote that

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time at night or at least a little bit of it to worshiping Allah will love the Naoko Luna Robina sinefa Anna dabba Johanna Inada Bahuguna Kurama in Bahasa atma Sokka, Rama mahkamah. And they are always humble, they never become diluted, they never fall into the trap of self righteousness, where they think that they have attained some kind of spiritual level where they are above and beyond punishment and accountability before Allah, but they are always seeking forgiveness from Allah and asking Allah to protect them from the punishment of the hellfire and from the punishment of the Hereafter when Latina either and for whom you see the fool, well, I'm jakotsu We're kind of be in a

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delicate column. And there are some very practical steps as well, that they also learn to live their lives in an in a in a in a moderate fashion. They learn to live their lives very moderately, they do not when they spend their money, they are not excessive, they are not extravagant, they don't spend beyond their means they don't spend on that which they do not need, nor are they so stingy, that they actually are then coming up short in their responsibilities, but they have a level of moderation and they are right in between those two ends of the spectrum. And that also feeds into that also fuels their sense of peace and tranquility, because they are not they are not dealing with

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the fact that they are not fulfilling their responsibilities, nor are they burying themselves within debt and under a financial burden that they are not able to climb out of will Latina laget Aruna Allahu Allah and ACARA what I have to learn enough seletti Haram Allahu Allah will happy when I get his noona whelming if I dedicate Yelapa tama, and in this ayah Allah tells us that and I was having a conversation just at Iftar time with a couple of brothers about this. And it might even seem a bit humorous the way it was phrased, but I was talking about how my mentor my chef Mufti Muhammad Nang, Rama Allahu taala.

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He would talk about how to live a good life.

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And you know, when you're young, and you're kind of in your own head, and you overthink things and you over process things. And, you know, we I would be talking to him and I would say, you know, it's so hard it's so

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to heart, and he would say it's actually really easy to live a good life. So easy. That sounds contrary to everything I've ever heard. said Yeah, it's really easy. Said you fulfill your obligations, pray five times a day.

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Fasten Ramadan, give yours a cot, do right by the people in your life, take care of the people you're supposed to take care of. And then don't commit major sins.

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Don't fall indicate or commit adultery, don't intoxicate,

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don't steal anything, and try not to murder somebody. And that was his humor. And but in actuality, it was a very salient point.

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We've made the equation a lot more complicated than ALLAH did. And this is what Allah says is number 68. They don't commit major sin. They don't do shit. They don't murder somebody and they don't commit adultery. Because whoever does those things, they are basically putting themselves in a hole. You Barfleur hula addable yarmulke Yamato to defeat him Ohana and there will be severe consequences for that in the hereafter. But this is how merciful Allah is that maybe somebody did make a mistake previously. ilimitado I'm Anna, we're Amelia Island. saleha. Except for those who repent, and then believe and then change their ways they do righteous deeds, but will not get you but the Lulu who

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say to him has nothing. Allah will change their sins into good deeds for them. What kind of Allah Hula, hula Rahima and Allah is indeed forgiving and merciful. And one of the beautiful points that you MAMARAZZI Rama Allahu Taala mentions about this, that when Allah says that Allah will change their sins into good deeds, that just not that's not just in their book of deeds or in the scales on the Day of Resurrection, it also means in this dunya that the same person who is bogged down and mired down in all this sinful activity, Allah will give that person the strength and the capacity to be able to pull themselves out of that and actually redirect all that energy towards doing good. I'm

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going to be a little cutout Radi Allahu taala. And who by His own testimony, when from someone who before Islam was constantly intoxicated and was committing, you know, all kinds of various sins and oppressing people and committing violence towards, you know, weak people, etc. And he became the vanguard of Islam.

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Why should the umbrella here Omar Lacan and a billion body like an aroma, that the prophets Allah the salam said that the staunchest and the strongest in enforcing and upholding the will of God the Command of Allah in the earth is aroma, and there are no profits after me but Have there been a prophet after me? It'd be someone like Omar

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that all of that got redirected to make him such a remarkable person. Woman Tafawa Camila Saudi Humphrey now who YouTube will Allah He matava And as long as we repent and we tried to do good, know that Allah will forgive you. Well, leadin Allah Yes, Haroon Azura were either Marula Huma Rukia Rama they do not give false testimony they do not deliberately lie. And also when they pass by a situation where people are engaging in activity that is not appropriate. They just keep on walking.

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They keep on walking by with their dignity intact and they don't indulge and engage into things that are not befitting of the believer, while letting you know either to Cuba Tierra became lemmya Pharaoh Alia Sumo, I'm Jana, and every single time they are reminded about their Lord, they never rolled their eyes. They never brushed it off. They never turned the other way. They don't yawn and act disinterested. But every single time someone talks to them about Allah, it does not fall on deaf ears or blind eyes. They pay attention and they listen very intently and they reflect on it. Well let the name of who Luna Robina habla Ana Amin as well. ginagawa doody Yeah, Tina prorata IAM, which

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Allah limits Athena II mama, and they make dua for themselves and their families. But the point here is, is that part of attaining peace and tranquility is enjoying and preserving and cherishing and protecting the relationships that Allah has given us. This is a part of our risk. The people that Allah has put in our lives, the good people, Allah has put in our lives, they are a blessing from Allah. They are an AMA and a blessing from Allah. so cherish those relationships and preserve those relationships and ask Allah to always keep your hearts together, join together.

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And Allah said that, and finally Allah says that if somebody is able to do all of the above, will allow you to zonal for Fathima Sebadoh. That because of their steadfastness and their patience, because doing the right thing isn't always easy.

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Doing the right thing isn't always easy. It's not always fun.

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And it will sometimes require us to step on. What you know what maybe we want to do. It will require us to maybe sometimes bite our tongue. It will sometimes require us to soccer

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face a little but Allah subhanaw taala says that if they are able to stick with it and do the right thing as talked about here, they will be rewarded with the most glorious, unimaginable remarkable palaces in paradise where you look cone if he had to hear Tomas Salama, and when they enter into paradise, they'll be greeted with not only greetings of welcome welcome Alan Alan marhaba become wa salam and and they will be greeted with peace and tranquility, such a peace and tranquility that will never leave them ever again.

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They will never feel anxiety they will never feel angry, they will never feel upset. They will never feel concerned or worried or upset none of it. They will enjoy peace and tranquility for all of eternity Holly Dena fee for all of eternity has been at Monster Cara Momo comma. And that is the best situation that one could end up in. And Allah subhanaw taala concludes by saying, well Maya OB Cumbre Biloela to how come that

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if we do not pray and worship to Allah, then what other value do we have before Allah for clinical debitum? But why do we then deny the truth for Sophia Kuhn will examine when this inevitability will occur. This is all inevitable what we have talked about it is all coming to this point. And it's on us to choose to do the right thing as talked about in this passage. And we will not only enjoy and appreciate that peace and tranquility in this life in this world. But we will be granted the eternal peace and tranquility and serenity for the life of the hereafter. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among sorry about the ramen. May Allah allow us to live a life of devotion, a life of patience, a

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life of commitment, a life of dedication to Allah, and may Allah grant us peace and tranquility in this life and in the next life for all of eternity. I mean, Ramadan, I mean, does that come along later on? Radical Alphacam Inshallah, as we've been announcing, we're in the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, very blessed nights. And so 100 Allah, we have a program here going on every single night, where we have some reflections after the tarawih and tarawih is complete, usually around 1130 1140 Inshallah, we'll start, we have a session for reflections. And after that we have beyond prayers as well. So we hope that inshallah you'll join us for that, and specifically, please

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mark on your calendar that this Saturday, this coming Saturday, we will have a more extended peon program. It's the annual Colombian that we conduct here where we have prayers in Doha, and we also get an opportunity to hear from the knowledge and the reflections and the wisdom of all the different instructors and teachers that we have here I column. So inshallah we hope that you'll join us for the all night program on Saturday. radiculopathy comm was salam ala on October katsu.

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