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Al Adab Al Mufrad – Episode 03


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the timing of prayer, praying, and good conduct in the Bible. They emphasize the importance of actions and obligations in the context of culture and the need for everyone to do them as quickly as possible. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning from one's parents' teachings and not just trying to convince them to be the best, as it is difficult to determine what to do in a later time. The importance of protecting people's privacy and political views is emphasized, and the need for individuals to not be too focused on one specific action or belief is emphasized.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala FMD mursaleen sagina Mohamed Asada, amin

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la masala wa Sallim wa barik la la la la he was happy he was gonna stand up soon he he Ella yummy Dean will guide in our previous session we started the the first Hadith of

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the book edible move read the chapter upon the parents and even Buhari related the Hadees narrated by Ammar where he indicated that of the live in Minnesota De La Hoya and asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Emily Abu Illallah which action is most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded of solid to Allah walk to her prayer in his proper time Kazuma a then what?

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And the purpose of life seldom said I'll be row by row a little while again. Okay I'll be rude while he deign to be good and beautiful to the parents. And then he asked to my a and then what? Then he said someone geography sippy de la, and then jihad in the path of Allah. And then of the lemon mustard said, had destiny behind while I was a to hula as identity. And so he told me about these and if I'd asked him to tell me more, he would have told me more. And so we discussed briefly, in the explanation of this Hadith, the link of why remember, Heidi mentioned that I have a last panel, Tyler was saying that insana BYOD and then mentioned straight after that the half of the parents in

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this way that he didn't do it in this way that he related. And we discussed the the understanding that actions, sometimes when the one asks what is the best action doesn't necessarily mean that that is the only one single best action that is possible? Where are these changes from time to place to condition, depending upon the questionnaire and depending upon the one who's answering knowing the different scenario and, and, you know, hence changing the the answer according to what is most appropriate. And then we discussed the importance of salah and why it's been placed at the very, very top is your number one priority. And now and in fact, we didn't really finish that. And so we

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need to look at this. The details of the state of the statement are solid to allow akiha the prayer in its time

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in its proper time. And in actual fact, there are other narrations narrated, found in the in the sale of email even Hosea rajala one, which adds fee only work to her. Okay if you only work to her in the beginning of its time. This is a heady switch has some disputes over it. Remember, never we, as we mentioned before, considered to be weak, but even hedger believed it to be authentic and acceptable, as well as many other ahaadeeth scholars. Yet, does this necessarily change our understanding of this hadith? What really does it mean when we say the prayer in its proper time, or even if we accepted the prayer

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In the beginning of its time, the prayer time itself is something which you can almost say you have some of them some times and some almost indicators which have been agreed upon by the by the Imams by the scholars and other parts which have differences for example, the beginning of fudger and the end of fudger. Okay, the the sunrise and so on, there's no dispute over the beginning of time, the time of zone, all right, we start that everyone has agreed upon that what is that is this way, for example, when the when the sun passes the zenith Daniel, if you have a stick, right, and the stick at the highest point of the day, at the highest point of the when the sun takes its highest point in

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the day, it will cast a shadow on this, just of the stick itself at that time, as soon as that shadow starts to move. Okay, it says to elongate when the sun starts to move now to the west, this is the beginning of a lot of time is called as the world. Alright. And then assar is the major difference of opinion between the two schools, okay, you can say maybe the majority of the scholars consider it to be what's called the chef a position based upon the Hadith narrated in the Mata, which is that the onset time starts when the shadow becomes twice the length of the stick. One, one time the length of the stick, plus the original shadow that was present at zywall. Time. Okay?

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Whereas the Hannah of the Hanafi school, okay, believe it to be, again, using a narration narrated in the motto of Malik that it is twice the length of the steak, plus its original shadow at the noon time. So there are differences of opinion, for example, so to moderate, that's fine. Everyone agrees upon that. But then, when they're slaughtered, he has thought, How much time do we have for selected Muslims, some scholars said that the Muslim prayers acceptable all the way until Asia, as I said, that should only be for 1015 minutes like that enough. And then Asia time, that's all another again, another issue of dispute. Some scholars said that some scholars from the Hanafi school using the

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hadith of Amanda and Bashir or the law, I believe that it to be a set time after about an hour, quarter hour 20 hour and a half, based upon the duration, which was mentioning that this gap was similar to the the time period that one could see the new moon, the visibility of the new moon on the third night, for example of the new moon of that of that month. So there is some difference there. And others said that when the whiteness of the sky disappears, I was said when the redness of the sky disappears. And this is this is this hilife is there and it's acceptable. And it's something that we need to consider, especially in our times in this country in the summertime, where we have

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to follow the scholars and who have to make each Jihad themselves who have to make a decision when we can't even tell effectively, the light remains all the way because of our position above the equator, then it's the hour hour night almost doesn't even start. And so this becomes a very difficult period to determine what slot to the issue where slot Russia begins. And so, you know, just to say the prayer in its proper time is not just as straightforward as it may seem. But in any case, if we look at the position held by those who say at the beginning of its time, okay, then this, you can say

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kind of agrees with some general principles in the Quran was Sunnah, Yanni, we've always been encouraged when it comes to good actions and the obligations to you know, to do them as soon as possible, as quick as possible. And the last point to add, for example, is ussery, or any be quick and hurry to seek the forgiveness to seek the forgiveness of Allah and compete with one another. Only there's action, there's speed, there's a sense of urgency to do good deeds, and so on. Alright, so it is Phil's fulfills a general kind of guiding principle. And we shouldn't be like how we shouldn't treat our other obligations have a bad day, like we treat our hedge, for example, right?

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hygiene is something which you will just delay as long as possible and do when you're 50 years old, like our people do often, right? And it shouldn't be like that our obligation is not to be pushed away and done at the very last possible time. But they should be done. In any it's good time, right time, beginning time, you don't know what might happen, something might occur some problems, could you know something could could come up, you could become injured, you could become ill, and then to try and then fulfill that obligation becomes more difficult upon you. And sometimes some of the scholars hold the person accountable for not doing something in its early time when they had the

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opportunity and then leaving it to another time where you know, there was possibility or there was the risk or the possibility of other circumstances are factors affecting the ability of you to do the action. So this is something which, you know, almost supports this group at the same time. Even if we accept that prayer is right

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Time is in the in the beginning, this is not necessarily always the case to follow. This is this is a general statement, something and something which can come Heidi's which come to make something has specified this Hadeeth. For example, what if the congregation in the masjid is one hour later? Right? So what do we do now then? Do we pray in this beginning time? No, because we know that for the purpose of life slums or Hades that to pray in the jamaa in the masjid with the Muslims in congregation with the extra type of with the extra reward that you get is better and more closer to the sooner, right, and for example, Central Asia. So as we know, the prophets lie Selim told us, he

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actually said I, you know, effectively if he didn't feel for us the difficulty, you know, that we might have to face then he would have delayed the Isha prayer as late as possible. And that's why it is sooner that if you haven't prayed the Isha in JAMA in congregation for you, if you're on your own at home to pray as late as possible, that is the center of the purpose of life. So even if we accept in the beginning of its time, we know that you know, it doesn't necessarily always have to be the case and that's important for us to understand the the the principle of Allah walk to her and then we move on to the the section of the parents because then

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of the livan mustard he asked, he said to me a what after and then and then what anthropos, I said, Lim said baru, some bedroom while he deign to be good and beautiful to parents. Now good and beautiful is just what we say in English. The word original word that we're using is Alberto. And what actually does bear mean, bear in the Arabic comes from the word Bara, which means almost to be affectionate, to be good to be kind to have good conduct to, to this to display your honesty. They said, for example, the Arabs would say Barbra Jean, Yanni he came back and he did his Hajj in a righteous way, without sin, without mistake. So therefore, from this, from this kind of

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understanding of the Arabs, we can see now the concept that there has an issue of honesty and righteousness involved in with the with good conduct and displaying

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manners and so on. But for a dictionary definition, with the Arabs, they said that better, especially when it's referring to the parents means to treat them gently, unconsciously striving to do all that which pleases them and avoiding all that which displeases them. Okay, I eat that which is opposite to our Coke, okay. And Coke is exactly that, when you are doing things which cause harm to them and upsets them and causes problems for them. This is one of the major sense. So bear is the exact opposite of that. And we can get a better feel. The more we look into the root of the of the word for the concept of bear, Allah subhanaw taala. From his smells effects is his name. Alberto.

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You hear it all the time. Alberto Rudra Ofer Rahim, he's Alberto. He's our he's our Rahim. Okay, so then we know the Torah is like the most kind. And Rahim is the most merciful, I'll borrow is like the most benign, alright, the most compassionate. Now here, if you think about it, it's almost using the concept of ease, okay, that he and he is the most easy with us when he when you say someone is benign, alright, it's not like he's, he's almost continuing to give us chances continuously relaxed, even, you know, we say the the the desert, or even the mother that will say, I'll move beratan bialetti ha, okay, that the the mother is very merciful to her child, very merciful to her child.

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And we know that, of course, it would be very difficult to have it any other way. But that but that baritone, right, it also means that she's very easy to easygoing, very foregoing. You know, we'd say in English, that you have a big heart, you have a big heart, and you got a lot of time and space for someone you know, that you can, you can really take a lot from someone despite them irritating you, despite them causing problems to you, you've always you can always just, you know, just show, you know, ease and that's why they said that the desert, you know, they used to call it open spread out lands and, and wastelands and desert, Albert, they also refer that to why because you're getting a

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sense of space, you get in a space, a sense of ease, and this is how the Arabs would, would would understand, you know, what their LMR used to say about birth, and especially when it's used in the context of parents, that birth is something which only when you really internally believe it. Will it come out

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And show itself, especially when it's something so internal, you, for example, if we're going to be really easy with someone, and getting to be really relaxed with someone and being kind to them and not hold a grudge and be benign, then if someone calls you a problem and you respond there and then just saying, Don't worry, it's not a problem, but you still scowling or you're trying to, or you turn away quickly, and you know, you're burning up inside, this affects the quality of the beer. And that is something which is, you know, the LMR would mention the different morality of the different state levels of bear. And we're going to come to that.

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In the next Hattie's weather lemma describes the next method that's narrated from the live Under Armour.

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So bitterly windy day, as you can see, is not just to be kind and to be good, but it comprises of many, many different aspects of your character to them, being easy with them, and understanding their needs and, and trying to please them at all times. And again, we'll come into some more detail later on about that, but also is very important is that it's not just for the for the youth or for the children, to be able to appreciate that about their parents, I think it's very important that the parents themselves should recognize that only the dean only Islam goes into so much detail and makes such a simple concept is such like being good to someone a science, only Islam makes it such a

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an art and Elm which is studied, it has correct aspects to it, it has wrong aspects to it, it's used in the right pace, using the wrong place, only the dean does that. So parents should also take on this attitude, because, you know, of encouraging their children to study not just Deen in a superficial sense, like often the case at this moment in time, right in our communities and so on, but in a deep and spiritual sense with, with real people, real teachers, to try and instill in them the qualities, the qualities that only as I said, studying the deep, deep you will be able to produce, because you won't, you know, in Asian culture or even in Islamic culture, non practicing

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Muslim families. One thing that you will find in these families, the majority of the time I'm making a generalization is that there'll be lots of respect. Still, despite the person not praying or fasting or being outwardly religious as such, they'll always have that respect for their parents. And that comes down from the culture. But the point that we're trying to make is that if you want it to remain at that level, then fine, if you want to take it to that next level, where the children understand, really the right that the parents have upon them, that how important it is to study and understand exactly how you Please someone, and exactly how you upset someone. You know, there's so

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so many of us get very relaxed when it comes to dealing with other people. You know, for example, we do someone a favor, how difficult is it once you do someone something good to not remind them that you've done it? How difficult almost impossible, it says, when you're there, especially when you know that other person hasn't realized, you know, on the past, the person has missed your work, maybe intentionally because they don't want to, you know, praise your face? Or maybe because they just you know, they just don't know, how many people can you know, say that, you know, I'm not going to remind the person you Don't you've done someone else's work. And they've come and they've thought

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that someone else has done it. And they say, Oh, she must have done it. That's really good of her. And you're you're sitting there thinking so Pamela, well, yeah, I did this, and I deserve some kudos for this, you know, and and it's just that, and it's not happening, right? How difficult is it? As it is shows, this shows how, and you know, if you and this is the classic, but if you now say to her, right, or say to this person, that actually I did it, okay, guaranteed, you have to know that that level of the quality of this action of yours has now drastically decreased decreased, if not gone. You what you've taken your reward that you've taken your reward there. Now, that's it. Don't

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expect any reward afterwards. Because the reward for the one who wants to, you know, really get into showing some sincerity is that he lives upon that humbler, he's done it for Allah subhanaw taala. He's done it for the reason that he's been told. And because Alec beruwala Dane, yeah, and he show Barry is one thing, to be able to know that this pleases my parents is one thing, but to be able to remind them all the time of these sets and things again, it's an artist science, and it shows that that Dean, okay puts down the principles, but upon the people to take the principles and build upon them. Okay, using the experience of the elders and the culture, to move with the elders and sits

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with the people. That is one of the biggest problems that Muslims affecting young Muslims today practicing Muslims today is somehow they equate practicing Islam with losing their culture or leaving their culture or pushing away what their parents have told them which is a big mistake. Rather, the sooner teaches you to take the stoic principles and now combine it

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Didn't combine it with your culture and marry them together to make sure that what you do is not haram or against Islam, yet using your culture to be able to cause real foods to come out of that.

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And you know, we mentioned last week the importance of order, all right, in this hadith and in all in all I had in which order is mentioned, there's always a secret behind it. There's always a secret benefit that's to be found for the one who looks carefully and we see that in this hadith as we mentioned, it comes after the prayer. And Allah subhanaw taala says, what was saying that in Sunnah bhiwani de homiletical worse than

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what we saw in houfy army and is cruelly while every day I lost pounds, Allah says, and we have enjoined upon man and made it an obligation upon man, to his parents, I eat to be good and beautiful to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship worse than either one, okay? And the D. His weaning will be in two years well for Sanofi amin, and this work will continue after

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after she have the he has been born or she has been born on what is Kuru Li Allah, Allah says so that they may give thanks to me. Okay, Allah, Allah says, when you validate,

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and to your parents, and as we said, Sophia and even Ariana rhodiola on the map, he said that the thing to give thanks to Allah subhanaw taala is to make sola sola is your way of expressing your things. And then after the Salah, according to this ayah to give thanks to your parents is to make dua for them. So the ayah corresponds to the order in the ayah corresponds to the the order in the the Hadees, as well. And also not is not is it just after Salah, but it's before jihad. Okay, which is very important, because jihad, we know is one of the most obvious issues when the most greatest issues in Islam, the greatest actions in Islam, yet, maybe it's because the parents have been placed

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before the issue he had, because we know that in

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the jihad, which is not an obligatory form of jihad when the Muslims are not under attack. Yeah. Not it's not an offensive, no, it's not a defensive jihad, the parents mission has to be sought. And there are many, many ideas to confirm that it's not permissible for a person to go to Jihad when it is of the the offensive type, okay, when the Muslims are not under attack, not only defense, if a person wants to go out and do jihad, it has to he has to ask his parents he has to ask these parents permission. And this is maybe why some of the earlier I mentioned that the parents in terms of treating them good and looking after them comes as a higher action before the the

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before Jihad fees to be loved. And, you know, if you think about one incident, for example,

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Alinea Salaam when he had his discussion, or when he had his meeting with Musa alayhis, salaam and Allah, this aspect of this little section of sutural curve is five or 10 verses full of benefit. This is five or 10 verses about how Musa alayhis salaam met Haider and they went with a journey with him and a warning mousseline setup that we know we're going to go but you're not going to have enough patience with me, you're going to see a few things but you're not going to have the patience to deal with this. And masala Salam said, you know, inshallah, we'll be okay. We'll be okay. And you and you know, the story and you know, maybe over the relevant mention over 100 benefits just in

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these five or 10 lessons to learn. And one of them, of course, is that federalism, the young man or the boy came to him the hula, and he killed him. And musalla Islam said, You've done an evil thing. You've done an evil thing killing avoid And just like that, no reason. You need a big enough See it? No, it is no legitimacy but what you've done, what's going on? And then as you know, the Dalai Lama then after a few is then explains the reason why I'm going to hold up for can have a homeowner meaning as for the boy, then his parents were believers for her Sheena and your Hakuna to Hernan Baku fra okay. But we what we feared could could have says we feared that he would rebel against his

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parents rebel against his parents to Hernan waka fra, Yanni, oppressing them and leading them to disbelief for Aradhana and you de la humara buma Hiraman Huda kattan wa Khurana. So the we intended them to do what we intended that their load their load, or Booba, whose load the parents look at this journey, just this use of Arabic nazioni Allah subhanaw taala just by itself, not a rub just by so but Allah, Allah, He

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Specifically cause cause Yanni himself or buena, the those to the parents Lord, okay their Lord to show that as in the show the the honor of the parents, all right, we intended that Allah subhanaw taala will change, okay for these parents, someone who is better Hiraman who's a keratin, Walker Brahma more more pure, more righteous, and more closer to mercy. So Pamela, if you've seen that Jani, this means that this child was killed by Hitler, because of the potential evil that he was going to cause to his parents, in what way by rebelling against them, and by expressing his disbelief. And the protection of the parents here was more important than this, this this disaster,

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to be led to be to be to unfold, to unfold in the future. And this is something and Allah subhanaw taala has told us told us this incident out of his mercy, because this is, these incidents are from the hikma of Allah from the heckum of Allah from the wisdoms of Allah subhanaw taala. When we are told these incidents, and we are we have to put a man in it, but we have activist charity to us and out of his charity to Moosa. Okay. Did he tell you tell him the reason why this happened, the reason this occurred, but he doesn't have to let us and if I were home alone, Allah subhanaw taala is not asked about what he does, they will be asked whom you are known as us? Well, once you decide then

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why did Allah panatela do this? why did why did why is this occurring? Why is that happening? But it's from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he decides to inform us to give us any more scope and understanding about the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is, you know, we need to think, in an IRA and in a Howdy, so many indications of the status of our parents, really, it's almost scary, it is scary, in fact, because you keep seeing this, this this concept repeated, repeated, and then you think to yourself, you think, am I giving even like 1% of that importance that has been told to me to my own parents, it really is scary. And some people you know, you know,

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it sounds silly, but they might say, you know, so what I mean, you know, parents, what have they really? Why have they really done to deserve something like that? Okay, and it's true. Some people really believe that it's the parents who benefit out of giving us,

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you know, life and so on. And other people using a bit more of an advanced argument will say, What if they're not Muslims? Well, they haven't given us Terabithia, as we mentioned the importance of Serbia in the in the previous session, right? They haven't guided us to what is right. In fact, they have been taking us away. Okay, they've been deviating us even further. So how can that be something which is praiseworthy, and good, and so on? And it's a valid question. Of course, it is a valid question, or should it be a valid question? Should we just accept the answer? Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah. No, we're all very happy in Islam, to discuss the issue and make it a science and so

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on. Does What about the non Muslim parents? Well, I think that, but to be honest, this is a stupid question. When you think about it, the point is not even a point. Yeah. And how can one How can one base the pain and the struggle and the hardship that these people, whether Muslim or non Muslim, these people were underwent and went through for you? Okay, it's just ridiculous. And Allah subhanaw taala does not place a condition on kindness that it has to be linked to Eman and it has to be linked to a result, health deservedly so, is the the reward for for good anything but good. Any Can someone who does something for you expect a good for you expect anything else but good, and they

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shouldn't expect anything else but good that is this is the correct statement. And we are not basing our, our level of of etiquettes with people according to the benefit that they give us. This is not the way that the Muslim acts. But if you want to go into detail and you want to really you know argue out the point and try to convince yourself that the parents haven't done anything yet as someone might do if the non Muslim if the parent is non Muslim, can you can you think Can you even quantify the level of sn that a parent shows their child at any at the time of birth and the pain and then the the sleepless nights and the difficulty and the of the entire the emotional and the

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physical difficulty and the spending upon the child and this spending okay of effort and time and the love that is shown is not in a time of strength but in the time that the child needs it most. The child is nourished when it needs it most it is protected from the codes protected from the from the heat is protected from diseases protected from all

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possible things that may harm it is protected from distress is protected from its emotions are looked after. It's constantly the parents trying to make it happy and so on. Can anyone even think of repaying this? And that's why their LMS says that your bear, okay, your bear your righteousness and your good conduct to them can never ever reach or even meet the amount that you've received from them? Never. I mean, for the obvious reason, for example, let's imagine that you were being very good to them. Okay? I mean, extremely good. Do you think that they are in need of that as much as you as at that time? Because when the parents, when the parents receive this from you, what do they

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need a feeding for? Or protection for? What they can do that themselves? How much is still Hannukah? Look, look at us in terms of adults and so on? Do they really need our money? Or are we needing their money? Do we need that experience? Or are they really dependent upon our experience? Are they dependent upon us? Why are we still dependent upon them. And this is the reality you will never ever be able to, they will never, or hardly hardly ever reach that level of weakness and desperation that you were at when you were a baby, and you were a child, and you were young, and you were developing, as is the reality. And that's why bitterroot Valley then, is even more emphasized upon us to be

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really given his full right to do as much and as best as possible that we can.

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You know, sometimes we struggle to imagine how we can keep pushing up the bar, how we can keep going further and further. But that's, of course, why there's a whole chapter on this, you'll see specific details on Buhari, he will and I don't want to actually jump the gun and talk about the Hadees that come afterwards. In any case, that's been rolled widely then, and then followed by Al jihad, feasability law, and the great tebu The great thing which mustn't be discussed, and whatever whatnot, I don't understand, actually, our time of political correctness, that doesn't allow our people to discuss jihad, when actual fact the definition of jihad meaning just to have sober, and as

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they they're said, to be, to have steadfastness as they, as they would say, and patience upon the truth, and then the conveying of that to others. That is what jihad is to have steadfastness and patience upon the truth, and then to convey that to others, even if this and now we start to understand the more that the more the classical sense, even if this striving of staying upon the truth, and the conveying and the conveying of this to others leads in the loss of wealth, or the loss of life even, and the loss of effort and so on and so on and so on, which then leads to the classical understanding of jihad is used in Islam majority says, which is to fight the disbelievers

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that aggressive and oppressive disbelievers who try to spread and so the oppression and aggression and so on upon upon the innocent. And this is something which many many people find very difficult to, to express. And it's actually strange. Why? Because there's not a single

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nation or a race or culture, which doesn't have a concept of jihad, we'll come to that. We'll come to that inshallah. But jihad, you must know, is from the greatest of actions from the greatest actions, yet it's placed, why, why would someone say is it placed after Salah, because actually jihad is for the establishing of Allah, it is for a farmer to Salah that's the function of jihad is to be able to provide the conditions of safety and security and stability for a person to fulfill the Salah. So, in actual fact, Jihad itself is a form of means to get to something else, whereas the prayer itself is the the final and the final objective. So, it takes a greater importance. And

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likewise, the jihad is an action which rota moves in between affordable Keifa will follow the line, ie a communal obligation to an individual obligation depending upon the situation depending upon the state and the time and the the the situation at that time, whereas the Salah is an individual obligation upon every single person continuously all the time. So they cannot be compared, when one looks at it in this in this sense, of course, then there comes a time where the Muslims are under attack and the innocent are under attack and so on. At that time, then one naturally looks at the situation and then puts forward the Jihad if that's the the the the mode or the action at the time.

00:34:46--> 00:35:00

And we go forward in that. Yeah, at the same time we know and we mustn't, we mustn't lose picture of things that you had is not always something which is fighting and, and shooting and killing and so on and so on. jihad is by the chutzpah, you had isn't

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

By the tongue jihad is by the pen. These are all forms of jihad recognized by their lemma. And in fact, Allah subhanaw taala. In he says, For that tutorial caffeine, which I hate whom v jihad in kaviraj, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, so obey not the disbelievers, and strive against them with it with the utmost of the utmost endeavor, the utmost effort to strive against them with it, what is it here in this corner in this ayah, it is the Quran, you only preach against them, defeat them in debate strive against them. This is the jihad in kaviraj. I was proud to Allah, and he mentions in the Quran, so it's not always fighting. It's not always war. It's not always it's

00:35:42--> 00:35:51

whatever is Manasa appropriate at the time and the place to to develop the Islamic nation and instability and insecurity.

00:35:52--> 00:36:33

But yeah, at the same time, the Muslims are under this kind of pressure, to not discuss the rules and the strategies and the details and so on. And that's a like I said, very strange. When all the nations day and night, they talk about they, they they promote their defense defense ministries, their defense budgets, their strategies, they're buying, they're selling their tactics, and so on, and so on. So how comes the Muslims as a people or as a nation, or Islamic countries were exempted, were exempt from from this, from this, you know, planning and so on and so on. And Islam doesn't want any favors, or it shouldn't want any favors, all right, from the rest of the world, you know,

00:36:33--> 00:37:14

let us be the only people who develop these plans, or let us be the only people who have strategies and theories, no, we shouldn't be asking favors, we should say that everyone has the freedom, whoever lost power to either give the ability to whoever lost parents, Allah gives permission to through their own development of wealth, and intelligence and intellect, and so on and strengthen power, then let them develop a Lost Planet, Allah tells us to do the same in the Quran, prepare what you can, out of power, out of strength, out of backup, out of resources out to strategy prepared, so everyone should have this, this understanding where not only were the Muslim nation is not a nation

00:37:14--> 00:37:52

of hypocrisy, and it shouldn't be and this is unfortunately, what some of the Muslims in our in the political arena sometimes fall into making it look like almost portraying the the vision of the Islamic nation as a very pathetic nation, a nation on the backfoot I mean, a nation that wants favors from from everyone else. But Islam doesn't want any favors. And it should as it shouldn't want any favors. It's not just wants a level playing field, justice. We're not against people developing nuclear weapons without us developing nuclear weapons. We're not against people, you know, developing energy forms, don't let other people don't permit other people developing energy,

00:37:52--> 00:38:18

you can apply all these principles in any, any any form. And so those people who, for example, say that, you know, Israel should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons and and America shouldn't be allowed to have this is wrong. I don't understand again, where this this quote comes from, no, they should be allowed, but the Muslims should be allowed as well. Not that we shouldn't and they shouldn't and we shouldn't fight. Additionally, this is not what Islam says. This is not what Islam teaches. This is not the understanding of jihad, Jihad Yanni is a

00:38:19--> 00:39:02

a tool for a nation of Israel and we should have a say in it, you know, we shouldn't let the ignorant extremists amongst us who do terrorism, okay. And terrorism is a very, very different concept of jihad. Okay, anyone who knows anything about Islam can tell very clearly that one thing about killing innocent people blowing up people in terms of a peace burning up people when you have contracts, attacking people, in this way, is something Haram, by Sharia, okay, by the scholars, and something which is doesn't come under the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the sanctity of jihad, Jihad has a sanctity, it has so much detail, so much any care for different aspects, exactly like

00:39:02--> 00:39:46

and that's why we shouldn't be denigrating other systems, like other nations and other rules of engagement and the rules of war and the codes of conduct that different people have. Now, if they live to that, you know, then fine. If they don't live to that, then, you know, that's, that's a, an indication of the weakness of that nation. That's an indication of, of they're evil, or they're wrong, but it's not something which is if they've developed such a system, to try and regulate and standardize their actions, then the Muslim should also be able to happily discuss and promote this. And everyone, every nation has a lot of honor for for war. I mean, this country suppiler we're

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

British, we, in school, we study all the time, the World War One World War Two, we recognize people such as Winston Churchill as being a hero, and arguably correctly so and the soldiers.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

fought to defend this country. And really it is the case that our stability today, you know, there's lots of jokes, there are lots of jokes, you know that we see what would happen if the Germans are taken over and so on. And, you know, what would life be like? We don't know, we really don't know. Okay, a lot of unsung heroes, a lot of sailors, a lot of pilots who fought to defend this country, okay, they are rightly and correctly seen as heroes. And that's why we have the honoring of the dead, and the giving of medals and, and honorary war pensions for the rest of the family. And we have remembrance days, and we have and they have statues, and so on, and so on, and so on. Every

00:40:38--> 00:41:23

culture, every nation around the world honors those people who go and fight to defend, defend what they love, defend what they believe in, defend freedom, and so on and so on. So the question is, why shouldn't the Muslims, why shouldn't the Muslims, is there something else being claimed? Or asked here? Have you seen the advertising for the army, be the best, right? Be the best, so hunting law, Muslims have the same look at this Hadith, in Allah, which of the actions is his most beloved to Allah and another Araya what are the best actions and a Jihad free civilian law? And maybe they took this advertising campaign from us maybe, honestly, and Islam is not bringing something new here.

00:41:23--> 00:42:05

Every nation has the right to defend itself and to develop its its its, its, its, its defense and to develop its foreign policy and to develop its international politics, and so on and so on. Yet, it's unfortunate. I mean, there is a point of aggression and injustice here from the others, but it is true, and we should take seriously the complaints of our neighbors and our people and our countrymen and the West and the non Muslims, that campaign against jihad. Why? Because we really have done a disservice to ourselves and to jihad, it has been Muslims themselves, okay, their own people, their own neighbors, often, okay, their own friends who have gone and killed indiscriminately in a haram

00:42:05--> 00:42:19

fashion, terrorism. And they have an all the time quoting, this is jihad, and we have to do this, we have to do that. And so what do we expect from the people? What can one expect? So, you know,

00:42:20--> 00:42:56

from one side, we had, we were having difficulty discussing it openly and so on. So there's this political kind of pressure, right, and, you know, a form of intellectual terrorism. So it's not just the Muslims are not just under physical terrorism, right from the rest of the world being killed in their countries and being killed in the land. But it's an intellectual terrorism as well, but we're not even able to discuss and strategize and, and and develop our theories and so on. And this is, like I said, this is not justice. This is not any some kind of correct way that that international system should should this is not a level playing field. And, you know, they, they believe it to be

00:42:56--> 00:43:26

the best, and the British Army's to be the best, and it's the best action and the most honest action and everyone is encouraged to make sacrifices all the time. And so are the Muslims. And look at the, the, you know, Jihad and no one should have any doubts about this and Allah says in the Quran, I do look at it. Jonathan Tucuman, as I've been led to believe he was when he went to jail, he did a feasibility study and wailuku and the alikum highroller come in contact alone. You have a failure to come

00:43:27--> 00:44:08

into Jamaica hotel and how what Misaki naka de Botton Fijian Natarajan radical false without him well, Raja buena ha nos Rahman Allah He will fetch from query over shared meaning. And Allah, Allah, Allah makes it very, very clear, shall I guide you Allah says, I don't know commodity gelatin to a commerce to adapt in a limb that will save you from a painful torment to only be law what is it that you believe in Allah and His messenger? What would he do now? Okay, that you strive and you fight fie sebelah in the path and the cause of Allah, the unwinding, combined, forsaken, with your wealth and with your, with your lives with your souls.

00:44:09--> 00:44:35

This is Allah, tada, it makes it very, very clear, just like the nations are told their soldiers that and they did, the adverts are sent out and the propaganda machine goes into action at the time of war, encouraging the people to defend their homelands and so on. Well, this is the same. This is our advertising campaign. This is our propaganda hamdulillah we don't have to have any lies in 100 light is divine. So that's our benefit. And so we should push that,

00:44:36--> 00:44:59

that a little higher. And that is better for you in quantum challenge, if you both know, and look at the benefits. Why, you know, so that's all that that's all that this is a form of that this is that there will be honored and the British and that they will come back and they will receive you know a hero's welcome and, and so on and so on. You know, I Muslims should we should celebrate that

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

Should we should because we recognize the same thing. We also have great benefits as well. Yeah a fella comes you know back home not done zero, your sins will be forgiven. Why the hell can generic integer even tackle and how do you be entered into a paradise into gardens, not just gardens, gardens normal gardens in the back of your house gardens, the antigen even the head and heart that underneath underneath them are flowing rivers what Messiah Kenapa yerba and beautiful dwelling any beautiful houses were not just understand the garden with the with the rivers underneath Fijian nights you're either in the Garden of Eden Valley Cal Casa da da him not be the best. Allah says

00:45:40--> 00:45:57

that is the mighty success, the great success. Well, hello, I know there's still more by the way, we still have a Buddha and more that you love. And we want more nurserymen Allah help from Allah? Well, I've had one query and a victory which is close.

00:45:59--> 00:46:07

Well, but she won't give good tidings glad tidings good news to the believers. So we have the Muslims have their own

00:46:08--> 00:46:51

advertising machine as well. hamdulillah. And so there's nothing to be ashamed of Muslims need to understand that this is the defense policy of Islam, asking people to put their wealth and their lives on the line for justice and for peace, okay, to ensure that peace is spread, that justice is applied to all the people under oppression, just like every other nation believes it to be the case. But we have to be very careful that our call for the promotion of Islamic principles and such as the defense of the principle of jihad is not mixed with the promotion of terrorism, which is the uncontrolled deviation of the text and the sanctity and the sacredness of jihad into this mayhem and

00:46:51--> 00:47:31

chaos that we see. And this mayhem and chaos has not just affected those people who are extreme murderers who kill people indiscriminately, okay, but it is even affecting more lesser, more moderate people in the way for example, as we see them, their protests and their minds and their attitudes, and when they protest their actions, and then they're very petty and very superficial way that they show their anger by beating up people and wrecking property and rioting. And so this is an attitude and this is a an advertising which Islam definitely doesn't need. And so you can see the difference between the two. Look at the difference between those who stick to the Quran was Sunnah

00:47:31--> 00:48:11

and use the Quran and Sunnah in its purity, and those who then develop these emotions that become out of control and start to do actions themselves from their own pockets from their own book, which they have. And this is what causes such a problem. This is what causes causes so much bad press and so much bad publicity. And look what the prophet sallallahu wasallam is telling us President told us that the Shaheed yeah and he makes He intercedes. Yeah. And it was said by anyone, anybody he for 17 people from his family. That is, the purpose of life seldom said that paradise narrated by him and Buhari in his authentic marriage in his authentic book, January 2, narrated by Rama Buhari, that the

00:48:11--> 00:48:57

Paradise is 100 grades, the difference between the distance between each grade is the distance between the heavens and the earth order is reserved for the Mujahideen that the Mujahideen need the one who goes out to defend and to fight and respect the honor of innocent people. That is that that the dust which covered touches his feet, those fields, when he goes out, the fire will never touch it, the fire will never touch it. So Jani, what we need to understand is the difference between indiscriminate terrorism and the promotion of that, and the the sanctity and sacredness of the defense policy, and the foreign policy of an Islamic nation. And this is very important, especially

00:48:57--> 00:49:14

in these times, where the political and intellectual pressure upon us is so much to hide anything to do with such a defense or with such action. And this is this is this is this is the reality for anyone who's involved in these areas of of,

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

you know, policy, something which is strange, and, you know, just to, to to close up for this session. I think it's very important also that the professor Lyceum in this head he mentioned these three actions almost as if they are like a banner, almost like a banner or a representative even is better word or in one or representative of actions underneath them. So the first action which was mentioned was the obligatory prayer. Why the obligatory prayer? Yeah, and because even though the prayer itself as it is the most obligor It is so easy to pray. It is so Yani it gives so much a benefit internally now and afterwards as well. And easy. I really do mean easy. Imagine

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

If Sally Salah had not advised the professor lie, send them. And we didn't have the five that we have today. And we had 50 to pray in a day. So the one who is able to pray it or select Allah walk to her in his proper time, then he has achieved the great action. But if he doesn't do that, for such a prayer, which is so easy and so beneficial and so obligatory, that what do you think is going to be like for his new wife will prep. And as soon as, and all these other actions on all these other prayers, of course, he's going to be even more bad with that, if he can't even do this obligatory. And likewise, Bill O'Reilly deign to be good and righteous to your parents, despite how,

00:50:38--> 00:51:23

how much of a right they have upon you and how obligatory it is, and the value is priceless. If you can't fulfill that condition, that obligation, then what will that person be like to the rest of the society, and likewise, jihad, Jihad feasability law, despite his obligation, and despite his great status, and the rewards that we just mentioned, if a person and despite the fact that the aggressive enemies of Allah that killed the Muslims in such a free manner, when they do are such they're open enemies of Allah and the people and the nation and the Islamic nation, if a person is not going to do and rise up to defend himself in such a scenario, then what do you think he's going to be like in

00:51:23--> 00:51:45

the non obligatory jihad, and the striving and pushing for the rights of the Muslims and the innocent people. So that's the only an indication of why these three actions have been these three deeds have been chosen to almost represent the rest of Islam is almost to say in closing, that the one who perfects these three is almost like as if he perfects the rest of Islam.

00:51:47--> 00:51:55

But the one who is negligent, negligent or neglectful of the importance of these three areas, then it's almost as if he is going to throw the rest of Islam away.

00:51:57--> 00:52:12

And this is something that we need to really, you know, focus on. And that's enough for for this session, and hopefully we'll pick it up with the next author. And the next session. Will la huzzah Allah Allah panicle along with him take a Chateau La Ilaha and West Africa lahoma to a lake.