Ramadan Series Day 02 – The Month of Allah

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. At hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen second day are from Oban and we are going in the journey of the names of from Oban scholars gave Ramadan as a month more than 55 names, some says 60s and some some, some says even more

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Subhan Allah, the name that we are going to learn today in sha Allah is the one of the names is called the month of Allah Subhana Allah so this month of Ramadan has been related to Allah subhanho wa Taala and why is that and what should I learn and what should it bring to my heart? hadith of Rasul Allah He salatu salam, how do you think would see where Allah subhanho wa Taala said it and of a Swati salatu salam used his own words and he said that the following are so Molly one Zb fasting is for me and I Allah reward for it. Then why explains why is that? And he said yeah Tohoku Shahada hoo, hoo, hoo Li, the fasting person stay away, leave,

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desire, the intimacy, food and drink for me for Allah there is no other reason why we are fasting. So that's the only reason for Allah. Since we do with only for Allah, then he will reward himself not like any other. And then the Hadeeth continue to say what is slightly me for her turn, and the still pleasures for the fasting person 111 he or she breaks her fast. And we all know the feeling when we drink that glass of water when we put the first date in our mouth, what's the feeling after 1416 hours of fasting, and the better one that's inshallah hollow you'll see. The second pleasure is when we meet on last pantalla because we will see the reward of this amazing fasting that we have

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done since Allah is the only one who reward for it the way we cannot imagine. So it's the month of Allah, because the action that we are doing in it, the main landmark of Ramadan is fasting, and that is for more. So it's the month of Allah. Every action we do in Ramadan is basically acts of worship for Allah

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extra. So now the Torah we are reading his book, reading his words, giving charity for Allah, giving Zakah being good, being nice, being gentle, all these things, we do it specifically in one on one because we know Ramadan is special and we want to be rewarded. And this is the month of Allah and we want to show Allah subhanaw taala the best in us. So as we go through this day, the second day of Ramadan, let us all all remember this, that is not only the month of fasting, rather it's the month of fasting for Allah and Allah will reward me for this fasting. This is so special for me and I am going to have two pleasures one when I break the fast, but the more important and I'm looking

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forward for it is when I met Allah pantalla and the more I love Allah The more I want to love Allah The more I should try struggle to glorify His month his symbol European in help us all we all love to feel these be able to do these make it easy for Osceola in a color cliche in a year. saramonic murottal albaraka