The Inked Remedy #09

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I just want to be alone

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haven't talked to anyone in so long

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they will never break this.

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We will fail.

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27 fat

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and that's the type of time slowly shots call me. I'm not sure who tried contacting me more him or Janae They're good guys. Don't get me wrong. But right now I just want to be left alone.

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Eventually I'll open up more and return back to normal life.

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In this world, we are free men. We have no limits so constrictions but, but still, I'm trapped with a burden I don't wish to share with others.

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And you can't blame me for it. Like, what good is there? Me being in a mosque where other people will just be my face asking me how I am? Can they get me anything? Can they? Can they do anything for me?

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I'm just not ready to face the world yet.

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Not until my life gets back in order.

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Why now problems are piling up. But they're not problems I'm bringing on to myself.

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By me going out meeting people, well, people are unpredictable, and you never know what you're going to get from them.

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I just can't see much benefits in mixing with people right now. They should understand that I want to be left alone.

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Having said that, it may be good to get some motivation from others because I'm not gonna lie. I'm flopping a little I keep getting notifications on my phone to like, recite a verse or make a dial. And don't get me wrong, I always intend to do it, really I do. But for the life happens and I get pulled in one direction and then another. And all these issues just start plaguing my mind and I forget what I really have to do.

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But I'm still filling obligations.

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I just need to do more. Maybe meet two people in a masjid is a small price to pay. If it means that there will be brothers who will motivate me to do more.

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When we feel down,

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we all have a tendency to isolate ourselves from the people of goodness and the places of goodness right? Now, no doubt, brother Adam alone time has its merits.

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But in most cases, this kind of isolation only ends up widening our injuries and deepening our sorrows. You see, it's not just about the positive things that people can offer us when we're down. But more so about the positive vibes involved in merely being in those places, with or without people. Adam, in short, do all what you can to be present within the gatherings of knowledge and places of goodness and people of remembrance, because the tranquility that you complain of having lost is certainly found in the masjid. You are aware of the hadith of our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said why don't you tell me about how comun fee baiting me booty

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laugh whenever eight people gather in one of the houses of Allah yet to Luna keytab Allah as they recite the Quran condition number one why at Adara sunnah Hodeidah home and they study it together condition number two, what is the outcome? Learners Allah tally he Musa Kena tranquility will descend upon them. Once you get home or Rama mercy will envelop them, what Halford humulene Mela ecab and the angels will cover them. Well, they've got a home Allah Who FEMA and and that's the ultimate one Allah who will remember them with the assembly who are with him.

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So if someone ever asked you where do I find this tranquility that at this moment in my life, I've been stripped off say to the masjid

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where do I source the Mercy of Allah one may ask you say the masjid where can I find angelic presence when I'm being terrorized by Devenish thoughts say to him the Masjid. There is something so mysterious and warm and calming and empowering when the masjid the Quran, and mutual study, they come together a mystery of wars that can only be described by the people who have experienced it.

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Now, regardless of how much you may dislike, by the act of meeting a person or persons whom you worry maybe at the masjid when you go there, now for an hour human being a mortal, to stand between you and the house of Allah, it's just as much yours as it is his and there's so why deprive yourself from the companionship of angels and the subsequent inner peace, which this offers you because of a Tom or a Dick or Harry that you worry maybe at the masjid human beings

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But wait, there's more. Those who visit the masjid frequently are helped by the angels during their challenging circumstances did you know that so many troubles were unlocked for them by virtue of an angel whom Allah sent their way without them even realizing it. You want proof brother Adam didn't our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying in a remarkable Hadith in the real bus, how GDO Tada. Mosques?

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Possess pegs, whom I will tell to her. The worshipers in those mosques are it's pegged. Let them do the semi nomadic. They have angels who sit with them in Ragusa and go home. If they go missing the angels they ask about their whereabouts were encountered or medulla I'll do them and if they fall ill the angels visit them listen to this last one will incur goofy hydrating

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and if they are in need of something the angels ate them. The angels help

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whenever you feel like the weight of an anxiety has become overpowering. call up a friend, invite him or her to the masjid for the purpose of reciting the Quran together and reading perhaps from a book of Tafseer to enjoy a mutual study of the Quran. Do this again and again and simply observe the change in your heart and the change in your challenging circumstance.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him. It inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21