Ramadan Series Day 30 – The Month of Salvation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the last day of from a launch panel life day 30th

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it flew Subhan Allah we I was still thinking and living with the 100 la la me made us reach to see it on Milan day one and we're so excited and so power lights 30 days hamdulillah Hello galantamine the 30th the name that we chose is the day of salvation or the day of safety or saving to safety. And if you look at our Milan, the reason scholars gave her a move on this name is look at what Ramadan brought to us and what we did in the Ramadan that saved us and mainly saved us from what saved us from number one. saved us from shaitan al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And how do we know that because all bringing Allah during Ramadan was much easier, fasting was much easier, although

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it's a very long days, standing up in the night was much easier. Alhamdulillah gerbrand me reading Quran things that outside Ramadan, we find it challenging, difficult, but Allah made it easy. Number one, he saved this from shaitan that's one of the gifts of Ramadan because as the Hadith we have said that many times that when normal bond comes in software, that software that shell thing that doubles chain, so we were saved Alhamdulillah urbania from shaper, we were saved from shaitan as a result of that, disobeying Allah was harder. So Panama 100 national brand and that means a result of that. doing good deeds were much easier as I just said, the more good deeds I do and we do what we

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will get. We get the pleasure of Allah pantalla your ob ami and more importantly in Africa is Jeanette is they haven't xiaobian Amina la repeatedly said it in the Quran. mejor member La Jolla marsali hunt you the pharaoh generating temporary men Tatiana and her holiday nahi Aveda. The person who believe and hamdulillah we all did. The person who does good deeds you're a bureaucrat, we tried we did Allah who know how much we tried. And what is the result you know Jana, he will make us antigen holiday enough Yeah, but they are eternal and it so there are Milan saved us from this obedience of Allah. Ramadan saved us from one of the biggest factors and influences that makes us

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disobeying Allah, our neffs Allah made us more able to control our neffs because we were able to control our nerves from eating and drinking and desires for 16 hours. So how long for 30 days saved us from this and this, most importantly is when I leave tomorrow, specially the day of aid, I should never forget that's how hungry they are brandy by His grace I was able to do all this I was able to be saved the obeying Allah was very easy disobeying Allah was much harder I need to continue that's the most important thing that we continue as much as we can. As much as we can some of the righteous people used to make sure tonight the night of aid they do also extra deeds good deeds so they don't

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forget so we don't switch off the light let's not remit not forget that. Let us remember that when Ramadan is done a lot still here are lost all their good deeds are still there. Let us not to be the people who as they call them a bad or Ramadan. They worship Allah mainly in Ramadan Lai Allah Yo, yo la here Karim you helped us through all these 30 days help us to continue Allah help us to continue y'all to be in Mecca. semiology would do in the end, or when Allah pantalla talked in the Quran, about the month of Ramadan at the end of that shadow Ramadan that verse in Surah Al Baqarah he said what took me You know, it

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took me a day you finish the appointed time, which is today 30th number two to Kabir Aloha and Mr. hodda that you glorify our law because he guided you to this and that's the reason is tomorrow aid, we will have to cover your alternate Allahu Akbar, we need to start doing it ourselves internally before we hear it externally. No Kabila, we glorify Allah We thank Allah that He made us gave us life to go through it's helped us to obey Him Yoruba Callaghan to kabiru la llamada cook when Allah come to school, so you are grateful how I am grateful that Allah saved me how I am grateful that Allah helped me how I am grateful Allah he ought to be I mean forgive our sins.

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By continuing to obey Him, and think of all the blessings here we have right now, and he gave us and still give us and let us be grateful. The last but not the least, the worse we put on the planet. The best way to continue the journey from Milan is to reflect and comprehend on the creations of Allah. If you help us somehow it will own the creation of the heavens and the earth. orthography lady won the house and the changing of the day and a night in Alabama, with signs to those who understand comprehend.

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Smart, smart in not Indonesia will be smart enough here. I need to continue this journey Allah knuckle hamdulillah I'm so grateful you saved us euro biani Let us continue by reflecting and looking around everything we have is a sign from Allah as a gift from Allah, that we need to be grateful. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen May Allah give you all blessing? aid, may Allah accept from all of us, and we will do the draw Satan Ebrahim did when he finished or when he was building the Kaaba or have been at Oberlin in Atlanta semana de your Allah accept from us you're all hearing you're all knowing what your Ballina and please your Allah forgive us accept our repentance in the

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cantata wa Brahim, you are the one who accept repentance and you are the one who are merciful desert come along here at Mubarak and Mubarak bless attain just alchemilla here for all the support you showed to join the institute was phenomenal and Rob Callahan May Allah subhanaw taala make us worthy of this Amana And may Allah Subhana Allah open all the doors to more higher and more fair and spread his the Santa Monica motmot Allahu wa barakato