Built For Mistakes & Repentance

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Human beings were built to make mistakes and seek forgiveness. It's in our DNA, our spiritual DNA. It's in our blueprint, because the law says and sort of Bukhara, he says the angels that he's going to make on Earth, a Khalifa, someone who's going to be left in charge, someone who's going to be responsible, someone who's going to manage things are supposed to manage things in the way that Allah subhanaw Datta would have them done. A law did not say that we were meant to stay in the garden forever. He said right from the beginning, that we're going to be on Earth a Khalifa. So that means that when Adam is deceived by the devil, and Adam eats the fruit, and then they're thrown down

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to earth, it was already a foregone conclusion, it was already part of the plan. It's not in Islam, the fall in a sense that it is in Christianity, it's not the original sin. It's not an avoidable mistake, that now we have to pay for the consequences until the day of judgment or require some sort of pagan blood sacrifice, in the in the sense of supposedly the crucifixion of Jesus, which obviously we don't believe in. So the idea of Adam and his whole identity is completely different in Islam than it is from Christianity. Adam was meant for the fall, in a sense, why just the fall No, so that he could be redeemed, not by some blood sacrifice 1000s of years later, by His forgiveness,

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and an atom being redeemed through his forgiveness. That's the blueprint for every single one of us, the descendants of Adam, we can't NOT SIN. Every day, you look at something you're not supposed to look at, you hear something you're not supposed to listen to, you see you, you say something that you're not supposed to say, right or you neglect to do something that you should have done, or you do something that you should not have done, we sin every single day, probably in between every single Salah we sit, that's part of our DNA. That's why Allah soprano data, didn't try to set our expectations such that we would expect that we wouldn't make those mistakes. No, in fact, he made

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some of the worship will have forgotten that they would automatically erase those sins from the one Salah to another salah or raises those minor sins automatically from one Juma to another Juma erases those sins automatically without even knowing it. Because we were built for this. We were built to sin and mistake and then be redeemed, but not just through the acts of worship that are automatic that do it without our realizing it but also through repentance. Also, through the words that a lot taught Adam, where's the repentance? Where's the forgiveness? So right from the beginning, Allah says that we're going to be this Khalifa and part of that Khalifa is making mistakes and having the

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humility and expressing the confidence and trust in the last panel Tada to be able to come to Him with our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.