Haifaa Younis – A huge distraction in Ramadan

Haifaa Younis
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From today till Ramadan less than two months by the way of question for everybody, as a rasa risotto cinnamon Dr. Ravi, the Bedouin came to him and says, Marisa when is the hour? What did he say? Mother that Tara What did you prepare for? It? Doesn't matter when it is coming. So everybody in this room what did you prepare? Don't tell me food. No, I really mean it because that's one of the biggest distractions. me the biggest distractions in Ramadan is that we cook and that doesn't mean we don't have to yummy Of course we have to eat, we're fasting, but it becomes a social club. It becomes invitations It Becomes You have to come right and we really need to change this culture. And

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nobody will change it unless you and me and each one of us individually say no, I'll see you in aid. This is actually what I do. I'll say I'll see you an aid. Anytime after aid you invite me I'm coming Allah did not create Ramadan for this. Why is that because it's a distraction during the day. Now you have people coming I'm not talking about immediate family and I'm talking about people that are friends. Right? Now you come for f bar you are already tired because you're fasting live goes on your cooking then you have to clean most of the time you will Mr. Ali? Are you going to go you're extremely tired, you will not be able to focus what did we get?

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And can I do this another time one of the advices I'll give to everybody anything that you can do it before or after Ramadan you're going to do it before after Ramadan

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unless it is a bad time of Qatar unless it is something I have to do it and Ramadan which is basically fasting and going to target these the only two things that is very specific to Ramadan there is nothing like it outside Ramadan even the fasting is not the same as it is in Ramadan. So from now to and from today, what is your goal what is your what do you want to achieve this Ramadan different than last year? So if Allah subhanaw taala decided to take me or to take us or to take any one of us He will reward me as if I have a have already did it. What is your goal? What I need to learn is what the Quran will do to me what before Ramadan? I need to say I have this shortcoming you

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say it to yourself. We all have a long list may Allah forgive us. But let's say I'm going to do this one. I'll work on it throughout Ramadan. And then at the end of the Ramadan, see, did it work? Did you change? What is your relationship with the Quran? What is your relationship with the people? Did you become more generous? Are you more giving? So put goals each one is different look at and be very honest with yourself. What is the one thing that people say negative about you? Not one person not two, not three, or you know it? I am this and that and be honest put it in says I'll work on myself this Ramadan. So the point I'm trying to make here is make sure in Ramadan, you're gonna get

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one or two chapters in the Quran you will understand you will understand what I'm last telling you and you're going to start applying it because just reading and reading the translation, the changes

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and I'm wanting to everyone to ask herself don't answer me. Are you different from last Ramadan? That it stays

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in day of aid? Did you retain 50% of what you did in Ramadan?

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And you all are looking at me with sadness because it's reality honestly. So let's put a goal one of the goals that say since we are doing Salah testing, let's make a goal and I'm not I don't want to specify your sin for Ramadan and then becomes better.

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Just because we have let's say use of or whatever we cover Lanka boot, whatever we covered, go back to your notes go back to the recordings as you are reading and look at it in a different lens

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