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What do we learn from Ramadan Part 2 _ Repentance, a way of life


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The importance of worship in Islam is discussed, including the need for forgiveness and a culture of forgiveness. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and mercy in bringing out the light on one's actions, following laws and following church's actions, and avoiding sin. forgiveness is a way to address one's sin and avoid sinful behavior, and the need for condolences after a loss is emphasized. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and the need for forgiveness is emphasized as a way to live.

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For him and him the delay have been hard I mean, are salatu salam ala rasulillah? Allah Allah he'll be as many offers and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So follows my dear respected brothers in Islam.

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Last week, we decided to begin a short series in which we called, what do you learn from Ramadan. And we began last week with the first point and that is that Ramadan taught us that worship is a way or a way of life is not limited to one month and it is a way of life in which a person was supposed to learn this during Ramadan, because obviously, Ramadan is the biggest season of worship since people are engaged in worship during the day, and during the night, all the way until alpha and then they begin with the other worship of fasting and so on for its continuous and connected worship. And we spoke about its importance and how large Zoysia had to address that in the plan. The second point

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that we learned from Milan, Milan, whether or not you realize that, but Ramadan also taught us that repentance is a way of life, repentance, and seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a way of life. Repentance needs to be emphasized, because worship is the general term. And included in worship is many things we do. One of the worships is repentance. Repentance is of worship to Allah subhanaw taala but there is something in Ramadan that especially happens that teaches us Toba is a way of life. And there is yet a you recall from the many a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in where he says whoever fasts Ramadan out of he man and seeking a large reward or love

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would forgive him for his past sins. Forgiveness only happens when you seek a last forgiveness or you make it over. Therefore fasting itself is a doctor fasting itself as a doula and there is a long while to settle and he says that the one who prays the night prayer all the way throughout Ramadan as well warfare another meta condemning them being and whoever was to stand in worship. During lay let the cutter warfare automatic

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law forgives him for what pasts of his sins. So in other words, all these actions we did in Ramadan. One of the biggest purposes of these actions were for a person to be forgiven. In other words, that action itself is a person seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness. That action itself was a Toba if we speak about the main and the biggest action that occurs in Ramadan which is fasting itself. And I said to you that fasting is a doba How is fasting? How is fasting at all known about him omala they mentioned

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that at the very beginning when Adam alayhis salaam was created, Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed him to roam freely in the paradise him in Hawaii he was set up for good Amina rather than high sushi enjoy yourself in the paradise go wherever you want and eat wherever you want. What at the club are happy shala for Tokuda, Milan ha city volume in and do not come near the street do not approach this tree. There was a tree that was made in the paradise and you need to understand that it is much bigger than the size of Earth. Imagine I said to you the entire Earth is for you and eat whatever you want on earth but there is one restaurant good don't go near it. Yeah, where would the I what

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would take you to that restaurant anyway even though you have the entire earth if you ate at a different restaurant every single day. You might not even make it to that restaurant. But what happened with Adam and I use them and what happened with the ship on and how did he get to that tree

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This is why Adam would come to a Shabbat would come to Adam allows origin he said force was that he shared about a loss was a you see how the verb is repeated was was meaning continuous over time This wasn't only just the new Adam come there's a tree coming from it. We split one time after another after another after another luxury sit for the left who may be who the left humor is when you put the bucket inside of the water well and then you begin to reel it out slowly slowly. This is a dilute the left human meaning he guided them bit by bit he dragged them drag them behind rule in deception until he got them to that tree. And then Adam ate from the tree for the meta show Jonathan

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both of them ate from the tree but love them so I do man they close

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fell off in an hour I was exposed to either malaise, Sam and Howard rushed immediately to take leaves from the tree. The trees refuse to give him any leaves, except, as some of them officer mentioned except the fig tree. It gave him leaves, and he made clothing from it to cover himself. But the idea was that he ate from the street and considered his sin attached to greed. This is considered unhealthy greed. This was greed they had the entire paradise state for lack in Nepal got into the tree, how did the shape one get into the tree? How did you get into the tree?

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A lot of soil you said that the shepherd said to him, and I didn't look at a shotgun or multi layered law

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shall I direct you to show you how to hold a tree that if you were to eat from you live forever. We're multi layer bla and a tree that if you ate from, it will give you a kingdom, multi layer block a kingdom that will never ever expire.

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Yanni shavon what he did, he took the sin which is ugly in itself. And he decorated this in, he designed this in for he decorated it for him. He said if you were to eat from it, you will live forever and that is a desire that human beings have this is why a lot of Zoysia fulfills that desire for them in the paradise and keeps them living forever holiday

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and there is there is a desire also in the human nature that he wants a kingdom he wants to own a lot for sure been going from that door. He took what is what is disgusting what is evil, which is the sin Xena who machine Paulo Armada, whom he designed and he decorated this in over the air them if he's not careful. He falls into this in wildomar you set up fell into the ship. And then obviously there was the process of Adobe After this assault but we need to understand that this is how a police This is how at least was Shelby and bring a person to assume by designing and decorating the sim for him allows origin he says aka valleycats Zhi Yan alika theory Minh and

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mushrikeen kotla. odium has been designed for many of the machete keen to kill their children fishy code. They used to bury their goals, their baby goes alive. They used to also big bury the baby boys alive. If they feed poverty, that we're not going to be able to sustain this boy, we're not able to feed him as a result. Let's just bury him and ship on himself. He's the one that decorated the CIP. Anyway, now we went on a tangent just to explain that. But going back to the ID

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and that is that Adam alayhis salam disobeyed Allah He ate from the tree. And then as a result, he was sent down to earth. He was sent down to earth. Now because the sin was tied to something he ate, Allah Xhosa legislated fasting.

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When fasting when one fasts, he refrains from eating, and from drinking, and from any kind of design, he refrains from that, and if he was to refrain from that, it becomes a Toba that allows or shall give him fasting as a means of Toba from what he did in the paradise and the sin was that he ate and this is why Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, quotevalet camassia, combat gudivada lavida and publikum that fasting was prescribed upon you, just as it was prescribed upon those before you any fasting is not only limited to omega Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fasting was legislated from day one cameco Dr. Levy Neville publico because of that sin, which was good to do

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with food. For the one who fasts is making doba from the sin is making Toba from his sins. Heather, this is Danny,

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Mo Hola, and others have explained in the sense that fasting is a Toba. This is how fasting is at all. Well, maybe some among other you know send them teaches us that the one who fasts Ramadan and follows it up with six days of show Well, it is as though he has fasted the yelling as though he has fasted every day of the he he got the reward of fasting every day of the journey. There is a possibility that a person is resurrected on the day of judgment and stands before a law and he has fasted every single day of his life. feeling as though the UK and every single day of light your life you meet over from your sins.

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Adam ate something how long and fasting was prescribed as a means to forgive him. didn't imagine how much more is a person supposed to ask a lot of forgiveness when he not only consumed something

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But let's say

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it's the people's wolf unlawfully eats the people's rights unlawfully

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eats the flesh of his brother, which is lol backbiting with slander and gossip and cursing and all of that. Imagine how much worse that is and how much more effort into a turnover and repentance is required from a person that does that.

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A person needs to focus and understand that the biggest lesson implemented was to teach you and I that adobo is a way of life. Toba is a way of life with domain essence. It comes down to what does it mean? What does tober mean? It comes from the word daba. And Deborah means Alicia. Repentance means Raja Raja means to return to return. So Toba, the word dova means that a person

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by committing a lot of sins, he has become distant from Allah. So

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he's far away from Allah, from Allah, His mercy, what Dobermans Raja to come back to come back closer to Allah Subhana bang, to come back closer to a loss, forgiveness and his mercy. This is what Toba means, linguistically. And

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the best way to understand how it's performed, is by looking into the story of the first man who committed a sin. And what did he do after it? Which was Adam either you said I'm continuation of his story, when he ate from the tree and that was a similar last origin. He said, Wow, saw them on a bubble, Adam disobedience load. So as a result, Allah Zoysia brought him from the paradise until he landed here on Earth. If this is another thing, this is what seems do. They take you from a life of happiness and enjoyment and excitement, to a life of misery, and worry, and tests and trials and tribulations and a life of difficulty and hardship, which is the life on earth? It went from

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Paradise to Earth, this is what seems do they take me personally the shifting from from a life of enjoyment to a life of misery, family

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ends up on Earth.

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A lot of Zohar Lee said, fatten up the moon or be kalimat. Allows origin gave Adam alayhis salam words, that if he wants to say sincerely, it would be a forgiveness for his sin, the mercy of Allah 's origin that even even a lot so he's the one who taught him what to say. When repenting for Tanaka, Adam, he received words from Allah, then Adam, how do you set out to to repair? What's he going to repair? What does he say? What does a person do when he wants to repair for loss? Or Jim gave him the words or banner vollum and fusina? What a Lambo for Lana,

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Lana coonan nominum ha serene. These are the words like give him any Toba is what what Adobe's words I'm gonna call it Kelly, Matt. A few words, coming from a sincere heart. A person has untold and these was never the case for the previous nations. Previous stations were total was way different. It never in this nation. One of the most easiest things a lot of assertion made is the way that people seek a loss forgiveness and make it very simple. Very simple. For tilaka.

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Kelly Matthews given some words, these words where we said are better our Lord. The words of adobo began with the name of Bennett. When the visa Lama Malina salami says anyone who calls a law in his name up three times, except that a lot would give him that which he asked for.

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Illa Ababa Allahu Allah would give him yen if someone said the out of yo yo up, and then he requested for whatever it is, of worldly matters. Hereafter matters forgiveness Toba whatever it is, Allah subhanho wa Taala would give him a desire, so that he can have better and alone of the, of the prophets and the messengers began with a better in fact, all the

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all the of the prophets and messengers recorded in the Quran began with para, para there's a secret in the world of better. There's a an intimate connection between the sleeve and his monster with the words that are better than into when you say are better, which means our monster, our Lord,

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You have already acknowledged that you're the slave. Then if I say he's a teacher, then you know on the other side, there's a student and if you see you're better our master, you have already

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acknowledge that you're asleep, because you're requesting. And it's only the slave that's going to request from his master or banner. For this humility from the very beginning, this humility. And this is one of the biggest conditions of sincerity. One of the biggest conditions of an accepted thauvin sincerity from a person is that he acknowledges his weakness before loss of power, more data, he humiliates himself before a loss origin. And that is achieved through the word or better and imagined repeating it three times a lot better, or better or better, the more you repeat it, your mind eventually would become aware of the fact that you're only asleep, and you're nothing

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compared to your master, and that you're absolutely nothing, and that you're always in need of a lot of social. This is the effect that the repetition of robina would create in my heart and in the minds of a person for you simple, better for them. Now, unfortunately, we have wronged ourselves, if it is the conditions of Adobe InDesign focus, number one, that you acknowledge your weakness and your humility and your humbleness before a loss or shall

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in the world are better. Number two, that you acknowledge the same that you did. for them. They're unfortunate, we wronged ourselves Volendam for settlement if you don't acknowledge your sin, by asking repentance for you see, the idea is if you don't acknowledge what you've done wrong, un series for asking for forgiveness, that journey, a relationship with Allah subhanaw taala even relationship among ourselves when you say to someone, but go and seek His forgiveness now why what did I do wrong? You see, the idea is you will never ask for forgiveness if you haven't acknowledged what you've done is wrong. So with a lot of social we need to acknowledge what's wrong. What an

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unfortunate, we have wronged ourselves

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isn't, you're the one that had the choice. And you're the one that committed the sin. You don't blame a lot for it. For the unforeseen error. We run down so we hold ourselves responsible. We hold ourselves to account we didn't say we did this when someone commits a sin. This is what a law wrote upon me What am I doing any

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other law

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doing this and I'm doing that of sins because a lot wanted me to do it. When they ever had that this is the second part of this arrogance in this any scene a person falls in. He blames himself immediately he takes the responsibility for it for them now and

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then we're in Lambeau Field Lana water hammer, Linda coonan lemon en casa de and if you do not forgive us, and bestow Your mercy upon us to things forgiveness and mercy. When you see if you don't forgive us and bestow Your mercy upon us, Lennar, coonan, nominal ha city, surely, definitely, no doubt about it, then akuna net that double loan at the end is implying certainty. mean aloha city will be from among the losers, and the losers eventually end up in the hellfire.

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Chief Adam, Allah He serves words. How would they they're full of humiliation, full of humility and humbleness, full of acknowledgement of his sin, full of requesting and the desperate need of Allah zones mercy and forgiveness, but love Don't feel left out. Leonard coonan nominal ha serene as a result, a lot of social forgiving.

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For Tanaka, Mama became a fighter ballet. He accepted his job in the what

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if he gave him

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repented and accepted his repentance? Why? Allah said in the web Rahim. Allah He means what? The Merciful? In other words, Allah azza wa jal is teaching us that He forgive him. And he will forgive anyone that repents. Not because Allah azza wa jal couldn't do anything about it. But because Allah azzawajal is the old merciful, he forgave him because of his mercy. Now, I mentioned this because, you know, sometimes a person is faced in a situation with someone else.

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And he, a person might forgive someone else, because he's too weak to get his right from him.

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And Allah, I'm facing someone huge. Why no, he has got power to do whatever he wants with me. And he wronged me in something. I'm too weak. I can't get my right from him. Let me just say, brother, I forgive you for the sake of a law. But the reality was because I couldn't do anything about it. And sometimes that you're able to do something about it, and you're able to get your rights. But you say, you know what, I'll forgive you. May Allah

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forgive you, brother move on. In the second case you forgive out of mercy. When he left his mother, Allah to Allah belongs the highest of example. But when Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgives, he doesn't forgive because he wasn't able to get us right. He doesn't forgive because he wasn't able to do anything for a person on the day of judgment and burn him and punish him. That's why always the name of Allah Allah of all is attached to him. Allah horrible him that he forgave out of mercy, meaning Amazonian was capable of doing anything to the servant because of the sin he committed. But out of Mercy of Allah Zoysia he forgave this servant in the world for him. This is what happened to

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Adam alayhis salam, after the

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loss of Hannah Montana in the Quran once again and we're learning through these just keep focused on the point, the biggest lesson Ramadan was teaching us that October is a way of life. Adobe is a way of life posting is supposed to make Adobe every single day. Adobe is not just for the sinners, Adobe is for everyone who speak about the categories of what you make doba from but Allah subhanho wa Taala he said yeah, you have Lavina Amano, oh and fusa Kumar, Li Kamala, O you who believe save yourself and your family from a fire?

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But then the question is, what is the best method in protecting yourself and your family from the fire? What's the best method

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to air down Allah who tell us what's the method? He said the Johan levina Amano to boo in a monotone button.

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Repeat to a large version, a CNC kind of repentance, Adobe in where

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you promise yourself that you will never ever return to that scene ever again. And if you do fall into it once again, that you repeat this process again since etowah. An asset protect yourself and your family from the fire to air down laws give us the best method in how to do that. And that is via a Cincy Toba were a

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little about him of Milan, they need or they understood something special in the plan. And that is that every single prophet and messenger that was sent to mankind

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the COVID their people to full things, every single Prophet and Messenger call these people to full things. The first

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a better law to worship Allah or Buddha law.

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The second

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to follow the messenger follow me while you're on it to be rude, follow me.

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The third tip on law to be conscious and mindful of a lot of your law.

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The EU will be your own.

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And the fourth and final thing that every messenger and profit called his people to is at least

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seeking forgiveness of a loss origin and making continuous stone. These are four fundamentals that a believer is supposed to be following that mankind is supposed to follow and when we see is the following you see this fourth one here. Not a lot of emphasis is put on it. Unfortunately, a lot of emphasis put on the first three which are essential foundations that a person cannot be complete.

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Without these four, each of them is as important as the other will still fall.

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Did Danny the commandment of it from every prophet wasn't just is still fun like that. It was a lot of Easter for

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a lot from knew how to use that time for when to start a funeral Rebecca in Nepal can offer

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Los Angeles is at the beginning of solitude

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but still filled with a bedroom for matobo la

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la This is

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the tri Valley has set up informing his people the beginning of solitude Alif la keytab document two from official admin hakima hubbie Allah tabuteau ilala in many law community Rashid or any staff you have to be a

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little careful it is still far when

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he came out these companions one day and he said in the Julio harnois there can be calbee I feel sometimes my heart becomes dusty Alon is just a little bit of dust that's on the heart. What you need I stopped for life in the army axotomy it mama and as a result I make is still far more than 100 times a day. From what from Allah hon. And on is nothing. an honest mistake a sprinkle of dust on

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will on any level above a lawn is a lawn that allowed me

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In can let alone an APU beam, the rustiness that occurs on the heart as a result of mechanical keyboard as a result of the sins they used to commit imaginary solar minimum harm, used to make use default more than 100 times a day. Minimum on Tinder. The ID is this. When we're asking a lot of soil for forgiveness, and Toba? The problem is because we don't know what our sins are. And what are we supposed to ask forgiveness from? As a result? We don't make Easter for all. This is true. And I might ask you, do you have sins? Yeah, you'll say, Well, I have a lot of sins, no problems. But now I'm gonna test one on one, bring out a paper and a pen and write your sins. You'll struggle. What

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are you gonna write? What would you write? What are you going to write? I lie, sometimes. I cheat. Sometimes I of course, sometimes I do this. Or rather, what are you gonna write? Would you be able to fill a page?

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Shoot, the problem is because you've acknowledged you have a lot of sins. That's good. But now, when I say to you name and list your sins, you fail to do you've helped to give me a list of these many sins you're saying about? And as a result, because you don't know what are the categories of sins? What are you asking Toba and forgiveness from? You don't make this default a lot during the day. This is why it's important to understand what are you asking for forgiveness from giving examples? Number one, like my house is silly. The sins that are committed in private, that's a category

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the sins that are committed in public that's a category.

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Now sin,

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the sins of the heart, the disease of the heart attack, can you claim that you don't have arrogance in your heart?

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Can you claim now and get up and say and I don't have hypocrisy in my heart at all? Zero 100%. No one dares to do it. The Buddha was the last time you said Allah, cleanse me from a new help that's in the heart. keep me away from an affair. cleanse me from arrogance, from envy, Hazard ness, that I have hazard among each other. Did you ask Allah to forgive you from an asset that within you

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that would never be so low audio and send them he said that if there's only an en suite of arrogance in the heart, a person is barred from the paradise conductor?

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Did you ask a lot of forgiveness from they call it

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Alma I'll see those that you left them. For the sake of us got bored of them. There are people

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in the past, they would commit sins, then they grew out of the sin. It's childish. Now, I don't have to do it. There's a difference between leaving a sin because I got bought from it. And leaving it for a loss sake and making $1 from it. These sins required over

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they required over even the categories of planning. The categories are many, there are seams.

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And still fall is supposed to also be asked after worship. So when we finish a solid The first thing is stone for the last stone for the last one for the law. This is from a worship, you're asking for forgiveness. This is an acknowledgement that most Allah it wasn't 100% in how Allah wants it. This is why this default comes after solar.

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And every worship you do, you must seek is still far after it. Anyway, sitting in a circle of knowledge worship at the end was supposed to say so Polycom, organic style filorga what a tuba like,

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this is an acknowledgment 100% this circle of knowledge wasn't perfect in the sense and in the manner that allows origin one of the traumas, we're supposed to ask forgiveness from that from that.

00:29:08--> 00:29:17

Well, after a second or two after a person gives you supposed to follow up if you still follow along so jelly says rocky Masato had to get

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caught up on hustling romantic.

00:29:24--> 00:29:27

Love is still far after solid after

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you think of it what can go wrong. When you take money out of your pocket and you give it 370 let your hard earned money. What can go wrong? They can Humble yourself. There is a there's a problem. acknowledge it wasn't 100% What was the origin works. So follow up with this therefore, that is still following hopefully will mend will mimic. It will fix the cracks in that worship. As a result it becomes 100% and the law

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flees the hall even from obligations in the

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Hello Molly yourself when you used to ask Allah for forgiveness, he used to say Aloma fiddly

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Ruby color where he led the small ones and the big ones silver one and

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then he would say

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malim to minhwa madam alum, forgive me for sins I know about and sins. I don't know that that's another category in itself there are sins you have no idea about.

00:30:30--> 00:30:45

Either How much is the fault is required from a person? There are sins you do not know about that you commit these neotoma Marisa Salah when he used to seek a loss, forgiveness for the categories of sins, there are 13 categories.

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Melted them to a Marisol to Mr. Allen to Amanda

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Fado will have you mentioned that these are categories of sins

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Faden a total Milan tourists that adobo and seeking forgiveness is a way is a way of life where the ID is the ID is this you know

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you and I know that and every so long are you gonna send them said

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that the humiliated one and the loser is the one who enters Ramadan and comes out on the lows of forgiveness. You know that having?

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What else in that in that category wouldn't be so lovely to send him he says Oh, basically this is the words of Ali. He said later Sherry, many guru for no honey, when in my home of noisy.

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alone he said If only I had knowledge of whose Bond was accepted, I would have congratulated him. And if I had knowledge of whose little more bond wasn't accepted, I would have given him condolences. Kenny The idea is this, that if Ramadan did not earn a person complete forgiveness, that person is a loser. That person requires to be given condolences. That's what we know. What does that mean? Does it mean a person who lost loses hope and moves on

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for that person the advice right now is repaired.

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repaired if you if you feel like you're lost

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and you are the loser because you did not earn a must forgive then repaired the door of a doorway is open. Ramadan was teaching you that repentance is a way of life. So when Ramadan finishes don't sit down at all, I didn't make the rest of it, you know, feel dirty on the inside. I didn't make the most of all, I think come from that loser paper if you're from that loser Anyway, what do you do? Don't Don't wait too long straightaway quick. Maybe a love with except that and you become much better than if you were to take from Robin some benefit. You don't know these matters in the hands of a law you only do what he's telling you to do. adobo after Ramadan is very important, very

00:33:04--> 00:33:24

important, after Ramadan, and that you learn it's a way of life. And the beauty of this is that and maybe some Allahu Allah. You know, Selim did teach us that in Ramadan, the doors of the paradise are open. This is something people look forward to hearing the news of the fact that the doors of the paradise are open. But didn't you know that those of the paradise

00:33:26--> 00:33:28

they open every Monday and Thursday as well.

00:33:29--> 00:33:53

They open every Monday tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day in which the doors of the paradise open. Again, you can relive your medium over tomorrow, by fasting that day. This is why first Monday and Thursday, because these are these in which the doors of the paradise and open. Just like in Ramadan, when the doors of Paradise are open, people are fasting. This is connection between fasting in the door of the paradise being open,

00:33:54--> 00:34:10

adobo with diet anything that a person is seeing beef would result would rise would be accepted for any visa. These are things that Obi Wan will teach us that October. October is a way of life. October is

00:34:11--> 00:34:21

is a way of life in the in the life of a believer, and we conclude with one final Hadith. And that was that a man came toward a sort of Messiah salah and he said to me out of sort of law

00:34:23--> 00:34:23

in me

00:34:25--> 00:34:27

I commit sins, what do I do?

00:34:29--> 00:34:31

To make it all he says I make a top

00:34:32--> 00:34:36

then I commit a sin. Then I make Toba from that sin.

00:34:39--> 00:34:47

And the man is suggesting in his words for samosa Salim he repeats himself three times in the world nibble for a tube.

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

I can me to say I make it over. And I relate to seeking forgiveness that I fall once again and this kind of cycle is killing me. Yeah, and what do I do?

00:35:01--> 00:35:21

Salam Alejo, salaam Carla, who for a while back after the fourth time, he said the house at the land and the companion said until when until when do I commit this can continue the cycle besides me said hackday akuna shirvan or horn Massoud until the shale barn himself gives up.

00:35:23--> 00:35:30

Not until you give up. I can't do this anymore. When I give it a sip, I make a tobacco. The tobacco is getting me nowhere

00:35:32--> 00:36:05

until the shale barn gives up on you in dragging in really new into the ship. When he gives up on you, the sign of that is that you will totally back off from the sin altogether. even understand what Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us, what was colossal Allahu alayhi wa sallam have taught us is that adobo is a way of life every single day a person is supposed to sleep upon Adobe wake upon Adobe After selected don't always default.

00:36:06--> 00:36:19

After any action he does adobo this default. Continue this stuff a lot of what I do we lay on your tongue. I've gotten so bad myself. from among them you see the list of el momento.

00:36:24--> 00:36:25

momento por la de la

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

lista but this is the monster. This is the master words in asking Allah for forgiveness lamento da da da da da da da da da Costa. rica Sana abou la binaire. Medically I acknowledge your favor upon Abu laka BMB. And I acknowledge my sin. This means I acknowledge my sinful fieldly even though they are full of bluebella and got it understand that Id Toby is supposed to be every day. Don't give up. If a person is in this fighting a sin. If a person is fighting How do you find a sin with Adobe, you find it. You find the sin with Adobe.

00:37:10--> 00:37:41

But you don't give up your wait until the show bond gives up on you. Then the sign of that would be that you'll back off from it totally. Allah Allah, we ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to bestow His mercy upon us. ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for our sins, those of which we know and those of that which we don't know. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to admit us into His mercy into his paradise in the history of Africa and further on a southern Law Center, robotic identity and Mohammed, Juana and he or Sufi as you mean