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Your life

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Hey Michel Davi reciting from Surah to the Hadith, I had number 12 onwards inshallah

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wouldn't be lying I mean are you Vanya watching this million Walkman yo

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yo oh my god I didn't want meaning you know what i mean i bsrm

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Dana and Ed money are you mad at him when

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young when I was

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born una

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una parte

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de la

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de da de

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what a

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your hand

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going to do

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my work on now he

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said he knows me. And I'm Yamini lovey

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dovey Don't shout

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Don't shout

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he wanna hazard Amina, how are ya?

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so on.

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I said Who knows? Boy Cathy

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Smith at hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah recited these ayat from Surah Al Hadi and so panela there is this one idea in this passage, which is just epic is just amazing. And really touches the heart. It's number 17 and sort of ideas chapter 57 and you know in this is monetizing alum yet Annie Levine and Tasha, boom Nicola woman has elemina

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has the time not come along via any larina Avenue has the time not come for the believers to soften their heart to humble their hearts for the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And for what has been done, you know, this is it's so beautiful. It's so touching that there was this scholar example they live in our yard. And he, we know him as a scholar. He was a Tabby, he met many of the Sahaba he was a giant and a person full of wisdom. However, in the early part of his life, he was actually a person not so not so good. We can say his job was actually to commit highway robbery. That's how you make money. You know, he would stay on the road. And not just any people, people who are coming for Hajj would actually stop them, robbed them of their belongings to the point where they couldn't go for Hajj anymore. And so one time he was live and he was actually going

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to commit a sin

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At night, you know he was going to meet someone. And as he was climbing, you know the walls to reach the person's house to commit a sin at night. On the way he passes, he passed by somebody who was praying tahajjud and in their Salah, the person was reciting alumier, Nina Latina and Daksha, who has the time not come for the believer to soften their hearts for the remembrance of Allah. He said, right away, he said, yes, that that words touched his heart. And he said, right away, he said, Yes, the time has come and he turned away. And he went and repented. And so Pamela, he became the person that he is. My dear brothers and sisters was watching.

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You know, Allah, Allah Rama is that these Ayat of the Quran, they can shake mountains, low and

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they will shake mountains. So either it's, but when we listen to the Quran, why doesn't anything happen to us? Why can't just shake the skins. And this heart is either something, Allah forbid, wrong with the Quran, or there's something wrong with us. Allah subhanaw taala gave the promise and he said that the Quran if it was revealed, imagine a land full of mountains, those mountains would have crumbled from the power of the Koran. But our hearts don't soften in the remembrance of Allah by, you know why? Because we are too attached to this dunya there are two reasons actually why our hearts Don't cry for the sake of Allah, they don't soften for the sake of Allah, they don't shed

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tears, and they don't shake when the Ayat of Allah are being recited. And one of them is that we are too attached to this dunya. And the other one is that we have been competing since continuously and we've been habitually addicted to since, you know, if we were to take away the layer of sins from our hearts desire to touch our hearts, and if we were to stop loving, dunya the way we love our money, or wealth, our families, all of these things, and we can see some kind of law in the month of Ramadan, just a little bit, we stay away from food and drink a little bit, staying away from the material aspects of this dunya. And we see the whole show that we have, we see how close we go to

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Allah subhanaw taala.

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and what happens is Errol insha Allah give you a tip, that one person actually came to Ibrahim even Adam, he was one of the students, one of the people who was influenced by for the Lavinia that I mentioned, and brought him in, I mean, Adam, he came to him and he said, You know, I'm so hooked on since I, you know, I just need something, can you give me something that will make it easy for me? Basically, he was asking for a photo to make it easy for him. So you can keep doing since a fatwa for him to allow for to allow him to commit since

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I've been Adam, he said, Okay, if you are insisting that you want to commit since do them, but as long as you meet five conditions, he said, okay, a lot. Go, go tell me what what conditions, he says. If you want to send, you can go ahead and send, however, make sure that you eat for the sustenance that Allah has given because you're going to disobey. So just make sure that you don't eat from the risks that Allah has given you. And this man, and he said, How can I because every single thing that comes is from a loudhailer, he said, Okay, fine, if you can do this, then the second condition, if you cannot eat from the if you cannot disobey, if you're doing Allah and you

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cannot stop from meeting the risk of Allah, then don't live in a place which Allah owns.

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And he said, How can I log live in a place when Allah owns everything in the skies and the heavens? And so he said, Give me third condition. And so Bryan Adams said, Okay, if you cannot do that, then sin in a place where Allah does not see you sin in a place where Allah does not see you, as a part of this man said, How can I do that? Because Allah sees everything in the darkness of the night, in the privacy of your rooms, wherever you are in the washrooms and outside everywhere Allah, Allah can see you. And so he said, if you can do that, then the fourth condition is, you want to still want to sin, then make a promise that when the Angel of Death comes, when the Angel of Death comes to take

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your soul, tell him that please give me some time. So I can go to Toba. So I can repent to Allah, and then I will,

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you know, go with him. He said, I can do that because the Angel of Death is going to be there you can he can forgive me respond. He said, Okay, if you can't do that, then the final thing is that when you're on the Day of Judgment, being dragged into the Hellfire, then tell the angels who are taking into the Hellfire to give you some time to go back so you can change your ways. And at that point, he said, You know what, just stop, I will stop committing sins and this man changed his life afterwards. And my advice from my heart to all of you

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You who are watching is every single time that you think of committing sins. Think of these five things if you can meet these five conditions and go ahead Bismillah but if you can't, and we know that we can't, then remember that Allah Subhana Allah is watching us, and Allah has provided everything to us. And Allah subhanaw taala has given us the place where we live. And so we should make an intention tonight What better night? What better night than tonight, an odd Night of the month of Ramadan, the 25th night, one of the nights that the prophet SAW Some said could be the night of later. One of the nights that could be the night in which we're on was revealed one of the

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nights in which which worship is better than 1000 months, what better night to change our intentions and say Allah you know what all the things that I have, you know, if my job is haram, I make an intention tonight that I'll get out of this job. You know, if I'm if I'm addicted to something, I make an intention tonight that I'm going to stay away from it and will lie, if we make this intention and we start changing ourselves. Our hearts are going to become stopped stopped at the remembrance of Allah. And the second thing is material, attachment to material things. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala does not look at our wealth in the law. hilarium Guru

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Illa I decided me Come on welcome. Allah does not look at our bodies. He doesn't look at the clothes that we wear. He doesn't look at the wealth that we have. While I can young guru Isla Malecon wala pulumi combat Allah looks at your actions. And at our hearts, Allah probably looks at your actions in your heart. You know, we focus a lot on the actions, yes, handle, especially in the month of Ramadan, on physical output actions. We do a lot of those, but what about the actions of the heart? You know, what are the what are the things of the heart that we need to work on? What's your fear of Allah, humbleness, humility, fear of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, having the love of Allah, that

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having a philosophy, sincerity, these are all the things of the heart that we need to work on? And how do we work on those things, by getting rid of our attachment to material things, you know, one of the best one of the best ways that we can do that is to give sadaqa one of the best ways because and allows for that he said in the lantern, lantern Allah will be patted on people might have boon that you will never attain righteousness, you will never attain piety, unless you spend of what you love. And so another thing that we can do on this night, the first one I mentioned, to make an intention to stay away from sins. And the second action that we can do is to give as much as we can

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afford wealth in these last few nights of the month of Ramadan, you can donate to anywhere. Not to that not necessarily to you know this budget, but yes, the budget that we go to, of course, of course, the budget that we go to it needs money to survive. Of course it does. But any other good cause there's so many causes. There's so many people that Allah is trialing them. But the trial is not just for them. The trial is for us to see whether we thank Allah Leah, Bologna ash guru, for easy he's testing us, are we going to be grateful? Or are we going to ungrateful to Allah, Allah is blessing. Finally, I remind you and I remind myself first and foremost, to remind you that you know,

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we talk about the heart and the softening of the heart. When was the last time we made when was the middle for our hearts, alarming from our hearts for our hearts, right and one of the guys that we can make is that luminous Luca

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Ullman and I will become an Ironman lion. They're all lovely, secret knowledge that doesn't benefit us and secondly, woman Calvin yaksha. And from a heart that is not humble, you know, warm enough to latch bar and from from enough that is just never fulfilled, it just always want more, once more and more and more women die within lives. And from a diet that is not accepted. So we ask a lot of data from sincerely from the depths of our hearts, that you know, protect us from a heart that is not humble, and grant us with humility in our hearts, make our heart soft to your remembrance your Allah asked Allah subhanaw taala and these nights in this lesson is that sincerely, from my heart to you

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know to Allah subhanaw taala that for all of us listening and for all the Muslims all over the world, that he made our best deeds, we our last deeds, and we make our bed and he makes our best day we the day we meet him and he makes us repent from all the sins that we are committing and we makes us closer to the word of Allah. subhanaw taala Apolo Callie Heather was up for the lovely welcome Melissa muslimeen. First of all, you know who was before Rahim, Zack Malone and for watching and Sharla and I hope and pray that you have a blessed next few nights of the month of Ramadan and please remember all of us in your eyes, which is Akuma La Jolla and said Mr. Li Kumar rahmatullahi

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wa barakatuh.

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Morocco, Morocco, Morocco. There's a famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Melania score in Aslam Nikesh karela that if we do not thank the people that we cannot thank Allah subhana wa Tada. So I just want to thank half a year. Most of you probably know him

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He's been here longer than I have in the community. And Mashallah he leads us in Ramadan and he is much sought after half of

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so Giacomo here for the rest of the day and for the great reminder I hope to inshallah we all benefit from this reminder. I just want to take

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up have a few minutes or just a minute or two.

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Allah subhana wa tada has blessed us with Islam, the greatest gift that anyone can have is the gift of Islam. Now as Muslims, we are required to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala to believe in the Hereafter, to establish bearer to give charity to give us that and to fear none but Allah subhanho wa Taala now if I were to tell you that these are the characteristics of those people who take care of the masajid would you believe me? If not, you can see in Surah Tauba Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions makin a little mushy Regina Yamato messaggi de la Shea de nada and footsy him we'll go from there, it's not the responsibility that the disbelievers will, will take care of inhabit the

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messages rather, in my Yamato messaggi the law that those people who inhabit the massagin, who take care of the masjids man, Amina Billa, who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala, while your mill after, and they believe in the Hereafter, will call Masada. And those people who establish prayer will add to zecca. And those people who give charity, well let me share in the law, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala faster, we're getting a call from El motorin. That these will be the people who will be rightly guided and on the right path. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us as Muslims as believers in him, that it is our responsibility to support our massagin this Masjid especially the

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iccm here, it's unique in the sense that don't quote me on this. But if you look all over GTA we are unique in the sense that we probably serve the largest Muslim community. I believe the Muslim comedian in Milton has close to 30,000 Muslim Muslims. And there's only two massages here. There's a CCM there's ma'am. Two major massages. Even if we were to take 10% of the Muslim population, we would not have space in these two massage. Imagine. And yes, you can say that no, we never get that much that many people coming to the masjid with the distancing that we had. We've been having when the massages are open Alhamdulillah for a short prayer, we're at 80% capacity every single night.

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And for fudger We're at 60 to 70% capacity. And who knows how long this distancing this six feet apart praying praying is going to on until but easily when people start to come back to the masjid there will be no more space left in the mustard and we will have to turn people away. So, a lot of play pieces you know we do expansions and we increases and we try to beautify the Masters but over here in iccm it is not the case this there is a desperate need to expand because the Muslim community is so large Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we have a good problem. But solution lies Allah subhanho wa Taala will take care of the masjid but whether whether we go span what Allah chooses us

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be part of that solution. It is up to us inshallah. Now whatever we can give insha Allah and there was a survey done. I don't know who did this survey but this is a proper survey that during the lockdown Alhamdulillah one of the only massages that was that was the most active during the whole lockdown for the last 15 months was iccm over here at hamdulillah. This is from from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala but again, this shows the need of our mustard over here and it shows the need of your support to our mercy so whatever we can give, inshallah tonight could be later as half as you mentioned, is such a blessing at night. And the fact that tonight is also Friday night Friday

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has already started. So some scholars say that when Laila to other the odd night and Friday night comes together there is a greater likelihood that later to the other can be tonight and whatever you give a last panel with data will give you so much more in return and will bless you so much more Zack Malone, Claire for allowing me to share inshallah we'll pass it over to our esteemed shield to say a few more words is that malachite? inshallah we'll catch you on the next ordinariness cinematic Mark labor ghetto.

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I'm just just waiting two minutes

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Sara Marie come on up to LA he will better care to smilla rahmanir rahim Allah Allah mean saltwater while he was Salam ala Anna v Hill Karim Ali of tala Sala to attempt to sleep on my bed, my brothers and sisters.

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You know when we have other people with us who are sharing so much I don't like to overburden you with, you know, more reminders and more advice and more encouragement. But I think, you know, when it comes to the encouragement, we can always use a little bit more, myself included. And so just as a simple reminder, my brothers and sisters, as you know, shake with a foe was just mentioning, our Masjid has not stopped providing the services that we have been providing, you know, for the longest time and hamdulillah. Of course, we've had to tweak things, right, we've had to tweak things, things have been very different, right, we have the physical distancing, and also the limited numbers and

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so on. But so kind of like in terms of online presence, and the time that we give, I think I know for myself, and I'm pretty sure for sure, for Dave as well, you know, having to manage and juggle things around with probably putting in a lot more time now with the way things are than we used to. And so that goes to show that there's not only services being offered, but the demand from the community, the community is in need definitely right. Every single one of us, myself included our children, you know, we have this conversation at home all the time, the importance of the children being at the masjid, the importance of conveying and continuing programs and having that online

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presence, in order to somehow just reach out to the children. How many mothers reach out to me saying, you know, what, can you do a live session with my children, how many fathers reach out to me and say, if you like some family program, right, and we sometimes do it just a few families here and there, just so that they can have that personal interaction with some the masjid with you know, the ability to ask questions and feel free to, you know, express themselves after going through a whole year of hardship and difficulty. So my brothers and sisters, once again, we're here at the masjid for anyone who wants to swing by for donations, you know, we're outside until about 11 o'clock pm

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tonight insha Allah to Allah, and we encourage you to come out, you know, any of the nights that you want to, to donate to contribute to the Islamic community center of Milton, for those of you that want to do it from the comfort of your home that hamdulillah we do appreciate it, you can go to the mustard website, which is www dot qcnet milton.com.

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And you know, the the details are all up there on your screens. Now my brothers and sisters, let's not forget two things, two very important things with regards to the fundraising that we are requesting from the masjid. First off is the Ramadan, Sprint 2021 boxes, try to you know, maybe you can prorate or like advance, pay your next few days in sha Allah and start bringing those boxes back. Right if we start bringing them back because we had at least I would say what 700 800 boxes go out uncle. All right about 800 700

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Okay, so between seven or 800 boxes have already gone out to hamdulillah we need those to come back so that we can start calculating them and especially throughout the month of Ramadan, you know, want to make sure that we add those to the books. And so for those of us that have those sprint boxes, I know we want to give on the 27th tonight, which is fine. So continue to do so we're going to be here on the 27th we'll be here tomorrow we'll be on the Tate's the 29th and, and even the 30th inshallah, so anyone who wants to swing by and drop those boxes off, we're still here for that. And the second and last thing as well. My brothers and sister is our yearly like it's one thing to give only

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dremeled on but what about throughout the rest of the year. And so we encourage everyone if you can go to the website, and you'll be able to select your yearly pledge, and all we ask really from every family, those that can afford it is $1,000 for the year $1,000 or $100 a month if we add a little bit more, right 12 $100 for the year insha Allah to Allah that's great. Those that can give more Bismillah right so what can Allah trust Allah Subhana Allah Allah give as much as you can. And remember that tonight could be the night that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah blesses us with the abundant amount of rewards as we learned in the previous night's right, it could be Laila to Qatar,

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we don't know. And so seeking out Laila to Qatar, don't wait for another opportunity. Do it now contribute now and it is the nighttime now MongoDB has come and gone. Asia has already entered so this is the night You don't need to wait until fudger You don't need to wait until your knifes discourages you could shape ons locked away right? What we want to do is give as we can now in sha Allah to Allah just come along with it and my brothers and sisters and we'll be here you know for the next few nights as well. Welcoming your donations outside of the mustard the team is there and they can assist you in any way shape or form but a low fee como Santa Monica De La Habra cattle

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some alone handle loss auto sales for less than welcome hopefully.

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Now you can bring your shine your tea, sit down and relax for another couple hours and shallow to Allah. As I'll be talking about

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No more than five minutes in Sharla no more than five days Neela I want to talk about something practical remember like a couple of days ago was trying to give you something big shout out or something to think about something to ponder on. A better, a better that all of us do, especially in these final 10 days that a by that is to everybody's doing that. Allah subhanho wa Taala says we'll call our book Rooney especially bellicum. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, with the Rooney call upon me, I shall answer your call. So a lot of us are making and all of us have that special that that we want Allah Azza wa Taala to answer, you know, including me, you know, there's a lot of the other we

00:26:08--> 00:26:29

work a lot to answer. So the million dollar question is how do I get my daughter to be accepted from Allah Subhanallah, Ghana, all of us do as that question, you know, all over the law he used to say, I don't have no doubt, you know, that Allah zation will answer my call. But the issue that he has the right words to put in that do

00:26:31--> 00:26:41

the right words to put in that draft Allah to answer his call, he says waka buco Maloney's techyv.com, so Allah Subhana will is certainly as our drop provided that we it o

00:26:43--> 00:27:28

mentioned the right word. So my brothers and sister this some of them, there's some adverb of making the, you know, a lot of times, people they just make the habit, their hearts oblivious, they are not present. So if you want to make quickly and shallow to edit quickly, some tips first and foremost, don't just go Allahumma Allahumma does that Allah give me all like this or like that? start with first praising Allah Bismillah Alhamdulillah you know, send your subtle salutations upon the Prophet Mohammed as was said in the beginning and at the end, then the in the Prophet is irritation upon the Prophet if it's been said, but lack of respect the draft that has no solid Island Navy either before

00:27:28--> 00:28:13

or at the end, it is a draft that is incomplete as the remedy have said, so Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah right and then start invoking Allah with his name and attributes use what IE less mad listener for the rupee. Use those names that you know of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his attributes Yeah, Rahim, yar ammonia Gary you know call upon him using his names and attributes It is better to have hoodoo it is not a must it is not a condition but it is an adopt it is a sinner to have Voodoo and also to point towards the Tabler. You know if you're making the these are all some tips on making die from Allah subhanho wa Taala to answer that, right. So try to try

00:28:13--> 00:28:14

to, you know,

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face the Qibla if you're making that dark,

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pick the times where that is most the job. There are certain times where the heart is more greater than other times, like in the middle of the night. Like tonight, the night of the power like before, before the the lesson of the night. Like for instance before breaking the fast when you're fasting is the one of the best times of making but here is the view from the call and the tip of the NBA.

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This is something special. It's all in SoCal nvm. Allah subhanho wa Taala says it's all about the profits they used to make a DA and Allah used to answer and at the end Allah says, Why have I answered the drought? The NBR

00:29:01--> 00:29:21

Allah subhanaw taala says salt and vi verse number 76 onward. Allah says when your hand is nerd I mean cabello festa jabeen Allah and know Allah says we know that I mean come here he called upon us for step nela from the name of Allah and Mooji we answered his call. And then what are you by

00:29:23--> 00:29:24

Emma Sania

00:29:25--> 00:29:49

Tottenham overwash mean festa Jebin Allah. He called his Lord that I've been afflicted with, with harm, and you are the Most Merciful festered panella we answered his call, whether known is the habit Mahadevan, for normality Allah, Allah in the interest of Anak in the consuming of body mean, first, the job.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

The noon Jonas, when he came out without the permission of his Lord, he was swallowed by the fish and he called in the midst of the night in the bedroom.

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Fish La ilaha illa Anta subhanak there is no god worth of words of worship but your lesson panic prays with you in the continental dollar mean indeed I was among the wrongdoers festa jab nella again him we answered his call Zakaria was a Korea is now the Allah La Bella Tony follow down Oh antihero nowhere iffy festa Giovanna and Zakaria. He calls his Lord. Oh Allah Don't leave me try this one. Don't worry Thien and you are the most the supreme inheritor and Allah says festa Jebin Allah we answered his call. Why? And at the end, Allah says in the homecare, no You said your own official highlord

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were their own and

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they used to rush towards good deeds in the home Can you say don't feel fell out so if you want Allah to as Sadie said, has to towards good deeds as Allah subhana wa tada seasons with la Milan will sell your

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merchandise an outdoor summer what will happen and Edina your owner has? The right will come to me. When I've been and he knows, Polo, he's seen a lot of social also says and rush has done. Isn't it something good? Allah says to ask them, Allah you know,

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not to ask them towards the for Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah Allah says haston good deeds sadaqa Allah says haston

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rush. So but isn't sisters rush today? You may have said I gave yesterday.

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You may have said I gave on the 23rd.

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Well, the Prophet told us, Matt Yes, Matt. Now, obviously if we say no, and he was smart, don't count. Don't say I've given you yesterday. I won't give tomorrow. I won't give today.

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Do you want unless you say I fed yesterday, I won't feed you today.

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Or some of you may say I don't have I have what I need by you. Or I'm poor. The Prophet Mohammed told me that Yeah, below a smart she had money that was poor. So we'll have the Prophet takbeer Yeah, billion and 51 attacks amin de la obaidul. Give and don't feel poverty.

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Give why because Allah will give you back in abundance. So this is the API that we need. In short, a lot of data to revive tonight is Neela, which could be more likely the night of the 27th or the night of the day, the other

00:32:36--> 00:33:19

day, Fisher said with regard to the law, I'm siding with Juma it's most likely that night so it could be like in sha Allah Allah. If I were in my brothers and sisters, I would not come out from here and listen until I press that button and give something for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala 1000 and more right 1000 remember we said that on the 23rd if because the Sahaba new f so give 1000 Chava for the sake of Allah azza wa jal if not whatever you can be it Neela May Allah bless you, may Allah reward you and remember that. Remember that which is a bad adulthood a bad is a form of worship, worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala and don't only ask Allah for that which you don't have.

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ask Allah to bless that which you have. A lot of people they make the ask and Allah for things they don't have, but they forget what they have. You forgot your children. Now remember Allah, your wife, your husband, your health, your house, so make don't have to Allah to preserve that which you haven't shot low data about ecological metadata, the metadata for the Imams, metadata for the brothers and sisters. We're working tirelessly to keep this place open. We are loving the CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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we're a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.