Abu Bakr Zoud – What do we learn from Ramadan #3

Abu Bakr Zoud
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manna for him and humbly lay Hello but I mean salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He on Sunday as you may or present thanks belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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as follows my dear respected brothers in Islam is still continuing our series of what do we learn from Ramadan? Ramadan, of course, the blizzard month, that is over now it's finished. Well, so have a lovely Aloha, I'm home. As you know, they used to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala six months of form a bond that allows or shall accept from them Ramadan. The idea is that Ramadan was always in their mind. And six months before they would ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give them life that they reach or mobile and that allows or bless Ramadan for them. For the idea of this entire thinking in this entire Hadith for you to know is that Ramadan was always in the minds of the believers. Now we

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already discussed two points of what we can learn from Ramadan. The number one point was was one

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way of life, that worship is a way of life. Now when we discussed the first moment of the day of Rasulullah, saw Salah what it was, and the last moment in the day of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and how it was, and we discovered that his first the last moment of the day, was about worship and connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. As a result, the first lesson we learned, we said that worship is a way of life. It's not limited to 30 days, and so a person's relationship with a larger version. It strengthens at the end of Ramadan. Faden. That was the first lesson and lesson number two was

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repentance is a way of life as well. Even though we said that repentance is from the worship, but we made it a category on its own. Because Ramadan, the days of Ramadan when a person fasts, this equals to a complete forgiveness of his sins as an abuse Allah llamada your Salah mentioned, for the fasting itself was a Toba and we spoke about the story of Adam Allah who set up and how he ate something and when he came down to the earth. As a result, he had to fast because what he ate was how long and to rebuild from that which he ate a large Xhosa legislated fasting from day one. Allah azza wa jal, he said gudivada Muslim COVID gudivada la Vina in public, even those in the past, they

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used to fast in any order, it was mandatory upon them to fast dislike it is mandatory upon us to fast however, the fasting used to defy or defy any in terms of how it used to be done. For adobo is a way of life. And the night prayers and the Messiah Selim says anyone who prayed the night prayers during Ramadan out of he man and seeking the reward from Allah, as well will fill in a home at the end. It isn't over for him, eventually with Eagle into complete forgiveness of his sins, and Mount Carmel, a little Condor as well. Anyone who put that effort in Laila. And, and worship allows worship during that night, then also that was over for him and a lot of Zoysia would wipe away all

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the sins a complete forgiveness of sins. For you then you realize during the day and during the night, every single one of us had the opportunity to earn complete forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. For we learn from Oban taught us that adobo is a way of life. Now we're up to the third and fourth point perhaps in Chatelet data, and we see that this is the third point during Ramadan, and in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. There is a worship known as Alia decaf. We're all familiar with decaf, decaf. It comes from the word Agatha. Agatha means Halverson. eleatic AFI comes from the word ARCA. And ARCA means have us have a meaning to cage oneself, to isolate yourself. And this is

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exactly what I'm here to give is that you isolate yourself from the worldly life. And you come to Alma says, you do have to give in and budget and you isolate you seclude yourself between you and Allah subhanaw taala no distraction whatsoever. This is Allah decaf. And this is the best form of worship that one could do during the last 10 nights of Ramadan for you, you know, an empty calf. It requires a lot of sacrifice and requires a lot of effort. This is why not everyone does.

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That No, not everyone can do that sacrifice. So sometimes, you know, and the calf is also accepted, even if it was a moment. Even if it was an hour, even if it was a day, half a night, half a day. It doesn't matter. But every time you walk out and you come back in you need to renew that intention of

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not not easy. 10 days of sacrifice

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You leave your life and your family and your children, you come to adversity pack up what you need to pack up, you come and you sleep in the masjid days and nights. And not only that it's full of worship in the day and full of worship of the night. All of this seeking only one night, which is Laila to others. But if it was worth it, but now, you know that there is something much better than eleatic F, this is what Ramadan is going to teach us unity. Now, you've you, you understand how incredible of a sacrifice and effort one needs to put an endure, so that he can he earns, they let them come to what he has to do in the last 10 nights. But there is something better than this. And

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if there's something better than this, then as believers, we're supposed to look forward towards this and implement it as best as we can. What is better than decaf, and the reason the llamada salami said,

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what I'm sharing leaves, he has gotten a Hubble ilium in an attic, if a famous God Heather shallow, and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam you said, for me, to walk with my brother, in order to assist him in a problem in an issue that he has in life is much more beloved for me, then to do your decaf in Missouri that not only for one month, that understand that Imagine if you if you wanted to be a decaf and and most of the number we right now, whatever it isn't going to take from you how much money is it going to cost you that you organize your ticket, you organize to get there, then the travel all the way until you reach and Medina then you sit in an embassy one month at Caf insight

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that was the 10 days and people struggle. Imagine one month

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all of these wouldn't be some of

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them is teaching us that to walk with a brother of yours, in order to assist him in a problem he has your life should listen, not necessarily solving it for him, just to be with him. Then I'm Shiva, leafy has yet in just just gonna walk alongside with him, trying to assist him. This part of the Hadith, the condition is not that you necessarily solve his problem, you're just with him, you support him, give him some power, brother Be patient, make some dough is assisting him. assisting him could be in many forms. Just that alone is much more beloved total solar muscle alone rather

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than decaf in an industry that dubawi for one month. Ramadan is teaching us this lesson. And how does it teach us this lesson that when we come to Oman, we all come together, we pray next to each other. We all fasting during the day. This is why people invite each other in Ramadan, because we're all doing the same thing. And we're all going to eat at the same time.

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We look after each other what happens after I'm alone? How can that help doesn't continue? And how come that that brotherhood doesn't continue. All of a sudden everything dies. Even we need to understand a little more about one of the purposes of Ramadan was to bring us together as a community bring the brothers together, and the sisters together and the family together. And the friends together. This was the purpose of not just to know each other on a journey. When everything is good, we know each other and when things go bad or loss had nothing to do with you. I got no idea what's going on. What I'm not interested in knowing who you are, and you move on. Yeah, the true

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brotherhood. And the true lesson of Ramadan is when we when we work with each other and assist each other in our problems. And these could be worldly problems, and they could be religious matters as well. For example, you know someone that is new to Islam and he doesn't know how to read

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one Mashallah you know how to read

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a teaching assistant, you might not solve his problem. At the end of the day, you might not solve his problem and he's able to read right, but assist him in his issue, assist him, you know someone in their life that is suffering from sickness for example. And you can go and show him support and speak to him a few words and bring some peace and tranquility his heart

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and understand that this is much more beloved to Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam than the calf in mustard for one month.

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You know someone that is going through a hard time he's got debts, financial difficulties, whatever it is, when Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you all the provisions martial law, help assist at the end of the day, do the earlier and eternally Do you give the people your system you help them you look after them, once again, not necessarily solving their problem. The first part of the hobby is not conditioning that you solve the problem.

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Somebody's going through a difficulty. It might give him a little bit. Maybe it relieves something. It'll definitely assist him in his problem.

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question one scheme. Tasha, the question was, someone asked to share he said to him, are we able to compete with the Sahaba?

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Are we able to compete with the Sahaba? In goodness? He said to his brother, what's in your pocket of money? Give it give half of it to your brother? Are you able to do that or not? Even the question is flawless. The question the question is ridiculous. Don't ask such a question. Let us have a look at Amano Jani. They used to give when when mahadji Dean came down on South half of their wealth went to them. And if you're not able to do that, that never asked the question and never think that you'll be able to compete a Sahaba right. So the idea of this was looking at the Brotherhood they had with each other and the assistance they had. Why GD came from MK ovoid and Medina. They were

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kicked out of their lands of their homes. Perhaps they came with a bit of their family missing some of their family killed. Well, I'm sorry, they came to assist their brothers, brothers need help, they gave them half what they have. And they were ready to divorce the more than one wife they have, so that they can give it to this companion and that authentic. This narration is authentic. And what's not only strange that the person will do that, but the wife would also accept to go to the other person in order to assist in order to help. This is why I'm nervous in the moment a lot of social made mention of them in the levina Chairwoman body mucuna benefit Lena Lena levina Sela who

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they believe in

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the Latina Amano banner in Nicaragua, Rahim Allah associate mentioned them in the choir, because of what kind of brotherhood they had and how they used to assist each other in times of difficulty, no matter what the difficulty was for you that this is one lesson one of one of the many lessons we learned from Lamar is that we assist and we help each other and that is going to be better than any of the caffeine and mystery that number we for one month when there is some alarm, what are you gonna send them at the end of that Hadith? He said something incredible. He said, what an MGM Aki Lee had the outcome.

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But Allahu Kadima who Yamato Zulu up to them, and if I was to work with my brother, in assisting him in his problem, and I solve it for him, it seemed the case now you solved it for

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the reward is the loss of Hannah who Medina would keep this person's feet steadfast on the Day of Judgment, on a day in which this feats are going to be trembling and shaking. What does that mean? It means that when the people walk Ocelot, serafino, Salatin mustachian sorry a solo, but

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this is considered it is called a solo up on the Day of Judgment. It is a bridge that is laid out from one side of janome until the other side, now the side is the paradise each and every single person will work on this slop. Right. And it is sharper than the knife fitter than the hair strand. So you can just imagine how difficult block is. And underneath is not a river and water. And a valley underneath is yonder itself. This is underneath a slop and delivery sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes there are some people that would cross it in the speed of lightning. That's less than a second. Some will cross it in the speed of clouds. That's about 300 400 kilometers an hour.

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Some would cross it in the speed of a horse as the horse runs. And some would be walking on it. Some would be crawling on it. And what have you seen the light will be on and then all of a sudden it'll turn off. Some would fall in this color leave on the sides of it and can I leave I claws that scratch a person if he still has sinned and hasn't been cleansed from it.

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All of this now doesn't concern us Diller if you were to help someone in this life and assist him and will remain to assist him until you solve his problem. of Mata Allahu Allahu Allah solution will keep his foot firm on that salt would never use Allah wa sallam described that day. Yo Mehta, Zulu up them. The zoo, meaning on that day in where the foot will slip, it won't have any grip. It will, it won't be steadfast, on not slop. It'll slip it'll fall in there. Walking on that slop. Knowing that in this world, the life looked after someone until you solve this

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Complete problems, whether it's a family member, or other than a family member, whether it's a religious matter whether it's a worldly matter whether it's a financial matter, doesn't matter what it is, then how do you specify? It just said has you're done a problem. And you know, the good thing is that everyone has a problem. Everyone has a problem. So all it requires is from you to make some effort to look after people who have problems. I see your neighbor down the street, you see someone in the street of yours. see someone in your circle, don't don't remain as you are mean shoukry learn from the from showing gratitude to allow is that you look after others if allowed, socialists looked

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after your affairs, this is meant to clean any, when when assisting someone there are many intentions and you can in which you can do it in the intention of the reward of this hubby. In the intention that this is this is usual in gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala by extending an arm of of support and aid and help to your brother and your sister. This is all data rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is, this is if anything is wrong, it's part of the manners of a Muslim. It is part of his manners, that he looks after his brothers and sisters. And this looking after each other is a lot of social. He said for a spy. beanie, I met he Werner that he became brothers because

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of a name of allah Zoysia upon you. He called it a NEMA. Will the brothers what's the purpose of it if we're not there for each other, when times are tough and difficult, but this is what we need to understand whether it's locally whether it's internationally as well. All of it is brothers and sisters in Islam, that were supposed to aid and assist it. And this is the third lesson of what we learned from Ramadan. And that is that we look after each other and we help each other. And if you're not able to, to completely solve a person's problem, no problems that has its own reward. And if you went that extra mile and put that extra effort and put that hardship and determination to

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completely solve a person's problem, then be a grand reward for a person on the Day of Judgment. If he was to cross the soil, hello, Salford also offers the paradise doors opening he enters. Why? Because he hoped someone in this world alive should feel cheap it is how cheap is it? How many of us living here in this country are able to help so many overseas that are deprived? And I'm speaking family members if it was only a family member, or if it was others of our brothers and sisters wherever they are in this world their life on this earth for cheap price. The paradise some people so Panama Yani he can do so much with his money, he can help so many, but stinginess has taken his

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heart. Greed has taken his heart. Whenever you sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam was never like this. There was a man and the reason I seldom used to always assist and give you

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the alarm. I know he came. And he said the metal Sula

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was speaking something about this man, in which this person doesn't deserve the money of Rasulullah saharsa. Farmer, he mentioned that.

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Why are you giving this person? He does 1234 NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said yeah, but Allahu

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Allah azza wa jal. He doesn't want me to be stingy. He doesn't want me to be greedy. Anyone who came to the door of our salon took something.

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Anyone not necessarily money. Sometimes it was called sometimes it was food. When the resize would look forward to giving the people more than they would look forward to silica imaginisce he looked forward to assisting the people more than they required is out. And more than more than they look forward to his help headed the attitude of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he told us all some people have a long journey. It's difficult for him to take out something for you. So be the lead and help someone. Why do you want the paradise

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clean? You want the paradise and you can't take out something and give to your brother? What paradise do you want? What do you want to purchase? A lot of sorgente says in the lush.org meaning on

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Vietnam agenda, the law so we can purchase from the believers themselves. They effort the time and their money. In return he gives them the paradise $100 you can help your brother with a bit of money you can help your brother with

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understanding understand my brothers established on my board one of the big lessons was to teach you and I that assisting our brothers in need. It continues it's a it's a way of life.

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Until we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and then be as Neela you hope that just like you used to look after your brothers and sisters in his life that Allah Xhosa looks after you in the Hereafter, and Avi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says magnificent meaning Kuru betta Min COVID dunya. The first one who could have beaten me to milk

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that whoever was to assist his brother in this life and relieve him from his problems. Allah Xhosa would relieve him from his problems when he stands on that day.

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These these meanings won't come to you. They won't make sense in your mind until that day when you stand but then it's too late. Understand how the Hadith and maybe some Allahu Allah He was under

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these serious The reality is that they authentic hadith.

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Do we believe these are heavy or not. And the reason

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he said an agenda to

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Denali, that the paradise and the fire as well is closer to you than your own shoes.

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Danny is implying that's how much of a reality they are. That if you see your shoes every day, that agenda now, and every Hadith and every error we have is just as real and authentic. Just like one deals with his own shoe and season.

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And that's how close it is. It's lunch right here. For the you need to understand and help yourself by helping others. That's the third lesson that we learned from blah, blah.

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One more and fourth and final lesson we give you only today. And that is

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or we stop here. We'll stop here. And as I said to you last time, we don't want to rush in the lessons, we want to take them one by one and we want to implement them so that the only at least we're benefiting. We want to keep them on in our mind. We want to keep them apart in our mind. We need to honor this month and by honoring this month. Just the fact that you keep recalling it and making mention of it and it's always on your mind always in your heart. This is a means in how we're going to honor Baba and if we honor this opportunity of Ramadan, we are honoring Allah subhanho wa Taala in return because he's the one who gave us and told us about this month faith and my brothers

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in Islam the project this month and to keep it continued for yourself assist assist others assist dour assistant massage

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Yani offer yourself in help as well do what you can for the Muslim woman that you're part of We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us all will be delighted the next week. We'll share a nomination of Mr. Grant listen what my huge lesson that we learned from a lot of our viewers the light Allah, Eskimo subhanho wa Taala to accept from us all some level cinemavilla Garden of Eden, Mohammed, II or psyche as many

What do we learn from Ramadan Part 3 _ Assisting others is better than Itikaaf

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