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Q & A – All About Children

  • What are the stages of development?
  • What are the golden rules for young children?
  • Is assisted pregnancy permissible?
  • What do you know of breastfeeding in Islam?
  • Cleaning a nappy nullifies wudu?
  • Dolls and toys- are they permitted?
  • Who gets custody in case of divorce?
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Rely on Donna Williams for lack of mental health from the reliable I mean salatu salam ala Shaka mousseline so he didn't commit in water it he also read Marina saramonic market while you work at hamler blood amin or placement, Ilana should we learn a lot. We testify that minister of worship was panatela and St. Olaf in between celebrations the beloved Mohammed sallallahu Sallam to spice up your family to his companions, and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala places to be amongst the army 100 Allah.

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Allah, we continue with our series on parenting. And a number of questions have come up over this last couple of weeks with regards to different issues with regards to parenting. We spoke about pre parenting phase then we spoke about conception and pregnancy and birth. And then last week, we spoke about the early childhood development and Mr. Macharia perspective, infants and toddlers, before the age of two, with preschoolers are looked at as a certain level when they reach the age of seven. Classically, they always seem to be mommies. We, a child at the age of seven has the ability, a bit of intellect, and they can make some real decisions. Although they're not accountable, they're not

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gonna laugh. But if they are at an age where you can train them and teach them, they can learn and spell out this is in line with what we know of psychology we, most children begin school at the age of seven. And then of course, we have adolescence, the next stage of life when you become a Caliph, and we become accountable for your deeds. But before we get into going beyond what we have discussed, we want to revise some of these questions that have come up and answered them. So today, it's q&a all about children, and specifically, what we've covered thus far in terms of pregnancy, and young children. The first question was around assisted pregnancy or assisted conception. So due

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to technology, Allah Subhana, Allah has granted many couples who have struggled with in the past were impossible to conceive. There are technologies available, where couples are able to do to conceive, and you know, the lack of falling pregnant can be either a problem with the male or the female. But apology as we know, is a sperm sperm cells from the male needs to reach the the egg from the female. And once the egg is fertilized, it's called a zygote. And in the zygote will eventually implant itself, embed itself in the uterus of the mother's womb, and grow and eventually become a baby. And then the child is born well hamdulillah. Now many problems can occur along the stage, for

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example, the father could be in fertile, the sperm could be dead, or very weak, or it could be very low encount. The mother could be barren, she's not able to produce an equal viable egg, there could be nothing, I mean, the egg and the sperm could be both healthy. But there might be a problem in the sperm or reaching the egg, you might be some obstruction, or suppiler, you have the case where both parties are fertile and they're able to produce a fertilized egg together. But then there's something wrong with the womb and the womb, the uterus lining is weak and the mother miscarriages. So in all these stages, there are many technologies available. And so the question is what is

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permissible and impermissible, and as a general rule, everything we it only involves the married couple, the father and the mother. It is permissible so long as the third party is not involved. So you cannot take a sperm cell from a different man that is in your husband and you can't use an egg from a woman that is not your wife. And also you cannot put a fertilized egg inside another woman and what's called surrogacy. This is not permissible as well because this whole process from an Islamic perspective can only can only be involve the husband and the wife either way it could be Haram. So to put a another man's sperm inside a woman that is not a husband's is haram and of course

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to implant a fertilized embryo in another woman. When this comes question marks as to who's the mummy of this child and spinal lump, any other medication that is taken injections that helps the couple that is fine. Even if it requires fertilization outside of the couples what could happen is the scientists could take the egg out of the mother and they couldn't take the sperm out of the Father they fertilize the tissue in they put this fertilized egg back into the wife This is permissible or hamdulillah and this is something which has been discussed by the highest authority on thinking the Walden mini councils and they've said so long as a third parties DNA is not used or

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third parties body is not used, then this should be inshallah permissible to assist in pregnancy hamdulillah they will questions around breastfeeding. So Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, the mother shall give suckled to the children for two full years for the Quran prescribes breastfeeding and law prescribes and breastfeeding should be for two years. This is for those who designed to complete the term in suckling Allah encourages that a woman should be three for two years at least insha Allah and during this period of time, we know that in most cases, the milk with the mother gives is the best possible the best possible you know nourishment that the baby can get. There's

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nothing better than breast milk. But not only is the child nourished but even the antibodies and the immune system of the mother.

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He said baby, as well as hamdulillah. And this is part of the the miracles of Allah subhanaw taala. And interesting, almost Prandtl, I think continues in the if Allah says, and the father of the child shall be the cost of the mother's food and clothing on a reasonable basis. So in this idea, you might find a situation where a mother and father are divorced. And while they're divorced at the time of divorce, they have a child, and that child is still breastfeeding. And the Sharia prescribes that during this period of breastfeeding, the mother even though she's not the wife of the man anymore, but he needs to support her financially, she is doing the maintenance why, because she is

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providing for the child and the child's financial responsibility, the responsibility of the child financially, it was back to the man. So because the mother is feeding the child and caring for the child, she deserves a salary in some ways her food and clothing her nafa continues and spamela we see that this is perhaps of rhetoric or feminism. This is one of those forward thinking rules that you'd find in any immune system, where a mother is always paid for breastfeeding a child. And so Allah subhanaw taala recommends this along with breastfeeding. We know the Sharia has a very, very detailed legal system when it comes to breastfeeding and milk mothers may be something which is not

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practiced so much in our community or our society anymore. But in the past, you'll find that women will interchange and they will breastfeed different babies. And you In fact, you had mothers, you know, mothers that that had kids, they would pop up they would have a job where you would you give your babies to them and they would they would breastfeed their baby. Now the Sharia has basically stipulated that if a woman breastfeeds a child, and she becomes the milk mother to the child, then the rules of breastfeeding of regard comes into play. And what this means is she takes the position as your actual mother. So you've an example. I said gives birth to asthma, and then Achmad, so

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obviously I say is is warming, but then afterward goes and he spends the day another lady called Xena case, what am I doing with it, and she breastfeeds over time, eventually, Ahmed will be the most son of Xena and Xena takes the position of his own mother, she becomes almost equal to Ayesha in terms of issues like marriage. So you can never marry a man because she's like his mother, and all her xenos relatives would similarly be connected. So Zainab children would be his mock sisters, and they would also be around for him in terms of marriage, they will be like maharam like actual systems. So the rules of Muharram, he can be alone with him, or they can never get married, as I

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said, Can you know you don't have to lay a scarf in front of him even when they become older. But of course, the laws of inheritance, apply, so they will not inherit from him. And it's very important to understand this. And so one might ask, Well, how much is what is the cutoff? If I give a child a teaspoon of breast milk? Is this child now become haram? For me? does it become like my son? No, there's a lot of this is not really clearly specified in the Sharia. But the scholars have looked at different Hadith and perhaps the best opinion is that of Allah. And he says that a child who takes five full feeds from a woman, this lady becomes his foster mother, his milk mother, and she

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therefore becomes harmful use of five full feeds, what do they mean by full feeds, the baby must suckle and he must drink is full without being interrupted. And once you know, the baby stops thinking, when it becomes it's a feed, and they must be five of these feeds under the age of two, and then this baby would become her arm basically, for that lady. And so it's something interesting to think about, especially if multiple, you know, maybe you have two sisters that are pregnant at the same time they give birth at the same time. If the children obviously first cousin and first cousins can get married in the area, but if they were to sakho both mothers they will become Haram

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in terms of fostering another question, something which we all have dealt with, we've all changed a dirty nappy. And obviously we change the dirty nappy. What happens is you get some messages on your on your hand or on your skin when your wife the baby's bottom, when a baby urinated you'll get some urine you get some feces on your fingers. And the question always comes up is my window broken? Do I need to make a new video perform a new window because the baby urinated on me or whatever it might be all because I touched the private parts of the baby. So in terms of the rules of Voodoo, with niassa were to fall on you was the baby peed on you are pulled on you will clean the baby and some

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of it came on your fingers. This does not invalidate you know you do is 100% fine. All you have to do is remove the NHS so wash, you know they repeat on your clothes, you wash it off on your hands, you wash your hands and you will do fine you can perform solid. What about touching the private parts there is a hadith where the Prophet Sallam said that if a person touches the private parts the six organ directly skin upon skin they will do breaks and we for many mother I have seen bridgeu although other mega UFC that he doesn't break through so long as this kind of touches. It's accidental one of course, and so this inshallah is forgiven. Perhaps a safer approach would be that

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There is a kind of contact and that is not accidental and part of cleaning. And so then you could take Hulu, but insha Allah, nothing wrong with that. Similarly with clothing if a child pees on a piece of clothing the second and then abyssal Solanki once gave a child a name at the Duke mal Duke mount, and the child was on his lap and the child urinated on me so solemn. And then he

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just said, Bring some water and he sprinkled a little water on it and just washed off very lightly and that was it. And you can use that clothes against we don't need to take the oath, you know, wash the entire garment from scratch. No, you just you just lightly sprinkle water over and you wipe off the size of the unit and that's it. Well, I'm the doula and you can perform Salah in that in that garment. In other question interesting especially with young children toys now most of the toys of young kids are TVs or dolls or action figures superheroes, Avengers, and we know from the Sharia the ease of prohibition on on images. So we know from his many Hadeeth about drawing animate objects

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animate meaning a living creature, so with an animal or a person or Angel, anything which is alive besides trees and nature and those kinds of things, these kind of pictures you know of this kind is not permissible in the Sharia and even worse if it is actually a carving or an adult or some kind of thing and weatherbys also spoke out many Hadith on this. So is it haram before for my two year old to have a TV for my children to have pictures on of you know

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a lot of Mickey Mouse on the on the shirts. What do we say about this? So definitely it is better not to have images displayed and dolls to be displayed because when over the Hadeeth that besides the harem of honoring Okay, so it is haram to have any kind of image or any kind of drawing in honor or in place of someone's we want to have a picture of the king on your wall you can't have a picture of an idol and icon and if we're having a poster of your favorite singer or soccer player This is not permissible because it is meant for daddy and daddy means to idolize is exactly where to idolize someone. This is not permissible. Definitely, it's not permissible. Secondly, even if we were having

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it not just for dining, we have a picture of simply to display it. When we know the easiest thing with angels do not attend the homes where there are pictures on display. There is an exception. Now even when it comes to children, we know that the enemies of Salaam allow not only children, but any kind of picture that is meant for foreplay, or is meant not for honor or for decorative purposes. It is meant for for entertainment. In that sense, an allowance is done for toys, especially for toys, or it has no it has no value in terms of idealization in the system of support. Why we know that I shall have the Ilana she had it all. And she had goals and that allowed us and she also had a horse

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that had wings so to a carving of a horse and it had wings on there'll be some also What is this? As you see this is the wasup nobody's really mad because it has institutions joking around, but this was just married oh really so she wasn't a child. And so the ease and allowance the whole for children's toys the children may have may have these things so long as it is not meant to idolize in any way and inshallah we know children do not do it in that sense, they might they might form attachment, they might play with it, this is fine, but there is nothing sacred in the eyes of the child, but if anyone keeps an idol or you know and this is where the word idol comes from, you keep

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a certain picture or a poster with the purpose of this is almost sacred, almost, you know, you know you have a very close attachment with them, this might be a problem and that is not permissible inshallah, moving on to issues of CO parenting. And this people ask this quite a lot. And unfortunately, the reality is that up to 50% of marriages, unfortunately do not do not succeed. And in many cases, those marriages had children. And so now the children are, are split between a mom and dad, they don't look in love to give any more what happens in the case of custody, what are the kids go to when parents split up and it's too hard. He said we're going to narrate this one Holly's

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delivery lady comes to the resource limit us heroes to the law, so solemn, my womb was a vessel for the son of mine, and my brace gave him drink and my lap was his refuge, this lady saying that I carry this boy and I breastfeed him and I looked after him, and his father then divorced me. And now he wants to take this boy away from me. And so there are reasons for lung I said to her, you have more right over him so long as you do not marry so so the First Lady and Amazon systems lady that is a husband divorces you and the child is with you, then you have more right to the custody of the child. But if you get married, then the Father has more custody over the child than you if you

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remarried to a different man. In another hurry. The similar kind of situation arises and a lady complains that my husband wants to take my son away from me. Even though that I need him he benefits me. And for example, he brings me water from the well of Abu Dhabi, but he features me water and he helps me around and

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Then while this lady was complaining, her husband comes along. And then he says, Who is complaining with regards to my son who is disputing about my son. And so the father and the mother are both saying that this is my son, and the child should live with me. And so when the professor looked at the boy, and he said to the boy, a young boy years, your father years, your dad, and yours, your mom, take the hand of whoever you want to be with, who you want to live with, basically. And so he took the end of his mom, and she went away with him. So in the first Hadith, then I didn't ask the child, which parent you want to be, in the second half, he did ask. And so how do we understand

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this, we reconcile this, the scholars mentioned that if a child is of an age where they can understand what is best for them, and they can make a sound judgment, then they have the right to choose which parent they prefer to be with. But before that age, and we don't have the maturity. So classically, the scholars of study the child is at the age of seven, but I will see many Olds will probably go to the parent that that gives them the most sweets, that spoils them the most, they might not have the maturity to know what is best for them. But if there is a child, maybe a child that is 10 years old, living his old, he or she might know where they feel more comfortable with,

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then they are given the choice of which parent they prefer to stay with. And end before that age. So before the child has the age of maturity, to discern where they want to be with, the mother has more rights over the minor the minor child is of course, taken as assuming that both mom and dad are capable of being parents, of course, if one of them is not capable of being a foot parent or foot Guardian, when we exclude that person, and then the child will go to the other, the other guardian. And so the basic rule is, of course, the mother in the early years of the child, she has the priority. But we also mentioned the Heidi, if the mother remarries when she loses that preferential

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stand, and then the dad has more rights over the child. And so why is that mentioned here that perhaps once the woman marries her priority might be more for the for the husband, also when the law is safer for a child to be not to be around a strange man or new man in that light and something for us to think about. We'll talk about sapience later on in this in this lecture, inshallah. But it is always something to be very, very careful of when you bring a stranger into your house, and you have a young child around, we should always be careful about this. And the Sharia is a way of these kind of dynamics. With divorce as well. The question arises who should maintain in terms of financial

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maintenance of their child, and it always is the responsibility of the father to financially support his sons and daughters while they are unable to support themselves financially. So the father is the Wali he is responsible for the children's maintenance, even if they don't live with him. So mom and dad Ahmed and Aisha gets divorced, they had a child, Salma, salmaan, now in sub living with mommy, because the mommy has more right over over the child, even though the child is living with the dead, the fathers responsibility of providing the child's clothing, food, shelter, education, medical care, all the necessities is upon the Father. So even if the child doesn't live with with him, and

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Allah says in the Quran, Allah says, Let the rich man spin according to his means. So a rich person will give an ever higher maintenance, and the man whose resources are restricted the poor man with him also spend according to what Allah has given him. And Allah puts not to burden any person beyond what Allah has given him. And Allah will grant of the hardship or make easy for everybody. And so in this in this scenario, we can see that the best thing is to look at the needs of the child, and to come about with an amicable kind of maintenance. And then the father needs to provide what is within his means to provide. And suddenly you find so many unfortunately, so many divorces, we, you know,

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if you as a husband and a wife, you couldn't get along as husband and wife, when you get divorced, you should not sour the relationship with a child, or make the child against one parent, because you two couldn't live together that will always be his father, that will always be his mother, as much as you hate him or might hate her. As much as you resent each other. Remember, there is still the mother of your child that is the father of your child. And in these kinds of situations with especially with maintenance, the Father, you find many fathers, they do not pay the maintenance as a strike for the mother. And they also you know, I'm not going to pay maintenance because the mother

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is going to enjoy it or whatever it might be. And so they punish the child as a way to punish the mom. Remember, this is a doula says you are committing a major major survey is the Huck the child's hug upon you the right of the child against you. And so you are you're stealing from the child's panela by not providing the maintenance and it's really sad that you find many men do not maintain the children once once they get divorced. They sort of they don't leave the woman they abandoned the child as well as completely Haram. At the same time you find certain women they abuse and they actually use this opportunity to financially harm the husband and promote the husband and two

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Punish him beyond what is required. And this is another form of oppression. And if it's Haram, remember, it is stealing, and you're taking the hack of another human being, and Allah subhanaw taala, you are in the position of a tyrant in this way, we you use your child as a means to, to sort of take from another man, which is does not belong to you. Another thing even more painful than that comes down to visitation, you find that many times whichever parent gets the custody of the child or the child stays permanently,

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they can, if the parents are not amicable, and they don't have a good relationship off the divorce, then many times the parent that doesn't have the custody is deprived his or her right of visitation. And this is completely Haram, that remember, that child will always still belong to that Father, even though he doesn't she doesn't live with the Father, but he's still his father. And he has full rights to visit that child when he needs to do so. And this is something which needs to be agreed upon. And it's it's really sad that many times these methods in the in the court because, you know, to mature adults who had a child or have children are not able to agree. And you know, again, is

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Heidi, which will come up again later in our discussion. But a lot of panel fallacies if anyone deliberately separates a mother and a father as well meaning a parent from the child along will separate him from his love does not have karma. So if you deliberately try to sever that relationship between a father and a child or mother and the child as a means to punish that person, and many times you are you hate your ex spouse so much that you hurt them. By severing the bond with a child, you turn the child against them, you deny them the rights of visitation, you make unreasonable requests upon him or her up to the point where it's impossible to have a relationship,

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when Subhanallah You are the cause of severing family ties. And remember that one of the most serious sins one can do is to save a family ties, or you are the one that actually whose parent and child to be to be civil. And this is the punishment from a las panatela in something like this is one of the ultimate major sins. So think very carefully, how you interact. And you should actually, as much as you have problems with your ex, you should facilitate the relationship between your children and the appearance. So even though you know a lot, a lot, and this is way you are bringing family ties together. When you say you know that is still your father, you need to go to your father

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or let's say your mother, no matter what issues we had, he still loves you, she still loves you. And you should still ensure you as a child continue for for your rights. Remember that child has rights, also, they need to give to that mom to that dad, and you could be the one that is causing the child not to get his or her Jana, because you souring the relationship with the parent. So be very careful about this. And we should be very flexible when it comes to visitation. And of course it is for the benefit of the child, for them to have a good relationship with both parents even even after divorce. Sometimes, of course, what happens is parents get divorced. And when they remarry, have

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them married people. And so now you have step parents that come into the picture. And so it can be a complicated dynamic or it can also be a beautiful dynamic. So some of the thick rulings once you marry somebody, so you know, say for example, Mary's Ayesha and I sure had her children from previous marriage, I shoulda now become your stepchildren. However, in the rules of the Sharia means that those children will always be maharam to you. You can never ever marry ISIS children, you can't marry his daughter. And I should do too, even if you actually get divorced Subhanallah, even if you went I should get divorced, you will never ever be able to marry, I chose children. And therefore

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the east is one of the Shetty accolades between you and your stepchildren, forever. And so even though they are not your biological children, in some ways, there is this bond between you and their children. And therefore it becomes you're responsible. You don't have the responsibility. Of course, as a husband in Africa, you don't have in that regard. But of course kind and affectionate treatment becomes your duty. And you know, Subhanallah what you find is, and it's very sad, we see this many times you find that, you know, the man maybe got divorced from his ex. And, you know, his kids from his first marriage lives with his ex wife, and now he's married you and many wives in college in a

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bad way for that man to not only walk away from his ex wife, but to walk away from his from his children from his first marriage. You know, this is of the worst time of things to do when you also like we mentioned previously, you are encouraging someone to sympathize with a with a children. Yes, you might not like him or her to keep in touch with the ex. It's just natural that we we might not particularly like the previous romantic partners of our spouses, but you should encourage that husband to be a good father. I usually encourage that woman to continuously play a role in the lives of the children of the previous marriage, and you'll

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duty as a husband, as a wife, is to ensure that your partner fulfills the duties from an Islamic perspective. And so you must encourage them that look, that is still your son, even though you know you are married to me and we have kids. Now, remember, if we go out as a family, you must be the one that actually facilitates encourages that child to come and speak, be comfortable and love, as you know, as a safe mother was a stepfather. And again, we make this head even if I mean just highly, if anyone separates between a parent and the child or with a loved one. So you are the one that encourages that father to walk away, not just from the from the ex wife, but from the kids as well.

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When Allah will separate you from your loved ones in the def cameras on Allah. So and think about Allah, how would you feel if this was your kids? How would you feel that you know not? Obviously, it's traumatic for the kids for it to be a divorce, you should make sure that child still feels loved by both his parents and to also know if you haven't lost the dad, but you actually gained a second mom, and vice versa. It's a mobile growth is the understanding. You know, it's so sad. You find us you find men that neglect, they walk away, they get divorced, and they don't even care to see the kids anymore. They don't even send a birthday message. They don't even spin one Randall once

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in the nose panel. What kind of man is this? At the same time you find me crying tears to the mob, crying chef, please phone, my ex wife. I just want to see my son every time I want to see my child. You know, he's an excuse me something, I come late or if I bring the kids late, when she comes the police, she makes it impossible spine Allah. Remember, Allah sees everything that we do. And Allah knows that we want Baraka in our health in our family members, and yet we abuse someone and hurt them in the most you know, hurting someone through the children is perhaps the most painful way of hurting someone. So be really really careful in this regard. The last section and we can talk the

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entire day on this and one of those beautiful things is adoption. Almost panelizer placed you with a child, we've Allah has blessed you with children of the best deeds we could do is that we could adopt a child and there's so many if and Hadith where Allah speaks about the alignment of the prophets, Allah mentions the rewards of adoption, we know that the numbers of Salaam says the best house that one could ever have is a house in which he is an orphan, that is in various careful in that house that is treated well that is the best House of all the houses, we know one other had eaten every so seldom mentioned that me I am the one who sponsors an overall case when often are

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like this, and he raised his index finger and his middle finger, meaning you will be like this with me in the highest level of jamna. The one who supports it often. and support you as well doesn't mean you need to adopt an orphan, even if you're making that monthly EFT and it cost you three 400 and spinal maybe it's the price less than your DSTV subscription, that you can attain that level of gender with the profit or loss simply by ensuring that a Syrian refugee, an orphan in some water and calcium, Allah make it easy for those children, that you are supporting them on a monthly basis, it should be part of if you have any extra money, then the best avenue of apps of spending is on often

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we find that the quote was prime versus the spin though we'll call about while he uttama. That of the of the your immediate family, you look to extend the family. So charity begins at home, after your family you've seen too is no one ever in your families. Okay, at Hamdulillah, you want to give sadaqa that at the time, the orphans are perhaps the first people on that line children without parents to support them financially. And it should be part of that. It sort of like your investment that you put your your insurance on your own children and your own family, Allah, I'm giving this few 100 grams a month, see if some often predict that some often and in exchange, protect my family

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and my kids with any luck. We are of course rules that if you were to adopt a child, with the Sharia has certain rules, the Sharia does not allow the child to take your name, that child does not become a biological child for you. So Allah says, Call them by the father's names, they will always be the son of the father or mother that has passed away. And it is more just in the sight of Allah. But if you do not know who the fathers are, then they are still your brothers in religion and those interested to you. So they will always remain distinct from you, they will always be biologically separated from you. And therefore the rules of parent and child will not apply to them for example,

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you so if you have kids and you adopt this child, that child could marry you, your co your offspring, that child could marry your kids because they're my brother and sister in facts, vanilla, even if, you know as we had in the case of the visa Salaam, but if that child marries, so you've you know, you have an adopted son, and this happened the case with the Z or the Alon z was adopted son of an OB salam, even though he wasn't a young boy with an adopted he was almost grown up. And when he married and he divorced his wife, that wife eventually married then a visa salad, if they will father and son then of course fathers and sons cannot marry the same woman. And so the

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Laws of adoption are not has nothing to do and we know biologically, biologically now we know with DNA and genes and all these things, that they are completely separated from you, they also cannot inherit from you as a biological child who can inherit, but of course, it's encouraged as we didn't hear it, to give a was here to ensure that if you have an adopted child, to leave something as a gift for them in your world, Allah Subhana Allah has as allowed this for you. And so perhaps I end up on this beautiful Hadith which which is so wonderful, and especially coming to the month of Ramadan when you want to be more sincere and want to be closer to Allah it's not just about how many

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hotels we decide it's not just about how many hours we put you know, we under masala those are good things. But if we really want to be closer to Allah, it is also how we interact with the with the creation. And so we know that a man is how do you feel famous Hadeeth a man comes going to be so similar many complaints. My heart is hard. I have a hardness in my heart. I don't feel close to Allah. I don't think of Jana Murat scale of john, you know, my heart feels deep inside, what can I do? And so the Prophet Sallam said, if you want to soften your heart, feed a poor person and rub the heat of an orphan. So actually not just EFT something to an orphan, but actually go and visit an

00:31:14--> 00:31:49

orphan spin some time have a conversation with an orphan, they will definitely do something to your art and this will bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. I know but most people are Muslim and we pray it will be the case this year. It'd be Ramadan, we have this one day and we should do it every day. We have one day we the orphans from different Muslim orphanages, we have a third with him and we you know, and we invite those who wishes to join and actually spend the day with an orphan and you know, he really does something does something to you and it makes you realize your problems are so much more so small compared to what other people go through. And it gives you so much

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appreciation for what Allah has given you. And you realize that little things you know what we complain about? span Allah, Allah Subhana Allah forgive us for for complaining over over pity things and when you know, it makes us truly it makes us more sincere to Allah, Allah. So Allah blesses us in our families, our relationships and our children in particular, and our parents in Allah Subhana Allah Baraka interactions and forgive our sins does that look late or some loss in the Mohammed while early or sappy as long as seen by the Minister