How the Prayer is a therapy for the disturbed heart

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The transcript describes a former chef who experienced shampoo during a family crisis, leading to chaos and shaming. The chef's message is to pray for the right thing, and they discuss a Saudi chef who experienced anxiety and depression. The importance of praying for the heart and its potential for healing is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's emotions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying for the heart and its potential for healing, as it can help overcome emotional struggles and anxiety.

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And I remember I recall that at this moment, yeah and in a story that shampoo the half of Allahu Allah mentioned and this was Bill Medina. He said that an old man came to him complaining about family problems.

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The wife and the husband are always arguing with each other the children are arguing with each other no one's respecting anyone the house the family is just on all sorts of chaos and disorganized. So he came to the chef and he complained theme of the family problems experiencing for shirts at the marquee at the do you pre select the sooner whom do you pre select and winter at home? Is it Amala here check it out. What's this worth it? First time I hear of water? I don't know what this is. Can you explain to me what is water? For shiksa theme selected water it's the one rocker the minimum one blocker that you pray before you sleep.

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The minimum one blocker Allah azza wa jal with Allah is with it. He's one he's odd, and you hit bull with it. He loves odd for our till pray alluded to earlier In another Hadith and the reason Salah is addressing the believers people of the Quran pray with it before you sleep. For sure. He taught him what what it is. Can If this carries a huge significance in Islam and with that, how can I believe asleep without praying and water

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so then

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shucks letting go and increase Sunnah prayers in your house and tell your family to pray Sunnah prayers in the house. This old man when after a few months he came back to the show. Excited happy to be more LAHIA share one law he I took your advice and I prayed Sunnah prayers at home an oxymoron Belaire our problems have disappeared from the house. There is tranquility and peace and calmness in the house. It has restored once again any organization and tranquility and love and mercy and compassion and gentleness has been restored once again in the house. It shifts it to him Saba call us all Allah and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has spoken the truth when he said for in Allah has

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ureter LA home in sala de Phoebe de yada that Allah social would descend into a house and abundance of good if he posts on was to establish prayers in his house. What can you lose? What can you lose? When you pray Sunnah prayers and extra love and prayers in your house? Allahu Akbar, Allahu aquat. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam are solid is therapy therapy. You know, when people are going through emotional illness, mental illness, they go to the psychologist psychologist recommends therapies, whether it's a CBT therapy or other therapies.

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That's all good, no problems. I think if you need to do that, you go and do that at a psychologist. But you know, Islam in Islam, we have our own therapies.

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And one of the greatest therapies we have in Islam is a solid or solid is a therapy to the heart to the disturbed heart.

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It is a therapy.

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This is why in the beast on Allahu alayhi wa sallam if there has been a maroon fuzzy or you know, solid, when he was worried about something, he would rush to a solid.

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And you know what's what's interesting is that this is not a hadith he narrated.

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This is how the Companions described him. What does that mean? Meaning they have seen enough from rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wasallam, that every time he is distressed, he prays. That's it, it's become a pattern. It's become a habit. We've seen it. So now they narrated it, Guinea, how many times did Rasul Allah salAllahu alayhi wasallam. Pre whenever he felt the stress and worry

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so many times, that the Companions observed that and mentioned that as a habit of his and that's more powerful than if a novice is the most to narrate that Laquan.

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For in prayer, there is therapy. One I know of a Saudi chef that passed away now Rahim Allah, he used to treat the people this Sousou Wallah, he used to treat people the sujood whenever a person used to come to him and complain about his worries and depression and sadness, chef would sit him pray and sit in suit for half an hour. Stay in suit for half an hour, don't come up. That's your solution pursued. When they get along, Allah will cry out to Allah social.

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And he'd go and he do that and it becomes a solution for people as Suzhou is a solution for our anxiety.

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For our depression for our fee for our worry, was originally said in the Quran Allah could not know more next week. So look, we know that your heart experiences tightness,

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your chest experiences tightness. Yanni this area is speaking about an emotional difficulty. Be my Kowloon because of what they say in context CLM Shikun they were insulting rasool Allah and mocking Him. When there is I send them felt pain because of this. So any pain you're experiencing, Allah knows about it adds them on. Now Lama We know,

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for Serbia, the hum the lockpick Allah says, What's the suit? What do you do? What do you do yellow swill. Even if Rasul Allah the best of creation, was the experience the experience difficulty and calamity and hardship and goes through an emotional state. Allah system for some hum the lockpick declared the perfection of Allah Subhan Allah who will be hunting what does that mean? It means don't forget me. Don't forget my mention, don't forget my the good. Spread the lockpick

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declare the priests of Allah Subhan Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah he will be humbly repeated, keep repeating it until your heart is satisfied, and it's nourished Vivek Lila has social

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law who was minister she did and be from among those who do Sue In other words, pray pray, pray, get up and pray every time you feel distress.

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Allahu Akbar wa salatu salam Salam, the prayer was given to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a gift. And he was given that command of the prayer in the year of sorrow and sadness, after he had lost his beloved uncle of a polyp. And after he had lost his beloved wife, Khadija robiola one had an after he had gone to a bar if and he was stoned.

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He had nothing he was feeling down. When the beast Allah azza wa jal took him up on a slot with Mirage, and gave him a Salette. It was a gift, it was a therapy, to calm his heart, to bring him peace and tranquility and relaxation in his life. That's what a solid was for.

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So he cannot look at the Select as a burden or as a difficulty. Now, that's the one who doesn't focus in his salad will see it as something heavy, and with a believer, for one who has come ashore in a salad, and connect with a salad, and he knows this is when he's connecting with Allah. And he feels that closeness to Allah,

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especially in his suit, a sled upon such a person would be light, would be easy, would be the only way out of all difficulties in his life. Yes, for such a person or solid would be the only way out of difficulties of life. That's where you relax.

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That's where you're satisfied. That's where your heart is nourished and fulfilled. Bissonnette acquired from the very moment of when you say, a law, a court, you know, and you hold your heart, you hold your hand and you hold it here on your chest. You know, as though you're controlling your heart and the emotions that are in there. You grab on to it is a law about law is greater, greater than everything that is happening around me, greater than my emotion greater than my feelings, greater than my financial difficulty and my stress. Greater than anything you can think of technologique bottlemen cliche.

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As an official Allahu alayhi wa sallam said Daddy even had them upon Allah. I know when he explained to him the word Allahu Akbar. He said to him Well, while Darla, mache and acabado mean Allah. Do you know anything greater than Allah, meaning Allahu Akbar means there is nothing greater than Allah.

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Allahu Akbar quality now. Low, high quality, it settles the disturbed heart of the believers.