Riad Ouarzazi – The story of convert of Islam Abu Aas husband of Zainab daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © A woman talks to a man who is a Muslim man and tells them that she wants to become a Muslim. She tells him that she wants to leave her religion and that she wants her children to go back to her father. She talks about her mother being a Muslim and wanting to leave her religion. She tells him that she wants her children to go back to her father.
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Then he calls upon us and he says about us. Hello.

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Hello sounds took

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us. I'd like to share with you something could you come I'd like to talk to you as private.

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Allah has ordered me to separate between a woman who's Muslim, married to a man who's not Muslim,

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or a bolus, would you? And look his was a prisoner. He just released him and now is asking about us. Would you become a Muslim? He says, No. Then he says about us. Would you let my daughter go?

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Would you let her go? Would you divorce her let her go

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about us goes back to Medina. Zeynep saw him she was so happy. My husband, my husband, he says no,

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no, you have to go. She's Go where? She says, We're divorced. You have to go back to your father, your religion now has prohibited that I stay married to you.

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You have to go back to your dad. She says, then would you come with me? Would you become a Muslim and come with me? He says no. I don't want people to say that he left the religion of his forefathers.

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She took Ali and she took her mama her kids

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and then she went to Medina.

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Six years later

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a caravan came out from a

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caravan came out from Mecca.

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And that caravan was holding came out from bid for business.

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So it was holding some belongings of the elite of the people of Polish of Makkah, the Moroccans.

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And oblast came out with that caravan.

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The Muslims were out. They found that caravan which in fact was carrying the belongings of the Muslims because when the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina, they lifted belongings there.

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So they came out and then they put that caravan under siege. They attacked the caravan upon us right away. What did he run? Or where did he run? He runs to the closest town Medina.

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To what home at night before?

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Where did he go?

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He goes and he looks for the house have

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seen him. His ex wife

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Zeynep sees him. She opens the door. Oh upon us a teacher Salima Karana But I say to her Eva, did you come as a Muslim? He says no. I came. I just escaped. And he told me the story. And then she says, what happened?

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Because they were cousins. She says welcome. Oh, my cousin, although you're not my husband, but you are the father of Allie. And oh, Mama, and you are my cousin. Welcome. Welcome. And then she goes before First of all, as the Muslims prayed for the early morning prayer after they finished the prayer, and then a loud voice came out from the masjid.

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People are shown to

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us, I have given protection to us. I have given protection to us. The Prophet says, Do you guys see what I'm hearing? They said yes.

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He knows it is saying this is Cena.

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Oh people he says, Well, I don't know what happened. They told him the story.

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They said my daughter. She's saying that now upon us. He is under her protection. Yeah. Anyone who Muslims gives a non Muslim protection of us. Nobody can harm that person. So he says would you allow Oh people would you allow? They said yes. As long as they gave him protection, Havas is free to go. And he says the provinces would you return his money to him? Look at the beauty of Islam.

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The beauty of forgiveness, mercy of Eastern he says the provinces would you also give him his money back his belongings back they said jasola for saying that for the sake of Allah then saying that we will give him we'll set him free and give him it's our money but we will give him back you take it back.

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So he takes Xena and then he says oh Zainab.

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He is not your husband.

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honor him.

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Be kind to him. But he should not touch you.

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He should not touch you. He is not your husband.

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The profit goes to us you're free to go.

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But would you want to become a Muslim? No.

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He takes his money back. And then he goes to Medina. He goes back to Makkah then he goes, all people have maca. Here's your money back.

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Did I give you back your money? Yes You have.

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Do you guys owe me anything? They said no. He says now me a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah, me. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.

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