A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 04 – It’s all so great!

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Advice number four, realize that greatness of time and place and worship have all come together in the season. Look, when Allah takes an oath upon something, realize that Allah the great is drawing your attention to something great. Look at the oaths. Allah said well federal by Dawn while I early in Azure, and by the 10 Nights was chef a while water and by the evening and by the odd

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three oaths by Dawn, we know what that means. And then by the 10 Nights, according to the majority of scholars, they are in reference to the very first 10 days of the month of the hijab, where the rites of Hajj take place. And then he said was shocked by that even some have said this is in reference to the 10th day of the hijab Yamuna. And then when he said by the odd that's in reference to the ninth day of the Elijah, that's the Day of Arafah. So Allah takes a general oath on the first 10 days, then to specific oats on two specific days within those 10 to capture your attention, the ninth and the 10th.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ma'am in a yummy, Alana La Habra, Illa Allah He hidden them in heavy in a young, there are no days in the year wherein Allah loves the doing of good deeds more than these days. Allahu Akbar in his first 10 days of the Rohingya, the greatness of time has come.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, melamine The Omen X or Amin and your take Allah houfy here and then Mina Nari mean Yahweh me out of it now hula I do know sunnah udah Hebei him will mela for your Kuma. There are no days in the year he said wherein Allah frees more people from the Hellfire than the Day of Arafah the ninth day of the Ranger. He said on that day, Allah draws near and praises them to the angels and he says what do they want? What have they come here for Allahu Akbar and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hi Euro dua dua Mihara. The greatest dua you can make is the dua on the day of

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Imam Abdul Karim and others have actually argued that the first 10 days of the hijab are greater than the last 10 days of Ramadan,

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whilst the last 10 nights of Ramadan are greater than the first 10 nights of Elijah, but you know, even if one was to argue that these 10 days of the hijab are in fact greater than the last 10 Days and nights of Ramadan, with the exception to Laila to Qatar, that opinion, would it be strange or erroneous?

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Because Allah took an oath on the nights of the first 10 days of the hijab, Allahu Akbar. So despite all of this, you find that these 10 days of the hijab are so undervalued by people when compared to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Why is this? The greatness of time has come, but not just the greatness of time. It's also the greatness of worship Hajj.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his wife Hi Isha. He said lacuna of Ludwig jihadi. Hi John Bob roll for you, meaning women. The greatest jihad is an accepted Hajj the greatest jihad for you a woman isn't accepted Hajj, Allahu Akbar was status, therefore is belongs to hedge. And it's for these reasons that those who realize this would race to fulfill their hedge time and time again.

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Even though the circumstances of travel back then were so much harsher than ours today travelled by foot or on animal in a state of exposure to the sun and other harm. I mean, think about Nikki Ibrahim Al Hanbali, who performed Hajj 50 times

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or Jaffa Okowa su performed 160 times or bouquet ribbon no idea who performed hydro 60 times or Ali Abdullah *, who performed Hajj staggering 70 times or aka the Mufti of Baghdad who performed Hajj 70 times or Abdullah hint McCurry who performed Hajj 97 times.

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And that's for those who have performed Hajj around the 40 time Mark. Only Allah knows of their numbers behind Allah. That's because they realize that the greatness of time and the greatness of place and the greatness of worship Hajj, they've all come together, so they couldn't miss this treasure trove of an opportunity.

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Allahu Akbar. We should have known Mohammed he said that during my tawaf circumambulation around the garden, I came across an old man

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Who was clearly fatigued, leaning on a stick? And he was doing a walk around the cabinet. I said to him, which country uncle have you come from? And he said, from Carozza from greater pleasure. And then the old man asked me, How long does it take you to get here? I said, two to three months. He said, then you should be doing Hajj every year. So I said to him, how long does it take you to get here? He said, five years.

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He said, I left my country for Maccha without a single gray hair in my beard, and in my head, La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar.

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And even let me show you that a scholar of Hadith has given a chapter within his work and Wilson Neff. What was the title of the chapter he said, Men can?

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Yes, the Hebrew in the adakah Raju Meketa, Allah Yehuda Hatta, Yakata Al Quran, he titled The chapter with this the narrations of those who encouraged the visitors of Mecca to complete the RE citation of the whole Quran before they leave.

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He mentioned many people who were of this opinion in other words, I'm trying to show you how they want you to school passionate during this time. So as a pilgrim the point of mentioning this avoid of avoid complaining that we've arrived too early, or any other complaint at this moment in time and place you could not be doing anything greater and more rewarding than what you are doing so relish the experience and realize that the greatness of time and place and worship have all come together, say adaptively