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Q1: What is the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik on closing Masjids during times of emergency?

Q2: What is the reward of a person who dies from a plague?

Q3: Is it permissible to pray with a face mask that prevents you from touching the ground?

Q4: What should we do if the situation remains the same during Ramadan?

Q5: What should we do if we have weddings planned in the coming days/months?

Q6: What if your spouse refuses to be intimate during these confusing and scary times?

Q7: Is there a Hadith stating that if Tawaf stops, then Ya’juj and Ma’jud is coming the day is near?

Q8: If Hajj is cancelled, is this the first time of this happening?

Q9: As Muslims, we are supposed to take care of our families, so should family gatherings be cancelled?

Q10: How do we address those who decide to continue prayers outside the masjid during these times?

We ask for your peace and security O Allah!

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Tip number seven

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa to Soviet Ryan, I welcome all of you to the first q&a session panel talk between me and our renowned scholar, Dr. Cody handler today is going to be a little different. We're going to have quick questions where the chef would answer very quickly inshallah trying to get as many questions as we can. Just FYI, me and Chelsea. So we're sitting about 10 feet apart right now.

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Just so you know, just in case some people might ask

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why they call Mr. Moore's Law what I gather, I don't know whether to look far away at you or to look at the camera. I've never done this before. We have two separate areas of green screen. Every time I've been interviewed and have been interviewed a lot of times I've always sitting in front of the person interviewing me now because of this Coronavirus, you know, issue. We're taking this very, very seriously. And especially in our environment, we're taking super, super precautionary measures. And so we're not even sitting together somehow they're two separate screens. And the cameras are pointed in two different places and our AV stuff is merging them together. hamdulillah so

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hamdulillah pleasure to be here at hamdulillah. It was a very I have to say that was a very sad day to give the whole bed that I gave today to see the most of the way it was but ask a love Rafi and cinema and ask Allah xojo to lift this web and this plague as soon as possible. And to allow us to resume as we've had a lot. You know, we we complain about the repetition of life, we complain about the mundane issues, we complain about the parking about the the noise and this and that, Well, lucky I miss all of that I miss all of that. I want status quo to come back. I want to complain about the crowds in the parking and having issues I want to complain about because Subhanallah we don't even

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know the blessings of what we take for granted until they're taken away from us. And so the law said I'm here, but this isn't electrical how you're supposed to ask me questions or whatnot. So go for it.

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So shall we have plenty of questions here?

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The first question, interesting one, they want to know the position of Imam

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Malik on closing the massager during the time of emergency.

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So Bismillah Ma Ma, given in more detail talks about the issue of closing the massager down. And I don't want to go into even more, you know, the repetition, the issue of shutting the messenger down proactively, we have to be frank here and say that it is not something that we find. By and large, the earliest folks, what we do find is that sometimes messages were shut down, because of circumstances because there was wars or plagues going on. But even then, generally speaking, it was a reactive measure, not a proactive measure. And this is true, that's historically true. The issue, though, is that we now understand the notion of crowd control of disease control the notion of

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spreading of these viruses in a way that earlier scholars did not. And because of this across the globe, and hamdulillah pretty much you know all of the 50s and all of the scholarly bodies across the globe, now that it has been explained to them, they have proactively shut down any area of congregation, and especially that of massage. So I think the question really needs to be rephrased, and that is what would Imam Abu hanifa have done? And what would Mr. Musharraf really have done if they knew what we now know? And if they understood what we now understand, based upon their paradigm and their will suit and their method? And the answer to that you look at the modern scholars of the

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various regions of the world, those that follow a mama shaft, remember any family member who did Mohammed and Al Hamdulillah, you find that so many countries around the world and I and Facebook posted three days ago, I listed around 10 countries and every single day more and more countries are being are being added, you know, Malaysia which is shaffir and pata and which is humbling surgery, which is humbly you know, the Emirates, Jordan, all of these countries one by one, you know, they're all understanding that this is really going to be problematic if we do not begin crowd control. And these are scholars that have spent their entire lifetimes studying these modalities. So rather than

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say what did those earlier my say? My question should be rephrased.

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It should be, what would they have said, and the responses we see what they would have said by the scroll to the bodies now that are pretty much almost to a person saying we should shut everything down for the time being until we're able to control and manage and then they shall have to other will open up as soon as possible in shallow Tyler is an online link shortener.

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So obviously,

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if they lived in our time, they would have applied the same rule in our time with the current situations that we're in, and situations changes and hamdulillah. Islam is very dynamic, very dynamic.

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The second question here is, does the person who dies from a plague

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get the same reward as that of a martyr that dies in battle?

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tsunami him so we discussed the issue of the types of Shahada and I have a lecture on the Monday this series of the Buddha's and I mentioned, you know the types of Shahada and by the explicit Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the one who passes away in a plague he passes away the death of a Shaheed and therefore, the person who dies in any of these types of scenarios of the process I mentioned he mentioned drowning, he mentioned by fire he mentioned the disease of the stomach. He mentioned the disease that or the the the plague all of these and others. Whoever dies by these types of things. They will get the status of the Shaheed in the hero, even though the

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Shaheed still has certain perks and certain privileges that this person might not have. But still overall the data will be that of the Shaheed now, this does not mean that in this world we will treat them like the Shaheed generally speaking those who pass away in any of these types of scenarios and circumstances, they will still you know, be shrouded and we'll also be done in the center will be done. Whereas for the Shaheed as you should all know there is no special host so there is no janazah done because that is a totally different category But to answer your question insha Allah anyone who passes away in this plague, we ask Allah protect ourselves and our loved ones

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and our families but anyone who passes away will indeed in Charlotte totally get the death of a Shaheed

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and by the way to get out on here, had a Facebook post about this as well three days ago why they've been given away their amygdala and others of the Sahaba when the plague came to the region of Hamas outside of Syria, that was exactly what they said they may do our to Allah they announced that we heard the Prophet system say that whoever dies that the heat and then they may do out to a lot that Oh Allah allow me to have a share of this they wanted to die, that type of death, and they indeed did die that type of that and we consider them to have died the death of Shaheed even though both aboard obey the mid bingeable they passed away because of the plague they did not they did not pass

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away at the hands of the enemy, but their death is considered to be that of the death of a Shaheed because of the the plague that was taking place at that time at a large region, no special

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Next question, inshallah is praying with a face mask. A lot of people you know, put these face masks and obviously, we have different types of face masks.

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So, like, you know, the big bulky ones that prevent the nose from touching the ground. So technically one of the seven limbs that shouldn't be touching the ground won't be touching the ground. Would it be is it permissible to pray with that mask? So our Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that we worship Allah even the Quran, Allah Hi, Mr. Titan, and in the famous Hadith that Sol Lukoil called me free, upstanding, if you cannot do the preceding, if you cannot do them pray, you know, Allah, Jim upon the site, and we are allowed, we are obliged to fulfill the commandments to the best of our capabilities, when anything hinders us from from fulfilling the commandment of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala, then the amount of hindrance that we have, will therefore diminish the obligation of fulfilling, and this is something that is applicable in any chapter of shediac given the current circumstances, and given that this virus spreads on surfaces, then if we're able to prevent any type of mech by any types of mechanism. Now, if we're at our house homes or houses, then a shallow there's no need to be that precautious because we're surrounded by ourselves. However, if we go out in public, best thing to do is that if you have your own agenda, and you use your own agenda, then you can be confident that I'm going to now be doing such on something that you know is not going to

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be any issue or problem. Nonetheless, if you feel there is a need or if there even beyond this point of it needs to be done. Not just for this Coronavirus, but for any issue if there is an impediment, a medical impediment that causes you to not be able to fill it fulfill that obligation, then the Shetty allows for ease remember that this religion is based upon ease and not difficulty. You read a lot of accumold usera Wallah you really become a loser What magic within him and how does these are very explicit verses Allah wants to make things easy for you and not make things difficult. Allah has not put any difficulty

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upon you. And one of the principles of soulful, conscious, these are called the collide, or the rules of physics, there is a science of physics called a soul. There's another science called collide. And then there's filter itself. So there's something called collide or the Maxim's effect. These are rules that are applicable in any chapter. And there are five main rules and one of these rules is, the more difficult something becomes, the easier the Sharia becomes this is a rule, the more difficult life becomes, the easier it becomes this is a rule. Now obviously, it is only the scholars who will be able to use this rule, it's no problem to teach this rule to the public, they

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should be aware of it. But obviously you need a shift to tell you otherwise, somebody's going to you know, misuse the shady app, but in this case, there is a shout out I don't know how does no problem if a person is wearing a face mask, because they genuinely fear that you know there's there might be an issue if they do search that somewhere that they then do set it up wearing the face mask and there is no penalty, nor is there any surgery. So if they do that, and a lot of soldier knows best.

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next question is What should we do? And Ramadan if the situation continues the way it is right now? Like a lot of a lot of those living today can't imagine Ramadan without Masjid without lights without a mouse without totally or without if bond with your brothers and sisters. Obviously, it's gonna be a big hit on their spirituality there. Amen. Yeah. Is there any advice that you can offer us if this continued,

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So in all likelihood, it does appear that this will continue to Ramadan. Just being realistic, I hope to be proven wrong, and I pray that inshallah tomorrow everything is lifted up, but we also tie our camel and the way things are progressing. I think it is almost inevitable if things continue their natural course that five weeks from now, we will still be pretty much under a type of lockdown that will not allow mass congregations of 1000 2000 people in our masajid nor would it be wise to do so. unless something changes dramatically. If that is the case, then we need to find an alternative mechanism to keep our demand strong now, I will be the first to say as somebody who's for the last

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40 plus years of my life and I'm Oban has always been associated with community and Masjid. There is no what I'm Oban of my life, except that it is associated with the massager than Tara we're headed community. And to be brutally honest, at least 20 of those years of my life Alhamdulillah the Ramadan said even the associate with Mecca and Medina and not just anywhere but actually Makkah and Medina. For so many years of my life. They're associated with that. So the the concept of having animal bond, without domesticated or without community and without the drama of people. It is alien to my cultural upbringing. That having been said, we have to be brave enough to acknowledge the

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Sahaba did not have Ramadan, the ways we have Ramadan, there was no thought or prayer in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there were no community of thoughts that we are accustomed to, they would eat at home individually, they didn't have enough surplus food to have massive feast. So in some ways, perhaps we will have to rediscover the spirit of Ramadan as it really used to be. And now Me and you, we are so weak that we needed the community to help us you know, let's be honest here. You need to pray behind a copy of the Quran to pray behind the you know, in the home, you know, Shahada a viewership, you know, when I was growing up, she her job was to provide the job but

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you know, and Medina shadow Beatty when I was there, and he said, Pamela, it's a different world. Right? And it's just it takes you places that I don't think I could go alone at home. So we go to the masjid and we're lifted with the community but the Sahaba themselves they never pray Tara we're buying larger than two nights as we know they never prayed that are we in the time of the Prophet system in community they would pray Asia and then they would come home and then they would pray preamble laid on their own so we will have to rediscover the original spirit of Ramadan and that is simplicity you know guys let's be honest here we all want those fancy if thought is laid out well

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then let this be the Ramadan that we have a simple if thought that this we have no no bond we actually you know actually not to gain weight because you know we we gained weight and most normal bonds Let this be the Ramadan we will be healthy all of us sit down with the family and say okay, let's cut back all those semesters I know you're going to kill me after this But hey, you know, let's try our best to have a healthy Ramadan. Then tell your families Let's come together families only right not nobody from outside the house families only every night let's do something. Let's do a Koran circle. Let's do a shot together. Maybe Tara we are together or separately, but we encourage

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one another in the households to be able to rediscover the spirit of Ramadan and

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You know, again to be technical taraweeh prayer is actually to have good prayer. And the best time to do it is not right after Isha, the best time to do it is actually the last third of the night, which is before fudger. And if Allah wills that we are not going to work, and we're working from home at that point in time, and if Allah was there, we're able to transfer a little bit of timings in there, perhaps some of us can try to revive that spirit of Ramadan, where we are praying to what are we as actual property had you done preamble live, where we wake up at 3am. And we do, preamble lay and tahajjud at that time, and then we have an IF thought, and then we have to go to work and

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then we come back early meaning work is going to be in our own houses, maybe even then come back early and sleep and then sleep but you know, in the afternoon, as was the son of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So, in every single disaster and calamity, the believer finds the positives and finds the good, perhaps perhaps in this Ramadan, we will rediscover And believe me, I say this with a smile on my face. And Allah knows, I cannot even imagine because I've never lived it in my life. I've never lived in Melbourne without community and Gemma and Masjid I've never lived it. This might be the first form of one, if it is that I put my trust in Allah Subhana with Allah

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that Allah xojo will bring us through that Ramadan. He's going to guide us through that and I'm Oban. He's going to make that from Oban. Maybe even a shallow, the best Ramadan we've ever had. And then inshallah we hope next year when we get the community back, and when we get the Ramadan and the Gemma are back, we will then truly truly, truly appreciated you know, Subhanallah we take things for granted how we would complain and grumble and moan about you know, the parkings and about the you know, the the uncle next to you that's belching away after eating that heavy of pot and whatnot. And now we're wanting how we wish we can have that you know, back and now along with Stan. So perhaps we

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might even appreciate the blessings that we took for granted after this thermal bond analyzer which knows best.

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Does that

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mean last point Allah guide us through this Ramadan shall make us

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get to Ramadan. And last one atonic bless us with mercy and forgiveness. And

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I mean,

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some of the young, the young brothers and sisters that have been planning weddings

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in these times and in the summer times after Ramadan because nobody plans a wedding during Ramadan, of course. What advice do you give them?

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Do they go ahead and get married? I've been reading like some Twitter messages now that oh, this is your time to get married? Can't have a wedding. No people no people didn't buy, right, no honeymoon because there's no travel. So it's just going to be a cheap wedding. What advice do you give people who are planning to get married right now? Or in the next few months?

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First you asked the question, what advice do you give to young people plan to get married? I didn't know that marriage only has to be young, there might be middle aged people getting married. You know why this restriction? Yeah, moron. You know, I'm saying like, What's going on here? He's like he restricting marriage to the age of the prophets. Yes, indeed, you know, so any agent shall was permissible. No problem. Listen, this is a question that is neither physical nor apt either. It is a question of psychology and of logistics. And therefore, there's not much I can say this is not a legal question. It is not a theological question. It is a question that deals with your own

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psychological frame of mind logistically what is going on in the world and anybody is equally qualified. My opinion is just as good as yours or anybody else's No, no fifth is being brought to the table. And I say this because again, if you've listened to any of my talks, for the last few years, I've always been emphasizing this point that understand the role of a person of knowledge and ask the questions that the person of knowledge can benefit you with your asking a question that is an opinion and I have an opinion was that Maura has an opinion, your parents have an opinion, everybody has an opinion that is equally valid. In this particular case, it doesn't necessarily have

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anything more to do with my knowledge of Sierra and TFC and Hadith, it is permissible to have a marriage. In the circumstances, there is no film involved here, you do not require a lavish ceremony. What is required, as you all know, is the simple ceremony of the jab and caboodle the two witnesses and the mat and all of this is the standard procedure and this can be done, obviously, you know, in a very simple manner. And perhaps there is again hidden Baraka and blessings in this because as we all know, we all know this, nobody ever does it, we all know it. The Prophet systems, marriages were very simple, very simple, very down to earth, there was small amounts of matter. It

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was a very simple meal. It wasn't anything, you know, fancy and whatnot. And that's the way it was. So if, if you have decided or it was already pre planned, that is going to take place. It's not my position to tell you to postpone or to do it. That's not something that you should be hearing from me. You and your family and your bride or groom.

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His or her family, you talk this through, discuss it and decide amongst yourselves that, do you want to go ahead with the ceremony? And if so, all I can say from a logistical standpoint, and this is something that I say, not because I know Islam better any better, but because we all understand the circumstances we're living in that if you do decide to go ahead, in no circumstance, should you hold a feast work, a lot of people come together, just today, there was in the news in the New York Times of a family gathering in New Jersey, where they didn't take this thing seriously. And they invited, you know, just 25 people to their family event. And one person had the virus, seven of them caught

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it, 30 of them passed away. And that news item came out today, three of them passed away already, because they were elderly, and seven people got it. This is a New Jersey. And you can read it as in the New York Times today, I read it myself. So my point is that for sure, without a question, that if you do want to go ahead with this, there should not be even large groups of neighbors and whatnot coming together. Rather it should be the bare bare bare minimum that needs to be done. And then other than this, logistics and whatnot. As I said, it's not a question per se, but at the same time, we have to be pragmatic. And I don't mean to be dismal or gloomy, but I am somebody who is reading

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up and as you are, and it is possible possible worst case scenario, that status quo will remain maybe even for a year, maybe even 18 months, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about this best case and worst case, worst case scenario, best case scenario, realistically, two, three months, worst case scenario, maybe even 18 months, if it is 18 months or so law, Salama raffia, we can't stop living can we write we cannot, I mean, we cannot delay, the things that we need to do, we have to move on with life. And so if Allah is origin wills that we are being tested in this in this long the manner, we're going to have to work within what is going on. And that means we're gonna

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have to get on with life as much as we can, the good and the bad, the positive, the negative, you know, the marriages and the birds and the maybe even the Genesis eventually that's what life is all about. And we're going to have to cope with it day by day. So, again, it is not my place to tell you specifically what to do. But generically speaking, it is something that you and your family and the other party and their family should discuss, do you wish to delay a few months? Or do you want to go on with this and in whatever you decide to things as our shediac tells us to do is taharah and st Shara our Sharia tells us to do this and I've given a longer lecture here at epic you can find it on

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the the the archives, and that is you pray istikhara to Allah subhana wa Taala whatever you do, to Raka and then the drive is to heart and then it's the shadow. And the shadow means you ask your loved ones your senior members, people of wisdom and experience you ask is the shadow and based on his taharah and is the shadow you then undertake the decision. And once you take undertake that decision, you put your trust in Allah and don't look back further as MTA fatawa had a lot once you make up your decision with this, the hardness the shadow, you go forward and you make the best of the situation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it all easy. I have to say one other joke at the end

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here. I just tweeted this the other day that one of the brothers who is single now he tweeted out on his Facebook that I'm offering a very expensive method to any bride that wants to come. And it was three rolls of toilet paper and one hand sanitizer and one cleaner and whatnot it goes this is my matter if anybody's going to come so sister commented No I will accept nothing less than a bit a I have to get the Lota then I'm going to get married to each other. So how does find some Hello, humor and all of this as well and charlo either we have to live and we have to carve out even the laughs through the tears and through the trials and tribulations such as life and ask Allah for his

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hummed a lot of blood. I mean, I hope all our future spouses got that documented. For the photoshoot. That's gonna go a long way inshallah hamdulillah. So, along the same lines,

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so we know that husbands have rights over their wives and wives have rights over their husbands. Is it permissible in these times for like for the husband, to or for the wife to refuse to, to be intimate with her husband? Because of this Corona scare? A lot of times the husband goes out where it mixes with people in the wife might be home. And Can she refuse

00:24:36--> 00:24:39

to be intimate with the husband saying, Hey, I don't know you might have Corona.

00:24:40--> 00:24:44

You know, that's a difficult question. Jokes aside.

00:24:46--> 00:24:52

I don't feel I'm qualified to answer that because I don't know the level of risk in this regard.

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

And this needs to be asked to a medical expert about how dangerous because I don't know

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

From what I understand, see I don't. So again, it goes back to the husband's profession. Every day, he's going out to meeting other people from what I understand most people are under lockdown. From what I understand, most people are working from home. And if that is the case, then obviously there's no more risk on the husband, and there's another wife. And if that is the case, then the default rules will apply, which is that there is no need for this to become an issue. And it should, although the both of them should work out a healthy marriage and compromise. But if one of the partners is at a higher risk than the other, then there's no doubt that this changes the situation

00:25:36--> 00:26:20

if this risk is transferable. And I'm not a medical expert, and I do not know whether intimacy in and of itself transfers this, this, this virus or not, from what I understand. And again, I'm not a medical expert, the the the the virus is transferred by the droplets inside the throat, of if coughing or sneezing occurs, it's not skin by skin touching as much as it is the droplets that come when a person is sick, and they call for the sneeze. So this is a question that cannot be answered from film alone. It needs the expert advice of the the doctors and the specialists. Because there is no doubt that if one of the partners is reasonably

00:26:22--> 00:26:52

potentially dangerous in transferring a disease, I'm being generic here generic, I'm not being specific. If one of the partners is reasonably potentially dangerous, the other partner is not a lot obliged to risk his or her life in this regard. But I do not know whether the situation is that level where a person is going to reasonably be compromised. That's not something that I'm capable of answering, we need to go to the medical experts to there. Firstly, secondly, one also needs to say, Well,

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if near proximity is going to possibly transfer the disease and not just intimacy, then what is the point of avoiding intimacy when you're sleeping in the same room, for example, or using the same utensils, for example? So again, your question and I know it's an awkward question for some, but it needs to be asked and I also know is going to cause some people to laugh and joke, but I'm being dead serious here. And I'm using this as a teaching moment for me. And for all of you that this is actually a very, very good question. It's a very serious question. And I'm telling you honestly, I'm not qualified to answer it, because it requires knowledge beyond what is found in the books. It

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requires knowledge of medicine, I need to know many things that I don't know. and dare I say, from what I understand, maybe even medical experts don't know this yet, because this is still being researched. From what I have read. And I'm reading quite a lot about this every single day. But I'm not an expert from what I have read.

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Medical experts are still uncertain about how this disease actually transfers, how the virus actually lives, how long it lives, and what transfers to what. And so what the surety allows us to do is to take reasonable precautions, what is not allowed is unreasonable or bizarre precautions that are going to infringe on the rights of the others. So I need to know how reasonable it is where this disease can be transferred between married to a couples, I also need to know that what else is being done and again, so for example, I give the example if the doctor were to say or if the medical expert would you say it's not the intimacy is not the act of the conjugal relation, it is simply

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being in the vicinity of the of the of the other person, and then the wife or the husband are saying but we are not we're living together, we're sleeping together, we eating the same utensils, we're using the same bathroom using the same kitchen. So they're living everything together. So then the act of intimacy is not going to in and of itself be any more riskier than simply living together. If that is the case, then obviously that changes the dynamics that will say, well, then why should then this one act be now become problematic? So bottom line, very good question What? And I'm not able to answer it definitively. I've given you some generic guidelines, and I hope that inshallah we get to

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know from virus experts and medical experts more about this disease and how it is transferred or what not. And once we have a definitive, definitive answer on that, then in shallow data, myself and others, people of knowledge can then give a more of a definitive answer about this question and a larger budget knows best.

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See, these marriage questions are always tough, right? Very tough. But how can we were talking about only marital questions? I'm curious because we're at home with our families all day.

00:29:39--> 00:29:45

Okay, very important. Right? So just let me switch it up before very good.

00:29:46--> 00:29:58

So people are circulating this hadith about if boeuf stops around the Kaaba, then that is a sign that Yeah, Georgia and Georgia are going to come or that as a sign of the Hereafter is that actually a hadith or

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Did you ever come I am not aware of any authentic hadith that mentions that one of the signs of the Judgement Day. And yeah, Juju Mojo coming is that the waffle stop around the Kaaba. What we do know from the authentic hadith is that one of the signs of the very end of times where there will be no more Muslims left. So the Hadees that I know of, is talking about a time which is after that of Eastern Imodium, after that to be a judge in Madrid, after that of the judge, at the very end of times, and of course, here at epic right before you came out, we had a very long series about the science of the Day of Judgment. And I went over, I don't know how many episodes on the science of de

00:30:41--> 00:31:22

judgment and then one of them, I went over this issue of one of the last things that will be done, when there are no more Muslims on earth is that the swift content is going to come and he will destroy the Kava, and there will be no one to protect the Kava, because there will be no more Muslims left. So that is definitely one of the signs of yom Okayama. But the Hadith that I'm aware of do not apply before the coming of yet jujin Jews when there are still a billion and a half Muslims in earth know, the hoodie that I'm wearing, which are the authentic identity behind a Muslim and others is that these ahaadeeth are applicable towards the very last batch of humanity on earth.

00:31:22--> 00:32:01

And this is after the jug, and Isa and the MADI and yeah, Juju met Jews and not in that order because they're in different orders. This is the very end of times when the Quran has been lifted up and the Kadima has been forgotten, and the people no longer worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Prophet says Adam told us that there will come a time when even the doors of Medina will be swinging open, and the wolves and the dogs will come in and out to the masjid and no one will care it's going to be an empty, deserted land and muck and Medina will be empty and deserted. Not because the Muslims have abandoned, but because there are no more Muslims on Earth. That is the the sign that

00:32:01--> 00:32:06

I'm aware of. As for what the question is asked, I'm not aware of this. And Allah knows best

00:32:07--> 00:32:08


00:32:11--> 00:32:24

the same subject. So if hedge if hedge if this continues until such time and we're prevented from doing what would it be the first time where hedge is not done.

00:32:26--> 00:32:52

There have been multiple times in Islamic history where hedge has been stopped for almost always for political reasons. And also there have been times where disease and plagues have been so rampant in certain parts of the world that there could be no caravans that even went for Hajj from those parts of the world. So it would not be the first time that Hajj has been abandoned. But

00:32:54--> 00:33:40

it would probably be the first time in recorded history of our own generations. The hedge having been abandoned or did not take place. Definitely we know multiple times and from the top of my head. I remember now that when the parameter or the call the animations the parameter when they were they were a terrorist group in 350, around 300 angel, they were a terrorist group that attacked the cab Can you believe this is 1000 years ago they attack the Kaaba, and they believe it or not stole the hedges us with the black stone, and they massacred the Hajaj during Hajj during Hajj. The who judge fled Helter Skelter and the arrabiata massacred the huge damage, and they filled the world of them

00:33:40--> 00:34:15

with their dead bodies. This happened in our own history, we'll read this up. It's a very, very sad tragedy. And for the next year after that there was this obviously complete terror of even trying to do the Hajj. So most people did not go for Hajj. And there are other times as well when the black plague swept through the world that there was just no money and no resources for The Omen master to hedge perhaps a few locals and whatnot. You know, it's not as if hedge even if they shut it down. They're still going to be the locals that do hedge and hamdulillah is going to be some people do it. We're not going to maybe have millions of people but still you're going to have the very small group

00:34:15--> 00:34:55

in Morocco, they're going to be below we'll just go to the cabin and go to our fat and hydro will take place in sha Allah. This year. The question is, will 2 million people or 3 million people come to do the Hajj. And if that is not going to happen, then it won't be the first time where the Hajaj have significantly become much less. And in fact, as I said there were times when there were no hedge caravans going because of either political reasons, or because of plagues. These are the two main issues that have prevented people from going for Hajj, it won't be the first time but perhaps it will be the most dramatic time because now we have 3 million people coming and for that to just,

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

you know, dwindle down. It will be a very very sad tragedy and

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Again, going back to my hood, but today, we really should introspect, we really should think, long and hard about why this is happening, because there is no question that this is a type of collective punishment, even if maybe each and every one of us does not deserve the punishment, but collectively, it is really there is no way around this that the blessings of coming to the masjid and never going to the domain, they have been lifted from us for a time being. And we have to ask ourselves why that is the case. And this is a time for introspection, it is very possible, that Hajj will be severely diminished. It is very possible we have to we have to think about the

00:35:39--> 00:35:44

psychologically maybe even canceled, but that's up to up to

00:35:45--> 00:36:25

the authorities after a loss will obviously I personally do not think that they will cancel the Hajj. But I do think that if situation continues that they will take drastic measures to diminish the quantities of people coming and from a surety perspective. And again, and I'm saying this as somebody who's leading a Hydra group. So I don't like to say this, but that is different than the surety perspective. From a surety perspective. If a person genuinely feels like it's still too early to do anything, but if two months before hedge a month before hedge of status quo remains and a person feels that it is not safe to go, they have every right to delay even if hedges obligatory on

00:36:25--> 00:37:07

them. Because Allah azza wa jal explicitly says in the Quran, that Hajj is only obligatory, they must have either a civilian who has a way to go, right who is able to go and given the the legitimate fear of the Coronavirus and the fact that hedges in congregated quarters and everything. If a person feels that status quo still remains, then they feel worried. It is it is an Islamic excuse to delay the hedge to a year where this is not happening and they will not be sinful. Even though generally speaking hedges obligatory, as soon as you can afford it, and you're able to go, but this is one of the reasons why we'd have we'd say that it is permissible to delay. But still I

00:37:07--> 00:37:41

need to stress it's still too early to make a decision, we still are three and a half months away from Hajj. So let's wait in sha Allah we never know because things might change within a month things might change and normal bond they might change in summer, they might there's there is a good possibility that things might change in the summer, even by the weather, by the way, if you know what's going on, again, with the various issues that there is a prediction that simply because of hot weather as well that the virus will diminish exceedingly so and if that is the case, then inshallah that also has a bearing on on hygiene Allah knows best.

00:37:43--> 00:37:45

taala never deprive us of

00:37:47--> 00:37:47

doing Hajj.

00:37:50--> 00:37:53

We have a bunch of questions, we're not going to have time because we only have 10 minutes.

00:37:56--> 00:38:24

So chef, a very important question. How can I that is something very important and emphasized in the DM, right, especially our neighbors, our family, our parents, our cousins, relatives in general, we have to reach out to them. And in these times, it's very difficult to do this. And sometimes, you know, if someone's parent is living, not too far, it's very, you know, if it's a large household, it's very difficult not to go and visit

00:38:25--> 00:38:31

the parents, for example, with all the grandkids and whatnot, and have these gatherings once a week, do you think

00:38:33--> 00:39:15

these, these gatherings should still continue? Or should they be on hold as well? j and so once again, you're asking a question that deals with a little bit of fear and a little bit of, of medical stuff. My issue is the fifth stuff, not the medical stuff. From a fifth hate perspective, your job is to make sure that you take care of your loved ones and parents in a reasonable fashion. It is not obligatory On the contrary, if you're going to endanger them by walking into their house, then the *ty art says don't walk into their house, you can fulfill the obligation and other mechanisms and hamdulillah we thank Allah azza wa jal that we have the technology to FaceTime our relatives and

00:39:15--> 00:39:52

parents, we have the technology to talk to them face to face, you know, I mean, every one of us just above the age of 30 remembers the time when there was no cell phones even you know, above the age of 4050, where we had to call with the dial tone and whatnot, things have changed so much. You know, one of the weird things is that even the the the internet and YouTube and all of this, we thank Allah now there's so much benefit that there's Edelman knowledge and Koran and we can do stuff. I mean, those of us that were remember the 90s and before that the 80s. I mean, what would we have done without the internet, you know, we're seeing each other live right now because of all of this,

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

right? You're watching me from YouTube on live, and this is going to be put on YouTube. And imagine if this had happened when we didn't have any

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

This technology, you know, it would have been a very different world. And it would have been a very different time. So bottom line, you're asking me what needs to be done. And I'm saying that whatever the medical experts tell us, we have to make our field around that tells us, our theology tells us take care of your relatives. Allah didn't tell us how, when the doctors come in, they tell us, if you physically visit your elderly father and mother, I'm just saying if they say that, that's you have to ask your own local doctors, if you're visiting them is going to endanger them, then don't visit them, call them up, speak to them in other ways, deliver the groceries outside their house,

00:40:36--> 00:41:14

you need to work within what we know of the system. The the religion of Islam is not a religion, that is anti common sense and anti medicine and anti experience. The religion of Islam works with what we know Allah Subhana, WA tada created the world, and he revealed the religion the to go hand in hand. So when doctors tell us and I know of families that their parents live separate, and they're away from, you know, other people. So they have been told they should not visit their parents, because their parents lives separate from everybody else. So I have friends, they're dropping their groceries to their parents outside the door, and they're saying Salaam from the

00:41:14--> 00:41:49

window to their mother, and is breaking their hearts that they can't even do that. That's in their scenario. But what if your parents are living with you anywhere in the house, and that's a different story altogether. So each family is different. And again, my job is not to answer specifics. My job is to give generically based upon what our religion says, and what our religion says, we are required to take care of our parents, sometimes, if we visit them might even endanger them, we will not be taking care of them, if we walk into their house, and after having been in public and whatnot, and they're not living with us. So you take into account your situation, the situation of

00:41:49--> 00:42:21

your parents, and do the best that you can give in that circumstance. And no matter what the circumstance is, definitely, now is the time to reconnect with any relatives or any people that you were not talking to, you know, a lot knows what's going on, you know, call up your aunt's your uncle's, your cousins, call up your family have be in touch with them. We all have issues with various family members, this is the son of a lion, his creation, you know, now is the time to cleanse your heart, now is the time to just get rid of any baggage that was there. Allah knows who amongst us will

00:42:23--> 00:42:53

live through this and who won't, Allah knows what's going to happen. Use this as an excuse to soften your heart and inshallah the hearts of your relatives will also be softened. So work in this timeframe to try to reestablish that connection online, there's no problem making a phone call under the law, you know, call them up, send them an email, see what's going on, be in touch with with family and loved ones, with whatever way you can, given the circumstances that are happening. You know, and Eliza Jen knows best. So Nick, social.

00:42:54--> 00:42:56

Now we have a new trend

00:42:57--> 00:43:07

that we're seeing, ever since the massages closed, and a lot of the big Islamic centers adopted, you know, position to close the massages out of precaution.

00:43:08--> 00:43:30

Some massage and have gatherings outside in their parking lots during for the five daily prayers. And obviously, it's getting more and more popularity, people are saying, okay, there's a gym outside, we can come and join do you think? Would you recommend this? Obviously they're coming at their own risk. They're bringing their prayer rugs, and whatnot. And

00:43:31--> 00:44:15

it is it's kind of awkward, you know, to see them praying outside of the masjid when the mustard can be easily opened what obviously, you know, so, so it's kind of contradicting, you know, if they're meeting in groups larger than 50 are larger than 100, whatever the CDC said, you know, we can't meet in groups more than 10 right now. So or they don't recommend it at least. So if they're meeting in these large groups outside of massage, and what is your position towards that? What do you What advice do you give them? So one thing we need to realize, and again, I'm speaking here with not just the fifth basis, but also knowing what we know about the virus and whatnot, when the CDC is saying

00:44:15--> 00:44:57

that they are not recommending any groups larger than 10. We need to understand 10 is not a magic number such that when you have nine, it becomes safe. And when you have 11, it becomes dangerous. What the CDC is trying to do is to minimize the casualties. If there are casualties, we need to understand the goal of the CDC, of course, the CDC is the Center for Disease Control, right. And it is the National reputable organization that our government, basically, you know, it's a branch of our government that is telling us these regulations and guidelines. And we as Muslims need to be intelligent enough to understand that what they're saying is what they're trying to do. If a person

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

has the virus, then instead of that person, why

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

walking into a room of 200 people and causing 200 casualties. Let's minimize by causing only 10 casualties. That's what they're trying to do. Me personally, I am trying to avoid every single person. And I want everybody to do the same. I walked into the masjid, you know, we have the AV, we have the security, we have view mode, you can all testify, I wasn't within three feet of you. I didn't shake any of your hands. I'm not within any vicinity of anyone for jumar today, you know, one of the issues came and again, it's human nature, he walks up to me, he puts his hand out, well, he it broke my heart, I put my hand back and I laughed, I said, you know, Schiff sub, you know, you're

00:45:39--> 00:46:17

forgetting you're not supposed to be doing this, it hurts my heart. But this is what I'm doing as a precautionary measure. Because I'm a person who reads and understands I mean, what is going on. I'm not a biology expert. But at the same time, I'm not jaded about science, we know what this is read up, how dangerous it is how this disease is transferred. All you need to do is to have that droplet, you know, come over to you and then touch your body and whatnot. We take reasonable precautions and me personally, and I'll say this not as shaky acid but as Yasuo your brother, I say it is foolish. I say it is foolish to come and mix in gatherings of 510 people for no reason you do what you need to

00:46:17--> 00:46:54

do as the bare minimum, you need to go shopping for your family. Okay, you go shopping for your family, you need to go but even when you go, be careful, don't touch people wash your hands when you come back, do the bare minimum. If your work is requiring you to go whatever place you need to then take reasonable precautions and do that. But don't go socializing. I'm bored as well. I'd like to go visit people's houses we wouldn't have people over that is utterly foolish to do I'm speaking again as your brother in humanity, not as a person of any of them just as another person who is reading up and understand what's going on. This is no joke. My dear brothers and sisters, this is no joke. This

00:46:54--> 00:47:36

is a virus that is spreading at an exponential level. We honestly have never experienced a plague in our lives. our predecessors would live through a few plagues, they knew the terror, they knew what happens. We are living a lackadaisical cut off from reality we don't understand, we really have a cockiness and an arrogance that is truly terrifying. And that is going to harm all of us. You know what my problem is? And again, for the last few days on Twitter and Facebook, I've been attacked harshly by people who are irritated that I'm going against their Messiah and I'm saying we should not have Juma and their Messiah say we should. And so they're saying that you're disrespecting our

00:47:36--> 00:48:15

Messiah, because I'm saying that their Messiah are wrong in this regard and they are wrong. It doesn't matter what I say or not they are wrong in having the position that people should have Joomla My issue is those people that are congregating and they're still doing Joomla um, it's hurtful that they're going to harm themselves. But I'll be honest here. What is really painful to me is that their foolishness and dare I say there's too pity is going to harm the entire city, not just them. It's not just them that are going to be harmed. It's not just their families. If you understand the spread of the virus being exponential, if you understand that every person that is

00:48:15--> 00:48:52

sick is going to spread it to maybe 10 1520 people and you do the math, and then you realize that that person is within our own Muslim community. England the British government said the Muslim community is the number one casualty of the Coronavirus. It is the Muslim community that is going to suffer the most This is what the government said do you want to know why? I will tell you why. Because we have Mashallah the largest gatherings we have Masha Allah, the Most extended families we thank Allah hamdulillah we thank Allah outside of this plague, we thank Allah that our massager they're packed, we thank Allah that we love our families. We thank Allah that we have love and care.

00:48:52--> 00:49:31

But those issues are breeding grounds for the viruses coming together and congregating and hugging and shaking the government the British government is saying the number one community that is going to be affected is the Muslim community of England that's what they said and they're absolutely spot on because they understand that our culture being as friendly and as loving as whatnot is is going to cause these issues so I have to be honest here. I'm not in charge of the the this issue of what not if I were in charge, this is private property and I would ban it simple as that I don't care I said this on Twitter, get angry at me just don't mix with people curse me if you want just don't mix

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

with people just stay at home. Don't go for Joomla and Gemma be individually as much as you want to say I'm this I'm that go ahead, let your anger out. I want to save lives. I want to save the oma I want to save people from getting this disease. And what I am telling you to do is the number one mechanism after putting our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala that will save us and that is social isolation. Do not mix with people do not spread people and dear Muslims. Don't choose

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

Read that up to 60%, maybe even 80% of the people who get this virus Hamdulillah, they will not even be affected. But what will they do, they will carry the virus to their children, to their spouses to their parents, they're going to carry it to their loved ones, they will be the mechanism. Today I got a text message from one of my own students that is in Canada on a life support now 25 year old man, but he has obviously some other complications 90% of his lungs is gone, 90% is gone. And 10% remaining, the doctors don't know if you're gonna live or not. I know a person of our community. Right? He had some minor issue before. I mean, generally speaking in the 20s, and 30s. If you're

00:50:39--> 00:51:19

young, generally speaking, you will overcome. But if there's anything that you had a pre existing condition, any type of you know, asthma or whatnot, it is very possible that this virus can come and take it to a whole different level. So dear Muslims, Don't be foolish, don't act in a manner that is going to cause your own destruction or destruction of your loved ones, into mixing with other human beings at a close proximity. This is the number one cause of the spread of the virus. Therefore, stay away from people have a healthy distance. And it doesn't make sense for you to be coming to the masjid and interacting with people. And now that we've set them aside, what are some people doing at

00:51:19--> 00:51:54

home that is not in our community and other communities. I know they're going to be praying in the parking lot I've heard, I've been told that they're going outside and standing outside the door and having mini Jamaat as a type of anger that the masjid shut down, I don't care. I'm still gonna pray here. And we have to deal with this. Frankly, it is foolishness. It really is foolishness and allow me to say it because it is true. It's a it's an it's an arrogance that this assumption that if we do this, then you know Allah is going to be happy with us and Allah is not happy with foolishness. I know our time is up but I said this before we say it again. And then shall I guess with this, we

00:51:54--> 00:52:31

conclude the famous Hadith who's in a Buddha would wear the same attitude was found amongst a companion when his companion friend fell sick or the he had a head injury. The blood was coming from his head and it's gushing out and he had to do hosel and he asked his companion What should I do to have to do hostile or not and this bleeding and it's festered, you supposed to keep it dry, it's a it's a middle of the desert, there's no medication, nothing and his companion said to him that Oh, if you have to do hostile I don't see any concession. Allah has made it obligatory. You have to do also go jump into the river. The guy jumped in you know the the well that was there, he jumped in

00:52:31--> 00:53:11

and his festered wound became much worse, and he passed away and he died. When they got back to the Medina. The Prophet system got so angry at this person, he actually uttered a curse he said, otterloo cartella Hola. This man killed him. May Allah curse him. This is in the Hadith and a Buddha with your ignorance and your stupidity and your foolishness by thinking that the Sharia does not allow for any laxity, if you ask to jump in and do also go ahead and do also you didn't know fit, which is why we see the difference between the real owner map the fuqaha, the real amount of money, you look at the council's of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, United Arab Emirates of Morocco, of Turkey,

00:53:11--> 00:53:49

of Malaysia, all of these councils with a roadmap that have spent not 2030 years like I have 40 5060 years of their life studying film, all of them unanimously saying, Let us shut the massager down. Now we have some young man or some uncle who's never studied Islam, except for a hot bar too. And he or she thinks they know it's not better than these greater gamma, and they want to show that they know Islam, he then you're not just going to cause problems to yourself, you're going to cause problems to your family and your community and to all of us and that is why I keep on telling you all people, if you have someone in your family that wants to do this, let them get angry at you. If

00:53:49--> 00:54:09

you're able to physically stop them and tell them do not go stay at home Don't do this, then go ahead and do that. Because this foolishness of walking around and being with the public and you know there was on NBC or was it or ABC whatever the that these young college kids in, what is it Florida? They're they're going to the spring break, right and

00:54:11--> 00:54:49

they're being interviewed and there's like I don't care of the Coronavirus comes. And today there was an article or think that one of them went back home fell sick is on the ventilator. And now he is saying you know that, that, please listen to me. Don't act foolishly. No, I can't breathe. I'd give my eyes to be able to breathe and I'll give my eyesight up back. You have a full breath because he cannot breathe now. This is stupidity. And I'm sorry to be so blunt here. Those people that are wanting to pray in the masjid. They're just as foolish as those teenagers that want to go to spring break in Florida and thinking nothing is going to have the same mentality. I don't care. I'm going

00:54:49--> 00:55:00

to do it. Our shed era is not asking us to be foolish. We tie our camel and then we put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada and intermixing with the public is not tying our company.

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

It is acting foolish and that is as blunt as I can be. And if you want to get angry, please get angry at me but stay at home. That's my advice to Mahesh nanometric view curam.

00:55:13--> 00:55:35

very thorough answer a lot of Blimey, I think he got to everyone. And I just like to testify that Elijah Yasser is the most cautious one in here. And he's taking the most precautions. Michelle law is very keen on having us keep the distance away, not shake hands and keep we keep washing our hands. He keeps reminding us a lot about the future.

00:55:36--> 00:55:43

He is taking these measures more than anyone I seen in the community. So that's for that.

00:55:44--> 00:55:53

And that shows what what you just said is what distinguishes a scholar from from a layman. You know, the scholar sees a fitna before it happens and the layman

00:55:55--> 00:55:57

sees it when he's in it, or once he's in it.

00:55:58--> 00:56:36

We call the audience today inshallah to listen to the advice of our scholars, to these to these councils, they're not speaking from nothing, they have a lot of knowledge and when they tell you that it's better to stay home that it's better to stay home take their advice, brothers and sisters in Islam because indeed is a serious matter of law. We might not see it, but they see it because they see something we don't see to begin with. But a coffee can I just like to remind you with two things in Sharla please subscribe in our channel to help epic demonstrate so we can continue to provide you with this content does not come along here. And if you cannot

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