A friend who smokes drugs, should I cut my ties with him?

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I have a friend who smokes drugs frequently. But never, but whenever I tell him, it's not good, he will begin to rent. My question is, can I tell him or her, it's over between us. If he doesn't keep if he doesn't stop smoking.

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Now, um, so this is known as a luxury, a luxury to boycott a brother or a sister in Islam. So primarily, it is impermissible to boycott your Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Islam, which are forbidden.

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And if a person wants to boycott someone, then they have a maximum of three days. And then they must reconcile before the three days end, as mentioned by an OB sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. However, in this case that you're mentioning here, if you're going to boycott this person, and you believe or because of their sin, right, because of their smoking. So if you believe if I was to boycott and cut my tie with this friend, and this boycotting is going to have an impact upon him or her. And they're going to think about what they're doing. And perhaps they will make October and throw the smoking all away, then yes, boycott them, go ahead. And that could be for a week, two weeks, three weeks, no

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problems. But if you know that boycotting them, is not going to have an effect. And they're going to continue smoking and perhaps even become worse, then there is no goodness in boycotting them in this case at all. So Yanni, you i You will be the judge for the Casey I cannot judge it for you. You need to see you know this person better than anyone else. And you know, if you boycott them, would that have an impact on them? And they will leave the smoking? And does your relationship and your friendship? Is it a real important step? If it is then b if the law stopped smoking, in that case, boycott for as long as you need.

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But if boycotting, they will not care, and they were in need of your reminder and you are there and you knew you had an influence on them. But you just could no longer do that. Then there's no there's no any goodness in cutting them. Stay. Remain. Keep that tie that remind them and perhaps meet with them less often. Send them a message, send them a reminder, send them a video, warn them, teach them about death, and that death is approaching teach them about the sin and the regret that will have concerning their sins. Teach them about the Mercy of Allah, the forgiveness of Allah and the need for them to turn to Allah and so many things you can remind them with. We ask Allah azza wa jal to

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figure us all we ask him anyway ask Allah social also that can he help this brother and aid him in stopping this bad habit addiction of smoking now