Tazkiyah 06 – Procrastination and Useless Talk

Mirza Yawar Baig


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In America

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salatu salam O Allah cambia rally was heavy on what about

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in continuation with yesterday's

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Today, I want to remind myself when you merge two other issues that become hurdles, in our

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desire to reach close to Allah subhanaw taala. One is procrastination, and the other one is idle and useless stock.

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There is always this tendency in many people, and May Allah save us all from that of postponing things.

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We have good intentions. But we keep postponing, for example, you have intention to memorize some sort of art, but you say, oh, I'll do it tomorrow, I'll start on Friday, or I'll do it on Thursday night.

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Or I'll do it in the last 10 days or

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so every time there is some, and apparently that reason for postponing is supposed to be good, I will have to I will have time.

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And then when the time comes for autographs, and there's another thing happening. So that doesn't happen, then it gets postponed to some other time, and so on and so on. And then end of the day, that surah has not been memorized.

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And this is the case with a lot of things. You want to give, for example, something some sort of, you want to give some relation to something, some good project, whatever we keep postponing. Now I'll give it a number that because I get more,

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and so on and so forth right. Now,

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to make a long story short, the issue with all of this postponement is at the end of the day, you have not achieved anything and you have not been able to complete what you had started off with. So even though intention was good,

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at the end of the day, intention alone is not sufficient.

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Even though you have good intention, the action also has to happen. As they say, you can only take the sales to the bank, the intention to sell is not equal to a sale. The actual sale has to be when

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people do this also in business. And there are other in the for example, dd one One very common thing which happens, procrastination, where it shows its effect, it's evil is in reading, we even go and buy the book, you hear about a good book, you see it on a shelf or something in a bookstore, we will buy the book, we will we will spend the money to buy the book, then the book comes and sits in your house, and it is never over.

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And months pass and years pass. And we never open that book, we never read the book. Why because we are postponing we continuously keep on postponing this happens that happens. So therefore, it is very important to get out of this evil habit of postponing. And the way to do that is to put deadlines

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and say I will do this by this time. Now I always say my definition of a deadline is it's a line which if you cross to die,

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because without the dead, it's only a line.

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So you have to there has to be a dead. And what is that dead, make a fine for yourself.

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Or something which you don't like to do. For example, you say well, I will read this book by the 10th of this month.

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And if I do not read the book, by the 10th of this month, I will give $10,000 in soda, make it into a make a big amount, which you don't normally give. Because if it's some 100 rupees or something you will keep on giving that that's not that's those make it a big chunk, which you don't like to give, right? So you have 10,000 rupees, or you say I will fast for the whole week.

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from Thursday, from Saturday to the next day, I'll fast for the whole week, one week of fasting, make it into something which is tough,

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then it will make you do this thing, right? The key key thing is that without the dead it's only a line a deadline has no meaning. If there is if it has no teeth, if nothing happens, a deadline is only good if something happens if you bust that deadline. But if nothing happens, then it's a meaningless thing. I'll do it by then then it doesn't happen. Why didn't happen some reason? See a reason does not change the reality. This is a very important thing to understand. an excuse does not change the reality a reason does not change the reality. If something has lost its luster you will have a good reason why it was lost, but that doesn't change anything. So procrastination is a big

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evil. The cure for procrastination is to keep deadlines and as I said the deadline has to have teeth. What is that

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Did you have to punish yourself and do it in a way where you feel the pain of that punishment, that's very important, you have to feel the pain of the punishment. So whether it's in terms of charity or fasting or something,

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you say, I will run 10 miles or something.

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So make it something which is tough to do. So then that will give you honest and you will do the you will not procrastinate. Second thing, as I said, is I do talk

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this is a very big problem is a very big problem, very big evil. And this leads to some bigger, worse things, which is Riva and Amoeba, and so on. And it all starts with idle talk, starts with idle. And one of the reasons why idle talk is meetings, which have no purpose.

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So we meet in you know, in this wedding, and that wedding, or this, whatever, various places, there's really nothing to do. And you're meeting basically the same people over and over and over again. So there's really nothing interesting to talk about.

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And so you end up with us the stock, usually it starts with some current affair or something which is happening, and then we start saying, Oh, this is what this government should do. And that is what that king should do. And that was also to do, and then it goes from there into actual rebirth of this person or that person, because in the course of the target will comes up and none of us have said this.

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But what does matter which you started, somebody is no but so and so said this. So not immediately now that so and so becomes the topic of the conversation. And now you have gone into slander and went into Viva and backtracking and so on and so forth. So this idle talk is a very major problem. And it's one of the things of Serbia that we have to get out of how to do that by doing the Coronavirus.

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Best way to get out of idle talk is to recite Quran is to do the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala, continuously, just keep on doing the guy just keeps on and just keep on doing Vicar. Even if some stuff is happening around you, first of all, don't go into such places. So it saves you save you from save yourself from that, no need to go straight because listening to labor is equal to do in reverse. So if you are sitting with people where this is happening, then you are equally sinful. So best thing is avoid such meetings. And if you find yourself in such a situation, get up and walk out. And if you can't even do that maybe you're sitting in a car, the guy is going somewhere you

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can't get up and walk out. Please do not participate in the conversation. Don't do Don't say anything, somebody says Why are you silent to sampling the secret of Allah subhanaw taala I think it's a good idea, if you also do, instead of talking all the statuto Say it, say it clearly. So that people are, you know, one of two things will happen, either they will correct themselves, or they will not take you next time they go both of which is unreal.

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the way of getting out of this idle talk is to do the seeker of Allah subhana wa, and of course, is nothing wrong in talking things which have benefit in definitely, it's a very useful thing. Let's

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see how we can do that. When I say benefit, I mean, to me something has benefit if there is an action at the end of it.

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So if you have said something we have spoken about something, therefore now What shall we do?

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If there is no action at the end of it, then there's no point in talking about nothing, whatever that was, has no meaning. If you are not going to do anything at the end of it, what's the point you say you talk about all the poverty and so on, see the situation of the street, see the poverty, see how bad the you know, sick sick sense of people is see how bad people drive at the end of that? Are you going to do something? Or are you saying fight this poverty is so bad. So now let us five of six of us sitting here that has pulled some money here and we are going to take this money and we are going to do something about this board. Then this talk was useful on how the streets are dirty. Now

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let us go pick up one broom each and we will go and sweep the street. Let's go do that. What is the point otherwise of talking about how much garbage is on the street because garbage doesn't grow on the street? It came from your house or the house or somebody like you. So if you are not going to do something about what's the point we're talking about,

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nothing will happen.

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So therefore at the end of the day, if you are talking about something then let us say that now we spoke about this, what action should we do?

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And if it is something where you feel that there is really nothing I can do then don't talk about it is a waste of time Do not talk about it do Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala make dua to Allah subhanaw taala that is Nevada that will inshallah solve something but do not talk about it. So what is good talk, good talk is that at the end of which there should be some action?

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If no action is going to happen, no talk wissota How many times do we talk about all these ostentatious weddings and how much money

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The Muslims are wasting in these weddings. And I can bet you every single one of those people who has been talking that the next wedding you see they will all be there in that wedding. Every single

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Marisa nama kurama Kanaka de

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la la la hotel.

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So what is the point of saying, if you are really so, you know,

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so upset about the fact that Muslims are wasting money, we shouldn't be upset, it's a it is a waste of waste of money, it is something for which they are answerable to Allah Subhana Allah?

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If that is the case, why do you go?

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You shouldn't go we should say collectively we will boycott we will not go and don't say we do. And then of course, I will call if you want if individually one if you don't go up one defendant doesn't matter, you don't go your answer.

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Let it make no difference doesn't matter. I will not go

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even if nobody else is with me, I will not.

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So useless talk just sitting and talking something no waste of time, let us ensure that if we start some conversation, that conversation has a

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an ending in some action, then inshallah there is a benefit in that condition. So so many come, I don't want to list all the topics we talk about so many topics, and all of them equally useless. Because at the end of the day, nothing happens. Nothing changes in the world, nothing changes the reality, all of this talk is completely useless. And remember Allah subhanaw taala will hold us accountable for the time and for the talk. And as I said, the problem with all the useless talk is it can take us into areas which are actually completely Haram.

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So we don't want to go anywhere near that. So procrastination, and I've told you the solution for that idle, useless talk, what to do solution for that, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from all of the evils and to keep us focused on his Deen and to keep us focused on what is good for our own Africa. Because that is the biggest benefit that we can possibly get, which is to

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focus on our rocker in 100,000, Salam Allah Subhana, Allah Allah, which is the biggest number that you have given me, unless you don't take a deep breath, though that is enough to have a deep breath. And let's face it, this is the biggest number for

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the fact that you can still beat the fact the fact that you can take a deep breath

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because as long as you're breathing, we have a chance of saving ourselves from the anger of Allah and from praising Allah. So therefore that is focus on that which is beneficial and we ask Allah to save us from that which is harmful for us. Was Allah Allah? Allah Allah He was

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