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Episode 6/26: Anger (Part 2/2)


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The speakers discuss the negative impact of anger on a person's body, including physical altercations, swearing, punching, breaking, and becoming angry. They stress the importance of cureing the disease of fear of Allah's strong and the need for forgiveness. The use of "slack point" in Islam is advised to avoid people with short temper and avoid those with long temper, as it can lead to regret and negative behavior. The importance of anger in the fight against racism is emphasized, and individuals should account for themselves and not let anyone's negative behavior affect their behavior.

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What can the Liga Fina eco hum in Marina

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de de Mercator? Well,

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King john, who know

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what a king john

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d v min Nasha

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mineva Deena, are in La Casa de

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la la de la Houma is sama. feel

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anger narrated Abu huraira en los apostle, may Allah peace and blessings be upon him said

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the strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength.

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But the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger

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as salaam alaikum, and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul.

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The last episode we were talking about anger, and how about how anger is, or extreme anger is very evil thing and some of the effects of anger on a person's heart on his tongue on his limbs. Let's have a recap about some of that, what are the things that good was that a person can see

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on another person who's angry,

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changing the color of his face and the face?

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That he begins to show an animalistic behavior?

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punching, kicking, breaking, something's

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saying bad words. Yes, swearing, cursing, yeah,

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he may lose control of his tongue. His interaction now face interaction with other people change, his tone of voice may become aggressive.

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Exactly. So from this, we can see that it's very important to cure this, this disease of he have extreme anger. And a person can do this. By doing a number of things, first and foremost, he should remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this should lead him to having fear of Allah subhanaw taala. And that would then make him mindful of what he is doing it remind him that he's actually a worship of Allah, that ultimately it is a pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that he seeks, he should realize that if he behaves inappropriately, based on this anger, then a Lost Planet Allah will be pleased with him. Allah Subhana Allah says, In the Quran was good. Rebecca is on a seat and remember your

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load when you forget. And this actually one of the companions, one of the sorry, one of the great scholars of the past equi Marathi Allahu Allahu Rahim, Allah, he mentioned, he was a he was a person who was an expert just in other words, that he would actually give Tafseer of the Quran, explanation of the Quran and the scholar he said that the word isn't a seat when you forgot, actually means when you get angry. So remember your Lord when you became when you become angry. And this is very important. We can see this for example, he a person, he gets angry, someone says something to him, immediately should remember Allah to Allah. And this is a good way of removing that anger because he

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should realize he's actually a worship of Allah. He's actually one of the creation of Allah. And he should look at the other person and say Actually, he is also a worship of Allah. And he has feelings just like I have feelings. He's made of, you know, skin and, and flesh and bone just like I am. And I also have feelings just like he has. So this will calm down his his temper. The next remedy is to get well acquainted with the virtues of forgiveness, forgiveness, forbearance and urines and in fact, restraining anger at the live and above all, the Allahu anhu. He said that a man asked for permission to meet under the law, and he was given permission to do so. Then the man said tomorrow

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the Allahu anhu oh ebenen Cotta By Allah, you do not give us much from the public Treasury, nor do you judge between us fairly. And so you can imagine amarante Allahu anhu he got angry. At this point. He got very angry, and he was about to punish the man for this statement. But one of the one of his companions said to him, oh, ameerul momineen Oh leader of the faithful. Allah subhanho wa Taala said to his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, hold to forgiveness, command what is right and turn out

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away from the ignorant ones. So we can see. And he said that this person is from the ignorant ones. And so therefore out of the love and who he complied with this verse and immediately he, he stopped, he didn't get angry with this person, he restrained his anger. And Amara de la Han, who would always comply with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is one example of that. He remember the verse of the Quran, and this would

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lead him to compliance. Let's have some more examples, where the Sahaba they actually they were in a state, or they did something. And this actually, they were reminded about this, or they were given a verse from the Koran, and this led them to immediately stopping things. Can you think of anything?

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I guess, one example that comes to mind is again, honor of the Aloha

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in the Treaty of Arabia,

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it seemed to him that the concessions that the professor's have made in that treaty showed the weakness of more concessions in the province as a limit. He said, why not in the change of his idea that they would return any any Muslims that went to the kuffar? Yes, and the fact that they wouldn't be able to do that, because at this point, the Sahaba they came all the way from Medina, to Makkah, they go to the outskirts of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. And the Quran said, No, you're not coming in, you cannot come into to do your Umrah. You have to go back. And I mean, I can imagine, once we were driving to Medina, and it took, you know, four or five hours, and from Mecca to Medina, the opposite

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direction. And we were discussing this in the car and we said to ourselves, imagine if the people of Medina turned us away, after four or five hours journey, we will be very upset with kept very angry. Okay. But imagine if you went by camel by horse, and so on and so forth. You came all the way to Makkah from Medina. And this led this and then they said you can't come in. So yeah, this was one of the concessions. Yeah, so where are they allowed, I think was was upset that Muslims, that the Muslims, even though they will ponder on the truth, that that given to these conditions. So I think he voiced his displeasure at the Prophet civilize Allah and didn't agree with his, with his, with

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the, with what he agreed to.

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And I think a worker of the arm reprimanded him for that, for not to complying with the process I did, and then nothing that I was revealed regarding.

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So then after that, O'Meara, Dionne regretted his, his disagreement was the I had clearly shown that what what the prophet SAW Selim had agreed to was actually something noble or something good, it was actually a victory, or a fact, a victory for the believers we have, indeed, we have given you open view, a great victory, as Allah says. And actually, as a side point, Omar, Abdullah Han, who he, in this occasion when this ayah was revealed, remember he was he was angry initially. But when this ayah was revealed from the Quran, in the Quran, that indeed, this is actually a victory for you. When this had been revealed, he went around the streets of Medina on his horse. And he started

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saying enough attack, Mallika fatten novena, indeed, we've opened for you a clear victory. And so he started saying this, in other words, showing that he was wrong before. And this is a very important characteristic to have. Likewise, he should fight it himself. And this is another way of, you know, reducing his anger, he should frighten himself and remind himself of the punishment of the last panel data and to and to think to himself, that actually the punishment of Allah upon me is greater than my punishment upon this person who I'm angry with. If I take revenge upon this man, for my anger, then a Lost Planet, Allah will take revenge upon me on the Day of Judgment, and I'll be much

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more in need of forgiveness. And so I should also show forgiveness to this man and the prophets license said, or raha Muna. yamamura meant that those who shall forgiveness or mercy than Allah subhanaw taala, or a man shows mercy to them.

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He should also warn himself against the consequences of enmity, or revenge, and Glee at the ugly misfortune of his disputants he should also remember that he's not free from being afflicted by any calamity at any time, just like them. So this also should reduce his anger, he should think to himself that well, you know, I'm not free from this. I might do something bad in the same way. And also he should think about his ugly appearance and we spoke about that at the beginning of this episode as well. You know, the disgusting appearance that he looks at perhaps of a person looks in the mirror, he'll see some of these weird

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You know the characteristics of the angry person. So she should remember that in this state of anger. He's the one furthest away from the manners of the, of the prophets and the noble scholars of Islam. And he shouldn't think he should think over the course that invites him to take revenge. So for example, the cause of the anger may be that the shaitaan comes in and says, Hey, don't sit there and take these insults. This person, he's just insulted you don't sit there and take, let's have an example of that from alira telefono. This happened in battleford. Do you know the example

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was the one where the person is fighting spirit? Exactly. That's the one let's hear about that.

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I believe in the battle. He's he's about to kill

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on the disbelievers. And just as he's about to kill him, the person spat in his face. So he left him to do he was about to kill the Jews in the battlefield and the Jews back at him.

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So he left him. He didn't he didn't kill him. So I think that he was obviously surprised as to why after, he asked him why and he said, I believe that

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because when you spat at me, I was going to kill you out of anger. Exactly. Have you done something to myself as opposed to for the sake of Allah? Yes. So we can see how important is to judge? Why am I getting angry, if earlier on the loved one who had killed him because of the anger, then this would have been a big sin upon him. But he realized this and he didn't do this. And we'll talk about this a bit more in Sharla after the break, are Salallahu salam, O Baraka, Allah, Nabina, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, he was a speech, mind, Solomonic.

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People need each other's needs colors more than they need to drink.

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And it's because even regarding what we drink and eat, we may not be able to figure out which is permissible, and which

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is not preserved. In the books only. The fear of public law is not preserved in the books, but on the heart, in the hearts of men, and the hearts of people who have devoted their time to seeking

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belief and trust.

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That none could take place. without the knowledge

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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome back.

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We're talking before about some of the remedies for anger, some of the remedies for anger. The next remedy that we'll look at, is that the person who is afflicted with this disease of excessive anger, then he should remember that his anger has been caused by something that happened according to a laws decree, and nothing happens except by Allah subhanaw taala as well. And so this wasn't his own will often he should say to himself, why did I get angry? Why should I get angry, whatever a Lost Planet, Allah has willed, then that has happened. So you should know that Allah will is more deserving of him being pleased with than his own work. And this is a very important point. So for

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example, if a person comes along, and he's angry, because he got demotion, for example, at work, okay, he got demoted at work, rather than getting angry about it, of course, he can't perhaps help his internal state, but he should control his anger. And rather than, you know, lashing out, or something like that, he should say to himself, actually, this is by Allah as well. And I shouldn't actually get angry, because if I'm getting angry with this, and I'm actually getting angry with a last minute as well. He should also remember that excessive anger often leads to actions that he will regret, and you'll feel remorseful. He should save himself the embarrassment of having to

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apologize for actions that he will later be ashamed of. And we saw that in the example that you gave

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in the last episode, can you just repeat that for the views? Well, as I said in the last episode, there were two partners. They had a cafe and actually the broker

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the fav because they were angry with with each other they split up. Yeah. Because they were angry with each other and they got into a fight or something. No, no, no, no. Just whose words? Okay? Yes. Because of words. Okay, yeah, that's sometimes worse. Yes. Sometimes when the person speaks with his tongue was worse than beating.

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So the person felt regret afterwards. Yes. But actually, they didn't apologize to each other. Because, you know, sometimes it's hard to prejudge. Now, if they're implemented this point, if they, at the time of getting angry, they felt, actually, if I say something now, it will lead to bad consequences. And it will lead to regret, it will lead to embarrassment. And it will lead to bad, you know, consequences. If they thought that would that have cured? Yes, I think problem at that time. Yes, I think so. And you'll see that a lot of these remedies are practical remedies that we can do, that we can think about at that time. The next remedy, he should remind himself, that people

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actually avoid and keep away from people who have a short temper. And if he continues in his anger, he'll end up by himself, possibly losing his family, friends and job. And it's therefore appropriate for him to ensure that he controls his anger. I'm sure we've all seen this. I mean, there's people there's often people where

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you just avoid, and one of the reasons is, if he's coming this way, you're going the other way, why, because of his anger. Because you know, any little thing that person does, he'll get angry, he'll get irritated. And so it's best to avoid that person. Otherwise, we'll end up into an argument. He should also seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala, from the rejected Shakedown as a prophet, so I send them ordered us to do let's take your example, Mohammed, repeat it for the viewers, you gave an example in the last episode about someone getting angry. Yeah, I mentioned the last episode. For instance, if a group of friends are playing football, or any sort of sports, and one of them in the

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other team perhaps does something that the other team dislikes, or maybe they dislike, decision that the referee made, then most likely that team or the person in which the decision was made against he will get angry sometimes. But if he was to seek refuge in Allah, and accept it, or perhaps sit down or leave the game, then he will not he will not become angry, yes. And then none of the qualities and the disadvantages of anger will not show. So in this in this, for example, in this case, he should seek refuge in Allah from shaitan as a prophet, like Sam said, we can even apply the previous remedy, as we said, that he should remember that excessive anger leads into actions and consequences

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that later he will regret. How could that help her?

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Because what happens if a person gets angry and for example, slightly, especially someone else on the phone? Who definitely would have repercussions? Firstly, have to apologize? He will review what he did. Or it does he get banned? Most of you who get bad repercussions? I mean, you know, the list can go on? Yeah, exactly. I was out of the love and who he said that the profits license said, when one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him well and good, otherwise, he should, he should lie down. And again, this is a practical way that the profit side of them showed us a person gets into an argument with his wife. Rather than carrying on the arguing,

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let him sit down. If he if that doesn't let him go to bed, go to sleep. go lie down, make Waldo in some narrations. Also, I guess it's hard to find. If you're saying down, it's harder to punch down. The last remedy if you like he should supplicate las panatela he should ask him to remove his evil characteristic and replace it with many good qualities. And Alas, panatela He's the one who actually created us. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, doesn't he not know the one who created so he is the one who created us, he knows what we are about. And we'll touch upon this point, inshallah, after looking at some remedies that some of the people on the street thought could cure anger. I control my anger by,

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you know, like taking things easily. And I think about what I'm doing like a million times before I do anything, so that I wouldn't regret it in the future.

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And I just tried to control my temper, was trying to control himself when he's angry and

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try not to take any action. What is anger? I think it's about controlling himself and controlling his actions. Well, I think that getting angry makes us get in bad mode, you know, and makes us can cope. In situations life.

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Makes us mad or upset. That's all anger as a human nature. We shouldn't be anger because we may lose some people will have

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When I got my grades I found that they were, they were very bad. That's why I felt myself very angry. And I think my anger was permissible in this situation. The slum can help in curing anger by reading Quran and

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getting closer to along, praying. Very interesting comments made

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by the brothers. There's another issue here. We're talking just before the before we were listening to their comments

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that a person should supplicate to Allah subhanaw taala. Now this has many, many benefits. First and foremost, supplication is an act of ibid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I do I owe who will ibid do I is a bother. Okay, die is an act of worship. So when a person actually makes the art Allah, he's actually increasing himself in a man. He's increasing himself because he's doing good deeds. And one of the consequences of good deeds of doing good deeds is that a person's Eman increases. So when a person's email increases, what does this lead to his bad qualities, decrease a decrease the decrease in anger, excessive anger is a bad quality. So therefore, it decreases. And

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likewise, secondly, the person who should realize that Allah is the one who created him, and perhaps with that deficiency, and Allah is the one who has the power of all things to remove that deficiency. And this goes with all the bad qualities that a person has in him. And this is perhaps the primary thing that a person should remember, in any evil characteristic. He should supplicate to Allah in private, oh, Allah removed this disease of excessive anger from me. And this works wonders, because Allah is the one who created him. Allah is the one who can change him. And I mean, if we take your example, gross, when a person has this

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you know, occurrence of anger, perhaps this could apply to that couldn't repeat the example. Yes, mentioned regarding road rage. When a person is you know, for example, driving, and you know, anything, any little thing that happens, he becomes very angry. Somebody, you know, pushes in, he gets angry, someone does something on the road that makes him angry. So maybe that person is prone to that and run over an old lady.

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Yeah, so maybe peasants prone to that anger, then he should make dua to Allah, I've actually seen a brother, he was a Muslim brother, he was in the car he was driving. And,

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you know, this anger actually led him to racism, and started calling the person who pushed in all this person is this and this and this. So it led him to racism. And so obviously, this racism is also another disease. So you can see how one disease often leads to another disease if a person doesn't control that disease. So how would we remedy that in light of what we've heard, for example, making dua to Allah? Yeah, that, you know, he,

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he doesn't allow him to lose his temper. And this is important because before making, before asking Allah to remove this evil disease of excessive anger, he has to recognize that he has this. And this requires that person is honest with himself. And this is something that is very important, some of the Sahaba they used to say,

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ha Cebu and fullcycle. covenant to hasta, boo, Yanni. In other words, account yourselves before the day when you will be accounted for. In other words, when you will be accounted for by Allah, Allah. Now we have the opportunity to account for our bad deeds of bad qualities to try to change them. But on that day, on the day of judgment, we won't be able to change our qualities, it's too late. So we should account for ourselves. And this is one way we make dua to the person, how would he do this? In this case?

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You'd make dua to Allah about his rough range. How would he do it? Yeah, I mean, what what would you do? Just exam like, maybe read the door before? Yes, transfer transfer? Exactly. And is it something that difficult, very practical, very practical, there's actually one thing more that I want to mention, that is appropriate to note that not all types of anger, as we mentioned, in the last episode, are evil. Okay? Because anger itself is not necessarily a bad quality, it's actually the consequences of anger. That can be bad. Let's have a look at some good examples or some examples of where anger can be something good. What do you think about anger? Yeah.

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Good examples, an anchor wig, an instance of anchor where it's actually good. For instance, if the laws of Allah, Allah has laid them broken, exactly, if one of the rights of a Lost Planet Allah, and in fact one of the rights of the creation also, if they are violated, then we should get angry and this is where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would get angry. But the main thing is the example of this. The prophet SAW Selim is the best example of perfection and moderation

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In terms of anger and contentment, so he would control his anger suppress it, but at the same time that anger would lead him to stop the evil as a Lost Planet Allah His Messenger slicing him said, I mean, c'mon Karen file up here who we had he fell down he started families and he filed a new start date for because he was early cut off Halima. Whoever among you sees an evil. Let him stop it with his hand if he can't then with his tongue. If he cannot, then he should hate it in his heart, and that's the weakest form of email. If a person is not angry, when he sees someone doing something wrong, how can you stop it was Allahu wa salam wasallam Baraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad, while early

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he was a PhD, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh