Kamal El-Mekki – Signs of the Hour #06 – Minor – Men & Women

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of sharing information and sharing the third sign of the day before judgment. They touch on false testimony and false statement of the third sign of the day, as well as the potential for false testimony and false testimony. The segment also touches on the sudden death of a Muslim man and the potential consequences of drugs and alcohol. The shia rule and sharia rule are discussed, with some speakers expressing their disapproval and desire to avoid them. The segment also touches on the shia rule and its impact on Islam.
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Salaam Alaikum guys, this is your MC here your media coordinator Sharla just so you guys know, we we set up the video screen just a little bit early so everybody can join it. But we're trying to build a click is, yeah, we're not here the Ramadan we're trying to the masjid. But we're trying to consistently have us all on the schedule to get us through this quarantine as if we're all still together. So we are all in this together. second piece of information. Also, we have a donation link that I put in the comments, feel free, that is the masjid.org

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And that was it. So in a couple minutes, Shake Shack, check him out. She'll be ready for his class here, his lecture. So sit tight, and everybody relax, and inshallah we'll bring you the program which you came here for. Don't forget to share out the third thing was important. Please share this content. Please share it with your friends, get everybody on it. Because it's very important that we get these messages out. It costs nothing. Share with this shot a lot. So I'm

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pausing. See you at 630

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got work

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Santa Monica de la workato Bismillah Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah I mean,

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he was so happy here Jemaine, I'm about this is the third episode we're doing the signs before the day of judgment, the signs of the hour. And we were still doing signs that are all around us minor signs that are happening around us. And then we're gonna transition to minor signs that are to come in the future. And then we're gonna end with the 10

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major signs before the day of judgment. Now, just realize that yesterday's episode, I just had one more sign that was left in the Hadith we didn't finish the Hadith, the Hadith said, it was narrated in a bar in Muslim bars of numerical below on who, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, they will not be established, or from the sons of the hour is that knowledge will be lifted, we explained that ignorance will become prevalent, alcohol will be consumed, adultery will be widespread, men will decrease and women will increase. Now what what is behind that there are actually a number of good explanations. One

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is it's possible that it will be because of wars and typically in wars, more men will die than women. So because of wars, and we know towards the end of time, there'll be a lot of killing and a lot of wars. So then men will be decreasing in number and women will increase in number, that's one, two,

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for whatever reason, people will just give birth to more women. And they're actually there's some very, very interesting articles on and theories from them, you know, scientists as to why when more women are being born, so, and no one knows for sure. But there's some very interesting theories and a good back and forth. Nice, you know, research if you like, want to look into that. But either way, whether it's natural causes or due to deaths and what have you, or some virus comes that will just target men, for example, the nagging virus only kills men. Anyways. Just

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Just kidding.

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Until the Hadith says until there is a single man to 50 women, single man 250 Oh, that actually says that the 50 men will have won a game, which was one person who looks after them, not that we're not talking about husbands here, but one person will have 50 female family members to look after they're all under his care, or in the same house or what have you. All right, that was that Heidi mentioned a ton of things, a lot of them are happening, and a lot of them are just gradually increasing. But again, every time you look at the signs before the day of judgment, there's just just a testimony to the truthfulness of the process, and that he was a genuine profit Otherwise, how would he know this

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in the future?

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All right, this one

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simple, you know, Mohammed mentions from our beloved numbers that the prophet SAW, Selim said, Indeed, before the coming of the hour, there will be amongst the things false testimony, and we'll see people you know, you know, we said, taking or giving a testimony especially and an oath but other than the name of Allah, by the name of Allah and His swearing by Allah that you this is the case, and that you speaking the truth, it's a great sin and giving an oath. A false testimony is a huge huge sin, but this will increase towards the end of time more and more. So.

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All right.

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Look at this one, this is mentioned. And so he Muslim of the London was holder of the law and who narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the IRA will not be established until inheritance is not distributed. So if we were to contemplate together what we

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would cause inheritance to not be distributed. Could be a lot of things, right? Number one, it could be that this is the these are those times that we mentioned, where there's so much killing that people separate from each other and what Hadeeth I think we're coming to it, that there'll be so much killing. Yeah, I think it will come into it, that people will be strangers to one another. So this guy takes his family out in the desert, and this guy goes up to the prairie. And then when someone dies, their inheritance doesn't reach everybody else, because people are so spread out during these times of fit. And that's one possible explanation. Another possible explanation is that

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this is towards a time when there is so much ignorance of the religion, that people don't even know how to split the inheritance. So the inheritance will not be distributed, that's very plausible as well. Or it could be that people don't care. Okay, could be that people don't care about splitting the inheritance. This is a true story that happened right here in America, where a man a Muslim man was on his deathbed. So he gathered all his wealth, and he gave gave his daughter this much and his son that much. So someone told him, what about the distribution that Allah mentioned in the Koran? He said, No, no, I want to be fair to my children.

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Just think of that, just think of that phrase. He said, No, no, I want to be fair to my children. And I want before I die, I want to be fair, what Allah subhanaw taala stuff for Allah decreed and mentioned, no, that's not fair. That's unjust. So I want to make sure I'm just stuck for last like saying, you know, and we're going to be more Justin, Allah subhanaw taala when he died upon that, so he just didn't care. Or it could also be that this is towards that time when there's so much treachery in deception and theft that someone will just steal and just take everyone else's inheritance very possible.

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Oh, let's go back to this one here. Indeed, from the sons of the hour, this is internal Buddhahood is the lifting of knowledge. Lifting of knowledge, we mentioned that prevalence of ignorance, drinking of alcohol and increase of adultery.

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Where the heart, Xena, so drinking of alcohol.

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You know, like I was saying, last episode, you look at how many Muslim countries and look at how many of them we could just consume alcohol or by purchase alcohol. We have, you know,

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every time someone lunches, well, I don't know, should I mentioned countries or not, but some countries that just ban it by law, but that law is not enforced. So do they count? If the law says you cannot buy alcohol, but if you go by it, and people are selling it, no one is bothering with this law, it doesn't count. So most Muslim countries, unfortunately, the majority have actually not almost all of them except for like, a small 1%. And it's actually less than 1% of Muslim countries, actually ban alcohol. And I'll tell you an interesting alcoholic, spiritual non alcohol experience. That sounds really bad. But when I was in Malaysia, we were in this big like, kind of grocery store

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or what have you. And then there's a security guard standing in front of the wine and alcohol section. So I said, what does this guy do? Like why is he guarding the alcohol? They said he's not guarding the alcohol, he's there to stop Muslims from going into the alcohol section. Because if you know anything about Malaysia, you know, there's

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there's a Chinese and an Indian population that are not Muslim also. So they want to purchase alcohol. So the guy stands there, and he stops Muslims from going to the alcohol section. And people can sell alcohol but if they sell it to a Muslim, they get in deep, deep trouble. So the question is, you might be thinking how will they know if someone is Muslim or not? It's it's almost down to to race, meaning if you're Malay, there's almost 100% chance you're almost almost right. And if someone is Chinese, there's a you know, he so this so this guy basically stopping them by race and if he sees a Malay coming towards the Aqua, excuse me, now alcohol for you. She's a Chinese guy who

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let him pass. She's a Hindu god, he'll let him pass Allah Allah but that's basically you will get in trouble if you sell alcohol to a Muslim in Malaysia. So even though it is sold, it is not sold to Muslims. So could they count I believe that that would it would count. Hello. Anyways.

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Let's keep going here. I've got some interesting ones for you. This is a very easy to understand a momento barani Rahim Allah mentions from anastigmat Akagi Allahu anhu. And Nabi sallallahu. alayhi wa sallam said indeed from the signs of the hour, is the appearance of sudden death mode and fetch or fetch are all sorts correct. So towards the end of time, there'll be more

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Sudden Death. And this makes sense from a number of viewpoints like number one.

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The instruments now that we have that can cause sudden death, or so many as opposed to 1400 years ago, like for you to die suddenly was so uncommon unless you just fell off a mountain and fell off the roof of the house and stuff. But now we can fall off the mountain and the roof of the house and add to that get hit by you know, bus number three, on your way to work. Car accidents are killing it look 10,000 car accidents a day in America, you know, so there are many car accidents. These are things that just, oh, I'll go to the store, we'll be right back, boom, the guy just doesn't come back. Otherwise he was perfectly healthy. And of course, we've got draw crime and guns, you know,

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people guns are very instant, I don't think we can argue that.

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All these increase sudden death and, and southern meaning no one saw death coming like someone was healthy completely. And then you saw them in the morning, they tell you in the afternoon. Oh, so and so. And this happens so much. And you don't even have to be involved in, you know, gang related activity or drug activity, there was a Muslim family. And they were just like, out in the street and other people were fighting. And then the young man just asked the other guys like, Is everything okay? And that guy just shot him right in the face.

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He just asked is everything. Okay? So anyways,

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sudden death, we said car accidents. And then of course, we've got other things, heart attacks, and all these, you know, diseases now that are just causing people to drop dead. And that didn't exist as much at the time of the process, possibly because they ate good food law.

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All right.

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And this study that was alluding to before that, or actually last episode, that there will be killing and strangeness to the extent that a person almost knows no one, there will be killing and strangeness, to the extent that a person almost knows nobody. So that means there's so much killing, that people have to be distant from each other, and they don't interact and visit and go down to town and talk and all that. And it's interesting, how quickly faces change. I remember I used to live across the street from this Masjid for about maybe about a two years or something like that. Maybe it was a year, I can't remember. But I just knew every face in that mystery, because we'd go

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five times a day. And then I came to it. I think it was two years later, or something or three years later, I think maybe three years later, I could not recognize a single face. Like you'll be surprised how much and how quickly people move around and, and shift and go to other places. So imagine there is some kind of fitna where there's a lot of killing. So people separate themselves, you know, five years, six years, you're with your family away from everybody else. When then when people meet again, they barely recognize each other. That's what that is referring to.

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Well, let's see here the two there we can explain this idea or this sign with two other Ahadi one of them

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is what I just explained to say Buhari herbicidal Henry rhodiola, who narrated that the prophets are seldom said, There will come a time when the best property of a Muslim will be sheep, which he will take to the tops of mountains and the places of rainfall so as to flee with his religion from the afflictions meaning people now are there's so many trials happening that a person takes what he can, and it just goes away from the trials and the tests and afflictions. That's one. The other is Hadith. Isn't it narrated by tirmidhi Rahim Allah. That

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This Hadith is talking about people actually breaking away from the community. And it's a really beautiful Hadith. And it's important for us to always remember Hadith like this. The person um, said, that a lady you harlot and NASS, wellsburg, Allah, the home, Hiraman, Allah de la heartfulness. What is for Allah Tao, the one who mixes or mingles with people interacts with people, and is patient upon their harm.

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There's something beautiful here, we see the fact that you interact, there's going to be harm, why? Because there will be miscommunication, misunderstanding, misunderstandings, there has to be some kind of harm the fact that you interact with people, there will be harm either from you to them or from them to you. So another you harlowton us and by virtue of them mixing with the people they have, this is the result that has to happen. Well, your spirit Allah the home and his patient upon their heart is better than the person who does not mingle with people. He does not mix with them. He does not interact with them and is not people

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Upon their heart, and you see this a lot happening in the community, you'll see someone who never shows up to the masjid or just live across the street. Why don't you show up? Oh, I came here a couple of times. And I had some, you know, problems with people or some people said something nasty to me, like, you would have been a better person to keep coming back and being patient with their harm. It is never and there's no excuse for staying away from the Muslim community because oh, they're some mean woman here or some rude guy in the masala. First of all, you harm yourself when you stay away from the house of Allah zodion and the Gemma and the, you know, the remembrance of

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Allah and the classes and all that stuff. That's the first thing. The second thing, you're just already not being the better the better person you could have been. By not being patient, you will. You know, our religion is just so built upon us congregating we congregate daily, weekly, yearly. And sometimes beyond the year like the eclipse prayers, it's all about community and being together. And the President gave us analogies of how the wolf will eat from the sheep that strays away from the flock. So it's about being together. So it's not an excuse that, oh, there's one rude guy or four rude people in the message, I'm not going to go back, your job is to come back and to be

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patient. So that explanation of people breaking away from the community, and that idea is really beautiful. People really should remember it. And a lot of times, the good people will leave, because oh, there's some rude person in the message. So then what happens if just think forward? Then we'll have massage just filled with the rude people who sent the good people away who didn't want to be patient, then is that even appropriate that that's what we have left in the massage. So all of us as a community were to pardon? forgive one another, and keep coming back to the house of Allah. Some people will disappear for months What happened? Oh, that sister was rude to me. purposes a loves

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house. Yeah. And it's not her house, keep coming back and be patient and make friends make peace. You know, that's why the President described the hypocrite

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when just a beautiful descriptor either. Not beautiful in that sense, but beautiful and accurate in that in the sense that it's accurate. We either have some failure, when the hypocrite when he is when he has a disagreement with you. He takes it to the next level to the level of Fujio. Whereas the believers they have a misunderstanding next day, they apologize to each other, even if you're not the one who's mistaken, extend your hand out and have make a you know, some kind of apology makeup piece. And that's it. I abandon the mustard for three months, because this person said something about the color of my image.

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Alright, anyways, that's what it's about. It's about forgiveness. It's just really one more time. It's beautiful that whoever interacts with people and is patient upon their harm. It's almost like saying it's guaranteed if you interact, there will be harm, then be patient upon it. That's the answer. You don't leave. Good. You don't leave the masjid. You don't never make up with them right now. And if you leave the machine for three months, that means you haven't spoken to them for three months. you're avoiding them for three months. You're not supposed to avoid your brother for three days. All right.

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Next one.

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Nurses Bye. No law. Above the Amaro the law said the Prophet Salim said there will be towards the end of my oma men. And of course it can mean women also, who will ride upon chairs, or saddles or chariots, similar to our beasts. It will take them to the doors of massage to doors of mosques. What do you think it's talking about? You know, right on the saddles or these chairs that will take them to the door of the masjid. I think everybody got it. And some people said with the chairs translation they said is like wheelchair, you've seen a Muslim, go to the masjid on a wheelchair, sitting on a chair, take them to the door, the masjid or most likely will lower them. It could be

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talking about cars, right? cars, you essentially sitting on a chair in the car, and it brings you to the door the masjid and we use cars to come to the masjid all the time. And sometimes if you don't have a car, you can't come to the masjid. Now, but again, I don't want to be guilty of what I mentioned in the introduction to the series that we always interpret things based on our time, what if some invention is going to come? There'll be more prevalent and I'm not gonna say flying chair or something weird, but what if something else is going to come in the future?

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And that will be them the means of communicating transportation, and that's what people will use to get to the machine it's possible. But if does this ad is right now fit our world and it's chairs that are cars that are bringing people to the masjid

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it's very, very possible will law

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All right.

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Next one, I've chosen these right, because there's so many of these. And there's so many repetitions also and make sure we cover ones that are kind of new.

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How about a simple one? That will not be established until a man kills his neighbor, brother and father? Okay. What am I gonna say the Menendez brothers right?

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Or it's common, we see that a lot, and it's, but it will keep increasing.

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And this isn't al Bukhari and Cigna Malik narrates the prophet SAW Selim said, there will come upon the people years of deception, in which the liar is believed. And the truth for one is belied the treacherous one is trusted, and the trustworthy, one is believed to be treacherous, and the way you build will speak, and the ROI builder will speak. He was asked and who are the roadway builder? And they said, and the person responded, the fool and arrival at taffy, the fool who speaks about the General Affairs of the people.

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Okay, but this is wonderful. And it's so happening, the roadway builder, these are just people who are foolish, worthless, even mentally, they're just foolish. And yet, they're speaking and they're being hurt. They're speaking and they're being hurt.

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There's some so many examples of this, right? There is, and if you just look at how, when an actor or a singer or some musician makes a statement, or some rapper makes a statement, it falls upon more ears, then, you know, a scholar or a Supreme Court justice or anybody of that sort. But

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anyways, it's interesting how there was

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an interview with this soccer player.

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Okay, and they're asking him, you know, how are you? And first of all, like, I don't even understand why you would have an interview with any athlete? Because it's all the same. Why are you asking a soccer player? What are you trying to do this season? What do you think is trying to do? I'm going to try to dribble the ball, make it towards the net, and shoot it in? That's it. Take any sport, and there's absolutely no need for any of us in any sport. It's always the same basketball. What's your plan? Well, we're gonna give it 110%. They're always giving it 110% for some reason, they're never giving it 90% or 100%. Just 100 200 it's always the same interview. I don't understand why people

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interview these athletes. It's not like they're gonna tell you about a top secret maneuver that nobody knows. Everybody knows the rules of the game. I don't even know. Okay, so I'm just ranting on why do people even interview athletes? There is no I in team, we're gonna give it 110%. Just not offense. All right. Anyways, so put that aside, they're interviewing this guy, he's a soccer player. And again, he's just going over the same basic thing, we're gonna give it our best and this this and that, then this is not even like, this is a true story. Towards the end, the interviewer, the reporter just suddenly says, and in what's your view your view on multiple marriage?

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Why? Why are you asking this? Would it First of all, why that topic of all things? That's one, two, why are you asking this guy is such a random question. And something is about religion. After

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Who cares? You asked me about soccer, and he's telling you what you already know that they're going to try to shoot and score more than the other team. But then suddenly, randomly, what do you think of multiple marriage? And he's like, Well, I think if it hurts the feelings of the first wife, nobody should

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feelings of the first wife.

00:28:54 --> 00:28:56

Anyways, the point is,

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this just people were foolish, not qualified to speak about something else. Suddenly, they're speaking and they're hurt, and their opinion is sought after and people care about their opinion. But that's exactly what the person I'm describing this Howdy, if you want to get upset, this is a true story that happened in a country that will go

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And there is this lady, this actress and she was asked to critique all the different Muslim groups and movements and and she starts critiquing them how they make people hate their religion. What do you know, like just for years, she just plays different roles. You know, one time a very despicable you know, haraam role one time she's doing something else. And for years for decades, that's all we know of this person, just acting that this guy's our husband and doing haram and all that. Now she's asked to critique all the Islamic groups and Islamic movements and Islamic Dawa and

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And she said, Yeah, they made people hate the religion. Look, what do you know about the religion?

00:30:05 --> 00:30:54

So one of the scholars responded to her. And he said, basically saying, like, Who are you to comment on anything? And all we see, is you acting out these roles of harm and bad and all that. So who are you to comment on anything? Then she had him she sued him for saying that about her, like, how dare he critique her, but she didn't critique Islamic movements and or data. And she has no knowledge of that. And he has proof of what she's saying, or what he's saying about her. Anyways, she sues him, she wins, he goes to jail. If that's not an example of a rabid foolish people speaking, then I don't know what is

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alright, right. This one's interesting. In Muslim the Ramadan Allah the Prophet Sallam said, the knots of Islam will be untied not by not. So all these things that are important in Islam, they'll be taken apart one by one.

00:31:09 --> 00:31:31

The first to be untied will be the rule. And the last will be the prayer. What does it mean the rule meaning ruling by the Sharia, I'm ruling by the religion of Allah subhanaw taala the first one that will be untied? And that is so true. Again, let's go back to our 60 or so Muslim countries, and how many of them rule by the Sharia?

00:31:32 --> 00:31:33

What do you think?

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You know, sometimes we used to have big debates in class when we mentioned this hadith that some people would say, one country Some people say zero, none of them. You know, I believe it's at least one right now. Some people think it's too but the point is that it's sad that we're debating one or zero That's sad. And so the first thing the shitty algos rule by the Sharia disappears and then other things start to slowly disappear but the last thing that will disappear will be the solid Michelangelo see a lot of people praying in different parts of the world they still people are stuck to that but Sherry are ruling the land that's the law that gone completely or some in some countries

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they just put it they only want the city I wanted to divorce and marriage will bring out the Sharia Okay, it's something else business dealings politics, okay, let's put this back under the, the rug, and we'll use whatever else we feel like using at this point.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:43

But it's just so true. And it's so amazing to the person who spoke this 1400 years ago, and it's happening exactly as he sallallahu Sallam mentioned, let's take the last one for today.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:59

The problem said inherited by a name. Okay, nurses Bible hora de la No wonder the NFC knifes Mohammedan bay by the one is who's in whose hands is the soul of Muhammad? Letter comsa.

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the hour will not be established until the rule are destroyed. Where the How to hood and the hood appear or ascend or emerge for Carlos rasulillah. Woman whoo woman to hood they said they also like what are what are what are these terms? What does that mean? Casa de la Serra Aloo whoo Johannes was reform. The rule are the nobility and the best of the people with the hood, alladhina Kanata, abdominus. And the hood are those that were under people's shoes that downtrodden basically the people that were done downtrodden

00:33:43 --> 00:33:55

and Bahamian, and nobody knows of them. Nobody knows who they are. They were just under people's shoes, the downtrodden. And then they ascend. And the nobility in those nobles, they're the ones who were pushed up.

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It's kind of very similar to what I was saying earlier with the not just the way or, but but similar to that, where or Look, look at where you'll find someone who is just unworthy, and they're prosperous, or they're listened to, or they're heard, or they're the ones who ascend in society, while the important ones the nobility, the people who are noble people will actually have something to contribute. They're the ones who disappear, so they'll be destroyed. And again, you know, you can see this if you just look at the most popular people in America. And

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where are they as far as being academics or being lawmakers are people who have some kind of positive input towards people's lives? Look at those most followed on Twitter or Instagram or what have you, and it'll just be someone who prevents some cheap type of entertainment. You know, some rapper or some musician who has offers nothing of value, nothing of value. All right, and I don't listen to rap, but I don't watch any

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Yo, what's going on? I know there's some rap songs that are nothing the whole song is just how to stash the drugs away and how to sell it without getting caught.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:48

Okay, I can do that with any other genre as well. Okay, so it's not just rap music, all of it. Just all these performers, artists, entertainers, so much of what they're saying is just nothing but garbage. And then again, I've just picked supreme court justices Can people even mentioned three of them? Can people mentioned three of them, but they'll mention The Three Stooges. But anyways, that's outdated, isn't it? All right. Anyways, we'll stop here next time. We're gonna keep looking at some of the minor signs around this and then shift or move over to the minus signs that are going to happen, still haven't happened, are going to happen. And then we move on to the major signs before

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the day of judgment, Dr. Heron, for your attentive listening and for tuning in. So the whole bottom Hammad was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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