Surat Al-Asr (Learn To Believe) #4

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So now, we're done with step number one, which is what? Knowledge

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illa larina and I knew

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the knowledge will feed that imagine that you have the proper creed

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comes in step number two, which is why mula saw the hat.

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Let me ask you this question. And this is by the way academic and stuff, what makes a deed solid?

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absent Java,

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two conditions

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that must exist in the deed in order to be called solid. And I tell you, this is serious.

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And last one Butera

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sincerity and

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if you're so sincere about it,

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but it's not according to the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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if you're following the sooner so much

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and you're not sincere you're showing off with that deed not accepted. Those two

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last one metabo

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What is it class?

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Normally sometimes you understand things by their opposite contrary

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what is the opposite of sincerity?

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it should kiama mercy be

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a disaster

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to the nature of good deeds? They erase bad deeds.

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Allah subhanaw taala said what in AlHassan 80

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You didn't say yet

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good deeds erase bad deeds and he told me I didn't have a viola one. It does say at AlHassan etam haha follow a bad deed with a good deed it will erase it

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a question

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do sins erase good deeds?

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I'm asking you

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a lot oldest about in Al Hassan at you dibner

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does the say at youth hidden al Hassan

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say our hidden

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once in

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that will erase all your work.

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A shift

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will occur the EU ilica what Ellen leadin and publican, the initial actor

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and it was revealed to you Oh Mohammed and to those who believe those who were sent before you that if you commit

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your deeds will be in vain. But what now we have to be careful if you die

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as a martial law, we have to understand that if you die if you feel to repent or why you are doing the deed you are committing ship

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that you're standing the salah

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and you pray to Allah and at the same time you want the people to do what

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to see you praying

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and I want to tell you something

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and let's be real

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even the human being do not like * yeah not like partners.

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any when you you want to have a business you like people to be partners with you right?

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You're the lucky one the profit to be you use the owner and the business yourself correct me let's be real true.

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When do you need a partner?

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Listen, when you lack the knowledge,

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then you go on work consult somebody

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or when you don't have the capital, you don't have enough money

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or you want someone to protect you and he back in the in the wilderness there are the people who are in the government. They become the partners of everybody because they get stuff what

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done for you.

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Why do you appoint apartments to Allah?

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does he lack knowledge? Who will not even have you?

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yes mo de la te soda? Allah socratis sama filet la valina

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Listen, he he is the footsteps of the end

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on iraq

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on a dark night like this

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one Marcus Coco Meanwhile, rocketing Illa Allah Maha

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waka a leaf of a tree comes down. He knows it.

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does he lack the knowledge?

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Does he Why do you Why do you give him another partner?

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does he lack the wealth

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yet allow him in

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the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala is full

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so high

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Look Look how much Allah Subhana Allah spin since he created heavens and earth

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in the head Allah is Guna mela human affairs

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so why do you go on appoint a partner to him

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be a Muslim yeah a buddy. If the first few and the last few

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ins engineer gin gather in one place, and each one of you makes a request.

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Big law and certainly each one of us will have something different to one another. I will give each one of you what he asked for.

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And this will not decrease from what I have. But like you dip alyssia a needle in the ocean and you take it out.

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So why do you give him partners?

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Why do you show off to me?

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I'm gonna give you money. You're appointing me as a machine. as as as as sorry as arrival to Allah.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala kills you and Avinash Shoraka Anisha

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I'm also efficient.

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If you do something and you appoint a partner to me,

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you and your partner go away

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when amela Hamelin Ashoka fee Hema johari terracotta who Ashoka

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issue brothers and sisters in Islam, if you want, if you want your deed to be accepted, it must be done sincerely for Allah subhana wa Taala

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not for the people.

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I'm gonna read this hadith for you and maybe we'll close with it today.

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But I tell you, it's so scary.

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You know the first three kinds of people

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from the oma of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who will enter the Hellfire

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a woman to serve the human

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half of the Quran,

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Roger Jawad.

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And someone who died in the course of Allah supposedly, he thought so.

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Listen to the wording of this hurry

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with the tirmidhi when necessary. Hadassah hola Jose

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inhibition Shafi in America and he marry

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one of the predecessors

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he came to Medina seeking knowledge.

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Say a title Medina for it to show you can carry on.

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I saw a very old chief sitting down and the people are sitting around him.

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And as soon as they dispersed,

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I approached him either who are abou hora euro

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it was Abu hurayrah

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faculty, Allah who I told

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him had this Neha Deacon had desica de Rasulullah

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wa qilta. Who were Amil Tabby.

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Please tell me one Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you it, and you understood it.

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And you acted upon it,

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Abu hurayrah Viola on the set level had detained NACA hadiza.

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I will tell you I had he sent me to whom rasulillah

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I heard it from the messenger sallallahu wasallam.

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And I understood it. So Manisha vanish rotten

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to Manasa Howard.

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He wiped his face again.

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And he said, let him defend NACA hadiza

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I will tell you I had he

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sent me to whom in rasulillah he had elbaite I heard it from the Messenger of Allah in this house. Ladies Emma yo.

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We had no third

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So, Masha Masha, Masha Amina Lula,

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and he fainted, and I'll explain why he fainted.

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The third time.

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The defendant aka Heidecker had destiny de Rasulullah he had a laser

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achill to who was me.

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I will tell you a hadith that I heard from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam in this house,

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and he fainted again for a long time.

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This predecessor carried him

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and he washed his face.

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And then he started saying had definitely Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me

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either Can I own piano

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when the day of resurrection is here,

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Nigella la julio de bien el Hala

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Allah subhana wa Taala will be sent to judge amongst mankind in a way that fits him.

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What are called lomatin Jaffe

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and you will find every nation kneeling

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on their knees as Allah subhanaw taala approaches

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to Mayo, Tabby Raja linkara Al Quran

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and a man who memorize the Quran

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who read the Quran

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was Julian Joanne

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and a very generous man. Or Agilent card. Julian katella, thi sebelah he for Putin

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and someone who fought in the cause of Allah and he died

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for kulula Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask

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the one who memorize the Quran

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now amelita

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Bina and zelle to Allah Rasool E.

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I have taught you what I have revealed to my messenger, what did you do with it?

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He will say you're up

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to V.

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Allah, Allah.

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I recited it every day and every night.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell him that

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you are lying.

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And the angels will say that

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you are lying. In the wording with the meme, Muslim Hadith, Suleiman Nasser and Abu hurayrah

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are mill telling you a con

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you did this in order for the people to say about you that you are a hard

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And they said

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that is why By the way, Abu hurayrah fainted

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and that is why we think, you know, we sit here and you know, ask Allah

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but Allah that, you know we get something out of this, because it's

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the neffs the Narcissus is a very dangerous enemy.