Stories from the Past #14 Complaint agains Sa’ad

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The transcript describes a judge in Iraq who is involved in a murder trial and has caused controversy. The narrator discusses a person who is trying to be famous online and Facebook, but is not being recognized. They also mention a prophesy being told to someone named Selim and the importance of being recognized. In a later segment, the narrator describes a woman from a culture who talks about her father's actions and promises that her father's actions are true.

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it's narrated that when sad one of your costs the great companion one of the

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10 that the prophets lie Selim, promise Jana, and the consequences one of the maternal uncles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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a great person a great warrior, a great Sahabi

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so many virtues related to malice pantalla have mercy mercy on him he was he was a man of

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of great nobility

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or even noble Hapa I'm you know me I'm one of them top of the line appointed side as the governor

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of one of the sort of principalities of Iraq and as was the nature of American Hapa he used to go and check on his

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his his people and unfortunately there are some people who are troublemakers

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that is the reality How unfortunate and troublemakers exist in time in history that are hypocrites they won't have been there are people who are just they just hate you know, they just hate to see people in good time so a few complaints received against side of the law so I'm gonna want to go and check on them he will side with him they went through the different masajid you know how is sad anybody has any complaint you know, this was like found this was

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although it's not really democracy we don't call it democracy I know it's a democracy is a corrupted word in some aspects but this is that this was the way that they were accountability and a direct accountability isn't there's no tyranny and oppression. He's your governor. Anybody has any objections, any questions any things that you want to the top man is coming and visiting and checking on his people so they went to the different massage?

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And nobody said anything? Everybody was good, you know? So I'm always begin to feel that maybe there isn't there is no real complaint. You know, what, what the people complaining about?

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one mishap, masjid or the last semester, they visited one of these troublemakers he got up and he said, You've asked us about sad, and I want to say this.

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Sad, does not

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give us fairly, it does not divide us the most like the Social Security and monies that come fairly.

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And he

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does not deal with us. Well,

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and he doesn't come out, you know, with the expeditions that we go out and we go out fighting the lion doesn't join us. It's like he just you know, he's happy sitting at home. He's consuming this wealth. He doesn't give and he doesn't share us in doesn't command exhibitions.

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Sad was surprised, you know, this guy was this guy coming home, he said, but you know, at that time,

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you know, it's an allegation and allegation there's no obviously no proof, etc. So I said, I'm not going to say anything. However, this one I'm going to say, Oh Allah, if this guy is lying about me and the only reason he's saying this is because he wants to be famous somewhere another you know, so why is he becoming famous and we don't really know this guy but he's become trying to become a showing off as a pilot. This is something that happens to the you know, some people want to show off and to become famous on YouTube and Facebook and social media, what do they do they start to cause controversy. So they are these little dwarfs in terms of their knowledge and they try to attack a

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giant in Islam you know, Joseph, big scholar, they'll say Oh, this scholar, he said this and this goes against the academic This is a big island let's make up all these things. They are dwarfs they are not even dwarf somehow. They are not known. They are nothing but they attack the big ones so that they can cause controversy and by doing controversy, mashallah this guy knows what he's talking about, because he's attacking this big share this big and he's, you know,

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somehow anyway, so, this guy was probably from the same kind of category of people. So it's not new. So Saturday for this guy who is lying about and the only reason why he's got up is so mad and Maria and he just wants to get like some sort of boasting must show off, then Oh Allah, increase.

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Elongate his life, meaning let him Let him die of old age and increase his poverty

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and let him be exposed to the fittings in the trials. You accused me of three things. These are three dogs against you. If you are lying

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You should tell you the truth, you know, something to worry about.

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And sad, left yada, he didn't pursue it in an armed robbery online. I mean, he didn't want to get, you know, they want to get embroiled in these kinds of homicide, you know, also was either stepped down from this position or almost asked him to sit down elevate. These weren't people who are not bothered about leadership. And these were people who sacrifice their life for the profits of life. And these are the greatest of generations.

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This man later on, however, was seen an old man

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his hair had fallen out his eyebrows are old,

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in the street begging,

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and whenever women pass by, he will try to, you know, to harass them

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in different ways, and he himself would say, I saw Bettany that our site site, this draft site has affected his old his poor, and he is being you know, you know, in his state and He's harassing young women.

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And that shows you Subhanallah

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the importance you know, obviously, don't just go Why would you why would you lie and like I say some people do that because they just want to get fame. But look at that also the power of the app, and especially the data from the righteous people. There is a narration that the prophesy Selim was asked by sad long ago he said, Allah, Allah Hania Jiang Nemo, Jabba Dawa, make dua to Allah that Allah makes me someone who my dua is answers Holika is power you have the DUA you have power it's a weapon syllabic movement for the process. I'm gonna say okay, I'm just gonna make you a doll I think no, you want you want this is a lesson for everyone. I'll play Mata IMAK tokunbo Jabba down

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make your

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food your consumption your nutrition by Yep, good, you will become one whose dua is answered ultimate IMAK Docomo, Jabba Tao now the chain of this narration is Life is not a sound narration where the prophesy sound said this but however, it's not a wrong concept because we have this in another Hadith another Hadith of the guy who elongates the travel and, and he he's he's on journey. He's dusty, he's disheveled. He lifts his hands up to the class era beyond with the process and said, his food is haram his clothes is haram his drink is haram is nourished by haram How will he be then answered? So if your your food your consumption is haram, your dog is not going to be answered.

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So on the other hand, in Allah by Ebola, Ebola is only good, he accepted it was good, do the things which are good, consumed, things were good your daughter is going to be answered and there is no coincidence that this narration is related to sad, sad is the one who then makes the DUA and Allah Subhana Allah says the door outside Rahim Allahu Allah outside may Allah have mercy on him and may Allah be pleased with him. When sad came to die.

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He placed his head in the lap of his son Musab, his son started to cry.

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And so I said, Why are you crying? He said, I'm crying because you know,

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your position who you are and I want to say I said, Don't cry, don't cry because we're lying. I am from the people have agenda.

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And in one narration, he said whether you cry or you don't cry, I am from the people of agenda

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that somebody was saying, Well, that sounds a bit arrogant. No, it's not arrogant. This guy is dying now. Allah's actions are no more actions. What are you going to do? But the Prophet SAW Selim promised me agenda the Prophet said Sandoval agenda How was the profit promised me and I have conviction and Iman and believe that what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, is true. So therefore I will be in the agenda of the Allah and no Santa Monica.