Hajj 2021 Live #07 – On the way to the Jamarat

Abu Abdissalam


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The speaker is in the process of building a tower and trying to convince people to use the "most popular" type of construction, the "median" type of construction. They are currently in the process of starting a new project and plan to use the "median" type of construction for the rest of the project.

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hire the mean

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soft with eh Brian is salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato when you're

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speaking to live from Mina, so we came back from stelliferous this morning

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we actually ended up praying for Joe in

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in the 10s of minutes. And now we are going towards the Jamaat stone

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at the gym, we already on our way,

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on our way, we're going to be stoning at the jamara insha Allah Allah you can see over there in the distance you can see the bridge of the jamara

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there are multiple layers multiple

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levels where you can go to stone the jamara

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so we're kind of following the crowd at the moment because

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to see which level they're gonna allow us to stone on

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Okay, so

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hungry lads.

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Like normally this would be really really crowded

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on a normal Hutch especially this time

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handle is quite empty compared to normal

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so yeah, we're just making our way

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towards the jamara now on the 10th of Dhul hijjah which is Yamaha which is today

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of course what happens is that we only stone the jumper until October which is the largest jumper

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and you stone each you stone it seven times then tomorrow which is the 11th from the 12th and for those who are remaining up to the 13 they will start all three journals the small the middle and the large. And they make two I will make one after the first and the second jumbo has only we don't make to our after the large

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we don't make after the large jumbo so today we won't be making

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after the night

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because we're only starting from algebra

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and yeah, so we don't make the roster that today.

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Come to love it's been really amazing. This has been absolutely phenomenal. Nothing robotic, was shot love.

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Obviously there's only 60,000 people which is less than the number of people that were doing at the time of the Prophet sighs send them

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and prophets a long time there were 100,000 people doing Hajj in

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the final Hodge

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here we only have 60,000 you can see these tents here empty the ones that are right next to Jim rock they seem to be empty

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so we're going to be going

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into that structure there you can see

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in that structure inshallah we'll be throwing

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jump up

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stones, seven stones, saying this.

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Throwing each one and it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if the stone actually hits the gym one of

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the main thing is it needs to go into the pool

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or the pool that surrounds the Gemini because it's like a funnel all the stones

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at the bottom anyway.

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And some people

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at the Gema date, they do some really strange things like I remember we often you get people throwing their sandals, their slippers, their shoes, they think that the shirt on is the jumper, but that's not the case. The shaitan is humiliated.

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Okay, the shaitaan is actually humiliated seeing this great site.

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But the genre itself is not the Showtime Of course. So that is a misconception among a lot of people.

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So I'm walking to the jungle right now.

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inshallah, if once I get there, I'll try and stream another video that I molecule. I'm your brother about this and I'm speaking to you live from Mina on the way to the jamara