Yaser Birjas – The last person who enters Jannah

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The story of Jana's return to Jannah is discussed, including her journey to realize herself worthless and her attempts to enter Jana's shade. Jesus eventually arrives at Jana's house and realizes he is full, but is met with a police officer who refuses to let him in. Jesus eventually arrives and realizes he is already full, but tries to enter Jana's house with a door knock and a police officer. The segment also touches on Jana's satisfaction through a dams signal and a satisfaction from a flower.
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explains the last burns person to enter Jannah May Allah azza wa jal make us among those who enter Jannah first, not last the GEMA I know some of us say will lie that's good that Hamza there hope but don't you ever aspire to be like this man? When they when you hear that a word, you will be impressed and said like this reward I'm happy with no but don't forget about the punishment he had to go through before he was able to be purified and go until Jana. So who is that person we don't know. As an individual, we don't know who that person who will be the last intelligentsia but at least we know what he has to go through May Allah subhana wa Taala protect us from going through the

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sort of Brahman but to see the Grace of Allah subhana wa Tada and the mercy of Allah azza wa jal for this man in Hadith 1884 on the other side of Hainan Ramana Rahim Allah Tala tal wonderfulness. Oh there are the Allahu Anhu aka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the

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Quran and now the whole Raja minha will Jannetty the Quran agenda. He said, I know of the last of the inhabitants of * to be taken out from there. And the last one to enter Jannah like I know this person. He was the last person to get out of Jannah what does that mean? There are people who end up in Jahannam and get out of it. And what does it even mean? They were more heady and

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they're Tohei they believed in Allah subhanho wa taala. How come they end up in Jannah Lumsden, their good deeds were not sufficient enough to save them from that.

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The goodie that they had wasn't sufficient enough to save them from that. So they had to be purified before they could go to Jana. So Cara Salah Salem, Raju Raju dunya Krajina Nari habla he said he is a man who will come out of Jannah out of a fire of *, crawling on all fours.

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He is crawling. Can't even stand up. Lumsden

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cannot get up on his feet. He is crawling his way out of Jannah. Can you imagine the pain just to try to get out of this Lumsden? Allah is thinking about it just it is so scary.

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Casa de la Sampha cool put Allah azza wa jal Allah, it her butthole Jana so this man there's another narration expense more details. He will be taken out of Johanna and he'd be staying outside of Johanna just sitting outside of German for a long, long time, masha Allah Hello Anisha. And in that moment, in that moment, this man would think what, that he was the luckiest person however,

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just in that moment, outside of Johanna, he thinks he's the luckiest person because he's not in general.

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And then after some time, he sees a tree. He sees a tree on distance. And he says color Can I Can I just moved to that tree? Do I have permission to move to that tree that is to stand under the shade of that tree?

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So Allah subhanaw taala says to him says, Are you going to ask for anything else after that? He goes, No, I promise you that's the last thing I'm going to ask for.

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Allah says okay, fine, you can go there. So he moved from that spot, under the shade of that tree.

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And then he says there he thinks himself worth he is in the for those who Darla. Like this is the best, happiest moment of his life. And he spends that time under that shade of that tree for as Masha Allah hula Anisha, which as Allah was for him to stay, then some time later, he sees another tree is larger, appearing from distance. And he goes, kohlrabi. Can I go to that tree?

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Like I had enough from this tree? Can I go that tree?

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, God,

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didn't you ask me to tell you that you're not going to ask for anything after this?

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Because this just this one, probably just this one. Just this one. I'm not going to ask I promise I'm not going to ask you after this. Allah said, Sure, go to that tree. So you go to that tree.

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And then he spends his time on that tree which is bigger and more beautiful. Masha Allah hula Anisha he thinks himself is in order the agenda.

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But then at some point, he sees the gates of agenda from distance.

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And he realized, whoa, this is the gates of agenda. Then he asked Allah subhana wa Oribi my lord

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Can I just go by the gates of the den? I'm not gonna enter I just want to be near Jen. Nan has been at the gate. All I'm asking. And Allah subhana was telling him you're such a you all as a betrayed. You're never going to keep your word. I said if I get you there, would you ask for anything else after that? He goes, I promise.

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And Allah allows them to go towards the good of agenda. Of course staying by the good of agenda, seeing through the walls and the fence and what beauty is what Bill Jenna is? At some point, this man says Tara Rob, be my

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Lord, can I get into agenda? He said, I know I promised God can I get into agenda? That's what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says to him called Bucha origin Quran. Alright, so they open the gate for him and he enters Elgin. Tia.

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So he comes into Jana he gets in there for her yellow lie and

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so when he gets in there, he looks around and if he's there, it's already full.

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Like if it's full, so your color rugby. So it comes back to Allah subhanaw taala Robbie, I went there or just to her Mela. It's filled up already. There is no place for me. For God, Allah subhana wa Tada. Forgot it. First hold Jana. Go again. And enter Jana. So he goes again for you.

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So he feels that it's already full. There's no place for him in there for Jaffa choreography. I went again. I still see it's fun. For the two harmala for Akula was it Have fun hotel Jana go into Jana. For in Melaka misled dunya washwater I'm Talia, you will get all the pleasure of this dunya all the treasure of this world this life 10 times or times 10 We're in Melaka Miss La shorty I'm Sarah dunya and you're gonna get that times 10 That's a lot, right? For all of us for Obi Wan tell Malik. He said now kind of like he thinks that he's. I mean he can't believe what he's hearing. For God, My Lord. My Lord says Are you making fun of me while you are the king of all kings? Like are you

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mocking me? Like Is that for real? Is it worth asking? Is that for real?

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For Allah subhanho wa Taala for Carla. Huckabee will anthelmintic you mark give me one. What you are the king for call MMS. Oh those narrating the story of Farfalla DeRuyter Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Blanca had better than Elijah, the prophet when he was narrating the story. He was smiling. He was laughing

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like how this man thought that this reward is not real. Like it cannot be so real. You can't believe that Allah has given so much so the professor was laughing at the statement of this massive My Lord, are you really making fun of me is that for him? So he laughed at that said Allah Salah Africana call that

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Jannetty Mandela, this is the man who will have the least rank in Jana. May Allah make us among those who have the highest rank in general Bananaman I know some people might say once again that like as long as I go and Jana hamdulillah Um, okay.

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Those that have the threshold is very, very low.

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We want you to be in Charlotte among those will be in the highest ranks of Virginia. But to get there Gemma requires a lot of work a lot of effort, so much patience, so much, you know, work And subhanAllah cooperation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it. You're a biller and I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to guide our heart to our heart that was most pleasing to me or Brandman We ask Allah subhana wa COVID to guide us to the IML and the deeds that will learn the output for us in genetic videos Allah Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us among those will be in the convention for surah Allah He sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, and the MBR and the Saudi when we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to treat us with his Rama and his mercy not with the justice. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the little that we could offer that Allah subhanaw taala magnifies our reward until we end infidelity for those who are brand new 100 level so down below Muhammad didn't wanna add

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any questions

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this Mala enjoy your to jonzac Monica.

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Remember to ask these guys about what

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