Hajj Live 2021 #05 – End of Arafah Day

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The host of a video discusses the upcoming weekend in Arkansas, where buses will take them to their area in honor of the upcoming weekend. They also mention the importance of being healthy and staying healthy during the pandemic. The video ends with a tour of the area and a tour of the weekend.

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I mean, early human software trainer Selam Aleykum. Mikey.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam I, today is now the night of arafah has finished mock prep time has just literally just now kicked in. And you can see that people are outside the tents. We're just waiting in the queues right now for the buses to come to take us in Charlotte to deliver, as I mentioned, and the police

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on both sides.

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Well, you

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Hello, Governor slide in

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Arkansas. So let's get them in. Man, we will

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come back and

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watch and then

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he just sort of

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in the heaviness, okay, I'm happy

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to not do

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And that is.

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So the guide has informed us that, you know, the it's going to be another 20 minutes or so before the buses stop.

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Trying to get them to go back to the attempts.

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Yeah, so basically, as I was saying before, let me move away from the door a little bit.

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Let me move forward. So as I was saying, How To be

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honest and how to be

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honest and how to be managing and

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understand how to do lots of announcements going on one child, it seems to be lost. Yeah. So this is, this is our area in honor of

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the ninth of July, he has actually finished in the sense that Margaret has already kicked in, and the time is actually ended.

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Or the time of normal arafa has ended, of course, you can do anytime, all the way up until you die

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in sha Allah but yeah, so basically, as I mentioned in other videos,

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we have to wait in until the sun sets now the sun has set. However, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he did not pray more

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until he got to Metallica. So once he got to most edify, he prayed modernization in Metallica itself. three cars and two rockers combined.

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Yeah, so basically, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept the hydropool, the Hajaj

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and my heart and male las panatela allow you all to perform hajj and I was talking about this before, but I think I just felt a drop of rain.

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Anyway, as I was saying, I was talking about this before, but in complete a lot of people they say that they will make Hajj when they're older. Now, there's two problems with that. One is that obviously you don't know if you're going to live until you're older. Secondly, Hajj normally does require a lot of strain, okay, there's a lot of walking, there's a lot of

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there's a lot of things that you have to do a lot of walking, it can be quite strenuous, it requires a lot of energy. And what is ironic is that you're best suited for Hajj when you're younger, the younger you are, the more you know energy and the more healthy generally people are. So that's a really good time where you can really enjoy the herd you're not worried about aches and pains and illnesses and stuff like that, you can actually focus on your Eva, you can actually focus on your, on your heart and your eyes and all of this much more in sha Allah so please you know if if you do have the money if you do have the ability, of course has not opened up for everyone yet. But we ask

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Allah subhanaw taala for for, you know Hajj to be opened up for everyone from next year. I mean, you're up make that do I make the either I get to do Hajj every year living in Mecca even it's really heartbreaking last year when we were not able to do hygiene even though we were just like a few kilometres away from the from from artifacts. So yeah, so these are our tents you can see behind us. Okay, these are the tents in the camp. They got some nice little trees here as well. Lots of people here

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you know, just standing waiting for the bus

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SR comm

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you can see that here

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in sha Allah, I can't actually see any of your comments while I'm live for some reason I haven't figured out how this works

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cuz I'm streaming to different platforms, I can't see your comments, but inshallah we'll try and have a look at some of the comments maybe on the coach when we're a bit free in sha Allah. And we just show you, the people here.

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They're just

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coming back in many people

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this year which has been extraordinary. It's been really extraordinary because normally you have a few million people performing hajj this year of course, you've only got 60,000 people performing hajj. And you know, it's a real blessing to be him Allah subhanaw taala accept all of these people's Hutch.

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It is a massive blessing and you know, sometimes you do wonder why a last minute Allah chose you out who these people so many people who wanted to perform Hajj Justin locally they were I think half a million people who applied only 60,000 got got the

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got the permits, but I hope inshallah, that Allah subhanaw taala opens up the hatch for everybody. Soon in Sharla hopefully next year in sha Allah, Allah

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so anyway, so now as I said, I'm we're going to go to Muslim as soon as soon as the buses come and shallow lagoon I'll log on once we get to Metallica, and show you a little tour of what it's like in Metallica. Keep me in your two eyes. Once again, I'm your brother. I'm speaking to you live from the blessitt place, the planes have said salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa