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The importance of praying in the house is discussed, as it is confidential and cannot be guaranteed. The speaker suggests practicing praying in the right hand and keeping the eye on the sun, while also reading the Quran and focusing on the Surah message. It is beneficial to practice praying with the right hand and keep the eye on the sun.

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Salam aleikum, Tara we and locked down in isolation. Muslims all around the world are bent out of shape, and that we can't go to the mosque we have to pray turn away from home this year. But is this actually a bad thing? Or is it good? Perhaps if you watch this video to the end, you might actually change your mind. But no matter what the case may be, the reality is, is that all of us are going to pray from home this year. So here's 10 things that we need to know in order to make sure that our taraweeh is successful and that it's accepted from Allah subhanaw taala and that we make the most of it.

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The first issue is the ruling the hokum after we all of us know that it's sunnah, meaning it's something that we should do, but it's not something we have to do. But nonetheless, it's become part of our customs. It's something we do every single year. It's become from the Shire of Allah. And as Allah told us in the Quran, that Iike will make you either the Misha is Allah for into heaven, Tuckwell, Peru, and whoever honors the Shire the signs of a law, that is sign of the piety of the hearts. However, something that many people don't know is that many of the scholars, they actually say that it's better for us to pray in the house. So there is a difference of opinion in this issue

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from the beginning. Is it better to pray in the masjid? Or is it better to pray in the house, and many of the scholars who taught us in Medina, they used to pray in their houses, they didn't go and pray in the masjid. They had different reasons. Some of them thought it was better than they should pray in the house. Other ones that we want to pray for a long time. And in the massage, they had either their prayers too short for us, I remember one of them told me I like to pray with three Jews who, with a long record alongside us, so he used to pray in his house, another scholar who taught me he told me that my mother makes me come and lead the prayer in the house. Therefore, I go back and I

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pray in the house. So there is a difference of opinion between the scholars. And I remember last year in the country I was in the way they pray, they will just lead like one or two I and make recordings very fast. So after I prayed one day with them, I said to myself, I'm not benefiting because the objective is for us to benefit from this prayer. Therefore I used to pray in the House last year, and I find it much more better and much more beneficial. So it's not the end of the world, the fact that we have to pray in our houses. In fact, it actually might be better for us. All of us know the great reward of praying in total, we're the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, he told

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us that if we pray during Ramadan, through Eman to our faith and through the sand, wanting the reward from Allah, that our past sins will be forgiven. But another reward that we tend to miss out on is praying with our Imam from the beginning to the end, and to from the time he starts into the finish, and our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that whoever does this, that it will be written for him as if he has prayed for the entire night. So you might pray for 20 or 30 minutes straight away, but you get the reward as if you pray for the entire night under the condition that you start with the Imam and you stay with him until he finishes until he says a Salam

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aleikum rahmatullah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah virtual or online total, we, this is something you wouldn't think is real. Unfortunately, it is. There are those people out there who intend to pray behind the Imam online. In your end, this is something that's not permissible and whoever does it, his prayer will not be accepted. And it doesn't matter if you're praying behind the imam in Mecca or the imam in Medina or in your local mosque. If it's something online, and you're following online, then the prayers will be accepted because as a scholar is mentioned, in order for the prayer to be accepted, you have to be in the same vicinity, the same location as the Imam himself, who

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should be the imam who should lead the prayers. When we pray, tada we at home, obviously, it must be someone who's from the males. And then the origine is that the head of the household, he would be the Imam. But there's certain conditions that must be met in order for him to be the Imam. And that is, first of all, that he reads the Quran properly, especially so what in fact they have. And then he knows the basic rulings of Imam as the Imam, the basic pick rulings that he needs to know in order to lead the prayers. If there is someone in the household who is more knowledgeable than him, someone who has a better re citation, then perhaps it's better that he gives him the opportunity to

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lead the prayer. And there's an amazing opportunity in front of us. And that is to let our children lead the prayers, or maybe just lead some of the workouts and during the total week, and many of our kids they go to Quran schools and many of them memorize a lot of the Quran. And some of them honestly, they have better re citations than us. And they don't have to have reached the age of puberty to lead the prayers. It's been confirmed in the Sunnah, that one of the Sahaba was six, seven years old. He was the Imam. As long as they can distinguish and they know the basic rulings of the prayer it's permissible for them to lead the prayer. What time should we pray, the time starts

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from right after Isha all the way to Salat al Fajr. And the best time that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to focus on he prayed at all times of the night the first part, the middle part and the third, but he would focus more on praying during the

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last third of the night, however, this might be difficult for a lot of us especially those of us who have families. So it's probably better that we stick with the original routine like we would do if we were going to the measured and that's to pray right after Isha in shallow Tala. But what if someone wants to pray longer they want to pray more and shallow tunnel when I mentioned that in the bid, how many records should we pray? The saga continues even from home 2011 2011 Even though Subhanallah each year we have an issue with this. The hadith are very, very clear the Prophet it salatu salam, he said that Salah to lead the night prayer is methanol, methanol. So if you want to

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pray 20 If you want to pray 36 Like they pray in some countries or they used to pray anyways, it's permissible, no problem. However, no doubt the best is to pray the same way the Prophet said Allahu Allah, he was telling us to pray, which is praying 11 records, I showed the Allahu anha she said the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would never increase on 11 rakaats in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. But what's more significant than the quantity the number itself is the quality of the prayer. And this is something with Allah He that were missed out, and it's become an many of our massage like a joke. And that's what I'm saying that perhaps this year, the fact that we have to pray in isolation, we

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can fix some of these things, so it actually might be better for us. Unfortunately, all around the world. The main objective of total Ouija for most people is just to finish the Quran. No doubt that something important want to talk about it in a minute. Inshallah, however, is this the true objective of the prayer. When you look into the description of the night prayer of the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he would make his real core and as sujood about the same length as his re citation not like we do today, where many people will Allah you feel that the way they make records for Jews so fast that they're actually making a mockery of the prayer. One of the best cutaways that

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I ever had was in the UAE and when I first went into this masjid, I came about the middle of Ramadan, and I prayed about half Ramadan was with this Imam when I came in I found that he was like in any still unsorted bucket after about 15 days, I said, What is this guy doing and it will used to be No, we should be halfway through the Quran now. And then I noticed when he prayed the masjid, first of all is very peaceful inside of the measured the way it was set up the way it smelled, how clean it was. And then he would read just about a half a page, but he read very slow very clearly. And then he will make a nice roll call and a nice smooth dude. It didn't take that long, but well

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Allah He the way you felt in the prayer and after the prayer. Absolutely amazing. And this is the objective of the salaat. Do we have to read the entire Quran in total way? And the answer is no, you can read as much as you want, you can read less, you can read more. And he obviously is something that the scholars mentioned, that it's praiseworthy, it's recommended if you can read the entire Quran, because you will hear the entire Quran and those praying behind you will hear the entire Quran as well. However, that's too much, then you read as much as you can when Hamdulillah. Also you don't have to read in order, meaning that you start from Surah Baqarah. And then you go to Ali and

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Ron and into a new set. You can read from any part of the Quran that you want. In fact, it's actually better that you focus on the surah is that you know, well, because this is going to help you first of all, it's gonna make sure that you read citation it's on point. And it's also going to help you concentrate and focus. But I don't memorize a lot. Is it permissible for me to read from the Quran to read from the moose have? And the answer is yes, there's no problem with that in shallow Thailand. In fact, it's been confirmed and so anybody, that woman woman in Asia will the Allahu anha, that her servant, that one he used to lead her in prayer and he would read from the

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most half. However, there's a very important fifth issue that you need to know whether you're the imam or if you're the one being led into prayer, and that we see all the time in the massager. What happens when the people are reading or they're following? As the Imam is reciting? What did they do when they come to make sujood they do like this. And they make the suit like this with their hand on the ground. And what happens when someone does this, they invalidate their sudo the sudo will not be accepted. Pay attention to this, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said we've been ordered to make sujood on the seven limbs, and from them is the palms of the hands. Therefore, if

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you make sudo on the back of your hand, your sujood is not going to be correct and your prayer will not be accepted. Make sure you pray with your Imam and to the end. We all know the reward that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the Hadith, as we mentioned earlier, but the question comes now is what if I want to pray longer if I want to pray more, this is permissible for you to pray later. And there's two ways you can go about doing that. Sometimes, like we see in the massages, when the mom gives the salaams the person gets up and makes an extra record. This is permissible. But there's another way which I feel is better. And that is that you make it a salaams

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with the Imam and then if you want to pray later, then you can pray anytime throughout the night. Because what so many people don't understand is that what is forbidden is for me to pray to witness at night when I can't come and pray with her again. But if I pray with her with my Imam and then I pray to records and two records and two records and I just pray nap

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We'll voluntary throughout the night. There's no problem with this and shuttle toddler, but I can't make the long do I like the moms making the massages? So what should I do in this situation? Alhamdulillah don't worry about it because this long do is not from the Sunnah anyways, all you need is the dua that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make in the notes, and I'll put the link in the description below. If you want to add some dual eyes to that, then I'm done. There's no problem with that. In fact, it's an opportunity for us to learn some new new eyes throughout the month that we added do out here we had to do out there and we're adding to our

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arsenal of devices that we're going to learn for Ramadan and for after Ramadan as well. Try to make sure that the duels you learn you memorize their do eyes from the Quran or from the Sunnah, because that's where the true blessing is, is in these DUA and an important sunnah to know is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he wouldn't make dua every night, therefore, once or twice during Ramadan, we leave the DUA to implement this soon as well. Hopefully it was beneficial. And if you have any other questions, or you think there's something that we missed out that we should have added, please let me know in the comments below, which is that Kamala Hey, Ron was Salam alaykum

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh