Zahir Mahmood – 1400 Years And You’re Still Arguing Over Salah

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of addiction and how it affects the Muslim community. They mention that the church's statement about drug dealing is a red flag for those affected by the problem. The segment also touches on the issue of "the loo is a stray" and how it affects people in community.
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Muslims you know, they start practicing instead of trying to raise their standard

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instead of having some focus in life what what is the first guy do when he starts practicing all of us are guilty of the same. What do you do? First thing that you do is that oh now you start practicing and then you start causing this unity in the Muslim community. This unity, though you start Oh, what are you talking about? Salah Oh Salah bro your Salah is not so he your Salah, say what kind of community are you 1400 years and you call for Soto your Salah because that's the level intellectual level that you're at. The problem is Allah Salam said that Allah will take him up because Allah Tala mu key element to her Now Surah Oosten Johanna for Soylu first obaidul Illman he

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said Allah will * him up, but he will take him up with the taking up of the alma mater law me up alamin it has a NASA Rosen Johanna. They will take the most ignorant people as the leaders for someone who first obey the element and the people because they will be even more ignorant than the people that they asking. They will ask the question, they will ask him a question. And he will give us a faster but the messenger Allah says because he's a juggler. He'll give a photo of Villa elmen The last word the loo he's a stray himself and he will leave other people astray. That's where we are today. 1400 years you haven't sorted out your Salah. You don't want to deal with issues which

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really impact you that your children, you know, are leaving the deen of Allah subhanaw taala that issue that Islamic economics, the issues which you know, our social issues, nobody speaks about those you go to the vast majority of our Masada Bosma Joe majority of all massage, the Joomla hoorah my mom has never ever spoken about drug dealing in the issue and in our communities. Why? Because you know, the church or or the mama of the drug dealer sitting in the congregation, and he don't want to upset him because after Salah he'll come to the mosque committee and say, you know, your Imam sob insulted me. We were sitting there labor union and sold the entire community when your

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nephew would trick theory and making our children crackheads that wasn't an issue, but you get offended. But this is the intellectual level that the Muslim community is Earth

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