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The speaker discusses the importance of recharging phones to improve productivity and recharge battery power. They also mention the need for educating youth to help them understand the value of their own spiritual experiences and experiences of their youth. The speaker emphasizes the need for consistent training and guidance on how to recharge their phones.

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all right, I'm sure you've been there where you're about to go to sleep at night, your phone from us all throughout the day has been depleted in battery power and you want to recharge it before you go to sleep. So you plug it in, and then you go to sleep and everything's all nice and you dream of a fully recharged phone right? You have amazing dreams like that. And you wake up in the morning you go to look at your phone, but it's not fully charged like at 11% What happened? You thought it was plugged in, but it wasn't. And that brings us to today's ayah Allah subhana data says What if gone evil on him or on B et ne K fed to him out on our men call Khan and Bella wanna Kinneil coma in con

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MB all our Beratan meno TOIDY fossil one, Eli Iike. so much, John. So John Lala could lead collegia Berlin minha juice,

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Here in this verse Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam asked Allah to show him how does Allah resurrect the dead? Allah subhanho wa Taala asks Ibrahim. Oh, well, I'm talking, don't you believe? And Ibrahim alayhi salam said something very interesting. And it's the point of today's episode, Ibrahim Ali Salam said Bella wala killed the ultimate in Nickleby. He said, Indeed, I believe, but I want to reassure my heart. When Ramadan comes along, we all feel this spiritual recharge, right? You feel it, I feel it. People have made T shirts of that, like this battery Ramadan, I need to recharge myself. We're going for tunnel. We're in Ramadan, we're reciting Quran, we're racing to do good

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deeds. I'm here to tell you that that needs to happen all throughout the year, that we have to seek out opportunities to recharge our Eman. And at the same time, we also need to abstain as much as we can from situation and people in places that lower our Eman and let me say something special to our youth. Those of us who are in charge of educating and assisting these youth every two or three years, there's another group of youth that come of age, and we might take it for granted that they know where to go to get their spiritual recharge, they know where to go to get, you know, their knowledge increase. They don't necessarily know that and so we have to constantly be educating and

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guiding people in their Deen in their spirituality so that they and us can have a consistent recharge of Eman. Our model the Allahu Anhu said these wise words about people who would later on be born into Islam, and who would not know Jaya Helia the pre Islamic ignorance. So you ask yourself, what would the problem be if somebody is born into Islam and is not familiar with all that pre Islamic ignorance? The problem is this, that they take Islam for granted, or they don't know the value of what they have in their hands. If that's something that our model the Allahu Anhu said at the time of the companions and all the alohar No. So what about our times we have to consistently

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take our youth and educate them and guide them spiritually so they understand the value of what they have in their hands, and so they can constantly be in a state of recharging their Eman.