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AI: Summary © The speaker is conducting a test and is trying to determine if they are someone who is intelligent or if they are someone who is smart. They will use verses from Surah Delilah and Al Jefferson to determine their answers. The test is designed to determine if a person is willing to trade in their pleasures for gains in the Hereafter exam.
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cinema De Graaff Dola beware, this is a test. And if not wanting to take this test, it's better you stop the video now, what is this test? The test is to answer this question. Am I someone who is intelligent someone who is smart? Or am I someone who is and you can fill in the blanks, you know what I'm talking about? Are you ready? Are you sure you want to take this test? It's ready Bismillah. But how are we going to determine the answer to this question? Because easiest Yes, I'm intelligent. I'm smart. We're going to determine the answer by reflecting together on these verses from Surah Delilah verses that all of us have heard all of us know

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when Allah tells us but Avila Hemant is that the one who was successful was the one who, who strives to purify himself purify his soul.

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Where am I, in my spirituality? Where am I in my striving to purify myself? This is the first part of the of the test.

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And then Allah shows us in the next verse, the way to purification, how can I purify my soul? What that got us model biggie for Salah that he remembers the name of his Lord, and praise? Where am I when it comes to the vicar of Allah remembering Allah and it comes to my prayer to my Salat is the second part of the test. And then the next verse that comes in the verse after this is going to show us that most of us will Allah who we fail to test alongside.

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When Allah says bell to Thirunal, higher to dunya, Bell uPAR, however you prefer the life of this dunya

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will FIRA to hirundo UPCA. And the life of the Hereafter is better and everlasting.

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The reality of so many of us is that we're so attached to this dunya that we're willing to trade in the eternal pleasures of the Hereafter just to gain some of the temporary pleasures of this dunya.

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And now you can see

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that the result to this exam to this test that we wanted to test ourselves with it.

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The outcome for many of us, is not as good as we thought. And many of us have realized that we're really not that intelligent.