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In Surah Yaseen, Allah told us the story of a man. He didn't tell us his name. He didn't go into details about who he was because what's significant and what's important is his story. Allah subhana wa Tada wants us to reflect on his story, so we can be like him so we can follow in his footsteps. What Allah said we're German Accel Medina at Roger Loon, that original man he came from Oxford Medina, he came from the farthest part of the city. So he's he's making effort here. He's coming to his people. How does he come to them? He's coming from far away. Yes, sir. He's running towards them. And this is very important. What does he want to tell his people? He tells us people you have

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told me it Tiberian mousseline Oh my people follow the mausoleum. Follow the prophets follow the hack. He's been guiding himself and hamdulillah now he wants to share this with his people. When you reflect on the way of the Sahaba when they entered to Islam right away, they would start giving down a bucket of Sadiq. Rhodiola and any six of them oversharing Bill Jana, they will promise Paradise from the tenant war promised paradise. They accepted Islam to Oh, because of the look at the story of a purveyor of Anambra when he accepted Islam was sent to his people of dose to mama even with that, and his story after story of the Sahaba and they accepted Islam right away. They started to

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give Dawa just like the man in the story and sort of yes seen when he reflect on his Dawa, you see that he focused on Tawheed he focused on using rational arguments. So the so he could speak to their fitrah to the natural inclination that they have inside. And he followed the methodology the men Hajj of the prophets, as Allah mentioned in the Quran, what was the response of his people? How did they respond to his Dawa? They killed him? Subhanallah What did he get in return? Allah subhanaw taala said to him, they that whole agenda was said to enter in the gender. You were killed. You receive martyrdom, now you're going to enter into the agenda. What was his wish? What was his wish?

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When he entered into Jannah? He said, Yeah, later call me alimonies I wish my people knew the amount of love for Ali Robbie. What my Lord has forgiven me with what journeymen and MCRA mean? And he made me from the honored Allahu Akbar, even after being killed from his people. His wish is that they're guided his objective and his goal is still Dawa, and the guidance of His people will reflect on this story, we see that he's a man who came from very far away running, putting forth effort to spread his religion, and the law raised his status by mentioning stored in the Quran. And this caused all of us to reflect and to ask ourselves, what have we done for our deen?