Hussain Yee – Ramadan Reminders #22

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of repeating daily routine and creating a culture of Islam. They touch on the history and meaning of the title of "Soon of Islam" and the importance of forgiveness. The conversation also touches on the frustration of people on the streets of Congress and a request from a chef at a Toshi Salama. The speakers emphasize the need for a culture of Islam and avoiding disfeasement and embarrassment.
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sarila you

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when we do things daily, when we do things repetitively, we do things always do the same thing the same thing the same thing.

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It will become like like a routine like something that is mundane write something that is

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from something that you are excited to do. And then it becomes something that is boring, right? Boring is like a chore.

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So, these things for example, us here in a hurry, right?

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We witnessed a lot of people who revert into Islam. So imagine the first time you see somebody revert to Islam. What do you feel your award you want to cry, you see a shadow, a shadow, Allah Allah you see you want to cry your heart and your heart cries up. Like your hola somebody embraced Islam, masha Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that is the first round, the second round, Allahu Akbar Allah. But when it comes to the 10th round, or maybe the 100th round, maybe you will be like, Oh, another person is embracing Islam. So it is normal, this is normal.

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What are the examples that I read? Oh, yeah, of course we also a lot of us are born Muslims, right ball Muslims, we are born with this, this religion. And when we open our eyes, our mother is a Muslim, our father is a Muslim. So alhamdulillah ordinator mostly we are born as a Muslim. So everything, we grew up with it, and then it is we have become part of our culture. Mashallah. And we pray. Sometimes we pray, not because we want to pray. We pray because my mother asked me to pray. We don't want to fast but my mother asked me to find my father say if you fast I give you 50 earring it

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Allahu Akbar, it is okay but not every time.

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Also, this is what we call when we are born in a Muslim family we tend to take things for granted your Allah Ya Allah. example, example everyday here we listen to the recitation of Quran residual of Quran we heard the story of the prophets of Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, Allah what a great what a beautiful story from from the beginning and at the end, yeah, Allah. And also we heard the story about Maria and all of these prophets, all of these stories.

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We have to step back one step at this is just an intro. Okay, one step back. And then we have to a bit stop and ponder, go outside from the routine, crosstalk partner routine, and ponder your Allah What a blessing that I am having, what a blessing that I have in your Allah or you can ask those who reverted to Islam recently or maybe a few years back your Allah you you ask them, What is the difference in your life now and compared to before your Allah you can ask

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whether he can you know Allah every time I see a rivet, I will ask the story. What is Why do you want to embrace Islam? So you will see all because of this because of this, but we as a Muslim was okay. We don't feel anything at least a bit. But you know that that's normal. That's normal because we are born with the belief in Allah and the rasool Allah Allah Allah will send them

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so these things we we have to ponder upon the

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work of our hygiene in a girl home in Marina Surah Shula, whatever, Nika Ohio

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in a row, I mean

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this is the the mark will take 30 mile kit

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mark with that 30 mile kita Well, II man while I King gyla who are on DB him and

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we're in Nicoletta D in St. Lottie Mustafi. You're alone. What a beauty

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Should I do what a what a powerful if you ponder upon the meanings, Allah say, and like that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we give you a rule. I mean, I'm Rena, we are highly inspired to you the revelation or rule. It is the Quran and why you ma Quinteto add you before this. Muhammad. You don't know. Mara, Quinta de what is Al Kitab? What is the book? Is the Quran? A woman? You don't know all this before this revolution we don't know about the story of Meriam

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we don't know the story. We will never know that the former coup d'etat the Ripper

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Valley cam in

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Illinois we know he a while my good ally de him if you own up Allah whom are you hope yak full LUMINARIUM you won't even dare Ooh Mohamed salah. My name is Tiana you were there with them. When they get it together as a career and all all the uncles and the family of Meriam when they cast lots when they cast Okay, who wants to take care of this Maryam. You weren't there. You weren't there you if you if we don't reveal to you this, you will know you don't know about the story. Of course also the story of use of

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Taylor de him. i j Ma Ma whom Wahoo miam guru. You weren't there with the brothers of use of you weren't there Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah was telling you are not there, we weren't there. When they plot together against the his younger brother, your Allah. Without Allah you we are nothing, we are like cattle and we I like the kettles. And then we come with the to the to the ayah that was recited today Alhamdulillah the Imam recited from the surah a ultimate Dodona donations

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from Surah Mohammed from the beginning until the end well hamdulillah so let us go through a bit a bit, not not a tafsir class, not a tafsir class or hamdulillah let us go a bit to the to the ayat that was reciting the surah Muhammad.

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This is one of the surah that was, you know, this is the Surah it was named after our our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not to tell the story about the Sierra or the Prophet in this is no no the surah doesn't tell you about the story of the Prophet when was was born as far as I know. And this story is more about war. What our warfare about,

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about about what

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about what

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about the disbelievers what they think about the Muslims etc, etc. So I've also known this so the surah knows as Surah Al Kitab al the next the name, the the name of the surah is Surah Al Qaeda and also the surah also named as Surah Al Lavina Kapha who Allah vena cava Alhamdulillah so our prophets of Assam his name was mentioned in the Quran, right? Right. How many times will the prophets name mentioned to okay, I say sisters

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any any anyone? No, no no okay. Now the correct answer the

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four times that is correct the fourth so the sisters one

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Masha Allah sent

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four times Masha Allah, but actually it's five but

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but in other another form, not Mohammed. Ahmed also refers to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Okay, so Mohammed whenever Allah smart Allah mentioned the name of Prophet Muhammad, he will mention about prophethood about rissalah wama Mohammed bin Mohammed Omar Muhammad Illa Abba hottie middleaged Alikum wala kin rasuluh

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wahama. Naveen.

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So Allah mentioned his name. And then he is, he is not the father of any one of you, but he is the Prophet and the seal of Prophet.

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He's the Messenger of Allah and the seal of Prophet there is the ayah in surah. Allah the Surah In Surah

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Al Imran, now what ma Muhammad when Illa rasuluh called the harlot in Kabbalah, he Russell,

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Allah Muhammad, he is not a he is a Prophet from the prophets who came before you. This is when the focus on Salam

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One of the I was recited when he passed away after imata output Ilan Colavito Allah tobecome okay so that is another one and another one. Muhammad Rasul Allah well levy nama who actually the Isla Kufa Mohammed so how many 123 And then this is

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what my name will be ma Zilla Allah Mohammed

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everytime the man the name the name of a prophet Salah Hassan was mentioned is mentioned also the the rissalah Okay, and then the last one is Ahmed member this MOU Ahmed Ahmed is the name of Prophet Muhammad four times plus one okay so whoever answered two is wrong who who answered four is correct who answers five also is correct

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let's go because I have don't have time or my time where do you finish? Let's go

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the one of the ayat was was recited with Marcelo Jannetty Letty Are you dealing with the goon the example of the paradise for the for the believers and Allah mentions there are four types of reverse V her and her MA in really us in this type of

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river there is is a pure water pure pure and they will not change the test. So analyze very pure water that is one type The other type is an haram mean lab and ignore that color white kind of love and Alaba Nino Islam and

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a susu susu milk but here now modern days the we don't call it lab and we call it Halle Berry. Halibut halibut but LeBron is refers to refers to your good but now in here in Quran is called it is the refers to the susu the milk Subhanallah there's a river of milk and then what and how to mean

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the Hummer from Wine Oh, Aurora Aurora in toxicon Homer you're Allah, Allah you use you you keep patient in here in the world don't drink it here now. We drink it all rivers of hamara insha Allah okay so I mean hammering that in the sheriff it is very tasteful over and over and her room I mean as Sally most of like the brother mentioned, it's from honey. That is very your your Allah made you know you deep yourself in the in the honey What what happened to you? Allah Allah

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you become a handyman

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Masha Allah and then this

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is a very very very strong, a lot of things that we can learn from. Well it is good keep it short. Fire alarm and hula in Allah was top of Illidan big your Allah this is a delille This is Al Imam Buhari he takes this IR and makes it a BB a BB a chapter I Lyle Pablo owlie while Amel knowledge before uttering anything and before doing anything and knowledge your Allah Our region is the region that is focused on knowledge you cannot do things without knowledge. Wala taka fu ma Allah is Allah Kirby here.

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So everything we are based on evidence based on El delille Why do you raise your hand like this? Do you raise your hand like this? Or do you put your hand like this in Salah? Why do you move your finger Brother why you don't move your finger all these up based on evidence? Why do you do this way to do that? All these are not as fun Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah say, No, I have knowledge that is you know, and there is none worthy of worship but but Allah and then what after you know what Allah is?

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What's the

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cue as Allah for for his forgiveness your Allah

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Okay, next

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I have to go fast because they will people will be slipping

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a fella yeah Tada Barun Quran Allah Allah, Allah. Allah wa nama What do you know? What do you mean? A fella? Why don't you something like that? Why don't you?

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Why not? Why don't you Why don't D and this idea is referring to them to the people who have a few Kulu behave Murghab

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why do they ponder upon the Quran?

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What does it mean by that a Beretta double. It comes from the word duper duper. duper means something that is behind something is behind. So the taboo of the Quran the taboo of the ayat means

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You go beyond the apparent meaning you go at the back of the meaning. So, that is what we call the double that you ponder upon the meanings that you

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that you understand without understanding what you recite it doesn't mean anything of course you get better reward mancora hydrophone Nikita Villa Villa who has an owl has actually unfairly her Walla

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Walla again, I leave her I leave her lamb have me have you recite one letter from the Quran, you will get her Senate and the Hassan that is 10 times multiplication of reward. So alhamdulillah but but we don't want to stop there. We want to know what Allah wants from us what Allah wants us to do and what will make us be the successful person first person in this world and here after 100 Allah O Allah did a balloon and

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so next

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that's all Okay, So alhamdulillah and those are the few is a lot of more more a lot of ideas but we there's no time to know explain more. We can actually Hussein after this he will explain more. Or you can read this tafsir even ocassion give me with of the Austro Muhammad

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and then at the last just just to see to share one of the if the last idea is or into well if you don't want to help I was not either into well rested with the local woman lawyer Rocco Allah will replace you if another comb Wallah, Kunal Salah calm and they will not be like you that you don't want to help Allah that you don't want to spend in the in the in the sake of Allah and of course of Allah. That you are stingy here Bahal Why am I here? Bahal

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Why am I here behind the ABA hello and see whoever is stingy in Ramadan.

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I've read every year in fact Ramadan, every year Alcoutim is asking for money in for Ramadan.

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Nola, Nola, Nola, I have a lot of things to spend this year right. This is the early early early months of the year, early years in the US early part of the year. So we need more money to spend on so

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in fact Ramadan, no, no, no, no, no, no no. So, I was once I see what my call for in

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for in NAMA, you have a hello. And now see, if you are stingy, if you are miserly, Visalia right

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Missoulian if your misery that you are doing it for on your own self, now you Allah will lie adore Allah will never be heard with ever you you withhold Allah is Allah honey will law who will only you and to monofocal Allah is Rich Allah is possess everything and you you are alpha Cora you are all miskeen all the things that you have in your possession is not yours as Allah give as a as a loan as a loan for while you are just keeping it wherever you eat is yours wherever you keep you will keep it for inheritance when you die or for somebody else when you spend it.

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So, in fact Ramadan and

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Okay, how many Allah so let us Hamdulillah we we thank Allah smart Allah for all the bounties and a mother who have given us an hour Hamdulillah we are we able to live another year of Ramadan we are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan yeah Allah Allah a lot of blessings a lot of things a lot of offer there was no data is offering us

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of it. To cut the story short, there's one night that everybody is chasing, you ask anybody you ask people on the streets, when they are maybe they are in the in the bazaar or Jolanta

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looking for Raya clues as them Do you know Elijah told, Oh, in order to Kadar, everybody knows, especially in Asia, you see is the time where the trees fell into sujood frustration right? The trees are your hola hola. No, that is not what we are looking for. The frustrating three, we are looking for the forgiveness of Allah, man Kamala Cody II. And then what is when, who fear Allah Who ma taka dama mean can be he whoever stands in prayer in the Night of Qadr Allah will forgive. I know there's two conditions in mind and you believe you

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You believe in Allah you believe in this or your Allah this is the green new visa and you are hoping for the reward from Allah and Allah will forgive all of his sins that you have done before Mata Kodama whatever you have done before Allah forgive you, your Allah, Allah and brothers and sisters, of course. Maybe this is the last time I will be talking to you

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in Ramadan, but but but know that after Ramadan the offer is still there, the offer is still there. Okay don't stop only in Ramadan be consistent wake up at night because Allah subhanaw taala comes down to the lowest heaven every single night. Every single night brothers and sisters, do you know that that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah buena Tabata, Quwata illa Illa sama dunya Kula Allah Allah, our Lord, Allah subhanho wa Taala He descends to the lowest heaven every single night. Now he say, whoever wants to ask forgiveness I will forgive

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your Allah. Anybody wakes up want to ask for forgiveness wake up and the last night flew through Lane

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DC and the last night of the night, last night of the night right? So as Allah smart Allah for forgiveness, who and then Allah say whoever wants anything I will give whoever we have to I will stitch up the DUA Allah where this is a weapon medicine system, this is you want something I really want something wake up at night where nobody is watching you and only you will be to you and Allah and as for Allah subhanaw taala whatever you want inshallah Allah will be granted for you our granted to you, but of course not that you ask now and then KPO

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will send deliver to to your doorstep. No, you have to be patient was dying or be somebody was okay. So we ask for Allah with with patients and Salah Abdullah so a lot of things to talk about. Okay, nowadays, you know

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a lot more talkative Anna

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who is this fella is sitting on the chef's chair and talking about Ramadan.

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101 thing last before we go before we go last. So

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you have time to accumulate right? We are here

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we are. We are reviving dinner. We are living up the night. Right today we cannot sleep. Remember the last time that's a Ramadan. This is a little bit more.

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Allah Do you know

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one thing that we can prepare ourselves is for this last night is to to make these different Toba to allow us

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to base the client over to repent to Allah subhanaw taala because Because Because I will Massey almasi your your your disobedience to Allah is the thing that will block you

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from from doing good deeds, Allah. Have you heard the story? Or the person? You the Mustafi who makes dua

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with raise his hand and make dua Yara Yara and the prophets on and say while we're Mater Alma who haram Rommel Basu haram wa well by suhara y matura Rahul haram drinks is Hara Wahoo Dr. Bill haram. Now you start dabbling Derek, this person is Mustafa. You know Mustafa, one of the above that your your daughter is Maqbool it is accepted. But I will say no, because of why he is dealing with haram he he eats haram he drinks haram he wears something that is haram and he is dealing with things that is haram one Niger will hold it Allah's medalla want to accept our prayers. So whereas the sisters this is my advice to myself as a first and foremost my myself that we make us differ that we leave

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all these scenes because you know

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the one of the signs that Allah is punishing us this that we feel desensitized with since you're Allah, Allah we feel that sins is okay. Imagine you watch

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the news right? Nowadays, I don't know we watch the news on TV, but news on TV and maybe the first few things for example,

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the sister is not wearing hijab is very beautiful with the makeup etc, etc. And the first the first few days, maybe a few times you are or not. And then after a few months, a few years passed by you

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I used to eat I used to, I used to people who walk around you without hijab, all these things are all these little little things we are desensitized we've seen and you see the agenda of the way they want to sell their their values they want to sell their visit DQ LP Q are

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the alphabets.

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So we are normalizing all these to Allah, Allah.

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And I just say one study, one study so do you have a younger?

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Allah? Because this is very, very there's a rabbi from Bani Israel. This is from New Jersey. And this is a rabbi from Bani Israel. He said to your come say seeker

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seeker and how many times they I

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perform sin I do.

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I disobeyed you, your Allah. But I You never take any action upon me.

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You see that? And that was revealed. While all of this story is

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it was reported

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can come top come up. Come on. T Buka comm Q Google, how many times they I already punish you but you don't realize how that I already take from you the sweetness of menagerie of praying of worship, of asking Allah for forgiveness, you're

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so reticent these days when you feel I feel so lazy or you feel do I know this because I couldn't recite a bit you fell asleep you want to make two I don't want to stay around up because you know these things as Hannah have, have sweetness all these things that we do we ask Allah for manager for, for all these prayers that we stay up at night. These are all tasty, is nice, it feels so nice. But if you don't feel that thing, so we have to check ourselves, like the brother said, check belly

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check belly you have to really check back ourselves and look into ourselves. What have we done before? So may Allah smart Allah grant us the Adelphia the ability for us to stand this night this last night, while May Allah give us the ability to make dua May Allah make give us the ability to to sincerely make repentance to him. Like Come Come better and then become a better Muslim. And may Allah Subhana Allah accept all our prayers of our fasting of our do our things that we do in this money although we don't want to go to his

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spinal Coahoma we have Nikka shadow and stuff Erica Why do we like some of our alarm?

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Everybody, I have to make dua sorry. There's one request. So yeah, not lecture. This is the requests from chef at the Toshi

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Salama, Sian is I'm not using an IG Abdullah. Let's make dua for his father. He's in hospital now. Allahumma Salli ala Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Comosa later and I brought him to him in Oklahoma and magic alone but how am I gonna

00:28:24 --> 00:28:34

come out of that I but I live in Oklahoma emoji Allahumma era bananas are the Hebrew books are the Hebrew words. Love

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ich fie it there alone might have been so scary. Allahumma Yeah, with the Hebrew ish fee and Tasha fee last Shiva, Shiva, Shiva and now your body Russa karma. Allah how much fee Shiva alarmist fee, Abba Nizam Shiva and Allama fee Abdullah she fly. Masala Allah Allah Muhammad is IVIG my in my

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