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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of having a clear message when facing challenges, citing studies that demonstrate that people experience pain when faced with trials andulations. He emphasizes the need for actions and messaging to reach a higher level of understanding and acting upon the situation.
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In Surah to search the Allah told us about the children of Israel that he made from the IMA or JAL Nam in Houma ima we may find them leaders. Yeah, doing a bit Amina, that they are guiding through our command, meaning that they were rightfully got it in themselves. And then they were guiding others, what did they do to reach the level of being rightfully got it and then guiding others along mentioned in the verse itself two characteristics, two qualities, the male Sadhguru when they had patience, what can will be if you know you will be known, and they had with our I had our signs and our verses, they had your team they had certainty. And when Allah subhanaw taala will reflect and

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mix them to double what he says, yeah, do not be Amina, that they are guiding through our command. This shows us that true guidance can only be obtained when we follow the commands of Allah, not the opinions of men. I think this way you think that we I see it this way you see that way, it has to be the command of a law. And when Allah says no mas sobre when they were patient, this any the scholars of Tafseer they said that they were patient when it came to holding on to their religion. They were patient when they faced trials and tribulation. They were patient when it came to the issue of the dunya that they weren't distracted that it didn't impact him didn't affect him didn't make them go

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astray. They were patient. And I didn't read the Allahu and he said that the sober to Eman. It's like the head to the body. And this verse teaches us that they only became leaders after they face many trials and tribulations which reminds us the outcome and we might go through difficulties, but the outcome can be something that is fantastic. That's amazing, because we had the surprise Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to and at the times of difficulties. This is when a true leader steps up to serve his people and to serve his ummah. Well care will be if you know you will be known, and with Our Ayat or our signs or revelation that they had your theme. How can we reach the level of

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your pain? First of all through our Eman and then to knowledge and then to acting upon it? Shareholders now even who told me he said, Bill Imani really appealing to now Mr. Murphy Dean, that with iman, and your theme that you reach the high levels of the Dean