Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Quranic Reflections – Ep. 04

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
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pedal Watada describes your piano. He describes it as the day you may have, the day that mankind will run, but one from whom he's going to be running away from the most beloved people to him in this life. If I want to ask you, who are the most beloved people to you, who you're going to think of right away, your parents, your children, your spouse, Allah tells us in the verses in sort of Abba, Yama, your funeral federal Norman II, the day that mankind will run away from their own brothers will mean he will be his own mother and his father was saw he bet he will then he and his wife and his own children. Why are they running away from these people who they love so much in this

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life? The culinary image imin homeodomain, eating tional Yoni, that everyone will have an affair that will concern him on that day, every one of that day will be enough's enough, see myself myself, how can I save myself, when you look in the verses in sort of in my heritage, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, lo FTD, if he can pay a ransom to free himself, and he mentions different family members and to the losses, woman fill out the Jimmy and, and everyone that's on the face of the earth, he's willing to ransom everyone Why? Through mu and G so he can save himself from that great day, when we hear how serious this day is going to be the ones that we would sacrifice our own life for in this

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life that we run away from on this day. This reminds us that we have to take advantage of this life to prepare ourselves so we can be successful when we stand up for volume, a piano and if we're successful when we stand in front of a law, we can also be successful and interceding for our loved ones, your mobiola

The day you will flee from beloved ones

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