Ramadan Reflections Day 3 – Building A Connection With The Qur’an

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100 160 diversity of thought in India on early helicity I was having to do another

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show on today's reflection, we will be covering

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the idea of how our environment can be used in terms of developing a relationship with Iran.

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As we know Allah subhana wa tada states in the Quran a very beautiful verse. Shalom Yvonne and entity owns it.

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That the month of Ramadan is the one in which Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the Quran so Allah subhanho wa Taala choosing the month of Ramadan to be the month in which the glorious in Greek gracious but it was revealed in by default gives the month of Ramadan especially it gives a month Ramadan a rank over all other months. Just the fact that Allah subhana wa tada chose this month to be the month in which to put on as you build it.

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Now as Muslims, we realize that our beloved messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent as a messenger and the responsibility of a messenger is to deliver a

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message this is what a messenger does, he delivers a message if you're my messenger, you will deliver the message to whoever I asked you to deliver the message to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was also sent as a messenger and messenger from a law to the all of mankind. And the message the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought was the most important thing about the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's so interesting because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he receives a final revelation after the final revelation comes with the purpose of the law while he was seven, he lives no more than just a few weeks. Just a few

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weeks after that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passes away. The Bible verses revealed what the policewoman to God in a law firm but couldn't have seen my festival to whom it is. And then a few days later, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam leaves the room. Now as Muslims in order for us to claim that we understand the importance of the messenger, we need to also understand the importance of the message. Now the Quran has many benefits. The Quran has many benefits, and we can derive all these benefits from the Quran inshallah. I wanted to highlight just a few of them. And if we have these few benefits in our mind, inshallah, geez, it'll create inside us the greed and the

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desire to create and develop your relationship with

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the first thing that we know is that unlike any other book in the role, but for our own holds a very special virtue, which is that we are rewarded for every single letter we read from.

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If you pick up a biology book, yes, there may be reward in the fact that you're studying something that can connect you with a lot biology. But are you rewarded for every letter in the biology book? Yes or no? Absolutely not. If you read a math book, you may be rewarded for the idea that you're studying math. But are you rewarded for every letter in that book? Not at all, any novel in the world? Never. But when it comes to the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada has received a special reward. Every single letter you read, how much reward do you gain

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10 dt. And the difficulty with the purpose of the long run it was what I'm terrified, and if not mean is not one letter. And if there's one individual unique letter, love is one individual unique letter. And meme is one individual, unique letter. So just by saying a little I mean, we gain the reward for 30 good deeds, that Imagine if we read the Quran, and just for five minutes every day, how much reward we can rack up on and this 10 dwarves is for outside Ramadan, imagine that reward now being multiplied in the month of Milan subtitle. So one of the beautiful and most effective ways of gaining

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racking up on a badass in good deeds is by reading the fun and the very beautiful benefit of reading the Quran is that Allah subhana wa tada mentioned in the Quran, and also the purpose of the law of audio celebrations is in the prophetic tradition in the Hydra gets more explicit, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says,

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Good gentlemen, laka Allah, the Quran will either be a witness for you on the Day of Judgment, or it will be a witness against you on the Day of Judgment. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in a very beautiful tradition, that the fasting and look for on fast imperata will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala and will intercede on behalf of the people who read the Koran and will intercede on behalf of

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The people who fast so imagine you and I are stuck on the day of judgment because of some mistakes we made because of the lack of good deeds. But if we were punctual with the Quran, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promises us that the Koran will stand up and it will serve as a lawyer on our behalf and will intercede on our behalf to help us get our agenda inshallah Aziz, what a beautiful virtue for those who are regular and reading for put on. Another very little thing about reading the Quran is that the more we read the Quran, the more our rent is elevated. The more you read the Koran, the more your rank is elevated. Even in this role, the beautiful man and our family

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love with their family, a loved one says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say it'll come and

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the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach the Quran. So now the one who reads the Quran, the one who's not proficient in the Quran, he automatically becomes the best of people. And then the last panel we learned from another very beautiful tradition. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that on the Day of Judgment, those who have memorized portions of the plan will be called for a law some kind of without I will say to them, read and elevate in your ranks, different waterfall, read and elevate in the ranks. And the more you read, the more you will elevate each each verse will take this person higher and higher and higher and higher. So the more we know, they'll

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put on this all this also elevates our ranks. There are many other benefits of reading the Quran. Just one more to highlight very briefly, focus on also has a very powerful impact of healing people. Not only spiritual healing, but also physical healing as well. I'll tell you an incident as a mom in Chicago and ICC. One time when one man came to my office, he was Christian, a white Caucasian male, he walked in my office and said to me,

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are you the mom here said yes. He said that I have some demon that's bothering me. And it's been happening for years, and I haven't been able to sleep at nighttime. And I said, What do you do to keep this demon away from you? He said, I have this paper here. I read it. So I opened it up and it had some mumbo jumbo written on it. It was a doctor wanted, I couldn't read it. So I said, Well, you know what, keep this in your pocket. Let me give you something that's written a little bit more clear. And I gave him a copy of the copy. I said, read this every night before you go to sleep. He came back one week later, and I was witness to this incident took place in Chicago. Actually, the

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Shahada took place in Potter machine after mother's right in front of saliva, read the Shahada. He came and said, he said shift. That passage you gave me has given me so much peace, and nothing bothers me any more, I'm ready to read the Shahada right now, and said hi to Locke, he read the Shahada and entered into the fold of Islam, just by finding the Quran as a source of cure for him when he doesn't need a minimum for Anima. What she found was it is what you need, when is evil.

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There are so many benefits of reflecting on the on thinking of the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala that spiritual benefit the guidance of the Quran, but the only way we can truly benefit from the Quran is if we develop a relationship with offers, we have to develop it develop a solid firm relationship with the Quran. And how do we do that? Just a few things I wanted to highlight. The first thing whenever you decide to touch the Koran or read one verse of the Quran, or read anything from the

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purify your intentions first, remind yourself that you are now taking the step to speak with Allah subhanho wa Taala These are the words of Allah subhana wa tada and know that when you're going to read the Koran, you're opening a book that is very, very valuable. See, the thing is that in our day and age, one of the reasons why we've lost value to the Quran is because we have the product and the stuff that allows us to put on the product but I'm using business terms here. When the when the product overseas the demand then what happens you lose value for the for the product, you guys understand that that's why they dump rain inside the seas. In the ocean, they don't bring their you

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know why they don't bring their because if the product is abundant, then what happens to the value? It goes down. We have so many copies of the Quran everywhere, that it's become so abundant to us that we no longer have value for the Quran. I met one brother and Hutch. He told us a story. He was Russian. He said that I live in the Soviet role. And he said in our town, they will search for

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communism was permanent. They would search for Muslims. And if they found us one by one, they would execute us. We weren't allowed to do who regularly because if we saw people washing their feet and washing their face, they would know these are these are Muslims, they would come and execute them. He said in my village he's telling me the story said in my village, we weren't allowed to take baths on Fridays because they do someone took a bathroom party that was assigned this person was a Muslim. We weren't allowed to keep copies of the Quran. He said underneath in my house I had a Muslim now underneath on the Sunday there was a secret door there you would open the door go underground car

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climb inside the small tunnel and we would only do this in the late hours of the night to 3am in the morning. We climb inside this tunnel go all the way underneath the ground. And inside a small little chamber underground chamber. We had a little candle there and we will keep going on there and we would teach our kids put on two 3am in the morning.

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And I'm looking at this guy thinking man, we have phones in our iPhones. We have phones on our, you know, on our shelves, we have phones, we have put ons everywhere. We have bars everywhere. But there's no value for that. Every time we read the uncreated value, remind yourself that this book you're picking up is no ordinary people. And what you're about to read right now is such a powerful statement that if it was revealed on a mountain, what would happen to that mountain?

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It would crush it would crumble, it would perish. This is what the answers are regarding the power of the second thing, when you're going to be a doctor and do the proper Nick, you will do a spiritual journey, washing your limbs very carefully reminding yourself that you are covering your limbs with news because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, the limbs that are washed with the water of little will have noon on the Day of Judgment. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I will recognize the people of my own life by that mood. So we want that new inshallah. The second thing is that when we're doing will, not only should we wash our limbs, but we should

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also wash our thoughts. Remove any deviancy, any distractions, any dirtiness any flow from our mind, remove it before we open up. So that'll help us focus and build a relationship. Another thing that I said earlier, and I'm going to highlight right now, again, make a habit of reading the Koran regularly, even if it's only

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five minutes, even if it's five minutes, make a habit of listening to the Quran regularly. I remember our teacher telling us a story once that there was a man who was looking for work. And while he was going for work, he saw a group of people that were gathered together, he said to the people, what's wrong, they said that, oh, there's someone that passed away in our community. We need to bury him. But no one here knows how to bury no one here knows how to leave the janazah the mom's gone somewhere. He didn't know anything that the mom was gone didn't know what to do. So he said, Okay, you know what, I'll do this to help them wash the body, prepare the body, vary the body, he

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lives in other slot, vary the body. And then he went off to work. When he got to work, he realized that he dropped his he dropped as well. So on the way back from work, he went back to the town. He went to the family members and said that if I had your permission, I know exactly where I was standing. And I know the wallet. The wallet telling said the greatest when I bent over fell inside. I know exactly where I was standing. I won't have to open the grave. I won't even bother the body. He said Go ahead. So he said I came to the graveyard. And he started digging. And he dug and dug and dug until he came to the corner where he knew where his mouth was. And when he reached inside, he

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felt his breeze and he smelled this fragrance that was so easy that he had never smelled something so sweet before in his life. So he closed the club. He went back to the family members and said to them, This man was a big pious man, wasn't he? They said, well, you got the wrong guy. He probably went to the wrong grave. He was no pious man. They said no, no, I thought I was there. What did he do what was so special about him he said he didn't do anything special about this guy was so giant, he was such an ignorant. He couldn't even read the Quran. He couldn't even read.

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But the wife said However, my husband even though he couldn't read the Quran every night, every morning before opening the store, he would sit behind the shutter and open up a copy of the Quran after making will do he would put his fingers to the lines of the Quran and he was smiling say, Oh Allah, this is true. Oh Allah, this is true too. I'm with assessment if this is your word, this is true as well. And he has so much love And mahalo on that this was what caused that beautiful statement he was going through an agenda. Now I don't want anyone to think that you can get away with that as well. You have find it online in your community, that Mashallah he's leading with our

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salon and some often not for you guys, that is like a computer, it's a major sin for this community not to be able to read all the other communities may be excused this community, you know, you have an agenda here. Okay.

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Two more things.

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As a part of building your relationship with Ron,

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don't just read the finance, also listen to this. Yes, it is very beautifully the other day before that, I'll be clear that that always is not an action of reading the plan. For those who are following it's actually an action of listening to the crowd. Sometimes when you listen to the Quran, it has a profound impact on people. It has a profound impact on people. I remember one, one scholar from America, he was telling me this Listen, we were speaking on a panel and he said that when I read the Koran once at an interfaith gathering in front of non Muslims, they were all crying. He said they were all crying. And so

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he said this, we were in Sacramento. He said that in the center at an interfaith gathering, I read the put on and the non Muslims were even crying. The Quran is a very powerful impact just by listening to it. And you guys can testify to this obviously, you don't have to listen to the prayer of your of your beautiful email.

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That's the last thing that I want to say is that while you're reading the Quran, in particular one outside prayer, you should make a habit of doing do our we didn't have any verse that comes that mentions gender immediately you should make a face as if you're crying and beg Allah for gender. Whenever you hear the word Na Na jahannam that's your trigger you and you should cry and MC de la la la la Sydney from the fire of hell. Whenever you hear it, you know or the words

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Dyer Begala for hedaya. Whenever you hear the word ill fit or muscular, or, you know, you ask Allah for his forgiveness. So try to build a relationship with the person where you're making the law while reciting it, inshallah, these things and many more things that come in, you know, just as I talked about the importance of doing when doing Lulu, I mentioned that earlier. One other thing that's very important that I forgot to mention. And with this I'll end that have a lot of respect and other for

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the more respect you show to the fur on the deer your relationship with God, when you hold off on is it more respectful to hold in the right hand or left hand? Right hand when you're holding the baton isn't respectful to hold it by your side where it's touching your bottom or to hold it against your chest while it's touching your heart. It's touching your heart when you're holding the baton is more respectful for you to lie down or sit up like you wouldn't 100 sit out or like you know, like a pencil with constant legs and sit here you Hey, sit like this. What's more respectful. City property isn't more respectful to just wear a T shirt or something like you know sleeve the shirt or the rod

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or the full shirt in a proper formal gown. These things in America Unfortunately, there is no longer any concept of other and in particular with regards to not put on we've lost your advocates for the foreign allies origin says Gary Coleman, you shot it a lot in the

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UK, the loss of cartilage and it gives us an ability to develop our relationship with

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the Houston Chronicle along with the

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stuff that we're going to do after the Atlanta

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Rahmani Kumara