Yasir Qadhi – Dua [The Weapon of The Believer] – Part 01 of 04

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi sheds light on the topic of Dua being the weapon of the believer. He has also compiled a book on the same topic which can be read for interesting insights.

In this lecture, we are acquainted with the meaning of Dua, the types of Dua, the categories of people making Dua and the status and blessings of Dua.

What is Dua? Linguistically, Dua means to call out. In the Shari’ context, Dua means to request and implore Allah for something that is of benefit or that some calamity be removed or prevented. Dua is a form of worship. It is the essence or crux of worship depicting a clear sign of one’s Iman.

The types of Dua are – Dua Ul Mas’alah (Dua of asking) and Dua ul Ibadah (Dua of worship). These types are familiarized to us in explicit fashion and is truly enlightening.

The categories of people who do Dua:

  • Reject both types of dua
  • Do dua ul ibadah but reject dua ul Mas’alah.
  • Do dua al Mas’alah but don’t do dua ul ibadah.
  • Do both Dua al mas’alah and Dua Ul Ibadah.

Status and blessings of Dua:

  • Dua is the most noble and best act of worship in the eyes of Allah.
  • When we make Dua, we obey Allah’s command.
  • The one who makes Dua makes Allah close to him.
  • Allah cares and loves us because of our Dua made to him.
  • It is a sign of Allah’s generosity.
  • Every single Dua will be responded to by Allah.
  • Dua is the weapon of the weak and the oppressed.


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