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Santa Monica and Warahmatullah year in and year out, so many people miss out on layer two clutter. And there's two main reasons why the people are missing out. And I'm gonna share these with you. And I'm also going to share with you a guaranteed way to make sure that you are successful and observing and worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala on later to cause at least two other Chiron enfission It's a night that's better than 1000 months, so we're gonna make sure that we don't miss out on it. So why are people missing out? The first reason is the common belief, the creed that so many people have, that it's the 27th and only the 27th are the night of the 27th. And that's why you'll find on the

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night of the 27th a massage or a fall and people are packing in the massages or in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Throughout that night, you'll find their leave their mobile telephones or leave the things that are distracting them to focus on worshiping during that night. And that's a beautiful thing. And yes, there are any several opinions from the scholars that this is the most likely night and that could be the case many years throughout history where it is the 27th But is it always the 27th? Is this the correct view? When Imam Al halimun hudgell escallonia Rahim Allah in his book for Tilbury, which is the explanation of saleable Hudy he mentioned that there's 40 different opinions

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of the scholars of Woodland Hills Godrays. So it's not something you know, that straightforward, like you might think. And then when he mentioned the evidences that the Leos about when laser cutter is, and he talked about them. And at the end, what did he say? He said that the correct opinion is what you need to pay attention to. He said the correct opinion is that it changes from year to year. It's not always on the same night. When we look into these evidences from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. We have, you know, something clear. And so here Buhari focused on the last 10 Nights, that's clear hamdulillah what should we focus on the last 10 Nights another

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Hadith he said to focus on the altar on the odd nights. And another narration, he said focus on the last seven nights. But in another narration, he said is what it used to lead to was salam. He said to focus on nine left, seven left and five left meaning on the 21st, the 23rd, and the 25th. And throughout history, and this is any, you might seem like it sounds confusing, but what's meant by it, we're gonna explain the head command Shala in a minute, and but what we're gaining from this, and we can see, you know, that the the hikma of this, the wisdom is for us to be worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, throughout these nights to focus not to leave one night, and and through history,

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we've seen that the LMS, the signs of little color, sometimes it's been on the 21st to 23rd, the 25th and the 27th. And the morning of the of the 29th. We've seen that throughout history. So this shows and approves in itself, that it's not just the 27th. So this is the mistake that people are falling into. And like we said, they need the hikma the wisdom behind it not being clear, it's so that people can be focused on worships and all of the Knights and not just one of the Knights. And the second reason why people are missing later to cuddle. And this is no it's a bit scary when you really look into it. And we're talking about here, not that people were just focusing on the 27, you

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might find that people were focusing on the odd nights, all of them.

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And they're a bit lazy, maybe on the other nights.

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So what happens in different countries around the world, people started Ramadan at different times. So for example, most of the countries this year start on a certain day but other countries like Morocco, for example. They started the day after. So when he's late till Qatar, is it going to be our little cuddle or their little cardio which ones are going to be obviously mashallah both admits later Kedah know later to cut there is only one there's not two laser cutters. So someone's going to be right and someone's going to be wrong. You know, the scholars have tried to do mentioned different opinions about this. But honestly, there's nothing that you made clearly when you see it.

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Okay, that's it, you know, if you relax when you when you hear that opinion, therefore,

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if we really want to be successful, and here's the guarantee we talked about, if we really want to be successful on this night, we need to make sure that during all the last 10 Nights, or the last 10 Nights, that we're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala striving as much as we can to make sure that we're successful. And just in case you don't know maybe it was that day, maybe it's gonna be this day. And this, like we said, is the HCA that we don't forsake any of these nights, we're striving worshiping Allah subhanaw taala doing all we can. So we're from the successful and imagine that when you come you're multi, I'm one of two people, the one who is going to have each year, each year of

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your life, let's say you lived, you know, 70 years and you've been trying to observe later Takada for 65 for 55 of those years since the time he reached puberty, and you come with 55 little colors, and your scale of good deeds, meaning that you have 1000 Let's do the math 1000 months of worship, times 55 Or you're going to be from those who were successful some of the times because you just focused on certain nights

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