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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah remember with Rahmatullah alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Shahada Ramadan under the one zero fee. On the month of Ramadan, the Quran was sent down to our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And this is the month of fasting for the Muslims. And fasting was prescribed for the Muslims in the second year of hedgerows. And our beloved prophet may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him fast at nine Ramadan's in his life, and it's an honor to sit down before his death. And we look at this month, the month of fasting to the Muslims, we see it as a month of happiness. The Muslims before Ramadan comes, they become happy. And you'll see that the way of our pious predecessors the self before us, that they used to ask Allah subhana wa tada for six months that they will reach Ramadan, and then pray six months after that, that loss of Panama to accept from them their fasting, and we

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see it's a month of happiness because the Muslims who had shortcomings during the year when they come together with their brothers and Islam, they come together in the masjid and they're praying, and the turtle V and the reading more and more of the Quran. And they're staying away from the actions which are displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they're striving to do that which pleases the Lord stay away from the bad deeds, that their Eman it grows during this month, and they become closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they make up for the shortcomings they had in the past months, even though Muslims should be all the time striving like this, but this month is it's a

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special month, where he increases in his acts of worship as our beloved Prophet used to do and he comes even closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala during this blessed month, it's also a month of happiness because when a Muslim sees his Muslim Brothers coming back to Islam and implementing Islam in their lives during this month, doing what is pleasing to Allah stay away from that which is Rama displeasing. He sees that Alhamdulillah the oma our Muslim nation is still in here they're still in good and there's still there's hope inshallah, that the Muslims will come back to their religion and practice their religion in their life in Ramadan and outside of Ramadan, as well inshallah, to

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Allah. We look at the month of Ramadan, we call it the month of happiness. Also, because it's the month of victories for the Muslims. Throughout Muslim Islamic history, we see that the major victories in Islamic history it was during the month of Ramadan. And we're not going to go into detail because we have such a short time here on this episode. But I want to point out that we gained from this as Muslims the fact that this is the month of victories that it is a month of Iman a month of of actually working and striving because unfortunately today, Ramadan has come to so many Muslims are become to so many Muslims a month of just taking it easy and relaxing. And they don't

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work very hard and they put things off. So a real Muslim and Islam you see that Islam that is the fasting does not affect the fact that we strive and we work very hard during this month as well as Muslims.

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So this is blessing month, we mentioned it's a blessing, it's a month of happiness, it's a month of opportunities, as it will come now in sha Allah and it's a month of gifts will of Allah subhanaw taala has given gifts to his oma, these gifts. If you look at for example, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the Hadith kulu, Iman, Adam, Allahu Allah, Psalm four in the holy Zb, that all of the actions of the children of Adam or his except for fasting, and we'll also find out that he's pointing out in this handy little clip see that the reward for the as it came in other narration, that all of the actions of the children of Adam, they will be for him except for

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the passing all of them, they have, they will be doubled in the reward as it came in the Hadith. And one has no one good deed will equal 1011 means therefore, they came in the narration until 708 times more so it shows you now that how they rewarded all actions are doubled, except for fasting because the fasting itself, it has no limitation. It can go even more than 700 times more. So you'll see now in this, Heidi, these two narrations that we see the loss of other said in the footsie and importance of the edge of the great reward you get for fasting that the reward for it, it's unlimited. Secondly, we talk about the gifts that a Muslim receives in Ramadan. This is the month of

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opportunity, a month opportunity to get his sins forgiven. And it came in three different mid three different IDs that you have three opportunities three chances to get all of your sins forgiven during the month of Ramadan. The first of these, as it came in the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, mon sama Ramadan he man and wept. He said

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Wolfie Rolla omata caught them and Debbie and whoever fast the month of Ramadan and IV man through faith. We have the seven that he wants the adger he wants to reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala that his past sins will be forgiven. And it's important we point out here when they're listening. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says that his past sins will be forgiven, that this means as it came in other Hadith, that the Juma to the Juma and ramadan ramadan, that and that they are forgiveness of the sins that come between them much don't even kabyle that it's not the major sins. So these are the minor sins and also the major sins obviously if you repent from them, but if he

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doesn't repent for the major sins, He won't be forgiven. The point is that you have the opportunity during this month to get all of your sins forgiven through fasting the month of Ramadan. The second chance is through the pm to the prayer which mean the total week during the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man como Ramadan he man and what he said about warfare Allahu Mata caught them in them be he that whoever stands in prayer during the month of Ramadan through faith and hoping for the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will have all of his past sins forgiven. A third opportunity or third chance is the other had previously said him said

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man karma laylat al Qadir Emmanuel it cyber warfare Allahu Mata caught them in them by the whoever stands during the night of the Night of Decree later to Qatar that he will also have a three man interactive sab wanting to record from last month's data that he will have also his past sins forgiven. And another idea another gift which will also panatela gives us during this month is the night of the decree laser cutter itself when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that it's clear man and fish out in the Quran that it's better than 1000 months. So now reflect on this. When Allah subhanaw taala gives you the opportunity of us to have a one night one night of worship that is better than

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1000 months of Panama, what a gift it is from him subhana wa Taala also, as it came in another Hadith, that every night and every day there will be a permanent novel that people will be freed from the Hellfire at meaning they have their sins forgiven and shala and that they will be freed from the Hellfire in the hereafter May Allah grant us all that in China with Allah and fifth Leo orientia fifth gift that will also bind with Allah gifts to the Muslims during the month of Ramadan. And that's through fasting in general in Ramadan and Ramadan fasting they have a special door that to enter the paradise called Adrienne and nobody went to this door except for the people who are the

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fat the fasting ones May Allah grant us all this success in shallow data. We asked ourselves at the beginning of Ramadan Why do we fast? What do we hope to gain from our past as Muslims and we see that it's enough for us and now the law has prescribed for us the fasting and orders to fast then we say semi now upon that we hear we will bait but if you want to look into the hycon the wisdoms behind the fasting the for why the benefits that we gained from it, we will see that there are countless and before we go on to the for adding the benefits were mentioned briefly if we were to look in to some of the what we gained from the verses itself will also panel without any sort of

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Bukhara from 182 to 185 when he's talking about fasting, we start when we see we get some of the things we can gain and why we're fasting. Allah subhanaw taala says cookiebot a common setup Yeah, yeah, you heard the nominal oh you believe quotevalet como cm kana. kuchibhotla demon publikum la la home takuan Oh you who believe Allah subhana wa tada he causes in the name of our faith as believers. And he says quotevalet camassia has been prescribed for you. So now we see that it's legit it's compulsory upon a Muslim to fastest. Then Allah subhana wa tada points out something to the Muslims came out quotevalet lithiumion publico that even those were for us from the other

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religions from the Christians and Jews and those who came before them as well. All of the past nations, they used to fast as well. So all nations had fascinated perhaps that how they fast it was different, but all of the profits that came with fasting to their nations, and then something very important loss of supanova data points that at the end of the day, what do we hope to gain from this fest and one of the what is that one of the main things and benefits that we gained from this fast he said should panel without Allah Allah calm, that una perhaps you will gain the telkwa you will fear loss of Panama Tyler, you will fill your heart with a tequila and a tough one. There's

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different definitions that this kind of Islam gave for a tough one, but perhaps one of the easiest ones it is doing and that which you are ordered by Allah subhanaw taala and stay away from that what you have been forbidden from this is the easiest definition and with somebody who does what he's told him to do, and he stays away from what Allah has told him to stay away from, then he's a person Shahnawaz tuffeau, who has fear of Allah subhanaw taala in his heart and He is considered the pious person.

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And we look throughout the Quran, we see a lot of subhanaw taala. He always orders about taco and talks about duck walk. And if we were to look at

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the verse and sort of that hash

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When it comes to Panama as one example, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you know, it, law will come don't have so malerkotla law in the law habito matamanoa, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in this verse. And when I was reflecting on this verse a little bit ago, when I was thinking about the verses about tuffle, there's so many of them. But this is one of the verses that popped into my head. And when I reflected on this verse, I see you'll see that most of the causes and the name of the man in the being in the verse, and he ordered us to have Taqwa to fear a lot. And then he says to us, Japan, with data with a tableau enough to mathematically avoid that every soldier should see

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that what she puts forth for tomorrow. And we look at the verse and the 183, and sort of the bucket or the one that comes after the order of fasting. Allah mentions in the beginning of it a Yemen mag do that it's just a specific or a certain amount of days. It's not that many days is a short amount of time. So we met we benefit from this one of the things also we gained from Ramadan is to benefit from our time and to strive in this life, to be able to inshallah benefit from our time. And this is one of the things that Ramadan reminds us of is benefiting from our time and striving and thinking about what we're going to put forth for tomorrow from our deeds.

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The Tesla, as you mentioned, it goes on and on to auto Hold on. And at the end of this verse will mention another benefit, we can benefit from fasting as well also mentioned this version shorter. where I'll also notice at the beginning, that he is well at the end, excuse me, that he is well acquainted with that which we do. And if you look into fasting, the maraca will also pan with Allah, this is one of the main keys and one of the main benefits that we gain, that fasting is teaching us to be aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times, because nobody knows if we're fasting or not, except for who except for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now when you come to the masjid, you pray, or

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you give your as a cat, if you give it in front of people, you go for Hajj, all of this, the people know because they see you doing it, the fasting, people might think you're fasting, but you can go into a room and nobody sees you and you can drink and eat, but only it also panatela knows. So the first thing is teaching you when you will stain from food and drink during the day to remind ourselves that Allah subhanaw taala he is always seeing and hearing we're saying what we're doing in this life, and encourage us to always what stay away from that, which is how Rama displeasing to Him and do that we are told to do is one of the great benefits we gained from the fasting. The spiritual

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benefits we gained from that fasting we mentioned for example, from the ISF to taqwa there's one of the main goals of the fasting is for us to cleanse ourselves through this fast is what we're doing, we're cleansing ourselves spiritually. And all human beings are made up of body and soul. So we need to purify as we need to be in good shape. And our bodies also need to focus on purifying our hearts and our souls as well. Also from the benefits that we see for society. Now, how many of our brothers and sisters who are more unfortunate than us, they don't have the money, we have them have the ability, we have to buy the things and eat the things that we have. So when the people have more

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money than they're fasting during that date, and they feel the pains of hunger, and they the dryness of the thirst in their throats, they are reminded of their brothers and sisters in Islam who are less fortunate them. And this caused them to give sadaqa and to give charity to them and to help these people. And obviously this encourages them also to do it all throughout the year, not just in Ramadan. But it's Ramadan in the fasting, it's a reminder of this also subpanel the health benefits that we gain from the fasting because unfortunately, we have become people who eat too much and all the time. So that's why our body wastes continue to grow and grow and to expand and the disease's we

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have in our society continue to spread. But through fasting we actually give our bodies we give our stomachs time to rest during this period, one month a year, the stomach is to relax by being attacked three with three heavy meals a day or more and snacks and what have you I'm there. So during this time, we benefit from the health benefits and the doctors who are specialized in this field they've been they mentioned several benefits for the passing of the health benefits for that one of the great things we gained from fasting is that it teaches us Sabra teaching us patience, and the life we live in this world we live in. If you don't have patience, you will not be successful in

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your life. All of us are going to get angry all of us are gonna lose our tempers all of it. We have difficult times so the fasting is teaching us how to have patience. And you see in the Hadith we're not allowed to swear or say bad things any anytime. But also it's more emphasis and put on it in Ramadan when you're fasting. So this could be your way in your life all throughout the year and shadow data. Also one of the great things we need to remind ourselves as we're coming into Ramadan, and we're in Ramadan inshallah is that Ramadan is actually something greater than fasting. It's there's actually a school you're entering a school, where it's teaching all these benefits that I

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mentioned all throughout this this episode, and how to benefit from your fasting. It's teaching you to renew your relationship with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you learn during the year, you

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Have a good relationship with the Quran. It's calling you back to read the Quran constantly. It's calling you to pray your prayers in the masjid if you were not from the people who were doing that, to strive to always pray in the masjid with the Muslims, we mentioned also is teaching you to be aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times. There's so many benefits that the school of Ramadan teaches us. And that's what we want to do. And it's Ramadan is for all of us to focus on benefiting from this Ramadan and that we gained from it, what to reflect what do we gain from our past, and it's so much I actually call it one lecture that gave about the school Ramadan I mentioned more than

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40 benefits just from the school Ramadan itself, and what the school Ramadan is teaching us as Muslims.

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It's important we mentioned in this episode, the Huddy of our beloved prophet SAW Selim, the manner he used the past and what he used to do when he was fasting. So when I start from the beginning of the Fest, if we look at the past of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to focus on what we call Soho, which is the pre dawn meal, he will focus on the Soho and he ordered us to have Soho pay attention this because that is a huddle. This is an order from the prophesizing him, it's not something to just recommend it. It's like an order. So you must strive to do it, if you are capable to do so. So he ordered us to have the support he's ever in ethics to Hillary

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Baraka, because barely in this pre dawn meal, there is Baduk others blessing, it puts Buttercup in your fast and gives you strength to be strong during the fast and also Buttercup in all aspects of your life. Because the process, Adam said it has barricaded, it has blessings in it. Also, from the benefits of the of this, we mentioned, it will make you strong and during the day and it makes it fast, the length of the fasting shorter, so you don't harm yourself in any ways. It's important to point out that support itself, the pre dawn meal, it's soon up and another soon is to make it as late as possible. And as it came in another Hadeeth what is the distance between the that the last

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done, and the time they were promised him was for his tour, they said about 50 at about 50 versus 50 is 50 versus the process. This is the time so that shows it's actually a short amount of time. And unfortunately today there's been a lot of ignorant Muslim masses who put on the calendars worked in M sec, the time of themselves that you refrain, they put like 20 minutes before the adopted budget. And this is directly against the Sunnah of our beloved prophets I send them because as soon as to have your support at this time, so you get to gain the benefits from it. So as soon as as late as possible, even if it's right before the then obviously if the event is called then we stop inshallah

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eating and drinking at that time. after they're done. It's assumed not to eat and drink during this time.

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Also, if we look at how our profits are the lowest that it was our beloved prophet may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him during Ramadan. They said he was edgier than this. He was always generous and it's sad to see them very generous.

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Man Alice upset but he was focused on being more generous during this month and they start to sell him. He's always focused on reading the Koran all throughout the year, but he will focus more in Ramadan and gibreel NGO jabril and a Salah would come to him and teach him to fall under Ramadan. And during the last year of his life, and he said to Sam, he came to him twice to teach him the Quran and revise with him because obviously jabril la Salaam, he's the one who brought the Quran to process and him so he will review with him the Quran, and it was revealed to him twice completely in his last year before he died and he sought to set up and this is why they're honorable mentioned the

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beginning of the episode, Shia Ramadan and the only nephele Quran the Quran was actually revealed during the month of Ramadan. So this is why Ramadan is known as the month of the Quran is where Muslims strive to finish the Quran as many times as possible. And you can finish the entire week and also reading by yourself. Really hearing it when you're going to work and the car and your mp3 player or your tape or whatever you're listening to. You try to listen to as much Quran reading as much Quran and the Torah we're so and have a lot of the massages we have now we have maybe two customers, we actually finished off on twice and the prayer during Ramadan and this was a Muslim was

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due to strive to hear the Quran and benefit from the Quran as much as you can during the month of the Quran. Also the process that would increase in all acts of worship more than he would in any other month.

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He wasn't somebody like unfortunately, a lot of us today, Ramadan Muslims, where we only put effort in Ramadan that the professor sent him would make effort to strive all year around. However, he will make more emphasis on the acts of worship during Ramadan. And from these acts of worship, or the total, the total prayers and the process of he prayed for the first few days with his companions but he was scared it will become compulsory upon him. So he started to pray by himself. But then humble as companions came later and they joined together and congregation as Muslims in the masjid and prayed together. So as soon as the Muslims from the time of the Prophet I said I'm in front of Mr.

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Ravi Allahu and that they used to always pray together in the Jamaat in the masjid as a major congregation. So this is what a Muslim should strive to do and not leave these prayers. And we see how it affects our human we come together as a Muslim you see it with our Muslim Brothers, and we're in together and close ranks, and we're all making do our together even I was making throughout the end, and he's saying and we're saying I mean

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And then the effect of hearing the entire port on once or twice during this blessing month. So we need to focus on not missing any days during this year and the Ramadan to come if Allah subhanaw taala and he prolongs in our lives in shadow tada

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the Sunnah of football. When you break your fast, it's important to know that the sooner is to break it quickly. Not to wait a little bit just in case as soon as you're done is called you know, it's for sure to the court that then you must strive to break your fast as quick as possible. Because you have to make the make a quick is from the sooner as it came in the Hadeeth of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so you must strive to break it quickly. Also, we must remind ourselves how did our beloved prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam break the fast he will break it on. First of all the Rota, which are the fresh dates, if you had the first dates available, he would break on the

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fresh dates. If you couldn't find the fresh dates, he will go to the second choice, which was the tomato the regular dates, if he couldn't find this and he will just drink a few sips of water and then he would go to his pero la Santo Salaam. And this I want to point out two things here at least, that that dates it's been proven medically now that nothing even any type of sweet or anything you have, it doesn't have the effects that dates have when you break your fast. So it's important to focus on the sooner because it's your body another strength that goes down when you're fasting. And then we start to eat it gradually starts to work back up. It starts to work back up. When you're

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eating the dates so panel, they said it's the quickest way for it to go back up to its normal level. So Pamela, so you see this from the, from the wisdom of our beloved Prophet, I slept and I'm breaking is fast with the dates.

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In addition, it's important that we point out when he said he would the fresh dates, the dates or the water and then he would get up early start to sit up to go to his prayer. What do we do today unfortunately, we go against this sooner we go against the sooner we bring 2030 different types of food 10 different types of juice and drinks and what have you. And we sit down for the sofa to have our thought and we eat and we eat and we eat and we eat. So what happens first of all, medically This is not it's not a it's not good for you because you're actually fasting for 1214 hours in a day. And then you start to cram your stomach it's actually harmful for you For you health wise. When

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you eat something light like dates and water just and you get up and pray it gives your your stomach now an opportunity to get prepared for what will come after the salad. So as soon as and what was your focus on doing also let's look how it affects our prayer itself. How many of us we eat so much and Mashallah, you see now that the he starts to become much like he's like he's nine months pregnant, he's eating so much Mashallah then he wants to get up to pray can't get up and pray so he delays my stomach has expanded so much out of Allah subhanaw taala and then when it comes for total, he wants to pray at night he's still carrying this big stomach around because he ate so much. So it

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doesn't benefit from his prayers during that he can't reflect because his stomach and so forth. So we need to take it easy and follow the suit of our prophesize him for this year and shuttle up and then we'll gradually eat after we come back from the slot inshallah.

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Also, what we need to focus on from the center of our beloved prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is making the dual supplication before the thought before we break our fast and as it came in handy that this do I or this this application, it will not be rejected, it will be accepted from lots of panel data. So this is a time to focus on making that happen. People now we sit around we talk we were playing with our mobile telephones during this Blissett time. So we then not waste our time this year focused on benefiting from this time and making the dua for ourselves and for our Muslim Brothers around the world. Also from the sooner the prophets I sell them is the atty. calf during

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the last 10 days, he will focus on leaving the world affairs and isolating himself in the mission at decaf. And he will also not be with his wife during these days in order to focus on the Bible and the worship even more in the first

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in the first 20 days. And look at the heck of of this when the person will do this because later till Carter mentioned the beginning, that's better than 1000 months. And whoever stands in prayer during this night, all of his past sins will be forgiven. This is the month this is the time during the last 10 days. So this is why we need to focus on the last 10 days on doing the acts of worship. Unfortunately, a lot of us fall into the traps of a ship on where we

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always in less than days we're in the market the soup, we're buying stuff for eagerness. So I always tell the brothers to buy this stuff before this Don't waste your time doing this 10 days. You know one of the rows who have the stores they get mad at me if I say this, we have to say what's more important as our Eman and focusing on building it man and we can buy him dinner from the stuff we need for eat before the last 10 days. Because the last 10 days of just should we should focus solely on the worship in this day and don't waste our time with the things that are not that important.

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We're running out of time this episode and there's more things we have talked about about the account of CME

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one thing I will point out is that important we talked about the pillars of fasting itself. Everybody knows that fasting is we staining from food and drink and what is the like food and drink the thing are the things that break your fast in general from the dawn into the dusk, and almost don't say this, but there's another pillar which we forget to remove

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ourselves of its thoubal delighted to partner with Thailand. It's an act of worship we need to constantly remind ourselves of this, this why they talk about the importance of the nia. But the beauty Nia is that you have the Nia before you fast The next day, every night during Ramadan, you must have this Nia in your heart that you're fasting next day, when you get up first of all in the morning, obviously to eat before you're fasting. This also will show that you have the net. And when you say the net, you have the nets in your heart, not on your tongue. You don't have to say tomorrow I have intended on the seventh of Ramadan, and 1431 or whatever that I'm going too fast this month.

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You just have in your heart, the intention that you're going to be fasting next day. This is very important. When we say the tabula that is fast is the act of worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because we want to run away from the people who have fallen into customs. Some people don't even pray Subhanallah when it comes to this day fast because everyone else is fasting, you'll find a fascinating he did it doesn't benefit anything from his fast, except for becoming hungry and thirsty, because he forgets to remind himself that there's an act of worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's important now, as we In this episode, that I advise my Muslim brothers and myself to

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focus on benefiting these days, it's as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you have a motto that a specific a short amount of days that we must focus on benefiting from and it always wants to say you need to have a schedule to see what you want to do, what you want to gain, how you're going to do it so you don't waste these blessitt days. And also, it's important and essential in the episode with this, that you focus on learning the outcome, the rules of fasting, what breaks your fast when you're allowed to break your fast or do these things what is the sooner to do when you're fasting? What is the most cruel dislike to do when you're fasting? All of these things you need to focus on

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and obviously we don't have the time in this short episode. So all of us must go and by the end read the books of the fifth of our scholars to be able to know this inshallah. And Allahu Alem or solo Salah robotic Mohammed