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Said I'm on Eco mode amatola Welcome to the video series how to love your way to gender a guide to an amazing marriage. And marriage can be like an ocean, sometimes it's calm, and sadly for all of us, at some point, it will become turbulent and rough. It's especially the couples that are doing just okay or are fine for the moment, especially for the last few years. You're the ones that I really want you to pay particular and special attention to this video series. You might ask why, if everything's fine, well, because you're not doing the work that is necessary to bring you closer together and to continue to grow. And there's only one alternative to that, which is that you're

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going sadly eventually to grow apart. There's no middle ground and there's no standing still. My name is Jorge Brahim. I've been teaching about love and Islam for many years. And I'm the author of love stories from the Koran. And I hope through this video series and the rest of this program, that you will come to appreciate that love and marriage can lead to Jenna. Joining me to teach in this series are Megan Wyatt and Mika l Smith. After we learn in the first video how and why our marriage can lead us to Jenna, Megan will show you how to celebrate imperfect relationships. And that's important. Sometimes we seem to think that perfection is what's going to lead us to gender. But

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we're imperfect human beings. And how you use your imperfections to your advantage will be that criterion of whether you make it to Jenna or not. Next week, Al Smith will take over and teach us on how to help our spouse feel what we're feeling, and more importantly, how we can feel what our spouse is feeling. He literally wrote the book on the moral and emotional intelligence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Empathy is a skill and it can be acquired, learned and taught. People ask, they say, You know my marriage, my relationship? What's the one thing brother Yeah, here that you can offer me as advice, now that I'm in it, or I'm looking to get into it? What's the one

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thing the overriding factor that you believe will be of the greatest, most comprehensive advantage for me moving forward in life, with my spouse, with my children with my extended family with my in laws? And usually the answer that I will give is compassion. He will say, Well, what does that word mean and how is it applied? You know, the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam Allah refers to him in the follow on by saying what Matt said NACA Illa, Allah mean sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I only sent you all Mohammed to be an expression of my compassion on to humanity. And I want you to consider that a loss of Hannah with Allah, who we refer to as a Rahmani Raheem, that his greatest

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most known attribute is that he is the most compassionate, the excessive in his mercy subhana wa to add up, that a law says that an expression of that mercy was the very messenger ship of our Nabhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that one greatest, most important factor, the one thing that you and I can add, and that will add greater bottlecap greater blessing greater happiness into our home, whether we're happy or not, is Rama compassion. And it's one of the expressions that our law actually literally says is an outcome of marriage. He tells us in sort of the room that he created for us from our own selves. Hello, Calico, Minh and fusi come as wagon partners in life. Lita,

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schooner, Alayhi, wa Jalla beynac, who met with death and water hammer, He created you and brought you from the same soul main for you partners that you can share in this life. So that you will be able to achieve and that he will bring down upon you tranquility and the final word Allah uses are a merciful compassion and the ethics of conduct with each other that leads to a compassionate love. The word Rama is another word in the Arabic language that can refer to the generic love that you and I describe. And I want you to know that whenever you add mercy into something, whenever you add halen, compassion, clemency forgiveness into anything, Zana, the prophets lie Selim says that it

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beautifies it. And therefore, one of the first teachings that I want to leave you with today is that it's not about proving whether you're right or wrong, or the other is wrong. It's not about whether this is the truth and this isn't, that becomes Central. It's the expression of it in a compassionate, merciful way. In any argument, compassion will make it better. In any disturbance, compassion will bring it to an easier resolution in any conflict, compassion and an excessive love and a concept of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as being engendered in the compassion that we seek from him that forgiveness we seek from him should be expressed to those who we encounter in life.

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So let me give you examples of the statements of the Prophet Mohammed. So he says Allah He moon al Hamra man. Those who are compassionate, the most compassionate will send this compassion upon them. Some of our Dharma in explaining this, they said that anyone who seeks to add compassion at a point where others lack it, that the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala descends upon them to help them in that compassion. And therefore, Reaper, it returns to that intentional compassion that we see to interchange with each other. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, hammelmann will show your compassion to those who you reside with upon this earth, your Hong Kong, Memphis Samar, the one

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above the heavens, Allah the Almighty subhanho wa Taala will be showing you His compassion in this life and of course, on the day of judgment. Now, we said we want our marriage to lead us to gender and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he showed us that the quickest way to Paradise is that we earn the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The prophets lie Selim says in the authentic hadith narrated by an Imam Muslim mapping layer total Jenna had no one shall enter Jenna, shall enter jen nebia Emily on account of their good deeds are an account of righteous conduct hadoo will entail those who will not even you a messenger of Allah have done enough worshipped enough facet enough

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prayed enough, given enough charity sacrificed enough, you know, stood up for the truth enough Oh messenger of Allah Sai Salim. He said well, and illa madonie la who will not even I will enter agenda on account of the good deeds that I performed, I shall only enter it on account of Allah's mercy enveloping me. That's a very important concept. And therefore the first step for you and I realizing that our marriage can lead to agenda is to realize that whatever compassion we add into it, whatever merciful conduct, we add into it, whatever way that we seek to resolve disturbance through our compassionate understanding of each other, which will be techniques that we will

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solidify throughout the modules that we will study with some of the experts that we've assembled with you, you will find that that becomes the overriding, greatest, most important principle of turning our marriage into a marriage that leads to gender. To give you a concrete example, I want you to look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at a moment of tension. I shadowed your loved one how our dear wife of the prophets, I said Lim, some would consider her the favorite of the prophets, I send them after the time of Khadija de la Juan Juan Manhattan, we mean, the mother of the believers, all of the wives of the Prophet slicin. And I shadowed the Allahu ins she prepared a

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meal for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and from the conduct of the prophets, I send him that if he saw something, he didn't want to eat layer evil. He wouldn't say I don't want to eat this, he would just ask, you know, seek an alternative. So when he saw what was prepared, and it wasn't something that he wanted to have, he said to a Chateau de la Juana, perhaps we visit, you know, my other wife, so without the alcohol and horrible now she was a senior in the household of the prophets. I said, Lim, she was an accomplished chef, by all accounts, and I shadowed the Allahu anhu hadn't been seasoned in that regard. Putin entirely intended. So I kind of understood where there was going, and

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the prophets I send them said, perhaps we'll share your food with her. So the Prophet orders and brings a shirt with the food and they go visit South or the Allahu anhu. And when they arrive there, so that hearing about the prophets, I said, lambs arrival or the law and I prepared a feast, prepared the best she could and, you know, she, she outdid herself, and I shall upon seeing the plate being lowered to the prophets, I said and buy soda, she was overcome with a moment of agitation and jealousy. And she struck the plate, and the plate fell in cascade and it broke and the food fell on the ground. Now, for any of us at that moment. Compassion isn't the first thought, you

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know, to deal with it in a compassionate, merciful, humorous way, as the prophets I seldom did is in the first thought that comes to mind. And it's at that moment, the prophets ally Salah makes light of the circumstance, he doesn't say, How dare you? This is the name of Allah, what's wrong with you? Are you jealous, he says to her are the Allahu anhu perhaps if you tried it first and he reached over to some of the food that hadn't been sorted by the ground, and he moves it towards her. And of course, who would refuse the hand of the prophets I sell them. So I she tasted and she enjoyed it pasta I met, she said it was delicious. And the profits I sell them smiled, and they continued

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eating the three of them. Afterwards, I picked up her plate and they're going home. The profit didn't make any criticism as of yet of the behavior. And he says there are a shot in a conciliatory way in a merciful way. He says perhaps if you leave your plate for her, she can enjoy it as we enjoyed hers. It's a polite way of saying you broke her plate, or the Allahu Ayesha perhaps you should leave this for her. And I she returns without her plate in replacement of that plate. Now there's two ways people can deal with similar conflict. You can deal with it

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Lacking mercy proving your point and I want you to know that the sooner wasn't about proving your right. But it was about establishing mercy and compassion that leads people to what is right thereafter. It's a vivid example from the household of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam compassion is the greatest, most important principle to establish in a marriage that will lead to gender. I'd like to hear from you. What's one thing from this video that really spoke to you that resonated with you? Put it in the comments below and I'll be reading it and inshallah I look forward to engaging with your answers and discussion. Thank you for watching. In the next video,

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Megan Wyatt will talk to you about the imperfections in your marriage and in my marriage and how to celebrate them and utilize them as stepping stones that can lead us to a marriage that leads to gender