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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © A person describes a incident where a brother biter put a back bumper on their place and they become scared. The person explains that they have a negative characteristic and that they are being advised not to talk to their brother until they have been advised. They also mention that they have a history of bitering their brother and encourage anyone who has a negative opinion to avoid talking to them.
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How can we stop a back biter from backbiting? Put him in his place. Many people when someone starts to backbiting they become very shy. But I'm gonna tell you an amazing story. One of our brothers May Allah bless him, he put a back biter in his place. He was walking to the salad slaughter Juma. A brother came up to him, they start to talk and he's like, Yeah, you know, this group this, this nationality, this these people. He said, Brother, have you advised them he's done some of the negative things they do. And maybe he's right. But that's that is backbiting and he Vic Rocha copy my across the province Elisa to a Salam said, to mention something negative about your brother, he

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dislikes. So they have this negative characteristic. But you mentioning this characteristic? This is this what Backbiting is the brother amazing what he did alone about it? Because I love him like he said to him, he said, Have you advised them? And this thing all the time, ask anybody who back bites? Have you advised the people who you're backbiting against? And you'll find almost all of the time? The answer is no. They just talk talk talk, but they don't advise. He said if you haven't advise them, then don't talk to me go and talk to them. But he was like, it was like she had Pong is there now you know, he just wants to speak and people want to talk about others. He said if you

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haven't advised them, don't talk to me. Don't say anything to me go to them first. He kept trying to talk the brother What did he do? He went to the other southern states. He said stay there he said I'm not gonna listen to you until you go and advise them. Don't talk behind your brother's back like this and shallow Tada. If all of us take stances like this, and we put the back biter in his place. Have you advised don't talk about your brother behind his back. I'm not going to listen. Cover ears go to the place. The people are wanting to learn to respect their brothers and to not bad vice versa and realize is a major sin. Are you Hey boy, I had to come a year Aquila Mahi. Matan. Allah said in

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the Quran, one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother.

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