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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the NBA finals and the importance of social media during the games. The speakers mention a basketball player named LeBron James who is a fan and the importance of being present during the games. They also mention a person named Mr. LeBron who is a fan and is a fan of the NBA.
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Somebody's gonna have to learn to quinoa Yom mineral King, we're going to be reminded daily by the king, Lebron James. And as the stock reborn cave another kingdom for Santa Fe Ramadan Mila and Cora, people are surprised. How can we remind ourselves in Ramadan from a basketball player

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and hikma to Bala, to me, the wisdom is the last possession of the believer either wanted to be here and we find it we take it we'll have fun Debbie who Illa Surah pay attention to the picture. What good LeBron Linna and the reminder that LeBron is going to give us

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number two Terry Arthur tweet the Hopi surah. Pay attention to the date of the last tweet that he made in the picture. Comes Tasha April Pleven. He boldly mother lemak, to the Twitter, the wall, how they looked when you ask them and sit through a 13 million whatever. Since the 15th of April. Play. What has he been so busy doing and he has over 36 million followers waiting to hear from him. Why hasn't he made a tweet and sold LeBron James, who are Avila quartered seller Allah watch out Lebron James. No doubt he's the best basketball player on Earth. And while I can sit fasher April on the 16th of April, but l Betula. The NBA playoffs started for Kulu Cena euphoric enough so holy turkeys

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the warrior truck was silent to Olson had that into he'll Betula every year when the playoffs come, he leaves social media so he can focus on his game and he can excel in his game. And for him to a Doris will Abraham Minh mocha Rajan. Now do you understand what we gain and benefit from his stance? Gothia Mina ness is an own KVM open for non minimalist Salah to Walsall V Ramadan, people keep asking what should our stance be from social media during Ramadan? Be hazard brought vertex will Jenna depending on how bad you want the agenda? Health riddle fair dose Do you want the third dose alter it or you want Oh to read and to Kuhn mineral Adina Bill CAD yet whole agenda or do you want

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to be from those who barely enter into the agenda? Low contaminant levena Uri Donelle Jana tahap confy Ramadan if you're from those who truly want the agenda and Ramadan Velyka Minervois Santa Ana de Walston mocha fun left that etha Lahoma you have from the social media to stances you can take there's not a third stance and much of whom befallen Mytho LeBron James, who you neither foes will Mottola. Want a few Ramadan treadle foes will Jana, either you get on the championship level like Lebron James. He wants to win a championship and you in Ramadan you want to win the Jenna Oh l mister with Danny and Nicola Tuck School was salat wa salam ala al movie llt to the curricula, or

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the second level where you only use from social media that which is beneficial, and that was remind you of Allah Subhanallah I'm calling in San yet called behind the hill. We're saying if you had a Yamuna Mubaraka when at the Kenema the whole film over hardly see the whole thing Mohamed Taha then son my room, as for those who use social media during these blessed days, and we're talking about looking at that, which is hella not looking at that which is haram, but not beneficial. This is a person who has harmed himself for Khoon bubble and he had an aim was Sadhguru Elon Musk Villa de Mille, Ravi Kumar, Jen. So be a champion during these days and race to the forgiveness of your Lord

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and to the Jana