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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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o salat wa salam. If you don't be able to study

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or hammer the Rasul Allah is a morally right, it will save you send them to sleep in Cathedral cathedral

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from above.

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I will just as one piece of sad news

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is our good friend and brother, Gary muddiman passed away

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last night in the, in the ICU. And

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I believe his wife is ex wife and one son who lives nearby. In Beckett. They were with him. And he had

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they were given instructions for nurses resuscitation, so they did not resuscitate in last 90 days.

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The thing is, I went there today see him we didn't we didn't know this. So we went to see him at the ICU. And I called in and the nurse put me on hold for a very long time. So I said, what happened? How come they're not opening the door? And then the chief the head nurse came out. And she said the secretary came to me and they asked me for Gary, what should I say?

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So she's a No, I will go and tell them. So she came and explained to us that this happened.

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We ask Allah for His mercy, because

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the last time I met him, the last time it was completely surreal in the ICU. So I'm talking about the last time I met him when he was coherent.

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I had asked for a copy of the Quran so I asked Dr. Assad to take it over to sub give it to him. He had the copy the current with him he was reading it. And

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he said to me, Islam is here. Just he said I for me, Islam is here, but not here. He said my head is full of the medicines they're giving me because he was in he was in very bad pain. So they were they had all kinds of painkillers and stuff.

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So he said to me, I'm going to come back. And then I and you is that I will come and sit with you every day

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to learn so Allah Allah We

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ask Allah that Allah had given him he died before he died. So therefore we I feel therefore justified in making dua for him. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive him. May Allah subhanaw taala

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reward him for the service that he did to this budget and to the maximum and to all the people he was our security man for I don't know what 10 years how many years? You guys know it quite well. Yeah, a long way. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on him and to forgive him and Allah knows best, who has the man who doesn't tell you and we cannot.

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We cannot legislate or just you know,

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declare on somebody we have

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my purpose of course, one is to inform all of you second thing is, this again brings home over and over and over again. The one reality of life

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and that is death.

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There is nothing at all in life, absolutely nothing which is certain except this one thing, the only certain thing

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when a child is born we don't know whether this child will be good or evil we don't know if the child will be healthy or sick we don't have the child who is strong or weak or wealthy or poor or anything we don't know anything we hope for the best we pray for the best but we do not know but one thing we know absolutely without a doubt is that one day this child will die

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we don't know what age some girl is some bullet Gary was 73 or 74

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There's not too far from my age.

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And I know people who have died who are much younger than I am I know people who my own classmates people I literally went to school with for you know I knew them or 50 plus years.

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One of my very very good and dear friend Dr. Sides of

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you my classmate he sat next to me in the class but you know back to school

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heavily when in a very good way he

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had God birds of a feather and sitting on the masala he had a massive heart attack he was taken to hospital and then he never came back home. So

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and that's not all it takes we want in a way you want so that's why we have to. So therefore we remind ourselves and remind ourselves also of the helplessness of everyone else. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned is Allah does it Falola Isabella in Hong Kong. Want to hear her is in Thunder room. One 100 ACARA will even come while I love to Cebu.

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Allah said when the breath is stuck in your throat

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Quite literally end of time scene scenes. I don't know how many of you have seen that I've seen that in a couple of cases actual end of end of time, when somebody is struggling for breaths

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and you literally depending on what the other person is, you might be you might be among those who will gladly exchange your life for their life.

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But doesn't happen does not happen. Who has been written only that one will go you can say Allah take me instead no take me what

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So, Allah said when the breath is stuck in the throat and you are standing there and you cannot do anything, so you are looking at nothing you can

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and honest versus we are close to them and you do not see us

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I remind myself I knew that at the end of the day the only thing that goes with us is our deeds is our actions.

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And those actions depend on two things whether they acceptable or not. One is the NIA with which it is done and second is the method which must be according to the Sunnah of a hamburger Rasul Allah is arise and these two things are independent and these two things One does not cancel out the other a good Nia does not is not substitute for a action which is done against the soda or away for or out of the sun. Right all be the ad for example I've done with the best deal people are trying to please Allah but they're doing they're committing haram they are committing Sheikh Sheikh is done with the best near

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the person committing shirk.

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Why are they doing that? The thing that pleasing Allah we want to get close to Allah.

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So near alone is not sufficient near as important, not civilian. Similarly, the action being according to the Sharia and Sunnah alone is not enough near as required unless writers

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are either live you can live with Dean for the article or the other all your team while I hold the Amyl miskeen by Lulu mousseline. Alladhina Once logged in so how will why the man is Sunday the woman is also need

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for a loser in why because the NIA of that Salah is wrong the delay the Salah, on Salah teams Zoho Allah did on your own the praying to show people

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actions with the right near and the right method.

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This is critical and that's the only thing which will go with us.

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Nothing else

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everything else remains

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whether it was more or less make no difference. The palaces of your own state behind

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Again also remember it does not matter where you are, where you die, how you die. No. All of those things are a bonus provided we die on the right Aqeedah with the right ama

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America Cydia for the law the best.

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Buy that mbmb Toxic within the hot market. The best of the human beings except for the VLA. Musella died in his bed

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on a Monday. He did not die in Ramadan. He did not die on a Friday. He didn't die in Zulu. He didn't die while fasting. He didn't die Shaheed no in his bed, hardly been worried or the alarm. He was dying. And a friend came to see him and heard me very sad. Look at me, he said Have pity on me. You know, look at me. He said there. Allah knows. He said there is not a battle in which I did not seek Shahada. He said there is no part of my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my foot, which does not bear a wound of a sword or a spear or an arm. But I am dying in my bed like a camel.

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And his friend gave him some very beautiful words. And that is why it's a good thing to have good friends who are connected to Allah. His friend said to him, Do not grieve that as an

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either Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will give you Jana.

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He said you could not have died in battle because the day Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam gave you the title Saifullah that sealed your fate. He said you could nobody could kill you because how can the sword of Allah die

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or in battle having the sort of Allah break so

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rasool Allah is Allah Islam himself who is better than than a BLE sir.

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He died on a Monday

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around maybe 11 o'clock.

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Something like this.

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He died with his head in the lap of his beloved wife our mother is a citizen of the Allah Ana.

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He did not die in Ramadan he did not die and Sue did not did not die say those things

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but the door of Jana will not open until Mohammed Salah Salem is joining us

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all the eight doors of Paradise will welcome Abu Bakr Cydia so the law

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is not all the symbolism all this is good Hamdulillah we ask Allah for all of this we ask Allah Allah give us death in Nevada give us death in sujood he was dead in the state of fasting when we are in hajj when we are in our our own in Arafat in front of the Kaaba, I'm with all of this is good Michelle no problem. But remember also

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Obi Wan Salone

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for whom Allah subhanaw taala reveal Quran and Allah smart Allah says Allah will not forgive them even if you ask forgiveness 70 times they are also Toba.

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He was buried in the job of Rasul Allah He survives and that is govern what is the what has more Baraka than the cloth that touched the body of Muhammad Salah son, he Salah told Janaza was led by Mohammad Rasool Allah He Salah Allison

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No, with Allah there is no relationship there is no hazard NASA there is no whose son whose daughter makes no difference for Allah. It is Allah and Abdullah

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the rub and the abs. That is the reason why it's very important for us to correct our connection with Allah subhanaw taala we start with the current Dawa we as we make our to Allah we make us depart will never say Allah please forgive us. Please forgive us because this pleases you. Hola my knockoff one, two Herbalife have one.

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We ask Allah to forgive us We ask Allah subhanaw taala to put us and keep us on the straight path which he asked us to make dua for even as Robin was told him, We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep a steadfast there until we meet him and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that meeting. The best meeting of our lives was ALLAH on the bill Karim Allah He was never article hooray.