Islam is Against Keeping your Parents in Old Age Homes

Zakir Naik


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Nowadays we find that in the Western culture, they say that manners is building old age homes.

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Islam has got no place for all religions.

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Because Islam believes that we should love and respect our parents. And there are several verses in the Quran

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through lookman, Chapter 31, verse 15, Sudan kabu, chapter number 29, verse number eight, sorry Anam, chapter number six less than 151 seven verses we say that we have enjoyed on the human beings that to be kind and good to your parents.

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And a beloved partner masala Salim said, as mentioned, say Buhari, run number eight,

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in the book of Isaiah, chapter number two, number two, the person who approached the prophet and he asked him, that who deserves the maximum love and companionship in the world. So the Prophet said,

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Your mother, the man asked after the to the Prophet, again repeated your mother, the man asked after that to again The Prophet said for the third time your mother, the man asked after that. Then the Prophet said your father 75%

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of the love and companionship was to the mother 25% one foot goes to the Father, in short, mother gets the gold medal, she gets the silver medal, as well as the bronze medal. The father has to be satisfied with the milk consolation prize.

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So Islam teaches that we have to love our parents. And especially as far as companionship is concerned, the mother gets three times more.

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So in Islam, there is no place for old age homes. So whatever manners and etiquette is that we teach our children it should be in line with what our Creator Allah subhanaw taala wants