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When praying behind any man, do I stay silent? Or do I recite anything?

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There's a good question when you're praying behind an Imam, okay, regardless of whether the prayer is allowed for a quiet prayer, there are certain things that you're always going to say. So for example, your instinct, which is just to panic Allahumma

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your tech views every tech view, you'd say that your Pandora beloved themes and rapport, your rubberneck, unhemmed for example, your

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outline your sujood, your childhood at the hair to Leila, your Allahumma salli, ala Mohammed, all of you individually to us. This happened in all prayers. Regardless, I think we can agree on that. The real question is What about in a silent prayer? What do you do in a silent prayer? You are to recite your father according to the majority of scholars and a surah as well. So you add the fact that under surah, the Hanafi school they said no no need to because the Imam is doing it for you. But we will say that the Hadith is very clear the prophets lie Selim said last salata lumen Lamia correct before they had indicated there is no prayer for the one who has not recited the opening of the book

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meaning certified to how we believe this hadith the majority of scholars stated and the moms and the mother hip dominates every other Hadees and every other concept so a person needs to recite it. There are some scholars then that took it even further and they said what about the loud president, the fractured market of Asia when you hear the Imam recite the Fatiha and the surah? Should you recite it then as well, but actually some of the humbleness and the chef he said yes, you do you still need to recite. I've heard the position of inventory on this issue that if you can hear the recitation of the fact that then you do not need to recite it yourself you just follow it. You

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should not be only disturbing the Imam you should not be competing with the Imam, you should not only be losing focus, when the Quran is being recited for semia Hola, we're on SSI to Allah Subhana. Allah says, lender and attentive and be quiet. How can you be doing that when you're reciting some squatter said no, that is not what it means. But that's what I follow. That's the position now of a number of the contemporary scholars as well as a number of the earliest scholars to which is that in the silent prayers, you recite everything, and in the loud prayers, you would recite everything other than the fact that and the surah which you're hearing from the Imam anyway, and the last part

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains

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