Debate Can I pay Zakat Al-Fitr in Cash

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Now the question, since you mentioned that you have to pay for the poor and needy, and here's the very important question to pay to them as a food or cash. This is the question that comes in every year. Is it permissible for us to pay it in cash? Or do we have to pay it in food. And it's very important when we talk about this ruling, that we go back to what's mentioned in the text of the Quran and the Sunnah. And what's mentioned by our scholars, that when it comes to this, the correct opinion is that it's not permissible for us to give us a cut to FIPPA in cash, and we have to give it and food. And this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars. It's the Maliki method, the

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chef method and the humbling method, the Hanafi madhhab said it's permissible to give in cash. And many of the contemporary scholars of our times, they also say it's permissible, however, this view is not the strongest view and the stronger view is that you must be given in food. And why is that for several reasons that show us that this is the correct opinion, clearly, because the problem is, and this is what he ordered us to do in the Hadith, that he ordered them to give a sock, which is probably equivalent to about three kilos. Some of the scholars said some sets to like an a quarter, but to be on the safe side, about three kilos. So they give us some of the food and he mentioned

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some of the dates or share here, or barley. And as a scholar said, whatever is the normal food of the people in that country. So we give that food as if it was committed by the processor. And as the sub as well, they used to say that they would give different types of food for this got to fit them. So this is the command of the process LM it's what the Sahaba themselves used to do. And then something very important is that the caterpillar isn't a bad thing. So when it comes as an order as a command that we need to pay it in food, then we have to follow this command. We don't come and have wished you had said well it's you could pay it because of this because we will say maybe it's

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been more beneficial for the poor people to give them money there are more need of money, but the NOS the Hadith came and said food and that's why he might be Kodama Rahim, Allah Tala, he said it's not permissible, then he wouldn't be sufficient to give it as money because he said that goes against the monsoon it goes against what came in the text and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the cattle mal as many as you mentioned earlier, the this kind of money it has its place. And many of the Muslims give this account of their money in Ramadan itself. So we've already given the money. Now this comes down for the food and Subhanallah show you one of the

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wisdoms I remember I met some poor pet families when I was living in Saudi Arabia, they told me that there's a caterpillar they get what's the main food there's what rice and they said that the food they get in less than for the entire year. So money is more important. A lot of times the poor people get the money and they spend it all on the same day they go for aid, they buy ice cream and this and and they spend all the money don't benefit from it, when they have the flour or rice or whatever it may be, you'll find that sometimes it benefits them for the entire year. Mashallah, now, what if a person would like to pay in cash to one of the to the organization or to the local med

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students? And that's very important question because here, this is permissible is no problem to do that. But here becomes the job of those organizations, the charity organization or your local Masjid. Didn't they need to go out and look for the poor people and to give it to them and food that in cash, but if we give it to them in cash, then it becomes their responsibility, their job, so it's permissible for us in this case to give them cash, but they have to go out and find the poor people in shallow so