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Well this is now going to go to the second part and I'm going to go quickly because I'm assuming

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assuming you know

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I hope no answer two periods when the two requirements were set up for a cm if you don't have these two this layout is invalid you did not fast you were just hungry.

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Remember this is extremely important

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every act of worship Allah gave us that is a requirement to make it valid we call it and then after it is valid, how much I'm going to be rewarded right for example, let's do this there is this the exact it's easy because a lot of people do most of their soccer joining us how many of you here this will work working woman you better know the columns so you need to ask me this question What is the tool what is the requirement of soccer what is the pillars of soccer my outcomes

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and we saw

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what I

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saw the word how we that's how it is and we saw these mean the minimum amount required for an unhealthy meaning one year so the easy way depends when do you give yours a kind of give it a moment and you can say one on one to the other? What are you doing genuinely so one genuine to the other? You do with April to April doesn't matter how much money you had from January for example, 2017 to January 2018 and the sub the minimum requirement what is the minimum requirement?

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He for medicine, minimum requirements of money, how much money I have to have, then the car becomes an obligation This is what is he

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gonna be who's gonna know how much he for gold?

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Good. So these examples, make it easy, straightforward.

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come on, Allah made me see this. So I normally ask about soda. But I don't know why this time I asked about

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usually when you talk about money, number one is money, because that's the agreed upon. And number two is usually is a cattle herd, they call it Golden and Silver is the third because there's a different opinion about so when we say it's a guy, he's talking about money, you're giving me 84 point and this is you're telling me the goal. What is equal to that's in the books. Nobody knows how much gold there. So what is money? I can you bank bank? bank, you put money going? papers? How much

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are you saving? Really your

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minimum is all so somebody has $250? Someone has $500? Somebody has $1,000? Somebody has 10,000 somebody has a million? What is the minimum? $1,000? What do you need to know that you live in America? Don't give me any other country you live in America. I mean, this is to my knowledge, this most recent, the minimum we found is $1,000. So you come January 2017, why I asked working woman because what you want is your money. This is your obligation, your turn, my husband doesn't do it. It's not it's you. If you have a joint account, that's a different story. But you have to know how much you put in that joint money because that's your obligation. If you don't work, that's your

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husband obligation. You get my point, it's your money, whether it's an inheritance with a view saved or whether you are working 1000 that's the nice job. So that's the minimum so I go to my bank account and I say okay, I have only $750 I have no I'm sorry, an obligation for me. I'm not going to take questions now. We'll take it at the end, please. And then the second thing is and how it has to be so I don't look at the car in

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January 2017. I'm not gonna look at the German 2018 there's not a whole I look at January 2018. So and how many songs when you have this then you're gonna come and say how much 2.5% who I am going to give it to what about the gold? What about the rental home I have it What about whatever form that all details, but the essence is these two for fasting, the essence of these two?

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is an intention and you need to refrain home, stay away from three things only. Don't reinvent the wheel. What is the three things I'm going to use an extra slide.

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food, drink,

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and marital relation. That's marital relationship. These are the three things others and this is how I said yesterday to the US Navy Look.

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Look at fasting as you're baking a cake

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Really easy. The more you make things easy for yourself it's easy to practice me What do I need to make a cake? I need minimum minimums and you know cake without.

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Most of it is a flower Now, coming up with the flower landscape, but usually it's flower you flour and sugar bonded over into bacon either container to put, you know, minimum. Once I have this, I have a cake to make a cake for fasting. For you and me, I need to have this to

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no intention, no fasting, you did not make a drink you when you were hungry. I have the intention. I did not have a relationship I didn't eat but I had a sip of water. There was no cake.

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Our goal at the end of the day is not making a cake because the 1.6 billion Muslims

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assume 60% of them will fast so once you believe a Muslim would make a cake. I want to have the best cake.

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And this is what we really want. I need the best cake. How are we going to beautify my cake, but the chocolate or strawberry look beauty layers in between. That's what makes you and me different than the others. So this is the minimum and who said so again when you say this, this is record now for all purposes. Focus on our calcium, calcium, I needed to insert razor so you don't eat and you don't drink and this is the anytime you say about intention. This idea is being usually quoted as water. Well we

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assume that they will not own the boat to worship almost pantalla pod fully only only. So I am fasting only for now because everyone is fasting. Now because it's a little windy Of course I'm fasting. You know what I want to do is wait, I want to say

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that's not it's not the best time to lose weight to some some actually gaming. But in general you need to really tell yourself you're what I am doing it only for you. Do you have to say it?

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Absolutely right in telephony. But you're in you Your heart is I'm doing it for a lot for you.