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Hello tells us that the database hab the day of reckoning has approached it's close. But the reality of most people is that they are fear LaFollette in morally alone, that they are headless turning away, what is the reason why the reminders are coming to them so why are they turning away? Allah tells us lay here turn Kuru boy whom that their hearts are distracted, their hearts are occupied doing evil things. And what's interesting here when you make to Deborah and you reflect, Why did Allah subhanaw taala mention the globe, the hearts because when you say Allah here that's distracted usually think about the other body parts the action so you think the eyes looking at that which is

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haram, the ears, listen to that which is haram. You think about you know the tongue. Speaking of that, which is haram, backbiting the bene Mima, you think about the hands doing that which is haram, the legs going to that which is haram. But Allah mentioned the globe, the hearts and that is because the curl the heart, it's the command post. It's the center of all of the other actions. The heart is what controls all of these limbs. And that's why our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith, he said that in the body, there's a multiple that there is a piece of flesh, either salah, if it is reformed, it's good, then the rest of the body will be good, a deficit that but if

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it's corrupted, then the rest of the body will be corrupted as well. And he said that a sellout was salam ala Hilton, that indeed it is the heart