What Does Jannah Mean to You?

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When you think of Jana, Jana?

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What does gender mean to you? Allah,

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pleasure, destination forever. I guess just kind of getting anything you've ever wanted. It's a place where that worry. Without fear without anxiety, comfort maybe comes to mind. I imagine everyone being was newer. And everything has been with light and eternal happiness, no stress, no tiredness, no achy body, just pure happiness. It seems like a place where

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people receive blessings. But the difference is, you know, when we get these things in the dunya

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we still have worries. When I think of Jannah every single delight, every single thing we could ever want and yearn for, is held under being able to see Allah subhanaw taala being able to meet those Sahaba being able to meet the prophets Allah Hustler, reuniting with my husband.

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Not only

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seeing him in his

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to me, he was perfect in this life. So I can't imagine how perfect he would be in Jannah amici with my dad again.

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Sorry, no, it's okay.

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I lost him when I was 13. And I think every day since then I think about

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uniting with him. How often do you think about Jana? A lot, I would say hamdulillah usually when I'm reading the Quran, it comes to mind a lot. Probably after every salah, can you describe that to me? What I try to do is I try to do something good. And I try to think to myself, like the vicar that I do, maybe raising my rings agenda for law accepts. So we made it praising a lot. Have you ever kind of rehearsed that conversation with Alon Genma get to Gemini, meaning a lot for the first time, once you just think about it, just walk through the gates

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got suited. And you're, you're done the clothes, you saw the palace, you saw the rivers, you saw the family and now Allah wants to have a conversation with you. And this isn't questioning because the questioning is over. Think about that conversation with Allah. What do you want to say to a lot of the first time you meet them agenda?

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be here because

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I know my deeds, or wouldn't have been the one that would give me their praise be to you. Thank you. Hamdulillah.

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Yeah, this is, you know, this is for me, the only way to get through life is to have that connection.

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So the fact that he's with me, he was with me during this this time this test. That means everything and that he wrote everything he wrote the perfect plan. So really gratitude, expressing gratitude. I never really thought about that. But I think it would just be like making some Judah and prison law. It would just be enough, like as a pleasure to just look at it just be sister gaze at him would be so much gravity enough. And like thankfulness. Yeah, I don't even know what to say. Yeah.

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That's beautiful. You guys just want to stare at the last part, I would just like to thank him in the most profound way that I can come up with at that time for the blessing of Islam.

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It's a truly beautiful Dean Dean that has given us so much courage

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to be human, to go out of our way to try to be better for the sake of pleasing Allah. I think even in that moment, I feel like I needed to apologize like

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I know I didn't do it like hey, no, I didn't do an FYI. No, I didn't do all that I was supposed to do.

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It's like yes, thank you, but also just like I'm so sorry, Allah.

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And after you meet Allah,

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it's Friday. You're meeting a bunch of new people in Jannah. There's a gathering look around it's prophets and companions and historical figures.

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Who was the first person you want to kind of go up to and introduce yourself to

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what are you going to say to the Prophet sighs I will thank him for linking Islam to us and teach us and I know last Kim Scheffer for all the Muslims other than the profit slice Um, is there one person like you like I want to go meet that person and talk to him for a day most?

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Change your name to most when he became Muslim? No, I was. It was already Muslim you already

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Moses here.

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So you were Moses you became Musa, and now you're meeting Musa. Inshallah Are you sa P Silas Anna,

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I'm a revert,

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you know, grew up Christian. So always been connected and learning about this man. So yeah, he must be a revered figure that, you know, it'd be interesting to have a conversation with him, the Prophet Abraham, how to ask him about building the Kaaba. And then for some reason, I just, I was always attracted to that idea of his sons and building the Kaaba and just, I don't know just go into depth about that. Have you generally on one hand, she how she did it. What's your first conversation like with her? Probably asked her about, you know, accepting how she was so strong and accepting the profits of

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what made her continue because you know, she was one of the first convert so oh, it just asked her what, what drove you? You know, hi. Shout out the long line.

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Who is this incredible woman who

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Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Harney was sent out he

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He loves us so much. That's

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she must be incredible. You know, you've been separated from your kids during the day of judgment. It's been a while and you just got the news that happened another there too. So your kids run up to you hug their mom after this long journey. How are you congratulating them? What do you say to your kids? Oh, that would be the best moment ever. You know if Allah makes it so

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they wouldn't be just all play.

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Run in.

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They like to you know,

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you do all kinds of stuff to daddy.

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You did a mama.

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You did.

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You pass the only test.

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That is important. You did